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Sincerely yours, King of the Hill, Juan Ruiz Ac:.e

To Whom it may coon cern : I have a dream of becoming a baseball player. There is one

thing I have to do first. I have to get my G.E.D. Then after I get my diploma I will apply to college. The college I want to apply to is the University

of Long Island.

Therels only one problem. I have a lot of friends with whom I hang out. They don It do the right thing. U ke they get high, and me, like a dummy, I get high with them. This week I will attend

a program that hopefu lIy wi II help me out ,

I play for a baseball team which is called Pepsi Cola. We often travel to Delaware and Florida to play against other teams. This y ear we went to Delaware to play in a tour-namen t.: We won the tournament and now are champions of Philadelphia.

Just in case you wond-er what position I play ...

11m the ace of the pitching staff. I n other words, King of the Hill. They just discovered that I could pitch this year. I pitched two games- one in Florida. We had lost three in a row and so I

asked if I could pitch and they let me. Then we won 8 to 7 in seven innings. The other game we blew them out with a 15 to 2 :in seven

This is the reason why I want to go to college to play ball. Then hopefu lIy 1111 get drafted into the majors. This is my dream and 11m on my way to making it real ity.


Deal" Pen Pal: Hello. I was incar-cerated on June 4, 1937 and I was sentenced to a year in R ikers Island. r am 18 years old. I am looking fa, a pen pal who is a girl

and understanding about someorie' s feel ings. live been thru a lot in New York. I had

so many friends, but r clidnt realize that they were with me for my money. I was using druqs ,

The drug that I used is called crack. regret using it, but it was too late when r-ealiz ed what it was doing to me. That+s why I need someone to talk to. So r can really talk about my problems Right now 11m in school. I have six different classes like Lab, English, Math, Composition, Science and Gr-ammar , I hope when I come home that I have something worth looking for. I plan to get a job and s tar t my life allover again with Goci'a help and yours

if we ever get to meet each other out there in the world.

from a new friend, Heartbroken·

Luis Garcia


Dear Heartbroken, Hel!o . My name is Ar ace lis Pena and they call me Chela. I Flever wrote to a pen pal. This is my f ir st time and 11m going to tt~y t.o make the best of it. Ok , 11m 18 years eld and J attend Project Contact inMan hattan . It I S located on 10th Street between Avenue A & B on the Lower East Side. This is a prcqr-am for drug users and also to take your G .. E. D. I did really badly in regular school so I left and now III'tl her e to take my G. E. D. 11m not. here because of drugs. Thanks to the Lord I never had a bad habit.

in January I will be taking the test and hopefully I will be entering Cclleqe in February.

I love to dream a lot and one of my dreams is to become 111 hotel manager or to become a lawyer 8S a car-eer and make lots of money and become RICH. I love money and I love going shopping in the Vi Ilage because I like to dress fresh. I have I ight brown hair, light brown eyes. 11m I ight skinned and all my fr-Iends

call me Maderma . I guess 11m pretty.

I love to meet new people. 111'1'1 really happy have a new f r lerid like you. Please keep on writing to me because I really want to be your friend and share my feel ings with you.

Nke to hear from you and write back soon.




Sincerely, yours, Your new fr iend I Luis Garcia


Dear Chela: Hello. How are you doing? Fine I hope. As for me, lrn fine thank

God. Today when I asked the teacher if any on e answered my I etter he asked me how did

I sigfl it and I told him Hear-tbroken: When he told me yes, it made me real happy.

Chela my name is Luis Garcia. I'm 6'111.

[ have light dark brown eyes, dark brown hair (it's always shot"t). lrn light skinned. 11m glad to hear that you'r-e going to go

to college. That's what I'm planning to

do also, bout my car eer is to be a computer programme,-. Anyway, 11m glad to have

a new f r ien d because sometimes I get tired of talking to the same people.

Chela I want to tell you that I lost my girl while

I was locked up. She left me for my best friend, I t really hurt me when J found out. Chela

I must depart from you now because the class is almost over and I really want you to get this letter.





ROBERT - Aracelis Pena

When I was in Julia Richman High

School attending the Tenth Gr ade I met this guy I was crazy about. I was introduced

to him by my friend Marylin. His flame was Rober t ,

I fell in love with his small light brown eyes. He was g'ClrgeGLlS, with dark skin and a great body. The Fifth per-iod bell rang and I had to run to class. I used

to see him walking around the halls but.

I never dared talk to him to tell him

how I really felt towar-ds him. One week later' Marylin told rna that she'ri made out with him. I was hurt, but I couldn't do anything. He wasn't mine; but Mar vlin

knew how I felt for him. I never spoke

to her again.

As time went by my feelings were str'orrqer , but he didn't pay any attention to me - he was a big time playboy ,

June 26 came ... school was ov ar ... summer was here. I didn't see him again

t.hrouqh the whole summer vacation. I

went to Puerto Rico and had lots of fun.

It was time to go back to school and I saw him again and was very happy he was there. He was in two of my classes: Youth in Law and Biology.

That year we became good friends. He used to take me out to eat nearly every day. I was so in love with him. Most of the time in class we couldn't talk so we used to write letters to each other talking about LOVE.

I guess he started Ii kin9 me. One day

ne asked me to go with him to hospital cause he had a broken wr is t . So I went. After we came out of the hospital we went to eat breakfast. We went back to school.

We kissed fGI" the first time. I was crazy about him. We started seeing each other Months later I became his girlfriend.

GIRLS - Rahmel

Girls come in all shapes, sizes and celor-s , I personally like all of them. Right now

I have about four girls who t hink t.hey 'r-e my girl and two more with whom I just indulge physically. Now I don't know how I

do it, but it gets done and they say I do it well. So I guess when I do work, I do WOR K! 11m

. what you wouf d call a pleasure seeker. Just

last night I was searching for something new and was unsuccessful·, but you can It win them all.

t t!s not that bad when I get rejected because I know out of ten girls at least three of them are gonna give me some rhythm, and eut of those three, one of them has to come through. So the next time a girl fronts on you, take it as

a loss and move along.


My name is R~ber1i Vazquez. live lived with my mom for 1 a years and with my

dad few four years in Brooklyn where II\1e

I ive€! all together for 18 years. I I ive now with my wife ... welL shels not really my wife, but ahe's been good to me.

1 weigh 178 pou-nds, am 611", have brown hair, brown eyes, am well built and am self employed as a constr-uction wer ker . Ri<Elht now thiflgs are slew in business. I do pturnbinq. electrical w(wk, walls, floors, ceilings, doors, locks, windows and when

t lnlsh school IIII probably work in housing as an apprentice in pi umbing or electricity.



SPENDING MAZE - Robert Vazquez. Jr.

Many of my friends do not know how to manage their money. It all started when I was tal king to my wife about her never having any money . She told me she didn't make enough money and that all her money went towards paying her bills. I told her it was nonsense. She made enough money to manage, but she did not have the right approach. So she told me to do it for her ... and I began to manage her money.

My friends noticed now well I managed my wife's money and asked me to do the same for them. I asked them exactly what they wanted me to do with their money. They all told me to pay their bills, and limit the way they use their money. I told them for a smal I monthly fee I would do it for them.

I began by taking t heir money and credit cards. After that I would pay all their bills such as rent. electricity I phone. and food. They started to get sneaky and write personal checks to themselves. SIZl I had to take their checks away too. They started to beg and plead for their money and get furious! But I was strong and would

not give in. After a month they were thankful

to me for saving more money than they would have saved on their own.

GOALS - Anonymous

Dead dreams bQught and sold,

You've g,ot to try and receive YOldr goal. However you do it.

However much you try I

Don't ever do what everybedy says, Because I will tell you the deal:

You've got to go by what your heart feels, Cause if you dorr't ,

You'll be misled,

While still having dreams Inside your head.

A fr-iend of yours is trying to control

your dest.iny ,

By the time you think about it. You'r-e gl"own,

Then you say, II God damn,

live got te leave my hOIWlE!. II Grab hold of those heavy chains Which people at"e always pulling, Always trying to explain,

You heard just what I said, They're always pulling you back When you want to get ahead, They pull you back,

"cause they're Flat with you, You talk about school - They talk about quitting.

Soon you'll see that time did fly, 'cause y®u spent rrrest of it

out getting high.

So what about it?! Don't say, "Later !"

YI!JU could have gone to school and done

much I5lreater

And show that you CQU ld leave that phase, But now you'r-e sucking on a bone

When you could have been saved.

The whole purpose of this st€lry I've just told Was to maybe inspire you to r-each for your 9Gal. Stop walking through I ife as if you were bl ind

You should reach .for your 9.0211. [lPlft. ,,~rr .. 1

'cause II,;, reaching for mine. !! .. , ~::. ;~_~

And 11m In CONTACT. ~'.:"-~tt~

,";'<. /,.: ' t·

.: ~"

, I



STREET FI GHT - King George

A str-6:et fight star-ts when other people come into somebody alses ter-ritory. For ex ample , if a cr-ew goes to wher-e another cr ew han 95 out and starts trouble they are going to get hurt bad even if they don't start trouble.


Ther-e is a crew by the name of P. H. O. stands for Putting Heads Out. There is another crew named. J.H.S. l-t stands fOI~ Junior H it Squad. That.' s t.he crew I am in.

One day we had a fight with P. H. O. at the East River Park. We Weins hurting them bad. We nev er lose a fight against P. H. O. because they are a bunch of pussies. They know that nobody 1'l'l8SSeS with J. H. S.



Hi! 11m here to tal k to you about crew (gang) fights. If you belong to a crew and you go to our turf thinking you're lJ It, II you're going

to have tr-ouble with us. We are called Junior Hit Squad (J. H. S. ) . Being in a crew is very dangerous. You see you could be walking

down the street by yourself and guys from another crew could see you and if you belong to J HS vou'r-e in tr oub!e! Ycu ' II get. jumped. In other words, they're all going to hit you at the same time. And that is v erv painful. Believe me, I know. You see, we don't start trouble; we let it come to us. So far we haven't lost

a fight, but the time will come. I haven't gotten

badly hurt yet, but t.he time will come although

I hope it won 't .





Hi l My name is Bert and I have gid trouble. You see I have a steady girl. Her name

is Liz. live been with Liz a whole year, but there is another girl here named Mari. I

like her too, but not as much as Liz. And then I have a standby. Her name is Mi ldr ed ... but I don+t really like Mildred. The one I really like is Liz, but 11m also starting to like Mar] a lot too. Sha's nice, but not nicer than Liz. I can't make up my mind. I don't know which one to choose ... Liz or Mari ! I have

a t'ough· case, dori'f I! .

Even more fun was Six Flags Great Adventure. There we went on the water rides. They had one called the Kamikaze. This ride was at least 20 stories high. It looked just like a slide you see in the parks and this is how you do it: you cross your legs and your arms and you go at least 20 miles per hour and then land into three feet: of water.

This was one of the best summers live had in

a long time. This was my great summer exper-

ience. f:1



This summer" I had a lot of fun. I went traveling to Florida and stayed in the best hotel. Its name was The Marriott.

I thad ever-vt.hinq you could dream of -

a swimming pool, weight room, video game room, disco and a ping pong table.

I t also had lot of girls. I n the rooms we had cable TV and ther-e Were even tennis cour+s at the hotel.

Then carne the real fu n. We went to the beach

in Coral Gables. This probably was the best beach lid ever seen. The water was nice and warm and salty. This beach was so clean that you OJUld lose your jewelry and still find it under water. We stayed there and just swam the whole day.



Hi! My name is Mat-i Iyn De Jesus. 'rn 17

years old. I weigh 1 zz pounds. I go to school

at 315 East 1 Dth Street between Avenue A & B. The school 11m going to is a CED program. The people that go to t.he same school are very nice and very polite. Every morning when you walk in to school everybody greets you just as if YGU ani! one of the family and that makes me feel very happy, seeing that these people really care for you a lot.

This school 11m in is very good and fun. All

, ou have to do is make sure you de your work in the cl as s and you have it straight. This p l ace

is net only for your CEO. They also have a program for yeu so you can become a drug free person. They even have counseling for the people who want eounselil"lg. They even have

a clerical work class fo,r the peop le who want to take up- clerical work. This school can be more fun

than a t-egular school if you make it a fun school.

They also have an IESl class - English as a Second Language. We go on a lot of trips like to the movies, museums, pools, beaches, plays and also parks. We dori'f have to pay for any these trips. We really entertain ourselves in this achool . Why? Because we make it fun. If it wasri'f a fun school we would be bored, especially me. 11m the type of person whe likes to have fun "'_;-.".----,.~I all the time.


poems of Froendshiip Three by Marilyn De Jesus


I know a place, A place of love,

A place where people care.

A place where people wouldn't dare To be unkind.

A place when§! people would do Their best to find

A small cl<1ild's kitten Or even a mitten.

A place where your color or shape deean't matter, If youlre black or white Or even fatter

Than a boulder,

Where a hand on the shoulder

Could mean a lot

If you are depressed or s ad.

A place where people try their best to make you happy or glacl.

A place with beautv .

LiK:e a dove.

I know a place, A place of love.


WHENEVER Whenever you want

to hang yowr head and cry, look for your strong shoulder.

,Whenever you want

to crumble up ana die, look for my open arms.

Whenever you want

to let yeur anger Gut,

lank for my listening ears.

Whenever you want

me to help you out,

you know J III always t r y ,


When someone special comes alonq and steals yeur love and cheers

up your life and makes you feel happy, make sure you give him your love and cheer up his life and

make him feel happy and you will

be someone special, too.


MI KE - Marilyn De Jesus Mike, my erie and only You'r-e in my neart.

The more I mi 55 you, the Faster I lose strength.

Over all the miles that Welre apart, is how much Love th@tls in my heart.

I want to be with YOtl; With you alone in the Most rcmantic place.

The most romantic place

I want to be with you, On the planet of seeking Love.

There is no other guy in this werld that could replace This feeling I have for

You. No other guy in this World could give me the leve I need and the love I want, Only you.

You are the one that brings Happiness into my heart.

You make me feel so wanted. The feeling you

Give me nobody

Else could give


This is the love have always

Been waiting for. I think!.

I finally found it, and I

F-Q'Und it with you. Itls the Best thing that eQuid ever Happen to anybody· in this World.




FOREVE·R .- Marilyn Dejesus

Forever", I will treasure you in my arrns , I would caress you til you melt.

Forever, I will hold you til you dry,

I will love you whenever, and I will Scold you wherever.

Together we caress each other, together We will make love, then in the futur-e

We may rnar-r y for we can be together And forever.

I will love you to eternity, for You can love me the same, we will Have kids for our kids cou ld

Give us joy and laughter.

I will touch you allover your body, For you can see how much I want you, And how badly I want you.

You are the one that brings joy into My heart, and I want you to have the Same feeling I have.

But don 't tt-y to avoid me that tender Feeling, 11m giving you, because I want You to r-emember me forever.

So, pleGlSe don It try to avoi d me for

Can give yQU the love you want me to, And also expect from me.

The feeling you must have in your body I s to feel my body allover yours. And

I know that, that is a fact that you want

To know or must wonder what my body must Look like with my clothes off, it+s the

Same way I feel about you, wondedng how

Is your body underneath all those clothes You have on.

So this is what I want fr omwou forever And always expect from you.


I I,


BOOK RE.PORT - Sharon Williams Author - Rlchar d Wright

Richard Wright is a man who went through a trauma. He struggled very hard to survive all that the white man put him throuqh , He's a black man living by a white man's rules and regulations. Richard took a beating for nothing at

all. He also was arr-e st.ed for nothing. He

was kicked out of plenty of jobs just on a white man's hearsay talk, which turned out not. to be


Richard Wt"ight lear ned that in order to SUl"vive he had to listen to and deal with what the white man told him to do , He did most of his growing up in Arkansas where he learned how

to live as a negro. He was born on a plantation near Natchez, Mississippi.

Richard Wright had to face extreme violence in his life. Reading about the struggles and prejudices t.hat he had tID face has helped me to understand NAT IVE SON.

LOVE - Lover Boy - Transcribed from a song by LL COOL

When I'm alone in my room, Sometime.s I stare at the wall

And in the back of my mind

I hear my conscience call,

Telling me I need a gil~1 who's as sweet

as a dove,

For the first time in my life, I see I need love.

Then,~ I was giggling about the games That I played with many hear ts •

And I'm not saying any names,

I'm thinking about

What I've done to them, I can feel it inside,

I can't explain how it feels,

All I'm seeing is the vision of the r aw deal. Making believe,

Pretending that I'm true,

Holding in my laugh,

Just to say that I love Y0il.I.

Feeling you up,

Kissing you on the ear , Whispering I love you, And I'll always be here. I swear to God

What I found is a desire

For true love floating around, I nside my soul,

Cause my sou I is cold,

One half of me has to wait til I'm old,

But the other half needs affection and joy,

like the one that is created q,':V. .. a girl and a boy.


• 'f --::'--.v'

I'm te llinq you my qarnes are 'no longer,

a playboy-on-the-run,

I need something t hat+s stronger,

Friendship, trust, I dorr'f respect admiration. It taught me love and how to be a real man.

To believe in my heart and ,

To do what I can,

Protect you, you my ladies and

You mean 50 ... 1 feel so good from the slightest touch of you and you III understand


IIII be frozen in time, Til we meet face to face

And you tell me you'r-e mine. 11m tell ing you girL

1111 be a real man,

11m not going to leave you in dest inv'ts hand.

I can't sit and wait for my princess to arrive, live got to struggle and fight just to keep

my dream alive,

I search the whole wor ld for that special gi rt ,

When I finally find her,

IIII be in Lovers World.




You see 11m 5 foot 11 Got into Heaven

Bust ln' out girls since the age of seven No there were never any women

that I couldn"t seduce So watch out fly girls;,

I am on the loose (music)

Like when I come to your house

and you I et me in Don It try to front

"You know i t+s about to begin "Ve do it all night

And she says she's having fun But when I leave her house She still wants some

She was lovlri' me

Hugging me

Tell me where you wanna be

My name is I ke the Master of the Ceremony (stop)

Because 11m rough, tough, And I got the right stuff


IIIn just aski n9 are you man enough To indulge in competition

Cause I can see your intention Because you'r-e hearing the badcles t

sense of invention


Because 11m like Ali One of the all time greats And I even have a girl in fifty states

Cause the Cops should stop sicing Feds on me Because I ittle do they know -

Reagan wor-ks for me.

So you want a microphone wizard ... so as soon as I see

One of these four mcls so they dont

have to sCI~eam

I couldn't wait to take the mike

B low it to the test and I et my melody play and the record suggest

That 11m dropping bombs. well 1I11 be peaceful

and calm.

Many mcls that disagree with me,

wave your arms

When I break, I drop t he mike and

1I11 I eave it broke

Drop the mike when 11m finishE!d

And watch it smoke So stand back

You want to rap all of that can wait

I won It push

I won'f beat around the bush

I want to break upon those who are not

supposed to

You might try, but you can't get close to

Because 11m number one

Competition is none

11m measured with the heat That's made by the sun Whether playlnq ball Bopping in the hall

Or just writing my name in grafitti on the wall

You s.hou l drr'f have told me you said

You control me

Cause now a contest is what you owe me

PUllout your' money

PUll out your cut

PUll up a chair

11m ga,nna tear the stuff up My name is Rockin Malar And 11m the age of Farard So sit around

It still comes out odd



R@kim - Complements of Rahmel





So eas i 1'1 wi II I e-m-c-e-e a repetition of words

Just check out my melody some base

and trouble is moist 5cratchin' and cutt iri' the voice Thata when its mine

That.' s when tl1e rhyme is always choice I woul drr'f have come to say my name AVld run the same weak stuff

Put t in ' bf ur r s and s+urr-s and words that

dl:ln It fit

I n a rhyme why waste time on the micrcphoria I take this more seriously than Just a poem, I rock from par ty to party

Backyard to yard

I tear it up Ya'll and bless the mike with the gods.






TO BE OR NOT TO BE? - Georg€! R.

To be on drugs or flat to be on drugs To be on coke or not to be on coke

To be on crack or not to be on crack

To be going t.o school at' not to be going to school

To be having your education or not to be having your education

To be living or not to be living That is the ??

???????????????????????????????????????????????????~ ?????77??7????????7?7??7??777??777??777777??7777777

••••• 4 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••



AFTER MY G.E.D. - George R.

If I ever pass my G.E.D. J am planning to go into the Service and pick up electronics and mechanics. I will be fixing cars and computers. Most of all I want to have my education. That+s my big goal.


WHY DO J LI E? - George R.-~

Sometimes I lie because I want to see what people will say.

Sometimes I I ie to get what I want. Sometimes I lie to my teacher.

For example, when the teachers ask why was I absent from school

I lie by telling them that I was ill. But I was hanging out.

Lying could be a problem

Because no one would believe you when you weren1t lying.

f0r~~~~1:5l~'t~~) ~~~~~ r~'f~~~

, .5 \ . -. "'.\ - \ \\ : ----~ \' ,~ '0-.

28 '-\._ _.,A. ,,' -',: rd ~ \ ,







.JIll' ..