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CAUSE NO. 09-16415-F CEDAR SPRINGS INVESTMENTS LLC, § INTHE DI BUSINESS RESOURCES CORPORATION, and BROWN’S RIVER MAROTTI CO., 'RICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS GTSICORP., and DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS, Defendants. 116! JUDICIAL DISTRICT AMENDED ORDER FOR ISSUANCE OF TEMPORARY INJUNCTION (On the 9th day of April, 2010, came on tobe heard Plaintiff Cedar Springs Investments LLC's Request for Injunctive Relief as to GTSI Comp. (“GTSI") and Dallas County, Texas (Dallas County"). The Court, after considering the pleadings. other documents on file, the arguments of counsel, receiving evidence and testimony’ fom the partes, and taking judicial notice of all retums of service filed in connection with this matter, finds that Plintif’s Request for Temporary’ Injunction should he GRANTED. ‘The Court finds that the compotitive bidding requirements called for by Section 262.023 of the Texas County Purchasing Act have not been followed by Dallas County as 19 the Book Preservation Services contract entered ito with GTSI in April 2009. The Court finds shat Plaintiff has presented conclusive evidence of its status as property-tax paying citizen of Dallas County, and has otherwise fulfilled the roquirements of Section 262.023 of the Act 10 coin Dallas County and GTSI's further performance of the contract. Further, the Court finds thai Dallas County and GSH have not shown that this contract ell within any applicable stunwtory exception to bidding, or did not follow the proper procedures of any available AMENDED ONDER FOR ISSUANCE. OF TEMPORARY INHINCTHON Por exception, Plait has demonstrated a probable right to relief. The Court is, therefore, of the opinion that Plaintiff is entitled to the issuance of temporary injunction against Dallas County and GTSI, their agents, servants, employees, atomeys and those persons and entities in active concert or participation with them who receive actual notice of the Order by personal service or otherwise The Court finds that Plainff has shown itself entitled to a temporary injunction covering he following It is ORDERED that Dallas County and GTSI and their agents, servants, attomeys. ‘mployees, and those persons and entities in active concert or participation with them are innmediately restrained from: ‘A. Continuing to perform services under the Book Preservation Contract curently in place between Dallas County and GTSI; and B, Making payments for any services performed under the Dook Preservation Contract eurrently in place between Dallas County and GTSL. tis further ORDERED that ial on the merits ofthis case is ordered set for February 7, 2011 at9:00am., as reiewly seb by this Couch. 1tis further ORDERED that a bond, or cash in lie of bond submitted inthe amount of $750,000 shall serve as Bond forthe temporary injunction. The $750,000 cash tender ‘made fo the Court Clerk on April 13, 2010 forthe original order may be used as bond for this ‘Amended Order. ‘The temporaty injunction shall not be effective until this bond is posted. 10 is further ORDERED that the Clerk of this Coust shall forthwith issue @ Writ of Injunetion in conformity withthe law and the terms of this Order. ASIENDED ORDER FOR ISSUANCE OF TEMPORARY FNAINCTON Pace? Its father ORDERED that the temporary injunetion shall remain in effect until the conclusion of tial, oF a extended by a subsequent order of the Court i SIGNED this [17 cay of Apel, 2010, 2/52 o'clock 3m. Aveo ORDER YOR ISSUANCE OF TEMPORARY INJUNCTION Pace: