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RESTRICTED HEADQU.ATELS IST JILIT AY asIL..iY SERVICE Offies of Gener amaer SsEOLL 0.08.8) NU BE 8) 1. LT COLONEL HO’ L .OLDAIDGE, 0926299, TC, (0754-63-Q-16..08y-No) , is reld of aszit this Hq nd is as;d to 710th i¢ui No travel involved. 208 EXO.k 15 Jun <6. Auth: Ltr, iq 2nd 141 iy Sv, TSFET, 14 Nov 1945, file 300.4. 2. The following H, thie travel involved. 18 Ho¢.i 15 Jun 4 ro trfd in gr to 710th «Gb, No 1/8, williaa F Scholtes, 36780092 3/Sgt Josoph A Forto, 32939707 (o69-49-q-no-Unk) (836-49-2-no-Uuk) 1/4 ...1do G uistvedt, 17106024 9/5 siohard J Adaiski, 36781274 (055~38-9-no-Unk) (185-27-q-no-Uak) ufo Frank T .ost, 35923540 (055~45-0-no-Unk) auth: Ltr, dq 2nd .il ay Sv, TSYBT, 14 Hov 1945, file 300.4, 3. 18T LP Jou L SN20NS, 0554288, siz¢, (0718-44-Q-26:0Sy-No), this ig, prosontly on TD in tho US for purposes of 45-day leave, is rold cf seit, thia tig, and ie uscd 710tn .G., Ne trivel involved. 13. Eitua 15 Jun 1946, uth: Ler, dq 2nd .al ay Sy, TSIOT, 14 licv 1945, file | 300.4. 4. Tho following nuscd Bu, tais fq, cm tesp dy in US fcr purposes cf 4-day furlouch, per prov of var 5, S0 333, this dq, 9 Luo 45, and sar 5, 80 2 this Hq, cs, are trfd in cr to 710th uG2. No tvl involved. 03 B.Gia16 Jan 46. auth: Ltr, dq 2nd iil ay Sv, TSHET, 14 Nov 1945, file 300.4. 8/Set Boyd B Ylino, 377455875 1/4 ualph T Eller, 35841312 | (cos 287) (108 502) 1/5 Somuel = Driggers, 34863903 ife Earl L Enrick, 33839973 (:.08 055) (Pos 3.5) 1fe Osecr Urren, 39366221 (98 §22-26-D) 5. 1ST L? 30BE.? 0 SHBvEi0, 010.7327) this Ug, ie uptd priaury dy Adjutont; vies :ad0 {UBud F itd, roid. 6. 1ST LT sOBLM? G SHE Wind, 01947827, TC, this Hq, is aptd Clase "i" Zgent 0 to LT COL E KE i, A, Syubold No. 211-375, 0 787, for tho purpose Of paynont of O pay vouchors ind unlistod payrolls of tnis orga for an indefinite period. BY OicBa OF 8 .JOi | as | lst Lt 0 OBEN G, Su -uED | | ‘djutant | | OFFICLL: (Obed yf i) phd \ 0B. G, SIE IED | Ist Lt 1C Adjut.nt. HE QUARTERS, 2p MELTPR aw ToTae SERVICE THEATER SURVICE FACES, BURTRAN Set 797 15 January 196 Mod-R GABERT F. WARTH, 0218616, TO, is appointed Conmending Ciftces and Goneral tanager of Hoadquarters, First Hilitery Railvay Servicos effective this date, vice LISUTEW.NT CL Nib CARL C. SCHEUBLE, 0! 15U9, TC, trfde Ly Be bal iientic. & LL CL.RENCZ L. BURPEE, a7 CL! Briredier General, USh» Dircetor Genorél DISTRIBUIT'N: RESTRICTED READQURTERS 1ST MILITARY RATLMAY SERVICE @ffico of Gonoral Manager A. Pe @. 757 16 January 1946 SPECIAL ORDERS: NUMBER, 93 1, LT COL WALTER K. AR‘STRONG, 0926325, 70, this Ha, WP o/a 16 Jon 48 to Sorrobruckon Gornony ond such other points as may ko nocossory én TD in connection with MAl Ry Activitios, and on cemplotion will roturn to propor station, Tvl by Govt rail or mtr is atet, Rat in kind will bo Turse TDM, gO-114 P 432-02 A 212/60425s Auth! Ltr, Hq 2¢ Mil Ry Sve, TSFET 14 Nov 45, filo 500.4 ; 2, MAJOR ALBERT F, “UARTH, 4218616, 10, this Hq, WP Furth, end Hossoll Gormony, Linz Austris, ond such othor points as may bo nocossary on 1D of approx soven (7) days in connoction with Mil Ry Activitics end en oonplotion will r oturn to propor stotion, Tvl by Govt autr and/or rail is atzd, Rat in kind will bo furn, TDN, 60-114 P 432-02 & 212/60425, Auths Ltr, Hq, 24 il Ry Svo, TSFBT, 14 Wov 45, filo 500.4 3 CAPTAIN CYRUS S. BROKDSTONE, 01946004, TC, 4475, 72 Q, 29 mos svoy No, is rold of osgnt Hq, 24 Mil Ry Sve, ond is osgd to 782nd Ry Opn Bn, EDCUR 22 Jon 46. WP to Honey France RUA to CO thoroaty Tvl by Govt rail ere/or outs 4s uted, Rot in kind will bo furnished. TDNe @de114 P 451-02 A 212/60425. Auth: Ltr Hq 24 M11 Ry Sve, TSFRT, 14 Wov 45 filo 3004 BY ORDER OF MAJOR WARTH: ROBERT G. SHEPHERD let Lt, Te ‘adgutont OFFICIAL: ) ( fas f fi eer tibet fv het ROBERT G. SHEPHERD let Lt 1 “hajutont Is et ta 1a In Ia a ~ Io der". The reader was heranged, exorted and cojoled about the importance of occu- pation ‘staying on the ball”. The troops three ““de's" were artfully portrayed with usual vagueness. Our objectives are, 1, De- SA a nazification, 2. De-militarization, 3. De- industrialization . . . so the magazine tells us. But when the terms ate elaborated upon, wwe discover that they are, by and large, negative. We intend to destroy Germany's industrial capacity for making war. We hope 0 oust all former Nazi party members from Public life and positions of authority, and wwe are determine! to destroy its military ‘organization. It is commonly agreed that these objectives are approprite. Few voices hhave been raised against the plan. But after Germany's former Nazis have been smoked out, after her heavy industries hhave been rendered powerless, and aiter their military ideas have been absolved ~ then what? Are we to leave Germany t0 flounder in her rubbles and ruins? What role will we play in setting up a new German Government other than keeping out former National Socialist? Uncertainty breeds unrest ~ unrest bring ‘mass demonstrations of “civilian soldier in Frankfurt and Tokyo. Tell us what we'te supposed to do! Tell us the ultimate end of cour jabs ‘cessfully completed mission. Another malt who can relax now and enjoy a well desery- ed rest is T/4 Teddy Courtright. “The Chief”. In his capacity of crew dispatcher he ‘was one of the busiest of "C" Company men. Captains Carpenter and Davis are spon- soring a party and dance for Headquarters and “C" Company as a farewell to Gross Aubeim. And when the band strikes up “Lili Marlene”, we will sing our own version of that song, as conceived by 1/4 Ramspacher ‘of “C" Company who recently left us for better shores: Please, Me. Trumat home, We fought the battle of Sicily, We fought the battle of Rome, We have defeated the master-race, ‘We know you have the shipping space, So why not send us home ‘And let the boys at home, see Rome, How would you like to spend the holi- days, quarantined in the hospital, unable to see anyone. This misfortune befell Lt Phillip. Getty, who caught diphtheria last month, From reliable sources, I have it that one of our officers managed to avoid the guards 1nd smuggled him some Xmas gifts. Since then no one has been allowed to see him but we hope that he is well on his way to re- covery by now. won't you send us All MRS Troops Out of Liberated Lands Major A. F. Marth, General Manager of 1st Military Railway Service, and now on duty with General Headquarters as chief of MRS redeployment, stated Tuesday that it can be reasonably expected that no more military railway service troops will remain in liberated countries by 1 February. All ‘MRS troops will at that time be located in Germany and Austria and with the exception ‘of units actually engaged as cartier units for MRS personnel, no railway unit will be stationed for duty in the countries they contributed so much to liberate. Ya ae 2 transferred this week to the 716th ROB the first leg on his journey home. Randle Shumate was promoted to M/s 15 Jan., when he took over the duties Chief Clerk for the 735th ROB Li Austria. Shumate is furloughed from ti Burlington Lines. S/Sgt Max Hilliard, who has driven Ge Burpee on many ETO trips, left this we for a 7-day furlough to Paris, Max expec ‘to be on his way home in the near futur ‘The boys who operate the radio room o “The Berliner” report that T/5 Ual Thoms son's Virginia accent is often confused wit the Russians. Seems that the Russian com ‘munications get tangled with those of th Americans. Stanley Cohen, one of the 1st MRS mem bers who was transferred to. 2nd MRS Frankfurt, is unhappy over the weather i Germany. Says he hated to leave that Pari “sunshine”... ‘Above (Left to Right) Captsine Wilson, Back and fons recently. Capt. James A. Wilson, formerly ‘OBL. Caps. Nicholas V. Back, prior to atsignnen (Capt Richard S. Bonner, Security Section, wes —QMeC. Porm No. 434 SHIPPING TICKET Consignee's Vou No (Revised 3 Jan 935) unber of Sheets CONSIGHOR: Hq lst Mil Ry Serv, APO 757, Us DATE SHIPPED OR DELIVERED: SHIP. TO: ; Maj Albert Py warth Hq st Mil Ry Serv APO 787, Us 8, army [AUTHORITY O8 % TRUISPORTZTION GOST OF __ CHANGEABLE TO P/A NO. ee QUANTITY STOCK Noy “ARTICLE SUNIT!UNIT!TOTAL cost ‘ORDERED; SHIPPED: : . — a 3 Sedan, Plymouth, 5 passen: Ee 3 + ger, USA jf 155409 : UUM LALA UL Ls 388/111 Articles Listed in Colum "Ordered" have beon received unless otherwise noted in Colum "Shipped". Gane) Pedy 0 Bg fens ALBERT F. MARTH VAR DBPARTIT Consignor's vou Yo Qs. Form How 454 SHIPPING TICKET Gonsignee's You No (Revised 5 yan 1935) “Nunber of Sheets Robert G. Shepherd, 1st Lt., 10, Hq lst Mil Ry Serv, APO 787 CoNSIGHOR: 12 Feb 46 DATE SHIPPED 0% DELIVERED: . SHIP TOdiq let Mil Ry Serv d APO 757, Us Se Army AUTHORITY OR REQ. NO TRANSPORTATION OfST OF 0. CHANSERELE TO P/A HO. se QuaNTITY STOCK 10,+ ARTICLE TUNIT!UNIT!TOTAL COST + : r00sT? ee ee ruck, ton, 4x4, USAf Batt ae on 2OTOOIEZ oR LLL LLL : eae Mets Articles Listed in Colum "Ordered" have been received unless otherwise noted in Colum "Shipped". ALBERT, Fe MARTH, Maj, TC Hq wt Mil Ry Serv (fae) Rang (rgenization) : Fle WAR DEPART ET Con norte You Zo. Quk.C. Form Yo. 454 SHIFPING TICKET Consienee's Vou To LB (Revised 3 Jan 1935) Yunber of Sheate conster Hq Ist Mil Ry Serv, APO 757, Us Se Army ‘DATE SHI-PED OR DELIVERED: __15 Fab 46 SHIP TO: Property officer Hq 710th Ry Grand Div AFO 757, U. S. Army quantrTy sade YO. ORDERED: SEIFFED Truck, 3/4 ton, 1/0, Ee, : BA 228s te VELL LLL 1 Articles Listed in Colum "Ordered" have been received unless otherwise noted Posi sie (Oren) THE MILE POST 710th Grand Division Presents New Insignia By 1/4 T. F. Moore Since early December members of the 710th Railway Grand Division have been wearing their new organizational insignia. From every standpoint the insignia is one of the classiest in the MRS group — and for that matter, will stand comparicon with any in the entire TC! Naturally, the insignia didn’t - just wappen. A lot of care and planning went Into its design. The Engineering Section per- sonnel, drafting department members, and others in the division headquarters suggest ced and contributed ideas that were ulti tely incorporated or discarded as plans for the insignia progressed. As much infinite care and thought were given t0 the design as the department would have given to the building of a bridge or other project of ‘major_proportion. ‘T/Sgt Robert Adamzak, recently transfer- red from the 710th to return to the States completed the final draft and submitted it for approval. It was accepted. M/Sgt Barnard G. Gallacher, T/Sgt George W. Thomson, and T/4 William B. Thatcher were collz- borators with Sgt Adamzak in the comple ton of the accepted drawing. T/4 Thatcher fathered the Latin motto that appears near the base of the shield. Following unanimous approval from per- sonnel of the organization, the drawing was blue-printed, given a final okay and sent to 2 factory in Numberg for manufacture and completion. The finished emblem is one of sturdy metal, complete with a smart easy-to-insert screw pin arrangement for fasting to cap ammensely Highlights from 547th Ack-Ackers By Sgt. Allen Lee Howard For alll members of the 547th Ack-Ack boys, this Christmas season was probably the best enjoyed of all the one's we have spent away from home. Christmas Eve was spent at our various clubs in the battalion, | which were beautifully decorated in the familiar Xmas spirit. The evening was spent in the singing of Christmas catols, conver- | sation and a jolly good time was had by all. Christmas day an abundant and delicious inner was served with everyone eating 35 ‘much as possible and enjoying the meal Much credit is due the Mess Sergeants of the five batteries who made these meals what they were, A number of fellows from the 743 ROB at Amiens, France returned over the holi- days to spend several days with their old buddies in our unit. Sergeants Henry W. Bolton, Harry Sutherland, Harold J. DeKorne, Edward Vetters, Corporals John Barnes, Edgar Henricks, and Ralph Floyd were among them and all formerly with our Heedquarters Battery. These fellows are all scheduled for shipment home soon. Frank P. Grippo of Able Battery and New York City was married recently to a girl from Belgium. Congratulations to this happy couple and our best wishes Bruce Carrell of the 401st Field Artillery Bn. at Burzbach, Germany is visiting his brother ~ our Message Center Chief Charles G. Carroll. Both boys are from Raleigh, N.C. and looking forward to an carly family reunion there. Hurrah for Charlie Battery. Those boys | are really running up the score on escaped P. W's, And Baker battery is doing a swell job also as they are running Charlie a close race Sat_lesse Pegram, Sgt. Be D. Romine | 1/4 David Nicholson, 1/4 Chne Hill and Cpl. James DeHaven spent several days in Charleroi. Belgium during the Christmas RUMORS!!! A constant stream of rumors pours into the office of THE MILE POST daily. Some of them we classify as lulus: others, as ridi- culous; some as dangerous: some as the result of foolish pranks. Ar the same time, Se ee Above is an exterior view of the Dr the direction of ist Le Edd Clark. Carpe steam fitters and welders by Co. Interior view of the 766th RSB Dayroo tables, various. games, reading outs for the men, Doughnuts are served the tani 766th BUILDS DAY ROOM F Improvisation is @ household word | Army and proof that the 766th RSB be in the idea is furnished in the major struction project the unit successfully SMM she Ghvtesion of fis’ mes blue-printed, given @ final okay and sent to 2 factory in Nurnberg for manufacture and completion ‘The finished emblem is one of sturdy metal, complete with a smart easy-to-insert screw pin arrangement for fastining t0 cap or lapel ‘The insignia design is highlighted by the depiction of a surging 2-6-0 type loco- motive bursting out of « mythical Military Railway Service globe on its mission of delivery the goods. At the top of the Trans- portation Corps shield which the insignia is designed to represent are the identifying emblems of the nations in which the 710th ‘operated in the ETO: the Fleur-de-lis of France, the heraldic lion of the Belgian Royal Court of Arms, and the Maltese Gross of the conquered and occupied German Reich ‘The Latin inscription neatly appended is translated to mean “King of the Road” ~ or literally, 25 pertaining to the 710th as ‘an individual unit and supervisional head ‘of the operating battalions under its com- ‘mand, simply, “Leadership”. The Bronze Service Stars represent the campaigns ‘in Northern France and in the Rhineland In color design, the insignia is compelling ‘and at the same time loses nothing in attractiveness. The deft and clever scheme ‘emerges with a predominating pastel blue center as its keynote with a contrasting shade of deeper blue, a bronze or gold that has a reflecting brilliance and a harmonious black to give solidity and background to the entire arrangement. Much experimen- tation and thought was given to the color fcheme ag the designers knew that the ‘entice beauty of the insignia might be lost if a faulty combination was used. Compie-ana Our best wunes. Bruce Carroll of the 401st Field Artillery Bn. at Butzbach. Germany is visiting his brother ~ our Message Center Chief Charles G. Carroll. Both boys are from Raleigh, N.C. and looking forward to an carly family reunion there. Hurrah for Charlie Battery. Those boys are really running up the score on escaped P. W's, And Baker battery is doing a swell jeb also as they are running Charlie a close race, Set, Jesse Pegram, Sgt. Bob D. Romine. 1/4 David Nicholson, 1/4 Clint Hill and Cpl. James DeHaven spent several days in Charleroi, Belgium during the Christmas RUMORS!!! A constant stream of rumors pours into the office of THE MILE POST daily. Some of them we classify as lulus; others, as ridi- culous: some as dangerous: some as the result of foolish pranks. Ar the same time, a large percentage of the contain enough reason or foundation for belief that they very easily pursuade the hearer. This of- fice certainly. does not want to start or help spread rumors. Our policy is to follow upon each one that we hear and try wherever possible to separate the wheat from the chaff. Culling the truth from some of the rumors is a job. However, we have Lt. Col. Johnson's word that whenever anything happens that effects the MRS, he will let us know. If they do not know on the “inside”, don't expect definite answers. (Or do not accuse anyone of trying to evade the issue. To give you an idea of what comes into this office, your reporter has collected some cof the rumors that have been prevalent around this headquarters during the past few weeks. Here they are: 1. The 744th ROB, which sailed from Marseilles lat week, had been sunk at sea 2. The 24 MRS Hg is due to leave about the middle of the month and will include Generals Burpee and Ross. 3. That General Burpee is leaving by himself on the 15th of January. 4. The MRS is returning to the States as a Category I unit. (How's that for one!) 5. That the Naval Oficer visting this headquarters last week was the Captain of the ship due to bring the MRS home, jew of the 766th RSE Dayrost ping-pong tables, various games, reading ‘hours forthe men, Doughnuts are serv ‘the farnieare 766th BUILDS DAY ROOM F Improvisation is 2 household word i ‘Army and proof that the 7seth RSB be in the idea ie furnished in the major struction project the unit successfully pleted in the fabrication of its own room. In a quandry for a suitable loc to establish a recreation center, the was not long in deciding that what don't have, you can build. In the cap of “architect and general contractor Le Edd Clark, 76th RSB, enlisted the vices of carpenters from the battalion's Company, electricians from "A" Com sand steam fitters and welders. from Company. The result of the combined h of these building craftsmen was a day 80 by 30 feet. equipped with steam plenty of good light and an ample nu of windows to admit plenty of daylight HEADQUARTERS 2D MILITARY RATIUAY SERVICE THEATER SERVICE FORCES, EUROPEAN THEATER GENERAL ORDERS ) APO 757 : 13 Feb 19h6 HUMBER u) CESSATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE AND TECHMICAL OPERATIONS, HEADQUARTERS AND HEADQUARTERS COMPANY, 1ST MILITARY RAILWAY SERVICE. ......+..+ 1 INACTIVATION OF HEADQUARTERS AID HEADQUARTERS COMPANY, 2ND UILITARY EMER ONIN Ge rocco eS gate Ll oh a 2: oe pores g ie Reed ASSUMPTION OF COLIAND BY HEADQUARTERS AND HEADQUART-RS COMPANY, 710TH MMM MGAMUMDEVISION: (029020 8s. 9 os is, tuned we GAPE ee pe eeUE I. Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Ist \iilitary Railway Service will cease to exercise administrative and/or technical operations, effective 1) February 1916. II.. In accordance with General Orders 13, Headquarters Comand, United States Forces, European Theater, APO 757, U. S. Army, dated 13 February 1916, Headquarters and Headquarters Company 2nd liilitary Railway Service, is inac- tivated, effective 2100 hours 15 February 19h6. III, Effective 0001 hours, 16 February 196, the 710th Railway Grand Division will assume all administrative and/or technical military railway service functions in this theater. Pending issuance of further orders the 710th Railway Grand Division will report direct to Commanding General, Theater Service Forces, European Theater for administration and to the Office of Chief of Transportation for technical direction instead of through Headquarters 2nd Military Railway Service, as at present. Commanding Officer S045, Yq, 2d “RS, 1h Feb 6, Cont'd, Teo § Ratph if Church 3772450 Tee 5 Stanley L Cross 22174910 Tec 5 Victor’ Dellefiere 3691.92 Teo 5 Yaryl 1 Geestin 37589673 Tec 5 Leo S Fosinsici 57hic5138 Tec 5 “ndrev L Spes 523 Pee arion L Ackermann 36673133 Pee Edward ¢ Clarey Teh, Pfe Edin E Cook Sr7kre21 Fee Vernon i Forrest Pfe Frank 8 Crekoski Pfe Francis ! Garner Phe latthor If Hackett Pee Farl 4 Pitonyak Pfe Howard H Rice eee to uce ALERT F TURTH, 0218616, TC, 105 0750, (60-0), 20 los av, 1s reld Fpateat te Ha, Ist 11 Ry Sy, asc’ to Rallvay Security Div, ’0TF’, USFET, Franke sarge penny. No travel involved, Auth? Txt, lr, TSFEr (1) G1, 3-119, ata 29 Jan 46, EDGR: 15 Feb ho, BY ORDER OF COLONEL CRO‘L\ CPFIOIAL: be . Heth ae Mea Na) R Dl 2D WILITRY Ry 1. Tee § Howard iieIlvaine, Js, 3395021L, this orgn, WP o/a 15 Feb 6 by R or Yitr fr this Hq to Luxenbarg, Belgiys on TD not to exceed three (3) days in connection w/ii1 Ry Activities and on conpletion of this dy will ret to prover sta, TC)T TD 60-115 F 132-02 A 212/601.25. Auth: Go 16, Rl, COZ NE ETOUSA, 6 Feb lo. 2, S/Sgt Robert T Valquitte, 3970262, HOS 345 (33-0), 15 Hos sv, is reld fr asgnt to this Hq, trfd in gr to Hq Det, TSFLT, APO 757, “P o/a 15 Fob k6 by R or Her fr this Hq to proper oren, RUA to GO thereat for dy w/ocoT. EDC/R: 15 Feb L6, TCNT TDF 60-115 P 31-02 4 212/60125,- Auth: Wa> Dept Hessage For, Ha, TSFET, APO 757, dtd 12 Feb 16, file AG 201-Valquitte, Robert T (Enl) AGP-E 3. Par 2,50 li2, this Hq, es, pertaining to transfer of BX to 115 AAA Bp (Gun)(%) is amended to delete: tec [| Harris J Foret, 33617219, 1103 055, 39-4, 1h lios 2a Mil Ry Sv. zi l. Par 10, $0 39, this Hq, cs, anending par 9, SO 36, this Ha, es, pertaining to transfer of 6 to 719 Ry Grand Div, as reads "EDGR: 16 fed L6 for 706 Ry Grand Div! is amended to read 'EDOMR: 15 Feb 46 for 706 Ry Grand Div". 5, So much of par 1h, 50 39, this liq, cs, pertaining to transfer of EM fr Hig, 20 Kil Ry Sv, Ha, lst 381 Ry Sv, and 706 Ry Grand Div, to Hq, USFET, O of Mil Govt (USZone) Trans Biv, as reads "SUCIR: 16 Feb 6" is ancnded to read "15 Feb 6". 6. So much of par 12, SO 39, this Ha, cs, relieving 0 fr asgut to 706 Ry Grand Div, DS w/OlG where indicated, transferring to Ha, USFET, 0 of 141 Govt (US Zone), ‘Trans Div, ag reads: "EDUMR: 16 Feb 116" is amended to read: "EDUR: 15 Feb L6". 2. So much of par 9, SO 39, this Ha, cs, pertaining to transfer of Pfe Jason Jr, 37711310, fr'766 Ry Shop Bn to 710 Ry Grand Div, as reads: "BDCIR: 16 3 amended to read: "EDC R: 15 Feb Lé". 8. So wuch of par 8, 80-39, thie Ha, cs, as anended by par 3, $0 bl, this Ha, - cs, pertaining to transfer of Bi fr Hq, 2d Mil Ry.Sv, and Ha, 1st Iiil Ry Sv, to TLO Ry Grand Div, as reads: "EDCIR: 16 Feb 46" is amended to read: "EDCIR: ‘15 Feb 46", = 9. So much of par h, SO 40, this Ha, es, pertaining to transfer of Tec 5 Glenn H Conley, 36961683 fr 766 Ry Shop Bn, DS fr this Hq, to 710 Ry Grand Div, as reads: EDGR: 16 Feb L6" is amended to read: "EDCMR: 15 Feb 16". 10, So mch of par 1, 50 0, this Hq, es, pertaining to transfer of Tec 5 Oliver A Vyley, 37702806, fr 750 Hy Opn Bn, DS fr this Hq, to 710 ' Grand Div, as reads: "EDCIR: 16 Feb 6" is anended to read: "EDCMR: 15 Feb 11. So much of par 2, 80 li, this Ha, cs, pertaining to transfer of M/Sgt Janes J Ronandetti, 31463599, fr this Hq to Railway Security “iv, OfPli, USFET, as reads: "EDO: 16 Feb 6" is amended to read: "EDCMR: 15 Feb 6". 12, Tec 4 verett 0 Cooprider, 3663303h, TC, MOS 236.(L6-9), Cl II, is reld fr asgnt. to-710 Ry Grand Div, atchd unasgé to 3rd Reinf Depot, WP o/a 15 Feb 46 by R or Mtr to Harburg, Germany for disch fr the sv, UP of par 2, ltr, Hq, USFER, file AG 210.8 x 220.8 AGP, dtd 22 Oct li5, Subj: "Overseas Separation to “écept Employment, as Civilian", Upon disch Elf will report to Has, Chanor Base Section, Govt T atzd. TCHT TDN 60-115 P 431-02 A 212/60h25, Auth: TX, Has, Chanor Base Sec, dtd 9 Feb 46. EDOR: 17 Feb L6. R Toten 80 45, Hq, 24 2S, 1h Feb 6, Cont'd, 13. Fol named Hi are reld fr asimt to this Ha, trfd in gr to 710 Ry Grand Diy, No travel involved. EDGR: 15 Feb 6, Auth:, Go 16, B3,"co Diz BIOU 6 Feb Lio, Teo 5 Milo-D Byers” . 3419380" 069 Su-9 C2 TY (A) Tec 5iJames Reynolds - 3167026 060 - 55e%c7 Ir (A) lh. Pyt Keith D Clark, 36969717, 708 345 (13~2), 17 Hos sv; ie rela fr asgnt to 746 By Opn Bn, DS\v/this orgn, tridvin‘er to 719 Grane Div; No travel ine volved. -Auth: GO 16, H2, CO'ZoNS I70USh, 6 Feb 6. EDCIR: 15 Zeb, lé. ; 15. Tec 5 Louis ¥ Jarrard, Jr, 312167, DS v/this orgn fr 73l Ry Oon Bn, WP ofa 15 Feb L6 by R or ltr fr this 1 to Le Havre, France, on TD not to exceed geyen (7) days in connection w/tiil Ry Sciivities and on ‘conpletion of this dy +111 ret to proper sta, TCIT TDN 60-115 P ba2-02 A 212/éoli25.° Auth: . Go46, 7), corzom ETOUA, 6 Feb 6. Aa 16. So much of par h, SO lk,"this Ha, cs, Wertainiig to transfer of 0, this orcn, to 710 Ry Grand Div, ae pertains to CoL iainh M SHIPFELL, 0372066, TC, is amended to add: "V11 remain on DS w/US Mil Attache, Grussels, Seleivn! IW. Tec k Harris J Foret, 30617229, 103 105 (39+ ),y is rele fr asgut to this Ha, atchd unasad to 2d Reine Depot, ienur, Belgiu, «wh ofa 16 Feb |\6 by R or iitr fr this Ha to proper orgn for processing and T to the ZI for purpose of discharge fr the service, UP of Sec 3,AR 625-362, EDCYR: 17 Fob 46. TCP TDN 60-115 P Yj1-02 A 22/60125, Auth: 3rd-Tnd, TSFLT, APO 757,.12 Feb 6, file AC D1- Foret, Harris J. (nl) AGP-E, ‘ AS. Fot-naned Di are reld fr aspct to this orgn, trfd in gr to $56 MAL AY Bay WP o/a 15 Feb 46 by R or ltr fr this Ha to Antverp, Belgium, ROL to CO thereat for Gy. DcuR: 15 Feb 6. TONT wy Go-115 F 31-024 212/60l28, Auth: CO 16, 1,_ ONE STOUSA 6 Feb 15, SfSet George 4 Yeaser. 3736h709 988 ASEP oe S/Sgt farvey E Wood 112093105 © 261 “ho-9 19 S/Sgt Charles T richt SHODWE3O 236 43-2. Tee 3 Vernon V lialatka ' 33092006 635° 38-2 45) tee giblien HELliott” Siuh6926~ 08% jad 3h Tec 1 Eugened Grady 37500592 Wid 29 Tee, Joan VV Hann 33715215 OS 2-939 Pec Tec Tec Tec Teo Tec Tec Charley N-iliyoshii” 30031078 0 Fred T Takata. 37712 “ oe ba 13 Thonas V Cooper 36972597, 26-9" 36 Edvard P peeerecn W002 ia. 32502 Wiltian Hurray + 37536771 ies a Anton Schnuerer 38500391 31,2 Cl TI(D) 3x Too 2 dobn A Spitiman Jr 3 50a)38 346 39-4 2 ZecS werner K Zimer 3759396, 2h 25 Fie Joseoh Eroronsiy 3219080 2 13 WRMnnnee 292, Fol naned B+ are reld fr asst to orgns indicated, DS v/this Hq, trea in Gr, to 596 ALA Ki Bn, UP o/a 15 Feb LS by R or Mux fr this Hq to Antuerp, Belgiun, RUA to Co thereat for dy. EDO: 15 Feb 46, TONT TDP 60-115 P t- A /enes, Auth! 016, H), Coizoi® BrousA, 6 Fes‘y6 Pe ceeded Tec 3 Willian H Fullerton ‘32652935 236 ,32-Q 1h 746 Ry Oon Bn Tec | Vilton ¥ Hail 36963585 11D '31-* 13 76 Ry Opn Bn Tee 5 tildtan PCalians 36561912 1th 27-2 16 766 Ry Shop 2, aaa Consignor’: You Q.M.C. Porn Ho. 434 SHIPPING TICKET Ponsagneota Yeu (Revised 3 Jan“ 35) _nber of Sheets ~I” CONSIGWOR; Commanding Officer, Ist. Military Railway Service, APO 772, U.S.Army DATE SHIPPED OR DELIVERED: 15 February 19)6 SHIP TO: TAUTHORITY OR AER. WO Hgds. US Forces European Theater + Office of Military Government (US NSPORTATION OOST OF {__ CHARGEABLE Transportation Div.,Rail Branch 10 P/A HO. Field Orgn., APO 757, U.S.trm Bs QuANPITY STOCK NO,+ APT ICLE FUNITPUNZS!TORAL COST SHIPPED: : Pea eee ae s ae eee notarial iar frat LTA "Ordered" have teen received unless otherwise C (Organizatfon) ot RADL.AY SERVICE TMBATER SERVICE FORCES, EUROPEAN TYB-TER APO_757 50 16 15 February 16 La 1ST LT ALBLAT ROOTBERC, 01946367, TC, 10S 0716 (50Q), 33 tos sv, is reld xt once by R or ltr fr pres sta to proper orcn, RUA to CO thereat for dy, EDC R: 15 Feb Lé, 115 ¥ 431-08 A 212/60125, Auth: YD Message tae AG Vil Pers, Hay fr esqnt to 710 Ry Grand Divy ased ‘co 0 of 141 Govt for Daveria, WP ‘TCHT TDI TSPET, APO 757, dtd 1s Fed 46, file Ac 201-Rootberc, Albert (0) CAPAACPO. 2, WOCO, this Ha, 1h Fi 16, so much of par 8, So 30, this Hq, cs, anended O55597h; 4 Seb 46" is amended to taining to leave of 1ST Lis PAUL J by Por 6, SO 36, this 1, cs, 10, 1S u/this Ha fr Ha, let 41 ty Sv, as reads. “UP o read: "BP ofa 1h Feb i! issued scigencies vf orders in a¢vance are confime?. sh urevente? issuance of 3. So much of par k, SO ly this Hq, dtd 13 Feb 46, pertaining to transfer of 0 to 7lo Ry Grand Div, as reads: "I? GOL CURTIS A licREE, 0169079, TC, 0750 (Li8-Q)" is anended to read: "LT GCL CURTIS A NoRER, 169079, TC, 0750, (61-@)". A, Par 20, SO 45, this Hq, dtd 1h Feb 46 transferring WAJOR ALBERT F MARTH, 0218616, TC, Hq, 1st Mil Ry Sv, to Railway Security Div, OTPi:, USF2T, is revoked. 5. Par 1C, SO 5, this Ha, dté 1) Feb l6, pertaining to transfer of Ei:, this orgn, to 556 kia Kio Bn, is amended to delete: S/Sgt Hervey E ood W20e7108- 261 L0-Q 19 ios Tec \) dcha Harn 33715215 405 be-2 20 ios Tee § Anton Schnuerer 35600391 35 Cl II(D) 31 tos 6. S/Sgt ilarvey E ood, 2073105, 108 261, 10-2, 19 tos sv, is reld fr asgnt to this orgn, trfd in gf to.537 ui i. En (Hi), uP at once by ® or itr fr this Hq to proner orgn, ‘Ui to CO thereat Cor dy. EDCWR: 15 Tob |s6, TCNT TDN 60-115 P 431-02 A. 212/60425. Auth: Messace Fora, Hq, TSFLT (1°), dtd 29 Jen 7. Tee 5 *nton Schnuerer, 35600391, this oren, -r to Hq, USFET, 0 of Go 16, #2, COMMIT DTOUSK, 6 Feb Ls. 8. Par 19, 80 LS, this Ha, dtc 1h Feb 6, pertaining to transfer of Eli, orgns indicated, DS w/this Ha, to $55 Ain 2s. Bn, is amended to delete! Tec 3 William H Fullerton 36651835 236 32-Q 1 76 Ry Opn Bn Tec 5 Ralph iv Church 3771200 236 30-2 12 7h6 Ry Opn Bn Tec § Daryl i Gceslin 37509673 236 32-9 1h 76 Ry Oon Ba 9. Fol nened i, this oren, Antverp, Belgium, on 7D not to ties... form Ty 60-115 P 132 6 Feb 16, ofa 15 Feb h6 br R or Litr fr this iq to H/Sgt Bernerd A Friday 32046502 W/Set “nthon;: J Kaiser — 3294;7800 S/Sct Koger P Bigler 36779499 SS 3k5, C1 1 (D), is reld fr asgt to sil Govt (US Zone), Trans Div, APO 757, for dy v/éersan Control Council. 6 travel involved; EDGR: 15 Feb i6, Auth? eed three (3) days in connection u/iiil Ry Activi- 4212/601}25, Auth: 00.16, #9, oo'O"E Bronst, S046, Hq, 24 IRS, 15 Peb 6, Contia. 10, MAJOR AL BERT F GARTH, 0210616, TC, 10S 0750, (60-2), 20 tios sv, 15 reld fr asgut to Ha, 1st 11 Ry Sv, as,d to. 710 Hy Grand Div, No travel involved. LUCiR: 15 Feb 6, Auth: GO 16, H2, CO 20.E BICUSA, 6 Feb Ls, 11, LT COL CLARENCE 1, BOYER, 012755, 70, 1/Sec, USF2T, is reld fr D8 w/this orgh, will remain on DS »/710 Ry Grand Div, and on covpletion of DS will ret to proper orgn, EDCMR: 15-Feb 6, No trefet tnvolved. uth! —60 16, H2, 60; ZONE BTOUS, 6 Fab 15, 12, CAPE EDFIN If PILLER, 919/973, 10, 10 Trai Rog Gro, is reld fr DS v/this - orgn, placed on DS v//710 Ry Grand Div, ‘On completzon of D5 0 will ret to proper oren, No travel involved, Auth: 00°16, Wl, COMZOL ELOUSA, 6 Feb U5, =DciR: 15 Feb: 6, p BY ORDER OF COLONGL GROSLAND: JAMES Wi. COIIAY Major, TC Adjutant HEADQUARTERS ‘THEATER SERVICE FORCES, EUROPEAN THEATER OFFICE OF CHIEF OF TRANSPORTATION APO 757 15 Feb 1946 SUBJECT: Letter of Commendation. 70 + Major Albert F. Marth, 0218616, Headquarters, First Military Railway Service, APO 757, US army. I wish to commend your outstanding service to the Transpor- tation Corps in the capacity of adjutant and General Manager, 1st Mili- tary Railway Service. Your performance in this position with 1st Military Railway Service was exceptional and reflected a high degree of adwinistrative ability particularly in the coordination of the complicated functions of the entire organization of the lst Military Railway Service. I am informed that between 1 November 1945 and 15 February 1946 it was your sole responsibility to assemble the personnel, prepare the units ‘and coordinate the movement to the Zone of the Interior of all the subordinate units of both 1st and 2nd liilitary Railway Service in the redeployment program. The difficulties of the job which yu directed were imnense and the lack of trained and experienced personnel made your job even more difficult. You surmounted these difficulties with @istinction and the rapidity with which the Military Railway Service personnel were redeployed is in itself a credit to your organization and administrative ability. Since coming to the Military Reilwey Service you have dis- played the technical skill, initiative and qualities of enthusiesm for your assignnent which I consider indispensible among the officers of my ‘command. In commendation for your outstanding service you are hereby authorized to wear the Army Comendation Ribbon by direction of the Secretary of War. /s/frank 5. Ross . PRANK S. ROSS Major General, US arny Chief of Transportation ‘A TRUE COPE: ‘\ ip U captain, CMP 6869 MP, Hig Det UNITED STATES FORCES, EUROPEAN THEATER ~ OFFICE THEATER PROVOST MARSHAL RAILWAY SECURITY DIVISION ‘APO 757 16 February 46 ‘SPECIAL ORDERS) WUMBER......4 ) 1, CAPT WOODARD WILKERSON, 01285677, Inf, 385th Military Police Battalion, is placed on DS with the Berlin Detachnent of 379th AAA AW Bn for an indefinite period, eff o/a 16 Feb 46, in connection with Railway Security activities, WP by government Mtr T o/a 16 Feb 46, TONT, TDN, 60-115 P 432-02 A 212/60425, EDCUR 16 Feb 46, 2, MAJOR ALBERT F, MARTH, 0218616, TC, WP o/a 16 Feb 46 vy R or Mtr fr this Hq to Hann Mhunden, Bremen, Eremerhaven, and Berlin, Germany on TD for a period of approximately five (5) days in connection with Railway Security activities and on completion of this duty will ret to proper sta..TCNT, TDN, 60-115 P 432-02 A 212/60425, 3. So mech of par 1 and 2, SO 3, this Ha, os as reads, " Capt Ralph M Hoffman" is amended to read, "CAPT RALPH M, HOFMANN BY ORDER OF LT COL STONE: RALPH M, HOFMANN CAPT, INF ADJUTANT OFFICIAL: Sl, #4. Ppt LPH Capt, Inf. Adjutant OFF ORGANL-- OATE OF DAT ELIGIBLE NO oFo“NnENTS NAME, RANK __ASN BRANCH ZATION PANK ORETUIN TR Zi tN TurATER AOHTERWANN, ARIEL H CapTaIN 0360421 CHC Hg~297 28 JAN 42 Jan 49 ° OAUS, GEORGE Ly Co. casszes CMP He-281 0 May 43 JUL 48 ° ALBAN, BILL @ 2no Lr 02033296 clip Isr UP 20 Oe 46 Cer 47 ° ALEXANDER, CHARLES H CapraIN 049753 GP BABI 6 JuLy 45 Fee 49 ' ALLEN, CHESTER R Captain O10316(7 CAV Hg-397 12 thn 46 Sep 47 ' ALLEN, ROBERT HJR let Lr Olossez2 CAC 0-368 16 AY 45 Sep 47 ° RAGELUO, PETER Captain 0693873 CNP HQ-397 6 SePT 49. Nov 48, 2 ATKINGON, GEORGE W —CaPraIN 451620 CUP It UP 13 Fee 43 Sep 48 2 AuRAND, PAUL 8 Captain 0341629 CAC Hg-385 15 Han 43 Apa 49 ° * BAGON, EROS. ACAPTAIN 0287220 CUP 0-381 II Nov 44 Jan 49, 1 GANLEY, sensu E —'2N0 LT 01340615 CP Hgt0S 21 Feo 46 cr 40 ° BALAMUTH,, WILLIAM cro Wal isia3 Bse8 7 Aue 46 Cor 48 ° BALL, ARTY CierAIN 0901013 CMP 4.397 16 Ocr 43 JUN 49 ° BARTH, ALFRED W Jn ler Lr 01057244 CMP Hq-385 | an 45 Fee 48 ' BERGER, FRANKLIN cH w3369 Ha-388 15 Ava 46° Aen 47 ° BESSEL, ALBERT @ Crotain 268667 CNP 8.397 11 Dre 42 Jan 49. ° Bua, ANOREY J er Ly 01130109 Inr 0-388 22 Nov 43 Jan 49 ° BOULEARE, JOHN P Crerain 0497223 CMP HegeS 20 Jan 45 Jan 49 ' BRASHEAR, GOLDUAN T —CxPrAIN 0452022 CMP © -Hg~385 I APR 45 Oct 47 ' BRENNAN, TILLIAM C — Cara:N 0491551 CMP O-265 1 Fes 44 Jan 49 ° BROWN, ROSS ¢ Masex 01010604 INF He-388 2 Aue 46 uN 47 ° BUTLER, FRANK L ‘uo Lr Ol le6so4 CMP = B3B! I Seer 45 Nov 47 1 ORGANI~ DATE OF OATE ELIGIBLE NO DEPENDENTS: NAME BANK ASN BRANCH ZATION RANK RETURN TO 21 IN THEAICR CAMPBELL, ALES 8 CapraiN 026690 CUP H-385 11 Wan 46 JUL 47 1 CAMPBELL, JOHN Mason 0885096 CAC tay WP 27 Jan 44 Ape 47, ° CAREY, JauES 1 Captain 01796231 CUP Aa385 4 Dec 45 ep 48 ' CARTER, CHAPEL £ CarraIN 0484663 WC Meo~305 | Oct 42 Jaw 47, ° CAUGHRON, JANES HJR wo Lr 01340625 INF A397 21 Fea 46 Sep 40 2 CHANT, MATTHED © Captain 0286109 CHP Aaa! 9 Sepr az Aue 48 3 CHAMPAGNE, ANORE © ler Lr 01049550 CAC 8439716 JAN 49 Nov 48 1 COHN LEO tr(va) 1995430 Meom361 te Bue 45 Jun 47 ° COLLINS, OUANE H ano Lr 01337141 INF Hqu88 19 JUL 45. Sep 48 ° 00K, JOSEPH Ww CAPTAIN 0480995 CMP Hg~385 7 June 43° Cer 48 ° COONS, OE WITT W zu tr 02016908 CUP Auge 13 May 45. May 47 ° COUTURE, JANES fer Ly 1821102 Ine 06397 42 tay 45. JuL 47 1 QeBUSK, HARRY L Nagon 0492409 CMP Ney MP og May 46 Oct 47 ° DEITZ, WILLIAM © fer Ly 01303272 INF Ho-38! 9 eR 43. Sep 47 ' DicKsoN, I8ER ¢ fer Lr 01916962 Ine 4-388 10 Jun 44 an 49) ° DINELEY, RICHARO L let Lr Oaaae78 CAC OLBBB 5 Nov 42 er 48 ° ORESSEL, HERBERT T ano Lr 01340545 CHP C381 La FeB 46 Dee 47 3 DUFFNER, CARL F Col —olzeo! Pte UP Sepr a2 dun 47 ' DUGAS, GUSTAVE H JR CAPTAIN 01796238 CHP — Hq-397 26 Dec 45 aN 48 ° BiRENBURG, OTTO mason 0284154 CWP 774725 MAY 43 Dee 47 ° ElCHORN, ADRIAN 4 2No Lr 01020405 CAV Auge@ 0 Nov 45 JUL 48 ° EMERSON, OKI ¢ 2uo Ly 01336533 INF Ha-388 9 Oct 45 Jun 48 ° ENTERLINE, ROBERT H — 2vo Lr 01340644 INF Ou368 21 Fee 46 SeP 48 2 Evans, LLovo ane Lr 02016579 CAV Cu397 25 May 45 fem 49 ° EVANS, VAUGHN Crprain 01946269 CUP — He-B85 I May 46 cr 47 ' FEDOR, GeoRcE Captain 01796256 CMP C385 9 ln 46 JL 47 ° ORGANI= DATE OF DATE ELIGIBLE NO DEPEMSENTS NAME, RANK ASN BRANCH ZATION RANK RETURN TO. Z1 IN THe. FISBACK, AUOS MARTIN CapTatN 0332209 CUP 397 46 Nov 45 Coy 48 ' FISOHER, HEROERT ovo a laso96 Ho-385 7 OCT 46 Oot 48 1 FivzHuai, ROBERT W Ist Lr 086950. Ine Met vk I JUL 45 Feo 49 1 FLANNIGAN, CLAUD 8 GCaPTAIN 0491553 GP Aug? 12 lay 44 JAN 49 1 FOULER, FRANK x 2no Lr 01340448 IWF How897 7 Feo 46 Sep 48 4 FREITAG, HORACE V 2no Lr 01388938 INF —He-388 9 Ocr 25 JUN 48 ° QKBRHEL, FRANK J Jn et Lt 0537957 INF Gusag 16 JaN 45 App 47 ° GANNON, JOHN E ORPTAIN 0502095 Ce? H@n8O5 I Jan 44 Fes 49 ° GATSKE, CARL H Captain 0399743 CUP 385 Ie Aue 45 JUN 48. 2 GORIAN, THOMAS J JR ano Lt 01340550 OUP L385 14 Fea 46 JAN 40 4 GOULD, GRANT w CAPTAIN 0486238 CUP -H@dBS II APR <4 Fee 49 4 GRAMUER, GEORGE W Isr Ly 02018673 INF 0-397 6 Nov 48 cr 47 ° Gray, couMBUS CapTAIN 0439275 CHP © BLAST 10 SEP 46 JAN 48 2 ‘ORENORE, VESLEY J Jet Lr oloas747 TC S381 13 JAN 46 Apr 48 ° GRIFFIN, HAROLD F CAPTAIN O1165019 FA —Hg-388 10 Fee 43 Sep 48 4 Gunn, JOE ¢ er Lr ca01ece3 CHP He-385 21 Jaw 47 Oc 48 1 HAGENEIER, PAUL E Mayor 0409968 OUP Ha-381 13 Wan 46 hus 47 ° WALL, DUDLEY & ano Lr 01939355 INF —Au388 I Nov 46 Jun 48 ° HARDING, HENRY & ler Lr oflease8 CMP He3a! 16 tay 45 way 47 ° HARLEY, JAMES 0 CaTaIn 0337168 CAV H@SBS 1 Fee 2 Ava 48 2 WATHAMAY, EUGENE F CapTaIN 0495175 TC Ange8 I Nov 43 Ava 47 ° HENNING, ERUIN R Isr Lr 01162597 CHP A361 27 Sep 44 Oct 48 ° WERIGSTAD, BERT H ano Lr o1sqo655 CMP Buses 21 Fra 46 Jun 49 ° WILTON, EUGENE Lr Co, 200623 GMP. Hg-3e5 1 Feo 45 Jan 49 3 WOFWANN, RALPH W CaPTAIN 025495 CHP eT UP 16 Aen 45 Ore 48 1 ORGAN I= OATE OF DATE ELUGIBLE NO DEPENDSTS name RANK __ASN__ORANGH ZATION RINK RETURN TO. 21 IN Neate HOLBROOK, WILLIAM A JR ley Lr 0463026 WC Meade! 5 JuLy 46 Jun. 5 ° HOLLAMY, NOISE et Lt 01931624 INF C388 25 Fea 46 See 47 ° HOLLOMAN, JOSEPH P —Chrratw caczoos CUP Hee3S7 II Sep 43. Slay 49 ° upeaRo, WILLIGY Mor Lr 01923923 INF OL897” Tau cs Sep 48 ° HuDow, JAMES ler Lr 031007 TC ge 1 Fee 45 Aen 47 WUXLEY, FALTER F —2No LT 02032150 CMP Har 385 20 Dee 46 Deo 47 ° JESS, JAMES ROBERT for Lt O106!1e3 CC &-S97 I Ser 45 JaN 48 2 JORDAN, GEORGE F .Capratn Of626i51 Fa(TO) Hq.397 17 Jun 46 JuL 47 ° KEEFE, JAMES H ler Lr ofscesce chp He-385 15 Sep 43 fue 47 1 KELLY, ROBERT A carrain 01930006 UP H@-385 20 Fen 46 Dee 47 1 revirowa, cusene carrain 0495409 CUP &308 7 Aen 44 Jun 49 ° witty, sou caprain 01005027 CHP MgO! 16 JuL 45 Dee 47 2 Lissorr, THEODORE Ist Lt 02001062 INF 888128 APR 45 Feo 49 ° Lansou, RICHIROH Ter Lr O19{6649 INF A ~385 27 SEP 44 Dec 46 ° ee, son & awe tr 01340663 Inr Meas? 21 Fee 46 OT 48 ' Lopez, Lconsno F tor Lt 01990684 CUP e885 7 Nov 46 Jun 45 ° ick, GERALD C captain 0549693 OP 774730 cy 46 cr 48 ° vnGEE, ROBERT € 2uo Ly O13e9St INF 4300? 15 Ho 45. Jun 48 1 wie, ALBERT F ison 2i96!6 TC et MP 6 Fro 45 Feo 47 ° MWRTIN, CHARLES © JR ter Lr 01925407 CHP SBI 16 Man 45 JuL 47 ° LEY, JOHN 6 lor tr 01322054 CHP © G-385 1 Sep 45 lan 47 ° wane, SABUEL E for Lr 0799701 CHP D305 I Fee 45 Ave 47 6 UnXWELL, EVERETTE § ano Lr 01939559 INF Hen368 IS Nov 45. JuL 48 ° MoAFEE, WILLS B Ist Lr 01347034 CMP © D385 91 Dec 43 Oct 47 2 ALLISTER, PHILIP © CarraiN O6062I4 MC WeD~388 | SEP 45 JUN 47 ° mectany, CLAUDE R fer Lr 01291667 Inr 0-897 19. Man 43. JAN 49 ° 4 ORGAN Ie GATE OF DATE ELIGIBLE NO DErENocNTS NAME RANK __ASN BRANCH ZATION RANK RETURN TO ZI IN THEKIER MeCLURE, WILLIAM K © Lr COL Ol7e072 CMP ler UP IN fue 45 Jan 49 2 MeCoRMIeK, WILLIAu J Captain O495261 CLP C397 31 JAN 44 Fee 49 ' WoBHIRTER, OUIGHT 0 Isr Lr 01014728 OUP BES 16 OCT 45 JUL 48 ° MAY, Jo To ler Lr Ol776218 Mo Neoe365 23 tay 46 JUL 48 ° MEROLLi, AUGUSTINO L_ 2no Lr 01395297 OP 0-397 30 Ocr 45 Aue 48 ° MITOHEL, HENRY G 111 CapratN O24461 CNP 38S 4 Jan 44 ua 48. 2 MILLER, CARL 0 fer tr 01318616 CMP 7747 16 May 45. Fea 47 1 MILLER, WILLARO CAPTAIN 494693 CMP Heu307 31 Jan 43 Dee 48 1 MOORE, BALTER 8 Jer Lr 0420427 INF Hq-385 19 an 43 Apr 49 ° MUBILOERG, KAPL_V CapTAIN 0195092 CMP He~385 9 ApR 43. Ocr 47 1 UWE, FRIPK H JR Captain 01312040 CUP Ist MP 16 Apr 45 Oot 48, ° NOVAK, FRANK Captain 0409221 CUP He-a8! 27 Oct 42 er 48 2 OAKLEY, CARL L ler Ly 01294179 CUP ter UP IN Jan 44 Seer 48 1 O*SHAUGHNESSY,MICHAEL Capratn 01796599 CUP Oigel 25 Fee 46 JUN 47 ° OvLER, URAL E Ist Lr 01013294 INF A308 7 Oot 44 Fes 49 ° PATTERSON, HARRY F CAPTAIN 0489007 CUP -H@n3BS 25 Feo 46 Jan 48 3 PAVELKK, WILTON E Ist Lt 1016049 CMP He-eS G3 O86 <4 Oct 48 1 PRENTIS, EOUARD U CAPTAIN 0522424 Cia -H@-3EI 16 Fan 45 lay 47 ° PRESTON, RICHARDS Isr Lr 2020461 CIP C3886 Nov 46 Dee 47 ' PRIOAY, PAUL H Musor 0437657 CP He-305 I JuL 44 Fes 49 2 PROCHASKA, JEROME J Caprain 0465153 CP et MP 19 Jan 44 aR 47 ° RAINES, RiYMOND L—Caprazn OSI7I96 Crm He-BEG I Mey 42 AW 49 2 RALL, JOSEPH E lov Ly 017557 MC eon397 27 Nov 44 Fee 49 ° RAH, HoUARD ano Ly 02006342 WAC MeD-305 29 dan 45 Sep 48. 2 RAY, OHAALIE C ler Lr oft77946 cuP ose! 13 Oct 43 oer 48 ° REUSCH, THOMAS M ler tr oatisze cuP fer uP I Fee 42 Ore 48 ° 5 ORGANI DATE OF DATE ELIGIBLE NO DEPENC: NAME RANK __ASN BRANCH ZATION RANK RETURN TO_Z! IN THEAtE RIEBER, ALEXANDER CAPTAIN 196545 CIP BBBI 9 Ser 43 daw 49 ° ROBBINS, THEODORE CAPTAIN O129752 INF 04369 16 SEP 46 Sep 47 1 ROBESON, BARTON 0 CapTAIN 50585 CMP C388 19 Ian 46 Jun 49 ° ROSCOE, LivToN ¥ ler Lt 01301912 IWF &397 9 Sepr 43 JAN 49 1 ROSS, DONALD H 2uo Lr O134058¢ CWP 8381 14 Fea 46 Sep 48 ° oss, HENRY Caprain 049590 CMP Ouge! 26 Fea 44 Aen 49 ° SALYER, ROY 2wo Lr 01059632 INF 04397 29 ny 43. Sep 48 3 ‘SANDERS, GRADY A 2no Lr 01697766 CUP —D=397 20 Ore 46 SEP 48 ° SOHUIDT, WAX w er Lr oloei2as TC 74716 Man 45 hug 47 3 SEARLES, STANLEY N 20 LY 02033324 CMP © B301 20 Occ 46 Sep 47 ° SEVELUAER, HORTON Ist Lr O10:0!09 CUP © DaB! 8 Orc 45 Sep 47 ° SHAMBAUGH, WLSONR fer LY 01286017 CNP C305 29 MAR 49 Cor 40 t SHERUAN, NELSON 0 2" Lr 01940588 INF m8 14 Fes 48 Sep 49 ° SHERRON, ALBERT E Mion 0450537 CHP -Hqw38S 20 Sep 45 Fea 49 2 SIMMONS, JOHN L Isr tr osaea38 TC) Met MPI Ser 45 tan 47 ° SIMPSON ROBERT 0 ler Lr 01929644 INF A397 27 Winn 48 JAN 49 ° SIMGEN, GEORGE 4 2uo Lr olozo2s9 CAV Oa888 29 Sep AS JUL 48, ° SUITH, MARSHALL J GaPTAIN 01302040 CMP DA@5 7 OCY 43. PR 47 ° ‘SNEED, STEPHEN Ist Lt 01059949 CUP Hende8 31 hn 45 Oct 48 ° SOLOMON, ELKAN F CapTAIN 0247855 CAV H@-38B 7 SePY 43° Sep 47 2 SORROUGH, JiMES E 2NO LT 01688300 INF 8439716 Ju 45 Jaw 49 1 SPENCE, JOSEPH 2no ls Ozoz5933 CMP He-388 15 May 45 OoT 48 ° SPOEDE, HERNAN H CNP Hq-388 14 Jan 43 Fee 49 1 STONE, ROBERT 0 ty Co, 028975 CMP er MP 2 JuLy 42 Jun 47 ° TAYLOR, ROW H 2p Lr ol0z0411 CAV Bag88 10 Nov 45 JUL 48 ° s