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Graduate Non-Clinical Internship Academic Requirements a In order ta successfully complete your internship, you must complete the requirements ot the site (as outlined in your goals and objectives) and the academic requirements (outlined below) 1. Determine your HCL academic supervisor, Generally, IO majors will be supervised by Dr. Sloric Pereira and Psychology majors will be supervised by Dr. Kim Case ‘Make sure you know who your UHCL supervisor willbe, How will you know? ‘Check on WebCT b, Email me Cummins@uhcledu 2, Follow the syllabus of your UHCL academic supervisor. Typical requirements: . Mandatory attendance at monthly internship seminars + Check WebCT for date/time/place b. Keep atime log (For non-teaching internships) ‘+ Record of your completed internship hours + Your site supervisor must sign the lag Keep @ weekly journal + For the entire internship «©The journal should reflect thinking about the internship tasks © Must demonstrate critical thinking skills d, Write « parer «Check with you UHEL internship supervisor for the specific requirements e. Construct o professional portfolio Check with you UACL internship supervisor for the specific requirements “Signing below acknowleayes that you are aware of your UHICL academic responsibilities: Wiheg haa #2407 Signed Whitney Robinson Goals and Objectives for my Internship During my internship at TCT Enterprises would tke w: J + Leam abot raiingiiatves one would tke when consiking a company on howto tan is employees + Understand how to effetively work with lens hy marketing services and handing their speciticneeds — by Dotienaney wae of Udayion + Undersea the diferent pars thal are necessary when conducting crganiatonal change movements + Lean howto help employees understand their eater paths and develop professionally Sept ones 3k Work with my supervisor to market TCT Enterprises at different conventions/irs ~ 7 aor y Learn aout the purpose and execution of various employee assessments Epon + Lear about how to be a coach and effective coaching techniques so that Iwill have lear method to use when Tam employed + ;-Understand different strains on employee relations and learn how to address these (problems with upper management «+\ Understand how ineffective communications and tension in the workplace result in lowered employee productivity ‘+ Lear how to design and administer surveys to employees and management to measure various human resource related aspects such as effective training, 2? employee osinions, etc. bene Lear the importance of feedback when working with a company or individual 7” © Understand how to effectively design a presentation that will inspire companies to invest in the services and ideas that this consulting firm has t offer + Apr peLeaset dctleng ip cath shee”