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‘Short Sale Select Lic Yous Sst Sale donates Authorization to Release Information Date: April 12,2010 Lender: HSBC Beneficial Loan/Account Number#: 0017408084 Borrower Name: Adam W. Ruplinger Co-Borrower Name: Alyssa L. Ruplinger Property Address: 1421 No. Spring Mtn Dr (250 East) Springville, Utah 84663 WWe hereby authorize you to release to Short Sale Select, LLC and any of their employees, officers, agents and assigns, any and all information that they may require about my loan/account for the above referenced property. “Agents” shall include agents of Short Sale Select, LLC as well as real estate agents, attorneys and their assistants. You may reproduce this document to acquire reference from more than one source. Agents include but are not limited to: John Harrison, Seana Johnson, Magee McGee, Dean Wessendorff, Clay Johnson, Nate Sopp and Hal Johnson _ ( idenbbapliye 563-63-8792 4-12-10 Borrower Signatire “ Social Security# Date Printed Name:___Adam W. Ruplinger 529-23-7936 4-12-10 Social Security# Date Printed Name:_Alyssa L. Ruplinger