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SkwWi bie OONVOY - Sept 1 436 - Index No. 5-1802 Leave Gnester --1000 XS H28 to Whitchurch - i 217 Wellington Bridgnorth, Kidderminster, iioresster, by-pass, Tewkesbury; Gloucester by-pacs. all - Cirencester AYL9 = Suindon by-pass AMIQ—to. AILS Marlborough A3K6 to Foad Junction A333 4333 to CoLtingooume Ducis ABK5\t0-Gaul gershall- eS as 4342 to WeyniL = a oi 4305 to Andover - Right on A3057 to Stoekoridge, Follow diyectial signs to destination RORP 0~2\ Doe at control point Tewkesbury by 1810 Art ival tim at destination 0200 Halts 1600 - 1700 2300 = 2400 818, RESTRICTE . e ‘ARMCE SERVICE FORCES i New York Port of Enbarkation Camp Shanks, New York SPECIAL ORDERS) MUMBER, ....212) EXTRACT 8 August 194k * * * 12, The following units at existing strengths and the advance details! of units at the strongtha Listed below WP by rail and ferry and/or harbor boat o/e eer ng lk fr Op Shanks, WY to Piers indicated, #O%, NY, SsHEMHHEStaten Island, WY, #PHHAMEEEELEX, Brooklyn, WY to enbark on ships of *HHH for further novenent by water craneportation to thelr overseas dectination, This is a PERMANENT change of station, TDN TCT 501-31 P 433-01, 02, 03, Ob, 05, 07 08 A 210/50k25, AUTH: Ltr, Eq WYPE Brooklyn, NY, SPTAA 370.5 GM (Bc) (#7304), Subs weer, ween, ata ee hug Wh . oe wre PIERE TERMINAL ~~ BEETPYNO® se sence sen" eee see ence : we ee seme net 2 es a a soe SE ee eeHEE aes e vs BD 50 NO, 212, ASF NYPE, Cp Shanks, NY, 8 August lobk, Par 12 Cont’ ‘UNIT OFF WO EM PIER & TERMINAL SHIP NO. see 28 ee een pee 8 (10) wee 8 (10) SHOE 10 (10) see 1 (10) ae ad sen 1 (10) se 21 (10) senna 1 (to) sere 1 (to) sore 1 (0) ree ey See 2 (10) ad 2 (10) see 2 (10) eee 2 (10) eee 2 (10) eH 2 Ih ee seen Cad 200 So 2 (10) pees = bea) weer 1 (0) a 2 (10) I een 3 (0) 55 Soe see 2 (10) 728 seHOHee 1 (10) een 15 {10) * * * * By order of Colonel RITEY: HAROLD S, CONWAY Captain, t. Cy, Aasigtant Adjutant a Luli foot > EDS, COMURE—— 72 Captain, T. C., ‘Assistant Adjutant DISTRIBUTION: 10 Fa T.0, Unit\eoncerned 1 Fa Off of Cesval Units 6 Trans ore File re) re} 1a 3 ts 19 3 1 1s Toth Reitway Grand Division Fort Snelling, Minnesota 5 July 1944 /rap SPECIAL ORDERS ) NUMBER ..,,.66 ) EXTR 3. Effective this dete, the following assignnents in the Stores Section, ere ennounced: General Storekeeper Cept Albert F, ¥arth o-218616 Fuel Agent Ist Lt Edward R. Neder 0=5347A7 Storekeeper hi/sgt Tawar G, Newnan 42036190 Stock Control Clork Tee 3 Howard J. Egnor 5221943 Stenographor Tec 5 Irving I, Heriash 39145326 Clerk, Typist Pfe Poter J. Vankoruer 39143866 Stock Clerk Pfc Louis A, Grill 32957325 Stock Clork Pvt Fred Trenton 32607306 Gi hhc he A Cty OPTO D, GRILL Lt. Colonel TC Conmand ing ores 1 = Toch Training off 1 - 80 file pany 1 - i 201 File Snelling, Minn 1 = Supply cr = Fostal Section Post Hes 3 -,@6,At Snelling, nn 720th Ry SkwWi bie OONVOY - Sept 1 436 - Index No. 5-1802 Leave Gnester --1000 XS H28 to Whitchurch - i 217 Wellington Bridgnorth, Kidderminster, iioresster, by-pass, Tewkesbury; Gloucester by-pacs. all - Cirencester AYL9 = Suindon by-pass AMIQ—to. AILS Marlborough A3K6 to Foad Junction A333 4333 to CoLtingooume Ducis ABK5\t0-Gaul gershall- eS as 4342 to WeyniL = a oi 4305 to Andover - Right on A3057 to Stoekoridge, Follow diyectial signs to destination RORP 0~2\ Doe at control point Tewkesbury by 1810 Art ival tim at destination 0200 Halts 1600 - 1700 2300 = 2400 Fenn soste— HEADQUARTERS SERVICES OF SUPPLY, ETOUSA OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF TRANSPORTATION MOVEMENTS DIVISION, APO 887 - UNIT T/BA EQUIPMENT DATA Include on this form asa sng ety T/DA equrpens sucharzed a warning order EXCEPT SUCH ORGANIZATIONAL EQUIPMENT as may be loaded In vehicles thee will be taken abonrd ship loaded. FINAL LOCATION OF UNIT PRIOR TO MOVEMENT TO PORT (@) Town...Chaestbat ems. (4) Map Coordinates, Wa. 828. () Base Section. J (b) County. StaashSa. 1 (@)_ Freight Enraining Poin. = ; \ rem HES | roe WCE ow | MARE | REMARKS @ |e © @ | GPs 2 eupment pata nse or cn other en | gg | goiay \egeea 3. SAA, 30 cal. and 45 cal. ammunition packed in oxen | | 44. Ammunition other than 30 eal 45 eal. (petty ‘quantity & type) 5. Inflsmabl, explosive or other destructive items (itemize. & The above {tess Listed under Nb. 2 tas |besn Louder in 3/4 Yon 0 en: two) ston Trailer Unie Serial No... aR... SOMME... Unit Designasion Zh. 202). MRT. HQ. 50S tesHasrive (4 S675) 3181 Signature SAG. RETA — Commanding * ARMY SERVICE FORCES POST HEADQUARTERS FORT SAM HOUSTON, TEXAS e SYMBOLS: | WP=411 proteed to we ‘TWi-Travel ‘dirécted is nocesscry in military service TOIND-Transportotion Officer will furnish necessary ‘transportation and meal tickets SPEPIAL ORDERS yo, "=" 66 4 March 1914 -T-R-A-O=T- x x % 7. Teo 8 JOHN L. ‘BROCK, $4157287, is trfd from Med Det, and iF CAMP REYNOLDS, GREENVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, for assignment to Shipment No. RVe858-K6K, reporting not later than 10 March 19/4, TOLWT. TDN. 11-6080 P 482-02 A 0425-24, (Ltr @ SvC, AG 220.3 (General) 19 Feb 1944) 8. Pvt WILLIAM P. COONROD, SR, 35778002, Enl Det, (Hq and uP Platoon), is tid to Det. of Pationts, Brooke General Hospital. (AR 615-560) ©" 9,° The following named Offiters will report to tho Post Tng Officer on 21 Warch 1944, for the purpose of attending a two (2) day conference + on Military Censorship: (Ltr 8 SvC, (1B) 337 Conferences 2311.7 (General) 3 Fob 1944) Yur Con’ altos 3, ‘carzz0stieL; 07071, PA, Station Complement ‘MAJ JAMES” (none) CRANFORD, 0255469, Inf, Station Complement’ MAS FRANK vi, LASKOJSKI, 0849657, ACD, Station Comploment CAPT BARTON W. GIBSON, 0298730, IC, 716th Ry Operating Bn 1ST LE JOHN D. DetAPRBI;~ “iy 05Re146;°VC;, GG Vet Dot UST LT ARCHIE D. TOLLEY, 08501154, WC, ti Vet Det 1ST LT JOSEPH 0, REDLINE, 01641600, IC, 5th Aux Surgical Gp 1ST LE IRVING(nqme)Z DERN, 0524041, VC, .U.Vot Det 1sT LT kis R. HOLMES, 0639280, 10, 752d Ry Operating Bn AST LT WILLIaM #, EDULSTEN, ... 9642060, TC, Télst Ry Operating Bn 2D LT MARION P. RIGBY, 02027470, KC, “8th ied Gen Laboratory BD LT HOWARD M, BICHSTAEDT, 0542569, TC, 724th Ry Operating Bn “ Greel : Extract pars. 7 to 12 incl Page 2 4 March 1944 S0#56, iq FSH 10. The following named Hi, are trfd from organizations indicated and WP CAMP REYNOLDS, GREENVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, reporting not lster than 8 Uorch 1944, to CO, for attachment to Shipment REed00-Cmsta, TOT TDN, +5080 P 452-02 A 0425-24: (Rad F85 VDA86 FS V DL 55, 8SvO 0405094) BIL DED, (_ SERVICE PLATOON) Sgt OyI0 Vv. RYSTT, ‘S7i09587 (In Charge) Prb PAUL D, ROLLINGS ORTH, 15105635 Pyb CASSIUS V. RYNERSOY, 17038656 BUL,DET, (HQ and MP PLATOON) Pfo PATER (sone) VISTIC 38080279 Li. VO0G, 2 March 1944, grating 1ST LT ROY J. EUBANKS, JR, 01775128, DC, seven (7)days lv, effective 2 liarch 1944, is horeby confirmed and made of record. 12, The following famed Officors, Hg and Hq Co, 710th By Grand Div, 0, ‘having reported this’sta, WP FORT SNELLING, MINNESOTA, to join their orgn. TH, © 1-6080 P 432-02 & 0425-24. (Red Plog Wh164 FS V ANE NBR1O1 @ NowOrleans La P08 Larch 0516202) > capr avbunr'F. want ozlesis, TC 2D LE JACK BE. EISHVAN, 0542352, TC x x x By command of Brigadicr Gonaral NULSB: Ry A, BUTLER, Captain, Infantry, Assistant Adjutant. R.A, BUTLER, Captain, Infantry, Assistant Adjutant. ‘ Restricted €0 Biod Dot a-------n-n---= 8 CO Eni Det % Bo 0 par. 9, (feo § Brock 6) 0G Camp Reynolds, Groonville, Pa Ba O par. 12 -- 19 0 Dot of Pxtionts, Brooke Gen Hosp ---- 2 0G 8 SvC, Dallas, Tox - anaan 00 Hgétlq'Co, 710th Ry Grand Div, Fort Snelling, Minn 2 Ea Orgn par, 9 -ee-ennnnneo== 2 AG of 8, G- 2, WDGS, slash, DO wmannnnna- 2 \ -R-B-S-T-R-I-0-T-B-D- HEADQUARTERS ‘TLOTH RATLALY GRAND DIVISION FORT SNELLING, MINNESOTA SFECIAL ORDER ) NUMBER ...23 ) OTH MARCH 1944, 1. All previous orders regarding officor assignnents, this orgenization, ere hercby recinded, and the following assignments announced, effective this date: te onsi- Headquarters Commanding Officer and Generel Suporintendent Aajutent o ‘Company Connander ns rtdon Sec’ Executive Officer end Asst. to*Gen, Supt. Asst. Supt. Car Service Stationnaster Stationnaster Stationnaster Stationmaster Stationmastor Stationnaster Stationnaster Stationmester noe ec ‘Engr. Track & Structure Asst-5ng. Structure Asst Eng. Track ‘Asst Eng. Signal Chonical Engineer Supt. Water Service it. Sec Supt. Equipment Mastor Mechanic Mastor Car Builder Mech, Engr. ~ReE-S-T-R-I-0- Lt. Col. Otto D, Gril, 0536559 Capt, John H. Adeir, 0503179 2nd Lt. Willian G, Seegmiller, 01945703 Maj. Cherlos W. Philhour, 0198599 Cept. Winston H. Guess, 0536133 Cept, Horold J. Hartin, 0536683 Ast Lt. Andrew J, Willoughby, 0536699 Ast Lt, Edward L, Sheley, 0530838 Ast Lt, Everett J, Bruce, 0536662 Ast Lt, Nowell P, Herrick, 0530891 Ast Lt, Woldon 7, Richardson, 0924862 Ast Lt, Fliney P. Fusser, 0532053 2nd Lt, Thomas &. Donohuc, 0407414 Capt. Willian W. Hay, 0276792 and Lt, Jack 5, Eiseman, 0542332 ist Lt. Robert D. Curry, 0539506 Ast Lt, Thonss N, Eagle, 0539706 Ast Lt. Paschal 3, Redding, Jr., 0321349 2nd Lt. Chas. 0. Shiflet, 0532212 Lt. Gol, Lloyd L, Bradford, 0208543 Cept, Clinton C, Lenkford, 0921433 Ast Lt, Frod a. Boyer, 0535712 Capt, Charlos R, Bresler, 0241306 -ReE-S-T-R-I-C-T-5-D~ Par. 1 80 #23, Hq. 710th Ry. Grend Div. 3/10/44 ‘Stores Section ae General Storekeoper Capt. {lbort F, Marth, 0218616 Fuel Agent Ist Lt. Edwerd R. Mader, 0534747 2, 441 previous ordors rogerding additionel duty assignments of efficors, this organization, are horoby rocinded end the folloving assignments, in addition to other duties, cffoctivo this dete: 8-1 Capt. John H. Adair, 0503179 S-2 Capt, Winston H. Gucss, 0536133 8-3 Capt, Winston H. Cucss, 0536133 Sh 2nd Lt, Willien G, Soogmiller, 01945703 Spociel Service Officor Ast Lt, Lvorett J. Bruco, 0536662 Chondeal Warferc Officor Ist Lt, Paschal 2, Redding, Jr., 0321349 Hoss Officor and Lt, Willian @. Scogmitior, 01945703 Asst, Moss Officor Ast Lt, Edverd L, Sheley, 0530836 Insurance & Sond Officer st Lt, Bawerd R. Moder, 0534747 Clein Officors Ist Lt, Paschal 2. Redding, Jr., 0321349 Ast Lt, Weldon 7, Richardson, 0624862 Gemouflege Officor 2nd Lt. Gherlos 0. Shiflet, 0532212 Billoting Officcr lst Lt, Frod A, Boyor, 0535712 Security Officer and Lt, Villien G, Socgniller, 01945703 Ordnance Officor Cept. Cherles R. Broslor, 0241306 Demolition Officer Ist Lt, Thones N. Eagle, 0539706 Forsonnel, Postel, end Censorship Officer Gept. John H. ideir, 0503179 Oricntation Officor 2nd Lt. Cherios 0. Shifiet. 0532212 Fire Hershel lst Lt, indrow J. Willoughy, 0536699 Sunmery Court Officer Ist Lt. Feschel 2, Rodding, Jr,, 0321349 Trial Indgo Lévocete Ist Lt. bvorott J. Bruce, 0536662 Sefoty Cfficer Ist Lt. Flinoy F. Puseor, 0532053 By Order of Licut, Colonol CRILL: TYPP OF ISSUB san Depanraces So Pe ini 98 bpp age smue| gan | Sur lire | we tiled -Capts-Albort-P-Marth,-20,-0218616,-710th-Grand- Ry Division ———congmztton uit) oe te Tssuance or Acceptance of Quan: ‘ties Shown in “Action” Column is Authorized. Items Marked “Ext” Will Be Ordered, When Récelve, These [tee Will Be Issued oa Pr ‘This Slip. Inquiries Must Refer to No. ae For the Commanding Oiticer: Date For the Station Supply Officer “lial cis nlf, pe cet 000K No — | 2a a |__xowexouarone |Basis: T/8/21 dated 15 Deo 43 | 24-R10 | Boll, bedding, waterprea. 0a, | itu |al Blanket, WOD, Ua34 eal Priel Tape, indentifioation,40" ea +—/* Gap, wool knit, Large ea | ars Band, liner, helmet, head | ae Bnd, liner, helnet, neck, | dea Bag, canvas, field apt T4-Ba265 Belt, pistol or Rev. Se Thal a62 Can, mokt, MaS2 2 aly T4280 Canteen ical 4-02800 |” Cover, canteen | alr t4cc-814 | Cup, Me10 | |Segpaesali 74-F063, Fork, Me26 x ft beat Helmet, stool | rata 4-K=60 Knife, M-26 act TheLn76 Liner, helmet, wo Posi hi T4aP=125 Pins, tent, shelter lo [10 ‘The Po168 Booket, mgazine,dble, web xe)! ‘TheP-225 Poles, tent, shelterfalf 2 |% ‘T4-P=260 Pouch, first aid Spat T4-80512 Spoon, Moz6 en| [tegen T4-8-389 Suspenders, bat, M-56 oa wievli 48-533 Steap, oarrying, bag,fld oa| a |! T42-100 | Tent, shelterhair en mo % I certify that the articles |listed hereon have jnot been Hrevicusly Aesued to me at Fort fee » Mynnesbta. | | | Albert | ¥. Marth _2asuin ‘om oct” Con BOAR Hat T hawk this ate: Lashad the articles 1idted hereon to the person-whoo-mocempliehed: the foregoing certificate. MAC, Brolm,..Lst. Lt. QU0,Property. Officer ‘Aethoind eprwntve Da a e Lf INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION OF REQUISITION, Spece “TO.”—To show the approving office to which requisition fg submitted. Spare “PERIOD."-—Show poriod for which the supplies are required. Spece “SHIP TO,’—Full shipping address to be given. Where mall address ia differnt from ship- ‘ping address the former should also be shown, e. &» “Q. M., Faisfeld Air Depot, Osborn, Ohio, Mail Address, Faifeld.”” Kxcopt for establishod camps, posts, or stations, street or Dullding address should be shown, e: g, "C: OF BESth Taf, National Guard, {86.-hepublie Bide, Grand Huvea, Moi.” Whore the ~~ roperty ia fo be invoiced to en organization, te., diferent from that to whieh itis to be shipped, the re- ‘Quired information will be shown. ‘Speco "STOCK No."—Show stock number sted In Federal Stock Catalogue. Space “ARTICLES,”—Include slzge required. Show purpose numbers applicable to an article or fproup Immodlately above the article or group concerned. Space “ON HAND AND DUE,"—Show the quantity on hand plus the quantity approved on previous requisitions and not yet received. Space “CONSUMED."—Show quantity consumed during the previous period. ‘Space “REQUIRED.”—To be the quantity asked for by the requisitionist. Space “APPROVED."—To be the quantity spproved by the approving ofloer. ‘This form may be used tn lew of Q. M. C. Forms Nos. 402,400, and 410 by appropriate modification. IN THE SPACE BELOW SHOW BASIS FOR REQUISITION, i o, Strength of Command, Number of Aninisls, Number of Animsl-Drawa and Motorized Vehicles, Armament, or such other data as may be required by instructions lasied by approving suthoritios THIS SPACE FOR ACTION OF APPROVING OFFICER ae a ee Fe \ t SYMBOLS: PAG-Pursuant to authority IGP-It being impracticeble for the contained in Government to furnish - PiG-Pursuant to instructions - UTD-Upon completion of temporary duty contained in will return to this station TDN-Travel directed is neces~ TPAsTravel by' privately owned auto= sary in the military mobile is authorized service UP-Under provisions of CWR-Are confirmed and made ‘HP-Wi1l proceed to of record |, +) ADeActive duty 5 P0S-Permanent change of station DP-By direction of the President ARMY SERVICE FORCES NEW ORLEANS PORT OF EMBARKATION op NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA SPECIAL ORDERS ) 5 May 1944 NUMBER 126 ) 1, 24 Lt LLOYD G, HAYIBS, 01946072, TC, NOPE Shipe' Complement, this Ha, 4s reld fr SD, Water Div, this H,, placed on temp dy as Vessel Security 0 aboard LT- 649, and will proceed at the proper time to Marietta Manufacturing Co, Point Pleasant, West Va, by rail, reporting 0800, 8 May 44, for purpose of checking property and accompanying LT-649 to Now Orleans PE, New Orleans, La, Off will remain aboard LT-649 while at this Fort uniil vessel departs on oceanic voyage, thence Lt Haymes will report to Mil Pors Div, this ily, for further instructions. Prior to departure fr this sta, Off will report to Capt EDWIN A. GEOGHEGAN, Water Div, and to Dir of Intelligence, this Hq. Off's Attention is invited to NOPE Memo #30, 6 Mar 44. When Govt qra or billets are furn and messing facilities are availablo, per diom alws is suspended, No roimbursoment for subs or other expenses is atzd when qrs and messing facilities are available aboard LT-€49, while traveling to this Hq, and while nwoiting deparimre of vessel fr thia Port on aceanie voyage. AUTH: ‘TC Cir 10-3, 28 Jan 44, and NOPE ifomo #30, 6 Mar AL, TDN, 1-5500 P 432-02 'A 212/40425. (Ma Pers) 2, So mich of par 7, SO 122, this: Hq,c, pertaining to tomp dy of Maj HUBERT W, WHITE, 0350747, TC, Port Supply Div, this Hq, as roadst "WP Now York City, NY, at propor timo", is amended to road: “WP Tashington, DC, at proper time for poriod not to exceed one (1) dey, thonce New York City, NY", end is furthor amonded to include: "and upon completion of temp dy at Now York City, ML, is placod on further temp dy at Now York PE, Brooklyn, WY, for two (2) days in connection with Supply activities". (M1 Pors) 3. Col FREDERICK W. HUNTINGTON, 04579, TC, ASF T0, Camp Plauche, La, WP St Louis, Mo, o/a.13 May 44 on temp dy, for purpose of attending ASF conference. UID, AUTH: TC Cir 10-3, 28 Jan 44, and tp conversation Col Frank , Scofield, O0?, Washington, DC, to Brigadicr Gen Fremont B, Hodson, this Hq, 3 May 44. ‘TDN, 1-5500 P 432-02 A 212/40425, (til Pers) 4, Following Off's, 1C, orgna es indicated, WP Mariotta Holding & Reconsign- nent Point, Marietta, Pa, o/s 8 Nay 44, on temp dy for a period not to execed ten (10) days, in connection with Ry Tng activities, Upon completion of temp dy, Offts will ret to proper stas, AUTH: Ltr, OCT, SPTOR 412.3, 22 Nov 43, and TC Cir 10-3, 28 5 TDN, 1-5500 P 432-02 A 212/40425. (uaa: Pers) ‘apt HAROLD H, COSGRAY 0510424 706th Ry Grand Div, Canp Joseph T, Robinson, Woe Little Rock, Ark / Capt ALBERT F, WARTH 0218616. loth Ry Grand Div, Fort Snelling, Minn Ga - RESTRAIGTED RESTRICTED 6, ASE. New ns. May 4& (COND 5, 2a Lt MELDRUM GRAY, 01846158, TC, NOPE Ships' Comrlement, this Hq, is placed on temp dy as Vessel Security 0 abcard "ST-699", and will proceed at the proper time to Equitable Equipment Co, Madisonville, La, by Govt-owned vehicle, reporting 0800, 6 lisy 44, for purpose of chocking property and accompanying "St- 699" to Now Orloans PB, Now Orleans, La, Off will remain aborad "ST-699" while at this Port until vessel departs on ogearic voyage, thence Lt Gray will report to Mil Pers.Div, this Hq, for further instructions. Prior to doparture fr this sta, Cff will report to Capt Edwin A, Geogho- gon, Water Div, and to Dir of Intelligence, this Hq, Off's attention is invited to NOPE Momo #30, 6 Mar 44, AUTH: TC Cir 10-3, 28 Jan 44, and NOPE Momo #30, 6 Mor 44, TDN. 1-5500 P 432-02 A 212/40425. (uli Pers) ~6y—-24-Lt- DASCOMB-, -FORBUSH, 01946962, TC, NOPE Ships! Complement, this Ha, is placed on tomp dy as Vesscl Security Q aboard "LT-352", and will proceed at the proper time to Tampa llarine Corporation, Tampa, Fla, by rail, reporting 0800, 7 May 44, for purpose of chocking property énd accompanying "L352" to New Orleans PE, Now Orleans, La, Off will remain abocrd "LT-352" whilo at this Port until vessel departs on oceanic voyage, thonoo Lt Ferbush will roport to lil Pers Div, this Hq, for further instructions. Prior to doparture fr this sta, Off will report to Gapt Sawin A. Geoghe- gan, Water Div, and to Dir of Intelligonco, this Hq. Off's attention is invited to NOPE Nemo #30, 6 Mar 44. When Govt qrs or billets are furn‘and messing fneilities are available, por @iom als 4s suspondcd, No roimbursonent for subs or other’ expenses “is atad when qrs and messing facilities aro avail:ble aboard "LT-352", while traveling to this Hy, and chile awaiting deperture of vessel fr this Port on sapenio voyage, AUTH: TC Car 10-3, 28 Jan 44, and NOPE Memo #30, 6 lr hh. TDN. 1-5500 P 432-02 & 212/40425, (Mil Pers) 7, Following tomp pronotions in WAG Dot, 1s16th SU, this Ha, ‘are anounced effective 5 May 44. AUTH: AR 615-5 as anended, Mil. Pors) 70. BE CORFORAL PFO ROSE M. LANDRY 4115804 PFC HELEN MABLER 4900439 PAG ELIZABETH WEHR 206300 By command of Brigadier General HODSON: JOH A. RODGERS, Col, Gs, C of S OFFICIAL: , ii) ee ay xt if aoe ae STEWART L. HOUSER, ae Maj, AGD, 4d} Gonoral DISTRIBUTION: Each Off, par 1,2,3,4,5,6 (5) =~ 30, 706th Ry Grand Div, Camp Joseph Finance, NOPE ~---. , Robinson, Little Rock, Ark Capt B.A,GEOGHEGAN, Water Div, NOPE --.-2 LO, ‘710th Ry Grand Div, Dir of Intelligence, NOPE ---1 _ Fort Snelling, Minn Cf, Washington, DC’ -----. 222 Bach BN, par 7 (3) <<: GG, New York PE; Brooklyn, ---------2 00, WAC Dot, 181ethsU,| A CO, Marictta H & R Point, 201 Files (Ry Tyg ds Poy it Marictta, Pa’ -. 201 Files a RESTRICTED a I Seventh Service Command Fort Snelling 11, Hinnesota an IB tay 1944 SPECIAL ORDERS } Begs. --¥2125 ) 1. Pvt EIUS M, HOERE, 37561653, 0th Malaria Contro? Unit, Ganz Plauche, Ia, having been returned to ail control at this sta from 4#OL ané laced in confinexent in Post Guardhouse, this sta, 11 lay 44, WP Camp Pleucke, Ia, “it! out delay, reporting upon errival to 00, 80th iilaria Control Unit, thereat, for duty, under prov of Far 13a (1), At 615-300. 11 furnist necessary 2. FD will pay in advance alue ptescribed in Par 2, Sec II, AR 35-4520 (C 5), for subs a/r.$3,00 per day for one and one-third (1-1/3) day . Bntire cost of T and increased cost of subs will be charged apainst EM, Actht AR 615-300, and Sec III, Cir ho 1, Hy Seventi SvC, ASP, Ousha, Hebr, 4 Jan Abe TDN, 145000 P 432.02 a 212/10425. 2. Pfc EVERETT PETERSON, 37543646 and Pfc MILTON K. AICHARDS, 37542881, voth atehd, unasgd, Receiving Co 3, RC, SCU 1775, this sta, WP Cp Edwards, liass, 15 May 44, . under arms, as gds over Pvt HAROLD Wi. 39191750, formerly 515th Para Regt AGF Kepl Depot, Fort Meade, Maryland, who is trfd fr confinement in guardhouse, this sta, to Zast Coust Proceseing Center, Cp idwards, Mass, under prov Par 13a (4), AR 615-300 (¢ 5). Upon arrival at Cp idwards, Mass, Pvt Wiseman will be delivered to the GG, East Coast Processing Center, thereat, for disposition, 2cceipt will be obteine’ Sor Pvi Wisenan, TO will furnish necessary FD will pay in advance slvs prescribed in Per for subs e/r $3.00 per day to Pvt iiisenan for one and two-thirds (1-2/3) days, and to Pfc Peterson and Pfc Richards for three and one-third (3-1/3) days, Entire cost of T ani increased cost of subs will be charged against Pvt Wiseman, ‘gutl » Sec IT, AR 35-4520 (¢ 5), Sec III, Cir Nol, Hq Seventh Sv, ASF, Onsha, Nebr, 4 Jen 44, 6 1-$000 P 432-02 & 212/40425. 3. YOCO, pn 12 icy 44, Bscighing public ars to Let 0663260, AC, 3516 AF, Base Unit, in Bldg No T-177, is ueseby of record, (4uth; Par 13b (1) (ec) 1, AR 210-10). 4. Lv for fifteen. (15) days, eff o/a 14 Nay 44, is granted 2€ Lt DEAKYNE, O1110451, TC, 735th Ry Opn Gn, this sta, 5, in for fifteen (15) days, eff o/a 1 June 44, is granted Ist Lt MATTHEW Ps ONLQUGHIEN, 0464776, TC, 744th Ry Opn En, this sta. 6, lw for fifteen (15) days, eff o/a 29 kay 44, is granted Capt ALELAT F. MARTH, 0218616, 10, 710 Ry Grand Div, this sta. 7. lw for fifteen (15) days, eff o/a 22 Way 44, is granted lev Lt FERDINAND ‘A, 2IBBELL, 0515889, TC, 744th Ry Opn Bn, this sta. (ovER) $0 115 - series ~ Ig Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 13 May 1944 - conisinuod:~ 8, Bvt DAVID B. AESH, 31447384, CoC, 735th Ry Opn Bn, thic sia, is trfd in gr to Sta Con, SGU 1749, this sta, and atchd unasgd to of Peticnts, Sta Hosp, SCU 1749, this sta, for purpose of being disch ou CDD, under provisions of Par 8, AR 615-360, 9. Tec 5 LAMAN W, ALDRICH, 31447646, Hq Co, 735th Ry Opn Ba, & being trfG to Det Hed Dept, SGU 1749, this sta, ie reduced to the gr of Private, in compliance with Sec Il, ASF Cir 33, dtd 29 Jan AL. 10, Following na: ere trfa an gr to Det of Conpanies indicated, 735th 2 sta, ied Dept, SCU'1749, this sta, (Par 3 (7), aR 615-200 Pvt, LYMAN vu. ALDRIOH, 31447646, TC, U0S: 223 (Hg Co) Pvt JAMES A. RADOWSKI, 33732792, TC, NOS: 033 (Go C) Pyt COLDOUGH W. THOMAS, 34866532, TC, NOS: 521 (Go 4) 11, pl ERNEST A. GOUGEN, 15333704, ATC, Sta #4, APO 93E, c/o Pil, Uinnespolis Minn, having rptd this sta fr fur and without mears to return te proper ste WP Edmonton, Albesta, Ganada, imnediately, reporting to cc, sth #19, ATC, for necessery T to proceed t TC will furnish negescary Entire cost of T will be charged ageinet Ell. auth: Per 11b (1), AR 55=120, TDN. 1-5000 P 432-02 a 212/40425. 12, So much of par 8, $0 99, this Hy, ce, transferring Pvt CHARLES W. 4niES, 35414524, ID, 0S: 590, atcha unasgd Reception Center, scl 1775, and Armed Forces Induction Sta, SCU 3725, this sta, to SOU 1739, Ft Leavnors., Kansas, as reads: 4 % WP Ft leavenyorth, Kansas, o/a 27 apr i4 # # #t is amended to read: We © # WP Ft Leavenworth, Kansas, o/a 15 Mey 4 * * ™, 13, ‘Asgut of public qrs in Bldg No T-177 to 24 it GUORCE C, Du 0733033, AC, 53rd AAFTID, is terminated, eff 13 Mey 44. (Auth: Par 1b AR 210-10). By order of Colonel KRELEY: ‘TOth BAILY GRD DIVISICE FORT SNELLING, MIN LSOTA 20 June 1944 SPECIAL OHDERS ) UNBEL, 59) 1, Under the provisions of par le, Ai 345-1000, results of record practice with U.S, Rifle, Cel .30 19903, Course ¢ Mod., ty members of this orgenization at Cemp tipley, Minncsota Rifle Rango, is announced: ‘SHA:PSHOCTER 2D Lf JACK B LISIMANN 0542332 168 2. Under the provisions of par le, Ax 345-1000, results of record practice with Carbinc liodcl I'+1, Course 0, at Camp ipley, iiinnceota is ennouneed: EXPERT 2D LT Jack © RISEN 0542332 wn GAPE &LBES? F, UARTH 0218616 136 3. Under the provisions of per 1c, AR 345-1000, results of record practice with U.S. Rifle, Cal .30 1-1903, Course C Ilod., by members of this orgenization et Camp Ripley, Minnesote tifle sange, is announced: EPR? Pfe Charles 4 Halo 32025766 1st Gpl Aicherd D Pockhen 36187935 180 Pfc iclyin % Paulson 37566096 179 Cpl Hayne Sauer 37701337 179 Pfc Iymen P Johnson 37324207 77 Pvt Fred Tronton 32607306 175 ‘SHLAPSHOCTER Pvt Lewrence istabrook 37355042 172 Ist Set John B Heyhurst 20655565 170 39216549 170 33527804 168 Tee 5 Clifford G Mortensen 36931273 166 S/Sgt Albort C iicyor 38466595 165 Toe 4 George F Brom 39601843 164 Cpl Howard ¥ iticherdson 30134826 164, Tee 4 Theodore F Grictsell 3U121634 163 Cpl Ralph W Kelly 39097357 162 TAgK H/Sgt Bernard G. Gallacher 39044835 154, Too 3 Howerd JF 35221943 us Cpl Hieuriee # 37310176 de er a By Order of Licut Colone} Ox! ‘SH. oHOes — Pvt Lewrence =stabrook Ast Sgt John B Hayhurst Pvt lurt W Mrsten Pfc Ross K, itusscr Tee 5 Clifford G Mortensen 8/Sgt Albort C sicyer Tee 4 George F Brow Cpl Howerd ¥ iicherdson Tec 4 Theodore F Grictsell Cpl Ralph W Kelly [ARKSiAs 3/Sgt Bernard G, Gellecher Too 3 Howerd J Zener Cpl Hourice H Ccarns ie tes 37355042 ve 20655565 170 39216549 170 33527604 16s 38931273 166 38466595 165 39601843, 164 39134826 164 3.2634, 163 39097357 ee 39044835 154 35221943 ug 37310176 as By Order of Licut Colonel CiiLL: J. H. ADAIR Geptain, TC Adjutant. le a fea 1 es & er ie o if 2 HEADQUARTERS: Toth RAIL SRL FORT SHELLING, i 20 June 1944 SPECIAL ORDERS ) 59) 1. Under tho provisions of par le, At 345-1000, results of record practice with U.S. Rifl 111903, Course C lode, by members of this organization at Camp iipley, Minnesota iifle Range, 18 amouneed: WONBES. SHAPSHOOT 2 0542332 168 2. Under the provisions cf par le, Ak 345-1000, results of record practice with Carbine (lodol 1-1, Course 0, at Canp aipley, iiinncsota is ennouncod: EPEAT 2D LT Jack & EISHIANN 0542332 im ‘MARKSHAN Gi? ALBERT F, VASTE 218616 136 3. Under the provisions cf per le, AR 345-1000, results of record precticc with U.S. #ifle, Cal «301-1903, Course C Tod., by members of this orgenization at Camp iplcy, 'nnesote Rifle Aange, is announced: EXPERT Pfc Charles 4 alo 32025766 181 Cpl Aicherd D Pockhan 36127935 180 Pfc lolvin % Paulson 37566096 179 Gpl Kayne Saucr 37701337 179 Pfc Lyman P Johnson 37324207 v7 Pvt Fred Trenton 32607306 175 SHAAPSHOOTER Pvt Lewrence istebrook 37355042 Bh Ast Sgt John B Heyhurst 20655565 170 Pvt iurt WV hirsten 39216549 170 Pfe Ross K. iusscr 33527604 168 Tee 5 Clifford G Mortensen 38931273 166 8/Sgt Albort C licyer 38468595 165 Tee 4 George F Brom 39601843 164 Gpl Howard | iticherdson 39134826 164, Tee 4 Theodore F Grictsell 30121634 163 Gp) Ralph ¥ Kelly 39097357 1a M/Sgb Bernard G. Gellecher 39044635 154 Toe 3 Howerd J Tener 35221943 us Gpl Heurice H Gcarns 3776 Us. By Order of Licut Coloncl CXILL: 7. H ADAIR ceptain, TC Adjutant HRADS ‘TLOTH RAILWAY FORT SNELLING, MINNESCTA £1 June 194, /rdp SPECIAL ORDERS ) NUMBER .....60 ) Under the proviatons of par le, AR 345-1000, results of record practice with Pistol, Gel. .45, Course D, at Fort Snclling Pistol Renge, Fort Snelling, Mimesota, uy nombers of this organization, are hereby announced: ‘SHARPSHOOTERS 2p JACK B. EISEMAME 0-542332 84,08 LIEU? COL OTTO D. CRILL 0-536659 0R MAJOR CHARLES W. PATLHCUA —0-190599 68.48 CAPTAIN ALBERT F. MARTH 0-218616 67.0% 2. Under the provisions of par 1c, AR 345-1000, results of record practice with U.S. Rifle, Cal .30 #1603, Course C Nod., by members of this organization at Canp Ripley, Minneseta Rifle Range, is announced: SHARPSHOOTER Tec 5 Homer J, Stocker 32603313 166 ‘MARKSMAN Pfe Myron C, Hurray 37322282 43 By Order of Licut Colonel GRILL: 3. H, ADATR Ceptain 7.0 Adjutant 2 e 1 = Tech Treinthg officer 5 - Ea Bi 1 - 80 file 2 - CO, Ft Snelling, ttinn 1 - 201 file 1 - CO, 7loth Ry Grand Div 1 - Supply z - Postal Sect Poet: Hos ee Be Pees Sey HEADQUARTERS NEW YORK PORT OF REGARKATION Office of the Conanding General 1st Avene and 38th Street: Brooklyn; My Y. SPTAA 353.02 ~ P pee 22 dune 193. MEXORANDUM 70: Unit Comanders and Officers About to Hubark for Oversease The following orders are issued to you to be complied with vuntdl reaching overseas port: of debarkation UNIT COMMANDERS AND OFFICERS z Te 1. Stay with your then on the train, one officer to a cars 2, Dettain at the Port of Eubarkation in passenger list order. 3. Keep your organization and service records in passenger list order at the head of the column at all times when detraining and when boarding the SS s : zs lk. March your men up to’the gangplank in passenger list orders 8, Instruct your men to repeat their first name and middle initial audibly when their respective names are called from the passenger list at the oot of the gangplank and have them move rapidly up the gangplank after their nanes dro’ chetked against the roster. 6. “Bach Officer will carry his om personal baggage from the time he reaches the ‘train until he reaches his stateroom aboard ship. 7. Officers are usually required to board the transport on what is known as "The Officers? gangplank". 8 Repair to your stateroom, deposit your baggage and repért to the transport Commander for information concerning the billeting of your mén. 9+ If called upon to assist in billeting your men, keep then in thei? compartments er bunks ‘until the ship is loaded. This prevents congested traffic in the passageways during the enbarkation of later arrivals. 10, Keep your men bélow decks until you receive orders that the ship has cleared the port and it is permissible to go on geck, Tl, Have an Officer on uty with the men twenty-four hours a day. 12, During boat drills conduct your men'to the assigned boat stations 4n an orderly manner, 13. Conduct your men to and fyom the mess halle. 1k. Arrange games and recreation for your men to divert their minds from the fact that they are on a hazardous journey 15. Give some duty assignment to each officer every day. 16, Have your life preserver within reach at all tines. 17. Arrange with Transport Commander for appropriate: space and tine in which you will require your men to take physical exercises 18. Section IT of W Circular No, 112, dated May 1, 19h3, is quoted for strict compliance by ali, concerned: M(AsGe 22048 (h-2be)3.) © Ti+ = Methods “of carrying personal Funds Overseas +— 1, Encashnent of certain types of financial instruments overseas con— stitutes a threat to military security. This is true particularly when the ino~ trumont is one which requires more identification of the indorser or siger than his. signature. Return of executed instrunents through comercial channels expose’ them to olements which may be hostile to the United States or its Allies. + j Personal Funds taken from the United States will be carried in - Cash — en oa ———-—— United States postal money orders. Treasury checks. Travelers checks or travelers' letters of credit. 3, Postal money orders should be draw on the postmaster in care of whom. mail for the individual will be addressed. Money orders and Treasury or Travelers checks will not contain any reference to an overseas geogra~” pitical location, In those areas where they are available, Army exchanges, finance offices, and Army post offices are the only authorized agencies for eenversion to cash of United States postal money order and United States ‘Treasury checks. No other facilities will be used, Postal money orders or Treasury checks received by a United States Government ‘agency will be transmitted only through United States Government agency or by mil, through United States Army Postal chamels, direct to the United States. |i. Travélers ‘checks which will be cashed by military personnel overseas will show no connection with the military, either in the’ form in” which they are mde out or in the indorsement. Wherever possible, they will ‘be cashed in Army Exchanges. y 5. For the purposé of safeguarding military information it is prefer— able that individuals carry money overseas in instruments which after canebl- ation will be returned to the United States through official Government channels, In view of this itis desirable that funds be carried to overseas ares in small amounts of cash, postal money orders, or Treasury checks, The most favorable rate of exchange may be obtained through United States Army finanee offices." x KEEP THIS PAMPHLET ON YOUR PERSON AT ALL TIES ——— DONOT RPOSETO OTHERS = ee oe ee UWI? COMANDERS AND OFFIORIA ~ THINGS Nom to 29 1. Dott stay in the louge or your etatérddm Sif day, You are on a duty statis and should be performing some duty just as though you wore at your station, 2, Dontt snoke,or let the enlisted men smoke in staterooms, come partments or any other place where smoking is prohibited. 3, ‘Don't neglect your men, Remember they’are on a hazardous Journey and they look t you for instructions and cases of emergency. le .Dontt start or pass on rumors regerding any dangers, mishaps or ships progress. If it comes to you as a rumor, you stop it, 5S. Dontt fail to carry out orders given to you by the Transport Commander"or the ships' Officers, Failure te carry out orders may result in loss of life. ENLISTED PERSONNEL x “THONGS TODO le Keep your proper place in formation to facilitate’ detraining at the pier and embarking, Carry your "A" bag on your shoulder, Don't drag, 2. Wove Fapidly althouch you are carrying a heavy "A" barracks bag and equipment. 3. When your last name is called from the passenger list at the bottom of the gangplank’ repeat your first name and middle initial in a loud and clear tone of voice, ks After your nitie has been called from the passenger List at the bottom of the gangplank, move rapidly up the gangplank and to your assigned conpartments Se Once in your compartment, remain there until released by proper authority, 6, Renain below deck until you are vermitted to go elsewhere by proper authority. 74 Keep all port holes closed at night, Renenber carelessness on your part may cost thousands of lives. 8., During beat drills which are usially held daily, proceed in an orderly manner to the assigned bost station, Remenber disorder in an en~ ergency may cause panic, which will, in turn,-cause loss of life, 9. Complete your meals rapidly as it usually requires many settings to mess all men on board and there is another group waiting to neste KBEP TITS PAMPILET ON YOUR PERSON AT ALL TOUS DONT EXPOS TO OTHERS Spee ore P re 10, Koep your coupartment and masagemys thor‘ ‘policed at all times. ‘the ship is your typracks, ‘You are not ona pleasure trip, You are on uty ani showld cise the sane degree of care in plecnlincss as you would im'your bar: a : z : 1, Conserve fresh a There is ey a limited amount for the voy- age. ¥ oe : & ‘eae 12, Find out vhere your boat station $s enl at boat @rill or during an onergency zo to the assigned station in a rapid but omderly manner if you are on deck, If yor avo in your compartnent you Will bo conducted ‘to the boat static the officer on duty in your 13, Keep your Life proatever wiihih roadh at all tinge, JED PERSOMEL } Ta 2 10 Di ‘ 1, Don't snoke in Yur coumriment of any othor place vhere snoking is Prohibited, Don't sAipke <¢ all during embarkation or @ebarka tion, 2, Dontt smoke on offh decks Teo Toc Tee Toc Teo Tee Too Too Too Tee Tee Tee Teo Tee Tee Tee Toe Too Toc Toe Too Toe Pre Pro Pee Pee Pre Pro Po Pro Pec Pfc Pre Pee Po Pre Pfc Pfe Pfc Pfc Pre Pte Pee Pee Pre Pee Pee Pee Snelling 11, Minn, 1 sug 44 - continued: RB CONFIDENTIAL ENLISTED 12) CLAYTON 4. KIRK PAUL V. LAROSE R4YHOND G, IEE FREDERICK C, LECHNER BENJAMIN F, 1E0 ARNOLD R. MeCARTT MITCHELL MAHOOL ANTHONY J. MASKEUICZ RICHARD 4. MULLALY JESUS L. PAVIA EDWARD D, PEFFER JOB D. PERSINGER GEORGE RESZCZYK GEORGE R. SECREST ERNEST Mi, STITHEH FRANK E. SWOPE CHESTER H. TACKETT HAROLD E, TESL WALTER C, WALLIS HARVEY B, WESTMORELAND CARSWELL P. WW1GGINS JOEL, WILLTANS FRED W. WILSON, Jr OPTIS ABRELL RICHARD L. ALBERS HERBERT R, BARNES Oris W. BEGIEY ARTHUR B, BELL EARL J. BLACK ROBERT N, BOUGHER JOSEPH 4, BOVINO ALON E, BURRIS 1£0 E, BURRIS HENRY C, BUTCHER ARTHUR C4RGILL FRANCIS M. COTTRELL EDDIE F, DWORNICK MANUEL i ELIZONDO HARRY R, FARRIS PORTER FAULKNER ANTHONY E. FERZAN HERSHEL FISHER HAROLD R, FOGLE KENNETH N, FREEMAN HARRY C. GLBRYS FRANK J. GO JuMBS L. GROGG 4ARLO_ HARDISON 35777797 37628071 35397662 42052074, 35611059 39900584 42026458 31446581, 31424199 38576504 35777949 39420860 36892461 35807664 36760148 36779967 39715687 BE779454 36828052 33125501 34830360 35810797 35880088 35810798 39720476 35810760 35880917 35880956 35296429 35900015 32946925 38522946 BO7T9BLE 42025043 31399187 35092078 35777846 37098406 6812587 35881052 31371074, 37396720 36760041 42031986 36892459 36838271 35296506 35811086 CLARENCE E, HARGESHEDER 35811133 as SONEL (continued) Per 1, SO 184 = Hq Ft Shelling 11, Minn, 1 bug 44 ~ continued: ENLISTED MEN - GO 4 (cont'd): Pro + 35880964, Pre 35777750 Pee 35881003 Pfe WILLIAM E, HARRIS 32607910 Pee CLAYTON D. HART 35900070 Pre ERNEST EB, HEBERT 38501418 Pte RAYMOND P. HEIDENREICH 37707461 Pfc MERVIN N, HIGBEE 32957523 Pfo HAMIEY HILLIRD 35881043 Peo RLYMOND W. HOGKBOONE © 32947042 0 GECIL C. HYLIT 35811263 Pro GECIL LARCK, Jr 35559767 Pc FREDRICK C, LaSiGe, Jr 36802996 Pio MERELE.W. LeGRit 37725906 Pie ANDRES LOPEZ 37356754 Pfc HOLLIS S, MeDANIEL 7425588 Pre SOHN i. AKI 37569655 Po CARLO C. MARTINEZ 367737 Pre BERNARD 4. MARZEW 33369169 Pro SOHN 4, MOLENDS 35923435 Pre ORVILLE J. MOORHEAD 39214612 Pie URHO M, NELSON 31391929 Pre ROBERT Ml. NUTT 34831013 Pic BENNIE L. PACK BESTEATL Pie SWAN F. J. PETERSON 36763413 Pre EARL A. PYRRO, Jr 39141263 Pre GIEN F. ROBLING 35731969 Pre WILLIAM C. 20SS, Sr 35860820 Pre JOHN SiBO 35881166 Pic SOHN F. SHEDER 36779056 Pie HOWGRD R. STEWART 33804674 Pre JORN TROHA 39342624 Pfo 4RWOLD VETTER 39420796 Pee ROBERT E. WARREN 34831510 Peo HUGH TELLIER 37726276 Pte OREN G, WESLEY 35810762 Pie HERMAN H, WHITEIS 37706759 Pvt JuCK J. LBBY 35811063 Pvt WILLIAM W. AVDERSON 39216615 Pvt EDWARD J. LXTELL 37577602 Prt VERNE F. BAKER 32946860 . Pvt GEORGE 4, BLUDENDISTEL 35861132 Pvt GEORGE P. BENIGNO 34830632 Pvt KELL B. BLACKBURN 35881029 Pvt WILLIAM T. BLLCKBURN 35923406 Pvt WILLIAM 2. BOBO 34831000 Pvt JOSEPH 1, BROUSSARD 38488332 Pet ROSCOE BRYANT 35811207 Pvt BILLIE L. ChSiDA 35811107 (continued) ~ GONFIDENTIAL GONEIDENTIAL Par 1, SO 184 = Hq Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 1 dug 44 ~ Continued: ENLISTED MEN - 60.4 (cont'd) Pvt VESEY J, CLSE 35810761 Pvt THON H. CLARK 38522954 Pet ROBERT H. CLIRK 357778E0 Pvt RALPH J. CODDEN 37588895 Pvt ERVIN &, COLBERT 3677864 Pvt ANTHONY F, COLOTTA 35821148 Pvt MICHAEL &. COLOSTHIO 32669437 Pvt CURTIS G. DauToN 35900037 Pvt REYNOLDS B. DOTSON 35881265 Fvt WILLIAM F. DYER 35881263 Prt WILEY UM, FOWLER 39722386 Pvt HORACLIO N. GARCTA 38578595 Pvt RAMON GARCIA 32560461 Pvt LAWRENCE G. GRESH 35900075 Pt JOHN N. HARDY 36780137 Pvt OTTO 4, HEESZEL 36760221 Pvt JOHN G. HEFLIN 35880951 Pvt GEORGE P. HEI 39716410 Pt LINFORD H. HILDEBRAND? — 37590113 Pt DONALD J. HODGES 3677786) Pvt RGYMOND G. HOLLAND 38546220 Pvt JOSEPH M, HUGHES 358812 Pvt WANE J. HUET? 36893442 Prt MELVIN 4; T6NTZEN 36838626 Pvt WILLARD L. JOHNSON 39342279 pvt STUART R. JONES 35736050 Pvt MICHAEL KAPLTOS 42052532 Pvt SAMUEL KAREKL 32563890 Pvt HARAY G. KRIER 37589661 Pvt STEPHEN J. KRYZSKIEWICZ 42014680 Pvt RUSSELL LACEY 39621113 Pvt PUL LANSING 35296611 Pvt ANTHONY T. LOPEZ 39719584 Pvt HAROLD G. LUNKES 36779068 Pvt RAY KeIvTOSH 35860916 Pvt LAVERNE H, MANTHEY 37589222 Pvt RAYMOND H, MARTIN 37323982 Pvt HENRY D. MATHEY 35777988 Pvt PLUL E, MERRIFIELD 35811131 Pvt ‘AUGUSTIN M, RASCON 38578608 Pvt BENITO 0, RODRIGUEZ 38442360 Pvt GEISO 0, ROSAIES, Jr © 39862821 Pvt PHILIP SANDLER 32982597 Pvt ROBERT SCHULTZ 22026146 Pvt WILLARD UM, SELRS 39340347 Pvt MASH STLVL 28083438 Pvt RAMSEY V, SLADE, 38523005 Pvt VICTOR R. SOUNOR 3339L404 Pvt HAROLD J. STKAR 36266397 Pvt DONALD C, STOWELL 39216202 (continued) ~lo~ ~ GONFIDENTIAL Par 1, SO 184 = Hq Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 1 dug 44 - Continued: 22232332 Pvt Pvt acne 22S5 ENLISTED IGN - CO A (cont'd CAMERON 1, STUBBS ANTHONY F, S24REK SEQUOYAH EB. TEE! FRANK L, TODD WILLIAM M. TURNER CLARENCE VinHOOSE ROBERT F, VOGHTHAN WILLIAM R. WILLIS HENRY V. WILSKT ROYAL L, YOUNG ENLISTED MEN ~ 60 B [st Sgt RAYMOND L, SHEETS Set Set Set oanannas 2 B MERI BRODSKY TESTER T. WILSON RICHARD 4, ALLAN LLOYD J, ASPINALL WILLIAM C, JENNINGS WILLIAM G. URBAN LAWRENCE M, VARSETTI JOSEPH i, WaLSH ANTHONY J. PLVONCELIO JOBN i, LYLE WILLEM 8, BIGGHRSTAFF THOWS G, BIRGE IEONARD F, BUDLSKY CHARIES L, BURLEY CHARLES L, BUSH JESSE H. C4IN STANLEY H, FERNALD WILLIAM C, FRANK ADRIAN GOOD FRANK L, GRAHAM HENRY Ml. HAINES CLARENCE L, HARMER ROBERT HERNZ FRED J, HOLDEAREAD FRED B, HOOD RUDOLPH B, JENSEN JOSEPH B. MLTTHENS IRVING PAIS HILLARD STUNONS LEONARD W, SUITH EARRY W, SYLVESTER JOSEPH i, TURANO JAMES Ve. VLLENTE ROBERT R. WAitD -ll- 34651869 36892604 38566961 37621422 36779809 35777376 37576829 34831753 35900076 36779825 37112789 39293993 35537762 35377993 31391810 35731842 33263047 35064937 35920834 42048761 36770227 36778927 36779347 33684306 36456715 35296412 35411024, 32946907 27058853 12056204 31398609 36769357 36780780 37589001 36779832 38467808 36839351 42026462 42019949 20622868 37589011 37681443 42050831, 329473 37317222 (continue) ERTIAL & lo NEIL Par 1, SO 184 = Hq Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 1 Aug 44 - Continued: ENLISTED MEN — CO B (con! Tec 4 DAVID WEINER 32994357 Tec 4 GNDREW G, WETSCHENSKY 37723789 Tec 4 JOHN R. WOOD 32947322 opl CHARLES E. SIMMONS, Jr 36780199 Tec 5 FRANK E, ANDERSON 36780489 Tec 5 HAROLD E. ANGELL 35807474 Tec 5 FRANK BLAST 36779187 Tec 5 ROBERT F, BEYERLY 35296687 Tec 5 CARL F. BIRCH 35228489 Tec 5 EDWARD N. BONNER 35933925 Toc 5 ALLAN W. BONSALL 3320018 Tec 5 JAMES 4, BRUEWER 35éel.71 Tec 5 EUGENE E. BUDD 42053905 Tec 5 180 J, BURNS 36781169 Tec 5 J&MES 4. BYRD 38546903 Tec 5 GORDON J. CuALSON 37590168 Tec 5 ALEXANDER W. CHARIEY 37679296 Tec 5 HENRY S. CLARK 36779025 Toc 5 CARL COK 36778391 Tec 5 NORMAN DAHIAANN 42050110 Tec 5 WILLIAM P. FLOYD 37726392 Tec 5 THOMAS J, GRIFFITHS 35296555 Tec 5 STANLEY li. GRIGAL 37589507 Tec 5 JOHN W. HAUN 37577532 Toc 5 JOSEPH M. HENZLIK 37591116 Tec 5 CURTIS B. HOLDENAN 38607076 Tec 5 WILLIAM wv, JaaVIS 36893827 Tec 5 BYRON WW. KING 36894152 Tec 5 LANOURE WW, Lacy 37588632 Tec 5 ALFRED C, MARTENS 36777597 Tec 5 JOSEPH C. MATULIONIS 36779579 Tec 5 FRANK J, MIGAN 36892610 Tec 5 GILBERT H, KILLER 35921291 Tec 5 DALE O'NEIL 36892965 Tec 5 JOSEPH A. O'TOOLE 42052381 Tec 5 LESTER Wl, OVENS 37590836 Tec 5 WILLIAM R, REEDY 37590271 Tec 5 WILLIAM T. ROUSH 35296721 Tec 5 RALPH SEAY 3E567756 Tec 5 JACK S, SHOEMAKE 38546875 Tec 5 ION STEELE 35881264 Tec 5 JOHN P, STEPHENS, Jr 34353673 Tec 5 FREDERICK R, SWANK 35296826 Tec 5 EUGENE H, TITUS 31425790 Tec 5 EDWARD A. VICHA 36770620 Tec 5 HERMAN H, VOGEIER 35678534 Tec 5 NORMAN V. ian * 34900785 Tec 5 CHARLES V. WELSFORD 32997991 Tec 5 WINFIELD S, WHITE 36696114 Tec 5 SAM ZEITMAN 42050651 (continued) “12 — GONFIDENTIAL mt Par 1, $0 184 = Hq ¥t Snelling 11, Minn, 1 Aug 44 - Continued: Pie Fre Pie Pie Pre Pre Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pic Pic SONE NTIaL ENLISTED MEN ~ CO B (cont'd): JANES H, EDWARDS GERALD J, KANSKS ROBERT J. KAVANAUGH SMBS R. KING WILLIAM H. IEE GEORGE F. LOKES SIMON 5. MARKOVICH ROBERT H, MoMANAiAY ARTHUR. MEDI JuMBS L, PARKER FRANK J. RTUAUDO KEMMETH L, SHITE GLENN B, SOMERS JiMES D. WILBURN DONALD J. ALuiQuIsT HLGRRY J. ARUSTRONG SLMES W. BRENN JOE C. CaLCATERRA GENE F.:SERAFDE DANIEL'L, Di2SiNDO EDWIRD 4, DUFFEY, Jr DONALD 4. FEYO DONOVAN C. GURLAND BRYCE H, GREENFIELD IBONAAD F. GULBRANSON CLARENCE W, HEALY JOHN C, HOLBERT, Sr FRANCIS L, JsRRELL HARRY W. JOHNSON LINES E, KELSTROM PAUL H. KOSTTZKA BURTON K. KRAMER HARRY P, KRINGS ROY C. LAUDENSLACER DONALD E. LUNN CHLRIES R. LYNCH JOHN P, MARONEY EDWARD B, WeNAMARA BENE? C, WONTAGLTANO IEWIS J. MOSCLTELLI DOHLID HEIL LIEX J. OLSON DONACIANO PEDRONCELT WILLIAM T. PETERSON WALTER J. ‘RONSKI FRANKLIN 0, ROOS STEVE SEPTIC JOHN J. SOSNOUSKE 38546787 36838506 38559470 35881174 37707230 36781339 35900088 35296526 38560125 34889445 38500977 35296843 36836947 3577167 37589017 37590820 42054496 36776996 6331€ Hesiai6 35734265 37590022 37588777 37707647 37588751 37589091 3pe1lite 35900053 3581084, 37589457 32943905 36893347 42049322 33834242 35922685 35847183 31200494 33788379 42026965 42035295 33704559 6820231 3B5E3762 30838860 35900086 37589876 35923274 BOTI9ZE (continued) Par 1, SO 184 ~ Hq Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 1 Lug 44 ~ Continued: Zan ENLISTED MEN = CO B (cont'd) CLAUD E, SPENCER 38567556 KEONIBTH L, STIBSINS 35811165 ROY F. STRO 37588769 ALBERT P, URBELIS 32945842 WILLIAM R. WALKER 36779837 J. Wy WILLIAMS 38567670 HERMAN F, WORKMAN 35296559 ENLISTED MEN ~ 60 6 B GEORGE T. WILSON 35514076 AUGUSTUS G, OWENS 38436487 WALTER J. DAVIS 37560932 ROBERT W. DIETRICH 36893687 EDWARD G. FOLEY 42029725 TEE V. HOBBS 38599639 LOW E. QUINN 39193412 TiNBS W. BAKER 31035229 TeROY G. BALOW 37580071 NORTON BRYAN, Jr 36780708 DONALD L. CARLSON 37588061 LAWRENCE K. CARNEY 31391311 GUY &. CHAMBERLAIN 37580727 ROBERT D, COLE 35813994 LeROY CROWDER 36780156 SOHN J. DARCY 32403194 JLMES L, FITZGERALD 33694007 CORNELL L, FLEMING 36779258 RICHARD F. GARVEY 37682041 STEPHEN B. JONES 3rig2ii2 THEODORE J. IBWIS 42051108 OSWALD C. McDANIEL 38494189 PATRICK MeGOVERN 37582531 EDWARD G, MeNLBB 37358972 DAVID T. MILES 35920246 IRVIN N. MOUNTAIN 33364927 HERALD N. MUSGRAVE 6703104 WILLIAM H. NELSON 37592116 HARRY F, NICHOLS 6254695 WILLIAM V. O'BRIEN 36780595 WILLIAM C. OLNEY 39707748 HOWARD J. PERRY 38534739 KEMETH ii, PITTS 31403328 WILLA F. PLATTENBERGER 36683877 RGLPH L, ROBBLEE 31428043 EDMOND T. S{tOKER 37590095 HAROLD E. SCHLTICEN 37490303 RAYMOND P.SEXTON 35810192 ark CONPIDENREAL ~ (continued) Par 1, SO 184 = Hq Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 1 Aug 44 ~ Continued: Set Set Sgt Sgt Set Sgt Set Sgt Set Sgt Set Set Set Tec 4 Tec 4 Teo 4 Teo 4 Teo 4 Tec 4 Teo 4 Teo 4 Tee 4 Teo 4 Teo 4 Tec 4 Teo 4 Teo 4 Teo & Tec 4 Teo 4 Teo 4 Tec 4 Tec 4 Teo & Tee 4 Tec 4 Tec 4 Teo 4 Tec & Teo 4 Tec 4 Teo 4 Cpl Tec 5 Teo 5 Tee 5 Teo 5 lo EULISTED MEN ~ CO G (cont'd) HOWARD L, SHETUO FRANK SKOBEL VINCENT Wi, SUNNENBERG RICHARD C. SWORE ROLLAND L, THOUS JOHN W. WELCH ROBERT J. WERNER VICTOR W, WESTSAFTELD ANTHONY WHITE WALTER S, WIT DONA F. WILE OCIE L, WILKERSON TLMES CO, WILLTALS JOHN WILSON GEORGE B. .BDILL BUGENE H. AHRENS GEORGE M, GNTHORY HOWARD L. 4RMENTROUT JOHN 4. LYERS PAUL S, BECKETT SUMUBL 4. BLUE RAYMOND J, CRETGHON WILLIAM 4, BILITZ GLARGNCE HM, ELDATDOE DONALD G. FLYNH THOMLS E. FRY DONALD C, GUISINGER WILLEN J, BIRKS MILTON H. HOLLADAY RALPH V. HOLES JOHN I, LEHR HUGH H. LOUGHAN ey IRVING R, LUELLER ISLAND 4, NORRIS, Jr CARROLL ii, PETERSON DONIC G. SLLVIOL CHARLES NM. SUPTON ROY 7, VOBEIDi ALVIN B. WILLLL MICHAEL J. MARTIN THOMAS E, ABBOTT JOHN 4. 41BA EDWIN W, BAILEY ATTILTO BASSO 15s GONEIDENTI BTSBLELS 36780200 35872077 37726686 36839119 36810070 36761076 37587461 33162423 6397615, 35892970 38547053 38536576 35918831 39342512. 36778612 35922720 35607845 1807634 32241813 35296462 36780207 37591168 36108437 32566971 36780030 36305932 33766835 34808838 37590619 32163904 36241215 35809766 33099751 35814010 37591254 34279729 35491137 37591719 20217966 B3E97E54 37588922 36779618 37563109 13057012 32082944 36893904 36779923 (continued) Par 1, $0 184 = Hq Ft Snelling 11, Iiinn, 1 sug 44 ~ continued: Tee 3 Teo Tee Tec Tec Pee Tec Tec Tec Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tec Tee Tee Tec Pee Tee Tec Tec Tee Tec Teo Tec Tec Tec Tec Tec Tec Tec Tee Tec Toe Tee Tee Tee Tec Tee Tee Tee Tee Tec Tee Tee Tec 5 GONFIDENT I i We ENLISTED MEN - GO C (cont'd 180 W. BENNETT HAROLD L, BISHOP WILLIAM G, BLUKER MELVIN G. BRIGGS JEFFERSON M, BURKETT JéMES D. ChSTIE CLURENGE J. CHANDLER EDWARD J. COLLINS MARTON Wi. DARRLH MARVIN L, DAUCHY FLOYD Ml, DeYOUNG ROBERT J. DOUTAZ BRYAK J. ENGLUND CLARENCE E, ERNCE HERMAN 7. ESKIND EDGAR J. FIUIEY TaBURN 4, FISHER ROBERT L, HARPER VIOTOR J. HARRIS IENRY HESS DONALD 0. HOFF. WILFORD J, HOLLARN LNTHONY J, K.ISER JOSEPH KALAFUT THOULS E, KELIEY DUDNEY 2. KIRK EDSOK XK, LUNDHARK NICHOLAS B. WARTON CARL Wi, MARQUARDT FRANK L. MICHEL CHARLES MILLER JOHN G. MILER PATRICK J. MULLEN AINGR H, NELSON CLARENCE 1, NELSON FRUNCIS C, NORTHROP EDWARD D, PORTER SOE D. SCHAAR DEAN L, SUITE FRUNK C, STANNARD FREDERICK G, STEFFENS PAUL H. SULLIVAN DEVEY C, SilATN ROBERT D. SWICK Gordon E, Sita BENJAMIN 4. THTE JOIN G. WkTERHOUSE NAPOLEON N.. 36784119 33522319 36779811 36779899 34134085 36779573 36779137 37693732 36779619 37708917 36894200 35711866 36894168 385677L4 38420363 36836959 37591634 37360904 36893663 36760052 36830284 37590263 32947800 36779609 38546493 37593072 37589514 36894325 37591050 38502375 35296889 36838796 42051205 S75867EE 37590004 33295462 12029244 36562658 35592217 38560295 36779581 31399617 6306157 35296441 31066162 15101105 . BTSEIEL, 36779052 (continued) Par 1, $0 184 = Hq Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 1 iug 1944 ~ continued Tee Tee Tee Tec Tee Tec Pie Pre Pre Pie Pfc Pee Fee Pre Pte Pfc Pfc Pfc Pee Pre Pe Peo Pio Pie Pre Pie Pre Pro Pie Pte Pfc Pfc Pee Pte Pe Pre Pte Pre Pte Pre Pte Pie Pee Pie Pre Pie Pee Pie Pfc 5 0-0-N-F-I-D-E-N-T-I--L ENLISTED KEN - CO G (cont'd FRANCIS H. ELER CHARLES E, WHITMORE DONALD B,“WELLTAN EARION D, WOODEN FRANCIS M. WOODS LYNDON L, WRIGHT JOSEPH B. ALLEN WILLIAM J, 4S! HOWARD G, B&RNES CLINTON 3, BIGGS WILLIAM E. BLACKLEDGE HERBERT W, BONOW STEWART P. BRADY EDWIN F. BUNS WENDELL G, BURKE RAYMOND F. CONNER: MARVIN E, CORZINE CLARENCE DeROVEN WINTHROP 4, FIFE JAMES J, FISCHER JULIUS M. FISCHER CHESTER J. GiRDNER CHLRIES W, GEGRHAAT DONALD T, JOHNSON JULIUS JUDECKI JEFFERSON E, KARNES EDWARD C, KELLY LESTER L. LOHMAN RICHARD MANCINI JOHN McELVAIN RICHARD E, MILLIMAN JAMES 4, MISENER WALTER E, MORGLNTHALER EUGENE J, MURPHY GEORGE NIMES CORNELIUS L, O'HERO! ROBERT C. OSBORN CLAUDE 4. PENROD DONALD 4. PERKINS DELMAR M. POTTS AINE C, SENDERS IBWIS SCHWARTZ FRANK S. 5Z0TT SORN VETER, Jr KENNETH L, WALTERS MEREDYTH F. WHITE CHLRLES 2, WILBUR FRANCIS 4, WILKENS LOWELL G, WRIGHT = 31155575 35296477 32576312 38522941 33033695 36780033 32958972 36780251 34819007 36760219 36779948 36837685 36893553 31627375 36332299 35861097 36767252 36893723 38501477 37590L75 36778525 35922931 35223302 37590296 36775455 36779392 37585892 36779763 42055886 36779226 36893792 36893054 36760116 35808905 OTTERS 36771300 35332369 35900090 37727251 32750797 38501436 39719867 36894067 37454213 37589436 37725573 36838991. 32922254 36779931 GONEIDENTIAL (continued) C-0-N-3 T-D-E-N-T-I-l-b Par 1, SO 184 ~ Hq Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 1 dug 1944 - continued: ENLISTED MEK - CO ¢ (cont'd): JAPTITITSATTA IAI ITAIIAIAITIT ATA ATAITLIII273 2272 WESIEY C, YEKO RMON J. ALOK JAMES H. ALDRIDGE CHARIES BADGIEY IBOU R, BARTER, Jr LOUIS F, BERNIE EWER 4, BENTPIELD ROBERT L, BERGQUIST ALLEN F, BIDBAUX BERT E, BLAIR DALE C, BOEDEKER STANLEY BREDDY ERNEST T, BROW SHELTON L, CARER GEORGE CHELTIOOD MICHAEL CHEREP OREN Wi, CLERK CHARLES C. CLARKE LAIRON L. COLBIAN JhES F. COLLINS ELBERT P, CRARY FRANK 4. DARGL ANTHONY P. DATO PAUL D. DA\KINS NOEL 7, DINGHAN EARL E, DUKE RAY 4, ELLIOTT TERN F. EPTER VENRY L, FALCONIO, Jr GUY E, FLOM CALVIN 2. POSS ENNIS H. FURLOW RENE GALLENS RONALD M, GAPIEN ROBERT J. GAVINSKY DANIEL U, GENTILE GEORGE L, GTLBLATSON GERALD 4. GLAZER G, J. GOETZRLG DAVID GREENFIELD FRANK 4. GU2Z0 ARMINE He C, HOLLEN ROBERT E, HAMMELL DONALD C, HEATH WILLIAM F, HESS VIRGIL HOLADAY JOSEPH C, HOLLISTER FRONKLIN K, HOSTERMAI , or ~1é- 36836939 36676625 34738175 35889926 36836169 36777790 37589210 3677810 36780116 35893700 35900290 36776692 35610208 607021, 34949159 36893815 35808550 38501504 34818203 36694069 B77 36892705 36719534 36693656 37586126 36779395 36636949 38576265 36775098 37590230 36894089 36760045 B6TTIESS 36638604 39621456 36776175 37589960 30693951 366836971 36894295 39720323 BE7T9EAL 37586623 36777416 36838995 36779661 37589159 35296639 G-O-N-F-I-D-2-N-?-I-£-L (continued) (0-0-I-P-1-D-5- -P-I-keL Par 1, 80 184 — Hq Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 1 Aug 1944 - continueds- Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt aeaeae yyy aa a ENLISTED HG _- CO ¢ (cont'd): IEE 4, HOUSE DONALD &. HUNTER PAUL 5, INN CARL L, JOHNSON DAVE JONES, Jr MAX D, KINDER WILLIAM F. KOENIG ARTHUR L. LaTENDRESSE GARIDS T. LOPEZ TEMES G, WARSY LORDIER MeCLLISTER SILK T. MoCLURE JOHN B. MeDONAL JOSEPH 1. eDOWALD PAUL i. MILIER JOHN WORELLT DEWKY H. MORRISON WILLIAM C,. MORRISON JOHN L, MOATELL FIOWD E, MURRAY REX C, MURRAY EO NEAVOLIS RUSSELL NELSON JWMES EB. PAGE JOHN R, PALIER CHESTER J, PARCHEM VIRGIL F. P&RKER WILLIAM F. PRICE HAROWD J. RLY BILLY E, RHODES FLOW J. RIEGLING OLLF 4. ROGDE ROBERT Wi, RUNYAN WOUROE 4. SiiCHEZ SRYOW H. SLNDERS ALLEN B, SEADRON IEE E. SINISON HOUSTON B. SIS JOSEPH H. SINNET? PERCY G, SKILLINGS EBLLARD L. SUTTE RICHARD E, SKITH WILLIE H. SORRELIS JOHAN . SORVALD CHLRIES R. STEVENS RUSSELL H. STOREY STURGIL B. SULLIVAN CLIFFORD R. THOMPSON 37356218 36691693 3677990 36778403 39216832 35696527 39342622 37589996 36442200 37569066 36694174 36779633 31569065 36838596 36894352 32946469 36692929 39572752 36779355 36893531 35922131 B67TELEE 36777266 35810260 39145260 37586246 36693847 36719005 BOLA6EL2 35777778 36894202 39420703 36771255 BESTES2E 36777266 3e7E01e, 35860253 34817226 39216650 375E3E24 BOTT253 37680476 37630753 36€3%900 36720269 36636710 36760329 3E591566 (continued) C-0-N-P-I-D-B-N~T-I-i-L Par 1, SO 164 - Hq Ft Snelling 11, Minn, 1 Aug 1944 - continued: ENLISTED LEN - COC (cont!a): Pvt DEARDUFF VLIERTUS 36779601 Pvt TEOWERD 1, WLICHEL 36760749 Pvt CLYDE G, WARD 35671461 Pvt CARL F, WAYSTEDT 36639012 Pvt RALPH G, “WEGNER 36639005 Pvt JOHN R. WHITCAMP BESTELTE Pvt WILLARD 4, NILDUNG B75E3E04 Pvt LIONEL Wi, “WILLETTE 31416025 Pvt KENNETH N,. WIRINGER 35881146 Pvt WARREN EB, ZICKUER 36636903 Organizational equipment will be shipped ty rail. Equipment ated to accompany units froa prosént station will accompany persomnd to the Staging Area, All personnel rocords for personnel of units will accompany units to Staging Area, and will bo delivered to Staging Jiroa Personnel Soction immodiatoly upon arrival. The TC will furnish accossdry T and will comply with AR 65-145, Field renges and noeossary accossorics to oquip four (4) kitchen cars will accoupany the movenont, and, upon complotion of journoy, will be roturned to this station without delay. Tho QW, this station, will issuo nocosscry troop train rations for four hundrod twenty-nine (429) cnlisted mn and fourteon (14) offioors for six (6) noals, and additionel onorgoney rations, (rail journoy - 1st Section), ond for four hundred sixtoon (416) onlistod mon and thirty-nine (89) officors for five (5) meals, and additionel omorgoney rations, (rail journoy = 2nd Section), as provided in Cir 219, WD, 1945, and Cir 341, WD, 195, Soriously sick or injured on the joumncy will bo evaemtod to tho noarest dny hospitel, or in caso of omergoncy, to tho noarost civilian hospital, undor provisions of ik 20-505. ‘uth: Ist Ind, liq Scvonth Sv’, ASP, Onahe, Yobr, dtd 22 Jul 44, Silo SPKSA 370.5 (20 Jul 42), on Ltr, Ha How York Port of Embarkation, Brooklyn, MY, dtd 20 Jul 44, filo SPrAL $70.5 G(CA) (#7105), Subjr "Novonont Ordors, Shipaont 4659"; and let Ind, He Sovonth Svc, LSP, Onaha, Nobr, dtd 27 Jun 44, filo SPKSA 370.6 (26 Jun 42), on Ltr, Wor Dept, Washington 25, DC, dtd 24 Juno 4!, filo WH 370.5 (20 Jun 44)OB-S-E-SPiOT-1, Subj: "Wovonont Ordors, Shipmont 4650", TDN. 601-31 P 435-01, -02, -03, -04, -05, -O7, -08 A 212/50425, By ordor of Colozol XERLEY: WR. SHOP, Captain, Inf, Adjutant. wins Len. rune’ R, SEL, + Captain,Int, Adjutant. li 0-0-1F F-I-D~ 818, RESTRICTE . e ‘ARMCE SERVICE FORCES i New York Port of Enbarkation Camp Shanks, New York SPECIAL ORDERS) MUMBER, ....212) EXTRACT 8 August 194k * * * 12, The following units at existing strengths and the advance details! of units at the strongtha Listed below WP by rail and ferry and/or harbor boat o/e eer ng lk fr Op Shanks, WY to Piers indicated, #O%, NY, SsHEMHHEStaten Island, WY, #PHHAMEEEELEX, Brooklyn, WY to enbark on ships of *HHH for further novenent by water craneportation to thelr overseas dectination, This is a PERMANENT change of station, TDN TCT 501-31 P 433-01, 02, 03, Ob, 05, 07 08 A 210/50k25, AUTH: Ltr, Eq WYPE Brooklyn, NY, SPTAA 370.5 GM (Bc) (#7304), Subs weer, ween, ata ee hug Wh . oe wre PIERE TERMINAL ~~ BEETPYNO® se sence sen" eee see ence : we ee seme net 2 es a a soe SE ee eeHEE aes e vs BD 50 NO, 212, ASF NYPE, Cp Shanks, NY, 8 August lobk, Par 12 Cont’ ‘UNIT OFF WO EM PIER & TERMINAL SHIP NO. see 28 ee een pee 8 (10) wee 8 (10) SHOE 10 (10) see 1 (10) ae ad sen 1 (10) se 21 (10) senna 1 (to) sere 1 (to) sore 1 (0) ree ey See 2 (10) ad 2 (10) see 2 (10) eee 2 (10) eee 2 (10) eH 2 Ih ee seen Cad 200 So 2 (10) pees = bea) weer 1 (0) a 2 (10) I een 3 (0) 55 Soe see 2 (10) 728 seHOHee 1 (10) een 15 {10) * * * * By order of Colonel RITEY: HAROLD S, CONWAY Captain, t. Cy, Aasigtant Adjutant a Luli foot > EDS, COMURE—— 72 Captain, T. C., ‘Assistant Adjutant DISTRIBUTION: 10 Fa T.0, Unit\eoncerned 1 Fa Off of Cesval Units 6 Trans ore File re) re} 1a 3 ts 19 3 1 1s 618. - : ARMY SERVICE FORCES i Hew York Port of Enbarkation Camp Shanks, New York EXTRACT 8 August 19hh * * * * 12, ‘The following unite at existing strengths and the advance details! of units at the strengths listed below WP by rail and ferry ‘and/or harbor boat o/e Wee Bug hk fe Cp Shanks, NY to Piers indicated, *MHAH, IY, xHdeEHteKStaton Island, WY, ##HseHeebe, Brooklyn, WY to enberk on ehipa of He for further novenont by water transportation to their overseas destination, This is a PERMANENT change of stetion, TDN TCP 501-31 P 443-01, 02, 03, Ob, 05, 07) 08 & p12 /50k25, AUTH: Ltr, Hq HYPE Brooklyn, NY, SPTAA 370.5 GM (20) (#7304), Subs ae, She, ata Hee Aug Mh 4 ur nF sone 28 SE Pe opeia 0) ae 8 (10) “ee 2 (10) somo 1 (to) se BESSSES SEESES £ Ee x SESEEE bp BE derner | ormmuEn Bess8 aeauee 28 2 618. ~ : ARMY SERVICE FORCES q Hew York Port of Enbarkation Camp Shanks, New York EXTRACT 8 August 19hh * * * * 12, ‘The following unite at existing strengths and the advance details! of units at the strengths listed below WP by rail and ferry ‘and/or harbor boat o/e Were bug kk fe Cp Shanks, NY to Piers indicated, *MHs, IY, xHeKKEHteKStaton Toland, WY, #HMeHNMHOME, Brooklyn, IY to enberk on ships of +##* for further novenont by water transportation to their overseas destination, This is @ PERMANENT change of stetion, TDN TCT 501-31 P 443-01, 02, 03, Ol, 05, 07) 08 & pie/s0k25, AUT: Ltr, Hq HYPE Brooklyn, NY, SPTAA 370.5 GM (20) (P7304), Subs wee, eee, ata 4% Aug ll Lt ig a amie SF war om vO mM PEER E TERNAL BEEP, ene 28 a coed ee eee “33 (10) eH 8 (Lo) se 2 (10) senor 1 (to) ene : 1 (10) eee ‘ 27 252 ae sone rr 8 204 eee 2 (10) sone 1 (0) see 15, (10) as eS 3 (10) OHO 8 (Lo) sect 4 (ID) enn 2 (10) poo vee se sen 1. (10) see 5 (10) = ee 2 (x0) Sead 2 (10) HERE 1 (10) se 8 (10) ene 1 (10) aod aod et dene 2 (10) SHEE 2 (10) see 1 (20) see 3 (0) SERRE 1 (20) see 1 (10) poset 10 (10) senH 2 (10) sHeR 1 (10) vin 28 2 ae se 28 2 60k er 1.55 & (10) 1 (10) 10 (10) 10 (10) 8 (Lo) RESTRICTED 80 NO, 212, ASF NYPE, Cp Shanks, NY, 8 August I9bh, Par 12 Cont'd. UNIT OFF WO EM PIER & TERMINAL, SHIP NO ee 2B hee see eee 8 (10) wesc 8 (10) sane : 10 (10) ‘apenas 1 (LO) cad ee see een 1 (to) se 1 (to) aes 1 (0) een 1 (to) ere 1 (to) se = ep see 2 (10) Soest 2 (10) seeHHe 2 (10) eee 2 (Lo) prey 2 (10) : sono : he ee ne seen 200 serene 2 (10) os 1 a} po 1 (io! Saas Sten} guy aR 3 (10) oe =o 2 (10) 728 sae 1 (10) ee 15, (10) * * * * By order of Colonel RITEY: HAROLD S, CONWAY Captain, T. Coy Assistant Adjutant Hy Lie DS, COMME ——~ Captain, T. C., Agsistant Adjutant DISTRIBUTION: 10 Ea 7.0, Unit concerned 1 Ea Off of Casval Units 6 Trans ofr File 1 Ea Off of Casval Units 6 Trans ort 5 HEADQUARTERS 14TH PORT STAGING AREA APO 409, USA 24 August 1944. OS WAR DEPARTMENT —~ wel ‘THE ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE Ros/n/4332 SSESGAGER-D 201 Marth, Albert Frederick’*™eTow ‘THRU: we (10 Nov 44) 9 December 1944 Amendment of Orders. Commanding Officer, 70th Railway Grand Division, APO #350, c/o Postmaster, New York, New York. Captain Albert Frederick Marth 0218616, TC. So much of par. 20, 5.0. 3, W.D., 1944, as pertains to you, is amended to show date of rank as 28 April 1943. By order of the Secretary of War: Copy tor Chief of Transportation. Ca, 8th svc. DUTY AUTHORIZATIGY HEADQUARTERS RAILWAY GRAND DIV1_~oW APO 350, U. S. ARMY 23 December 1944 Name and Rank_Captain Albert F. Marth ASH_0216616 Organization or Section_Hg 710th Railway Grand Div, APO 350 __ is on duty status from_2000 hours to 0600 hours - daily, and is authorized to be enroute from billet to place of duty. orto D. CRILL Lt Colonel, TC Commanding Ao f/f Priaccwe RESTRICTED HEADQUARTERS 710TH RAILWA’ GRAND DIVISION /lpa APO 350, U. S. ARMY 24 December 1944 SPECIAL ORDERS ) HO. 054.03. 96) The following officer ang Bf, Hig 710th, Ry Grand Div, dove t tr this cation ofa os Dee 42, to Cherbourg, Fraice, for an indefinite period to perform technical supervisicn of fuel operations at that point. ‘authority ie granted to make such changes in this itinerary and to proceed to such additional places as may be necessary in the performance wf this duty. Upon Bompletion of TD, O ond EM will return to proper station! ist Lt Edward R. bee ol Fe Pfc Proncis X. GiBernarde, 329 969773 Pfe Louis A. Grill, 732! 2. Maj Clinton Cc. Lankford, 09214: 710th Ry Grand Div, WP ty Hail T fr thie station 0/& 25 Reedeor 44 to LeHavre, Frafice on TD for a period of not to exeeed seven (7) days. pen cémpiction of Tb, O will return to proper stat 3. ‘The following officers and Mi, Hq 710th Ry Grand Div, WP by Govt T fr this station o/a 25 Dec 44, to Cherbourg, France, on 1D for a period of not, to exceed seven i7) days. Upon com~ pletion of TD, O and MM will return to proper stations Lt Col Otto D. Crill, 05366: Capt Albert F. Marth, Pfe Melvin R. Paulsen, 37566096 Capt John H. Adair, 050: 279 9» Hae 720th fy Gxchd Div, we Gove tte this station’ ofa 1a ‘Cherbourg, France, for a period of not to a thirty (30) dayss Upon come pietion of Tb, Owill return to proper station. By order of Lt Colonel CRILL: JOHN H. ADAIR Captain, 7C at . jutant. H. ADAIR Captain, TC Adjutant : : 5-B20Q 1- Ba 201 File Ea 1 224¢'Pers Bro 5 = Ea BI 1 - 60 File 1 C0, 710th RED 1 - Hgs Co RESTRI 10 rc) tte tw & SECRET CONVOY = Sept W436 - Index No. S-1802 Inave Chester --1000 }P26 to Whitchurch - HF 217 Wellington Bridgnorth, Kidderminster, Wore4ster, by-pass, Tewkesbury, Gloucester by-pass. ‘ AT - Cirencester lg = Swindon by-pass AgIQ-te A345 Marlborough A346 to road junctiar A333 433% to Coltingboume Ducis ABS to Lavi gershal 4342 to Weynil. 4303 to Andorer - Right on A3057 to Stoekoridge. Follow directional sigs to destination RCRP C-2\ Due at control point Tewkesbury by 1410 Arrival time at destination 0200 Halts 1600 - 1700 2300 = 2400