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hate f° . HEADQUARTERS US FORCES, EUROPEAN THEATER 5 ‘ Pol TS /Jg ‘AG 9004 (18 Jan 47.) e137 APO 77 Y . . 22 Jan 1947 ICT: Orders: - seoperognansoadGmasaRcOnaMOTeUOIOCAASAOONCOCON I To: ALBERT F, WRTH, 0216616, TC 2cq00000gecc0GR _& of the Theater Pfovost Marshal) seancososnaoa Tepeoting.and-coordinating Ga ilvay Secubity’ Betachnent et . _ > Leghorn,. Italy,,. . ss0c0g0ncveenssagE: eeppaageaasaSEGSTESSESSESESE 300 In IUC ICID 10-2028 20 IEI0 ATA OCTIE SISO - Ps Pap ceases ik tee ae meee ee ne Sige: "af, Government motor vehile andor ralltransporat ong Et ser aubhoylegdy. wien traveling by air, as as hay be oes oie ~The provisions of AR 35-4820, 19 April 1945, as changed, will apply for the officer named above while traveling and while on temporary duty. ‘ +e accordance “4 The travel rece Resin has been cleared in somal with Cir JA. tisha 946, ‘ (5. TCNT TDN 701-1 GP432-02 A 2170125-G $4589 999.999 1115, TONE TDW 701-1 P132-02 42170125 899-999 L121, ‘BY COMMAND OF GENERAL McNARNEY: 7. We SUGAR, - ie, Se, ee are E> “Cpa ~ae, << Asot Adjutant General . Ps 8 - Officer concerned 1 - Division or Section concerned a : a A =File . “ikke ee" RESTRICTED rh RESTRICTED RAO GATS US FORCKS, EUROPEAN THEATER MG 2000h(18 Jon 17) 192317 i i il t i i aah Ht i 19hb. Se JOE es Toit agence 4 sirenas-e op-97 LS he Tho travel directed herein hes been clesred in seeordance with Gir bl this TON 701-1 PAIZ—02 A 2170h25 599~999 1122 BY COMMAND OF CHNNDAL MoNArOEYs RESTRIGOTED WAR DEPARTMENT ‘THE ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE WASHINGTON 25, D.C. AGSO-R 201 Shepherd, Rebert G. 1st Lt. 1947827 13 Feb 47 Subject: Officer Evaluation Report Maj. Albert 6889 MP Overle. APO 757, c/e PM New York, New York Yerth Det. Security Sec. ‘Tor 1, In an application for conmission in the Regular Army, the above named officer stated that he served under your command or that you are famil- iar with his service as a commissioned officer during the period: Nov 45 Feb 46 2, One of the important criteria used to determine an applicant's suita- bility for appointment as an officer in the Regular Army is the evaluation of the applicant by each of the officers under whom he served for a period of three or more months. After exhaustive study by the ilar Department, the in- closed booklet (JD AGO PRI-462) and the Officer Evaluation Report Form (iD AGO PRI~461) were evolved for this purpose. 3. Your careful and deliberate preparation of this report is an essen- tial contribution to the individual and to the Amy. 4, The high priority of this program makes it imperative that the case of each applicant be given inmediate consideration, Any delay in the prepara~ tion and retum of this report may well jeopardize the consideration of the applicant for appointment, Incorrect or incomplete entries, resulting in return of the report for correction and in further delay, may be obviated by careful study and compliance with the inclosed booklet. Attention is par- ey invited to the instructions pertaining to Section IT, WD AGO PRT- 461. 5. The completed report, together with the booklet and electrographic pencil, should be returned in the inclosed addressed envelope. 6. The Secretary of War has directed me to obtain from you the completed report at the earliest practicable date and to extend to you his sincere ap- preciation for your valuable assistance in this important program, MEM ben 4, Incls: Adjutant General 1, WD AGO PRT 461 + WD AGO PRE 462 3. TR! pencil 4, Addressed envelope 20 98456 RESTRICTED HEADQUARTERS FIRST MILITARY POLICE SERVICE GROUP OFFICE OF THE TFEATER PROVOST MARSHAL APO 757 US ARMY 27 February 11,7 SPECIAL ORDERS) NUMBER. ...1.L0) . 1, Fol named 0 are reld fr present asgmt and dy and atchd to 77l9 Staging Area, APO 69, Bremerhaven, Germany, for puroose of returning to ZI for reasgnt, AUTH: VOCG 27 Feb 7. WP to 7749 Staging Area, re- porting to CO thereof not later than 5 Nar 7, for first available surface transportation to the ZI, Records will be carried in accordance with Cir Ok, USFET, 13 Jul 46, 0 concerned will immediately complete three (3) postal locator cards, Postal Div Form 6bb, showing a non-mil forwarding address in US, or in lieu thereof, directing that all mail be returned to sender. One form will be furnished to Unit Mail Clerk, one to APO used as @ mailing address, and one to Central Postal Directory, APO 600, Informa tion concerning War Dept, Army or postal activities of a mil nature within this Theater will not be disclosed by means of newspapers, magazines, books, lectures, radio or any other method without the proper clearance through the WD Bureau of Public Relations Office of any installation, EDOMR: 5 Mar 7. TONT TDN 701431 P 31-02, 03, 07 A 217025 789-1010-115- 999. (POS) (N-26334D-17), It Col ROBERT 0, STONE 0-28975 ae Maj ALBERT F. MARTH 0-218616 bie} 2, Leave of absence for ten (10) days o/a 10 Mar 1,7, is granted Gapt ALEXANDER RIEBSR, 0-196515, CMP. 3. Ist Lt CARL 0. MILLER, 0-1318616, CMP, WP o/a 3 Mar 7, by rail and/or mtr, fr Augsburg, Germany, to Frankfurt, Germany, on TDY for a period of approx two (2) days in connection with Railway Security activities, Upon compl of this dy will ret to proper sta. ‘vl, directed herein is in compliance with par 10a, Sec I, Cir ll, USFET, 2° Mar h6, and Gir 219, CBS, 28 Dec h6. TOXT TON 701-1 P 132-02, 03, O7 A 2170425 769~ 1010-115-999,, 4, UP AR 35-320, 1st Lt ROBERT W. FITZHUGH, 0-889540, Inf, is aptd Class "A" Agent Off to Col D J Millington, FD, Disbursing Off, 335th Finance Disbursing Section, APO 807, Symbol No. 211-008, for the purpose of paying civilian payrolls of the 1st MP Sv Gp, APO 757, for the pay period ending 8 Feb 7, BY ORDER OF COLONEL DUFFNER: C B HARRY L, DeBUSK > as Major, CMP {+ & l Adjutant “OFFICIAL: Ahir kM uct ‘HARRY L,“DeBUSK Major, CMP Adjutant RESTRICTED RESTRICTED Vpekly Stetion List - wee ea preg “Susercades »reviau oublicstion HEADQUARTS"S orry & Destroy or file +l: other copier FIRST MILIT.RY POLICE SSRVICS GROUP 28 February 1947 OFFICE OF WS THEATER PROVOST KARSPAL 4PO 157 US ARMY THOR OVAL SECURITY UNITS LUTIFS: ALLUNITS AR~ GUARDING (TRANSIT & STATIC) US SUPPLIES MOVING BY Ralh I” OCOUPIE. GERMANY GIES @ KEY PERSONNEL TELEPHONS: ROUND-UP M.G. RaILNAY Garriy DIAL Colonel Durfner 332uk Round-Up 34775 Bxt 91 & 92 955/547;648;649 Ext 91 & 92 Lt Col McClure 34780 _ a "81 955/047 ;648;649 " 81 Major DeBusk 34780 af 8 ® 29 955/647 ;648;649 " 20 Persniel Of** ner Capt Willard Fone cg c at 35 955/547;648;649 " 33 Sergrant Major M/Sgt Pilent 34780 oon #8 30 955/647 ;648;649 " 20 Meange Ceater Chief S/Sgt McGilvray None po G ahah 955/647 ;648;649 " 7 Nig)t Duty Phone 34780 a) 20 955/647 ;648;649 " 20 Ciilian Personnel Mr Levy Wone ae a " 40 ;91;92 955/647 ;648;649 " h0;91;92 LIGHNCE & THVISTIGATION Cief of Section Capt Hofmann pu782 eo8 " 12 &13 955/647;648;649 " 12 & 13 Aest Ciief of Section ‘Lt Oakley 34782 Le * 13 955/647;648;649 " 213 Wéth SID Det Chief Agent Kuehn Yone ee 2 " 93 & 96 955/647;648;649 " 93 & 96 tH jection Major Marth None O00 c " 2 & 84 955/345 “est Chief of Section Capt Prochaska Yone nom Ht 2 & Bh 955/345 / qua Off & Group Historian Capt Atkinson None om mn gs 955/647 ;648;649 " 95 Plans, Training &Jub Hel Off Lt Fitzhugh None ras) a Saree 955/647 ;648;649 " 15 Sl SUPPLY Chief ¢f Soction Major Campbell None oss eae to: 955/647 ;648;649 " 32 Asst C:ief of Secticn Lt Schmidt ¥one Loo C oa 955/1748 TLWAY SEG DEP ce Major Ehrenburg None 0. 0 0 eee 9955/5729 Asst ¢3P Director Capt Mack None ft) a "89 955/411. GEP Operations Officer Lt Unland None oon 8 ow gg 955/412 GEP Cen School (Munich-Freimann) Mr Forbes Nene Wone 962/ 5512; 5522 DETAGIAENT 0.0. Capt Munme one Round-Up 34775 ®xt 79 955/647 648 ;649 Ext 79 Motor Pool Capt Mumme None Ooo OS) 955/647 ;648;649 "59 Communication Officer Lt Simmons Wene Oy Dee Outil oS y/ 955/047 ;648;649 " 37 - USFA Security Officer (Not asgd this Hq)--Lt Col Inman, 6.0. 524th MP Battalion, APO 174, U.S. Army. (Linz, Austri Telephone: Linz 38318 (S-2, 25003—Lt nerton)(S-3, 38101--Capt Waple) wi G. APO LOCATION om I 382st Military Pelice Sy Battalion, Commanding Office: Lt Ccl Adams Adjutant Capt Lally 757 Klein Auheim, Ge many Hq & Hq Det Lt Deitz Gress Steinheim, Germany 38 Night Duty Phone Med Det, Klein Auhein, Germany Lt Holbrook Gross Steinheim, Germany2 8 Hq Co A Capt Ghait Frankfurt/Main, Germany 4 157 Hq Co B Capt Alexander Lollar, Germany Yan Det to B Lt Lassoff Kassel, Germany 3 58 Hq CoC Capt Bacon Klein Auheim, Gemany 3 142 Det Go ¢ Noo Wurzburg, Germany Om Hq Co D Capt Whitmire Bischofsheim, Germany 3 106 Det Co D Capt O'Shaughnessy Kranichstein, Gemany 1 22 Det Co D (Aachen) Lt Sencimaker 4achen, Gemany m1 19 TORL 29 66h Ii 385th Military Jolice Sv Battalion, Commenting Officer: Lt Cel Hilton Adjutant Capt Harley 403 Karlsruhe, Germany Hq & Hq Det Lt Keefe Karlsruhe, Germany(1W0)20 75 Wight Duty Phone Karlsruhe, Gemeny Med Det Capt Carter Kerlsruhe, Germany 5 Hq Co A Capt Serey Karlsruhe, Germany 3 72 Det A-1 Lt Bailey Appenweier, Germany 2 2h Det A2 Lt Lopez Zweibruken, Germany 1 26 Det A3 Cept Brennen Kornwestheim, Germany 1 37 Hg Co3 Capt Gatske Augsburg, Ge many 4132 Hq CoG Capt Fedor Munich, Gemany 3 164 Det Co C ¥cO Salzburg, dustria 065 Hq Co 2 Capt Smith Mannheim, Gemany 4 bh Sub Hq 385th MP Bn Majer Sharron Munich, Gomany Bua TOraL, (wo) 43 695 Hiaisoa Section Mr Dupont (WDC) Karlsruhe, Ge-many Leghora Det Capt Cook 391 Leghorn, Italy 23 Ions 2 MILITARY TELEPHONE Round-Up 33265 or 33624 Ext a awe ae ow " " 1 Kassel 196;198 Round-Up 33265 or 33824 Ext 8h ie anno ay awe sn one SHUG Giessen switch Ext 3441 " 1 0 34308 Aachen 23385;23386 Karlsruhe 780; 78137 Apr nweier 337 Zyeibruken 363 Kornwesthein 3146 Augsburg 7826; (628 1 " " " " " " " " Munich 2443 ;3411, one 0 " " Mannheim 40195340496 Munten 245 ;3i12 1 8 "y 6 PI y 51 1 9 7 82 Ext 6 1 (8-3, Ext 3)" 28 & 29 189 13 32532333 Karlsruhe 780;781;782 Ext 5 & 6 Leghorn VALUE 343 9517/1351 154651547 Bxt sh one 852/243 246 860/378 None 953/538435394 Ext 6 ech pennies "1 9 8 2g @a9 "4 won eg oon on 8 ag o 8 mW Sea30 None 956/236 952/872/129;389 9364/1686 962/5532;5550 967/845 ;4b8;401 402 962/5532;5550 953/5384;5394 Ext 536 APO LOCATION TH i ecm Military Settee Sv Battalion, Commanding Officer: Lt Col Eee ajutant Hq & Ha Det ight Duty Phone ed Det Hq CoA Det 4-1 Dot A-2 Hq Co B Hq Co C Hq Co D Det CoD Det CoD TOTAL Tt Collins Capt Walker Capt McAllister Capt Hathaway Lt Blum] Lt Smigen Capt Wilkerson Capt Robson Capt Robbins CO Lt Allen 751 Bremen, Gemany Brenen, Germany (2W0) 12 57 Bremen, Germany Bremen, Germany Brenen, Gemany Letter, Germany Goettingen, Germany Bremen, Germany Bremerhaven, Germany 3 125 Braunschweig, Germany 4 138 Helnstedt, Gemany 0 3 Berlin, Germany 1 36 (2wo) 35 832 Bremen 2261 Bremen 1476 (S43, 180l)(s-2, 2303) Bremen 160i Bremen 2836;2687 Bremen 2431 (s-3, 2684) Letter 22127 (S-3, 22334) Goettingen 2575 (S-3, 4931) Brenen 1788 (S-3,2686) Bremerhaven 21548 Braunschweig 568 or 569 Helnstedt 261 Berlin Templehof 5258;5714 ge s se sre), 949/851/387(S-3) None 949/831/1013 9949/5446 958/162 aoe 349/967/36 None None 1 Officer TDY frar Hq to Co B, 1 Officer TDY from Co A to Co B 1 Officer TDY fram Co A to HqDet. 1 Officer TDY from Co B to Det 4-2. 1 Officer (CHO) TDY from Co B to Hg Det. Marnberg T3ua6 xt 1 Nurnberg Furth, Germany 12 69 Nurnberg " “ Turth, Gemany Nurnberg " Furth, Germany Mumberg " Furth, Germany Murnberg 73430373522 Augsburg, Germany Augsburg 5295; 7826 Selesu/ see Nurnberg, Germany Numberg 26369326231, Regensburg, Germany Regensburg 2410;2274 sétfaos/s15 Passau, Gemany Murnberg 2954 ane Bebra, Germeny Bebra 235 or 240 991/591 Wurzburg, Germmy Numberg, Wurzburg 7331¢7315, S-3) 96¢ Teas (368, s-3) Schweinfurt, Germany None 934/ 830/144 966/1498;1499 at 1 966/1N98:1499 "3 zee) aes 29 " ei 966/1498;1499 83,10, 9686/2498: 1499 " 6 Iv th Military Police Sv Battalion, Commanding Officer: Lt Col Walkup peti pena Yeolerme a oo aicoc mares Mmo tae Hq & Hq Det 3 (8-2, Ext 11) Night Duty Fhone Med Det Lt Rall Ha Co A Capt Ball Det Coa ¥co HqCe.B Capt Gray Det Co B CO Det Co B NCO Hq Co C Capt McCormick Hq Ce D Capt Fishback Det Co D Lt Sanders TOTAL Capt Alien Ghevosusan cae &e6SuGr @skE RESTELOTED with evetisticel data on all Security batt-lions performing railway security for Period 10 Fob ranry to 20 February 19i7. , CARS PILFERED Yo. a Z ‘STRENGIN wir GUARDED ‘UNGUARDED* MAIL OTHERS of Static Cars Trains Cars Trains Guarded Ungd___ Guarded Ungd Yards Guerds Mileage OFF =u 381st MP Sv Bn 7019 sy 853, 5 0 0 T oO 16 9 21403 29 66H 385th MP tv in 52 5 3888 31 0 0 y 6 ly 5k 20329 43 965 388th WP Sv Bn 93L0 329 2622 85 0 0 eo 1 10 170 29798 35 832 397th WP Sv Bn 3510 252 1564 115 oO ° ) iz a 34 z4g21 3h 636 TOTAL BaseL wep 9027 37 ° 0 be g Cs 207 B51 Ty 2835 * Low oriority and lack of personnel. Traine consisted of lumber, conl, heavy eng equipnent, Bto, FOR THE COMMANDING OFFICER B RESTRICTED HASKA a1 Asst Gpviations Off tee io MP HEADQUARTERS ele FIKST MILITARY POLICE SERVICE GROUP OFFICE OF THE THEATER PROVOST MARSHAL APO 757 US ARMY i Maren 1947 Coloadl Carl ¥. Durtnor, Coment ing Of? icer, Usb UP Service rou, ADO 757, 0.5. Seay ‘Deer Solone, Juffacrt I vish te take hit oppoxtunaty to exprous to you my hearttelt eppreciesion fer oll assistance and holp that I have geestved from you, coi the offisers, and the enlisted men of the 1st Military Police Ser- vice Group vaile serving unior your comend. 1 foc) thet wbatever dow fgveo of succote I night have achieved as your Operations Officer wae due to the splomiié cooperation I received from the Group. 1 regret Loaving the Group wut will follew its activities with interest at uy now assignment, Tt hes deen both a privilege and a plea- sure to serve under you an I hope I may have an opportunity to serve with you again. Sincorely | RESTRIGZED ‘ HEADQUANTES i, TIWOTA STACI G ABA Pudlss2HAVEW GERHANE APO 69 US ARMY SPECIAL Uy darch 197 j ee pans ) wm 62+) ae | x * idaj HOWARD GATLLARD Uy, 091835, AC=2120, MAS=55, homo address: Decatur, Ga, is reld fr atchi masy’. 378th Co ani is atchd unasgi to Recep Sta No, 2, Fort Dix, NeJo for the purpose of reassignmente Personne] reccrds will accompeny Off. Paggage allowance will be as cute lined in See IT, Cir 162, Hq USFET, dtd 10 Dee 45, Incividual con cerned will immediately notify correspond: conts and rublishers to cise continue mail until further advice of change’. at ress. Tvl by reil a/o | surface vessel ated, TDN, TONTs 701-52 Fl32—02 . 2170425 S115-999~ ) Stat Cole De Autt Ltr. Hy USAFE, 27 Fob 47 file #201, & WD Cir 272, 1 ; 19 Sopt hé. EDCMR: 17 March 7. PCs. 1, Te fol Off are rela: fr atchi unasge 373th Co anlare.ptehd unasg’ to Sep Cen No. 26, Fort Dixy Neds for the purpose of separation, Personnel records will accompany Off, Dag-aze allowance vill be as outei lined in Scc IT, Cir 162, Hy USFET, dtd 10 Deo 45, Individual concerned } will) imediately notify correspondents'end publishers to discontinue mail until further advice of change: address, Tvl by rail a/o surface vessel. atzd, TNs TCNT. 701-1 F32,02 A 2170425 S115-999, Stat Colo Khe Auth: TQ 1-1, 18 March 6, EXCH, 17 March 19h?, Fes. NE ASN RINK BReliog MAS HONE ADDRESS Le STLICKIGY, JON L O-0535k9 Capt Ge -7130 @1 erisonburg,va. eee 2. MILLET, WILPID J 91705098 capt DC =3171 22, Pittsfeld,inss, ' 3. BUCHANAN, EARN P 0-1945093 Capt TC'-5500 5 Sacramento,Calif, Pars 12 thru 15 Extracted. 16, ‘The fol Off are reli fr atcha unasgi 378th Co and are atchd unasg’ to CIC Center, Holabird Signal 1 ob, Baltimore Maryland for disposition, Person 1lreéor’s will accompany Off. Baggige allow-nce will be as outline’ in See IT, Cir 162, Hq USFET, dti 10 Dec 5, “Indi- vidual concerned will imeciately actify corres)on‘onts ani publishers to discontinue mail until further atvice cf chancel aliress, FOS, Tvl by rail a/o surface vessel ata’, TDN, 71-1 P3202 A 217025 S115-9996 | Stat Code KB. Auth: WCI-27573, dt 26 tar 196, ENcMR: 17 Merch bi7e NAME, “ LSN sunk 1, DINELIT, ALN F 022030628 Cant 2. HAMBUAGE, ARTHUR 01651769 = 2/It 17. The fol Off are reld fr atch’ unrsed 378th Co and are atcha. Ato Recep Sta No, 2, Fort Dixy N.J, for the muryoso of reassigniicht. Personrel rocords will accompany oft acc allowance will be as oute » Cir 162, Hq USFET, S- Individual concer uss 11 imediately notify correspontents ani publishers to discontinue mail until further advics of chmgo? aliress, Tvl by rail a/o_sursaco vessel atzl, TUT. TOT, 701K T4322 A 2170125 9115-99). Stat Coto mB, Auth: WD Cir 272, 19 Supt 4G. EDC: 17 March U7. Tes. NOE ASN RUNK BROS ‘MAS HOME ‘Oleh 72 Col T=lo3 MA A 0-26975, TeCol GMP-2902 RA 2, STONE, 200 3. HAIN, JOSETH L O15, Ltcol FA 2162 RA 4 PHILLIS, AOEAT F | 0-452505 aj Qiic-l220 77 1 Se MARTH, ARENT F 0218516 nee TC 0750 37 x > 6, JONES, Lia2NCE F 0531059 Capt AUS=212h 42 Fondoulas;,) t T. HOODS, LUNSCK,E . ../093336h, Capt ChC-5310 20 Los ingeles,lalif, i 8. COUGHLIN, DONALD J 0=1530)92 Vit QMC=4606 58 Puyallup,Washo i . clr (Contra so 62, Hq 77l9th Staging direay Bremerhaven, Yermany, dtd 1h March 47) 18. So mch of Par8, SO 62, this hgy cs, dtd 1h ilarch )\7,*05 ~ pertains to Pfo Edward A Bonson, 61):9025, is hereby rescindet, 19. Capt AiO F GILLIS, 0528993, Ch6=5310, is-l3, hone aderess? Garrison, 1.Y. is reli fr atehé umsgi 378th Co ctcht: * unasg! to xecep Sta No, 2, Fort Dix, 4 for tho purpos:. of roass: Personnol recor 's will acconp-ny Off. age eilowance vill be asi outline’ in Sec II, Cir 162, 4q USFET, dtd 10 Dec 45, Individual conéers + nod will inmedictaly notify correspon publishers, to discontinuc mil until further advice of ch: ess. Tvl by rail 2/0 surface vessel ata, T TONT. . 701-1 T3202 — 2b7oh25 S115-739, Stet Cole 7, USFET LS @ TD Civ 272, 19 Sood. k6, Beis 17 Morch LY, oe Lt (ga) AERAY S EYLIEKY, 150031, DC#3170, wis-21, hone « address? jew York, N.Y.. is reld fr‘atchd unasgd 378%h Cu and is atchd masgi to Sop C n No. 24, Port Dix, NoJ, for the rurtosu of separation, |’ Yersomel records will. accom-nv Off, T'agiage alluwane will be as outlin nod in Sec In, Car 162, Fy USFET, dtd 10 ec 45 Indivicual concerned will immediately notify corrsspondents 2.¢ publishers to discontinve waib atil further a‘vice of chanio’ adiress. Tvl by rail a/o surface vessel atad, TDNe TONT, 701-2 2132-02 A 2170425 S115-99¥, Stat Cole Kis Auth? OCG, US Constabulary Hs, 29 den 7 & Rt 1-1, 18 March iS. ENGmR: 17 March 47. PCs. . OL. Maj A: iT RAOCLIF B, 0362252. AGl-853, WAS“b2, howe address: Terre Haute, Ini, is rel fr atchd un2sz? 375th Co end is ated unased to iecer Sta No,?2, Fort Bix, Nev. for tha purpose*of EVENGENCY LEAVE, Upon completion of Iv0fi will rotun to 2ecup Sta incicated to return to proyer Sta this thoatcr, Personnel recor’s will accompany O8f. Baggage allwence will. be as outline! in So: IL, Cir 102, Hq USFET, (td lo Dec 45, Incivicual concerned: ‘ill immesiately notify correspon‘ents ani publishcrs to discontinue mail until further alvico of clionged adéress, Tvl by roil a/o surface vessol atz’, TON, TCNT. JOl-1 1432-02 4 217025 s11S-999, Stat Cove KTe~ auth: MD Cir li, 1° ‘ 15 dan U6 ane. AQ $19-2755°5 Avril 46 as anon‘let By AR 615-275, Jane Hao EMGM: 17 March 7, 22, Ist Lb JOHN C Hi Morristom;NsJ, is reli fr atch FSH, 0217364L, Fi1189, 11.5-7, hone altress: Ans ic th Co and is at untsgd te Recep Sta No, 2, Fort Dix, N.J, for tho urpese of EMEBAGINCY FUALOUGH. Upon complotion of lv Off will return t6 Rece; Sta indicate’ for ruassio~ ment. Person 1 records Will accomany Off, Daggage alluwyce will be as outline’ in Sec Il, Cir 162, 4q USFET, it110 Dec us. Indivicucd comerned will inzediately notify correspondents and publishers to dis continue mil until further advice of’changee address, Tvl by rail a/o surface vessel ata’, N+ TOIT. 70l<1 P432-02 a 2170h25 8115-999, Auths dj Gen War Dest Cable WOL 25109 atd 27 Feb 19h and Voge sroUsA dtd 26 FebA9K7 ef TP No FX56703 MOUS; td 18 Dec 19L5 & WD Cir iy, dtd 15 Jon kG an At 615-275, 5 April 46 as anes by AX 615-275) bh dime |e HDG: 17 March 17. e TY OVWR OF COLOENL FINE: CLESFOw, A LOCHSTy ® Lt col. cD) Aejutant Goneral P fo4. 11 a LM Col a cs a 45 Adjute. nt Genoral, DISTAISHT HEADQUARTERS, CAI! KILMER, MEW BRUNS"IGK, J a — OKCB 370.5 (9194) vipa /mt 28 Naren 1947 SUBJECT: Movenent Orders. TO : The Group Conumander, RE 9741~Cos~2 : 1, Personnel listed on attached Transfer List No RE 9741-Cos+2, which is an integral part of this order, reld fr atchd unasgd 9231 TSU-TC Dobarkee Transient Det 1C, \P by rail fr this station to Reception Station No, 2, Ft Dix, 4.32, e/a 29 March 1947, RUAT to the CO for disposition in accordance with prov isions of RR l-l, DCR, 29 March 1947, 2, Individuals records, required for processing in accordance with current directives, will be placed in custody of the group commander nened on the atehd Transfer List, prior to departure from this station, and will be turned over to ‘the 00, Reception Station concerned, upon arrival thereat. PCS, 10 will furan nee T, TDI, 701-31 P 435-02, 03, 07, 08 A 2170425. AGTT: RR 1-2. BY ORDER OF COLOJEL DUFFIZe Gta OPAL PAUL A. FOSTER RE 9741-0oo-2 peel HowaRd GAL S80 62 Per 10 ROBT 0. TS 80 62 Per 17 ROBIRT 7. * 80 62 Per 17 Aim? 2. LuRcE * SO 62 Por 17 RISO D. WOODS $0 62 Per 17 DOWALD J. cou 80 62 Per 17 RAMiOUD F, GILLIS 80 62 Por 19 ROY L. BURT $0 62 Fer 25 CaP A! lst Lf ee OC ERIS: SE saa 0914835 Hg. 7749 Staging A: 023975 Ha. 7749 Staging Aron 470 69 0452606 Eq. 7749 Staging Arca APO 69 (218616 Hq. 7749 Steging Arce APO 69 093364 Hqe 7749 Staging Area APO 69 01588492 Ho. 7749 Staging Aree JP0 69 0528998 Has 7749 Steging Arou4P0 69 og9e28s Eg. 7769 Staging Arse, 470 6° referred to in par. or prompt return to A. G. On W.D. ’ = { ‘Symbols: DP—By direction of the President ‘TDN—Travel directed is necessary in military service WP—Will proceed to ‘TPA—Travel by officer by privately owned automobile is authorized, DS for officer's travel is authorized, par. 1 ¢, AR. 605-180, 22 Jan 1947 AD—Aetive duty ‘TDPFO—Temp duty pending further orders PCS—Pormanent chango of station EDCMR—Emfective date of change on morning reports Spucran Onozns WAR DEPARTMENT, No. 63 Wasntnoron 25, D, C,, $1 Marehl 1947, Pars 110 Sine not use, 4. DP BRIG GEN WILLIAM 0. REEDER Ost USA is dosinnted as Deputy Chit Sena Ofeer ei Apr io, SCOL; WILLIAM D, MILNE, Oan44 CHE is rod fr asemt and dy the Army Map Sv, 6200 Brooks Lane NW, Washington, DC, and i sed to Far Kast Command, Yokobamna, Japan, shomt OM-Yose ‘nata-BE (a). WP f res ta to Faieldlaun AA Fi, Cal, reporting nt Inter tha If May ae 400 loth AAPBU for promssing and ale tnspertatin. Un tie at destination wll or fa 1 ras ZX So and CX S009 and ZX 4072. EDCMR 12 May lo, FCS. TDN. TPA, ora 491-02, 07, 0.4 21742, To Hy mila fr Far Rel-Ssen AA FLL, Calico destination fs dit Bag face as 6 fb ah whi rveling by at Hau aut ater die $200 ath wl eae of Pauninss utade continental US In aecordanee exiting law end repuintons.APRAUSSW- 9:10), WDF-APR. A delay rote ofdays aut chargeable s 1 provided it done not intererewitheburting ‘dae specified wp provided of has ufblntacrued I. Of wil be epped as dete In aaoadanes ci N WD pamphiet 8-6, Malling wldess Canul Pere Seo Cental Mall Dior, APO "0, Go PM, Sun Prancso, Cal. If specie overeas unit abd APO ares are Known comple ar ell bo ied eof dn cited above. Baggage aie to atouttspeeeribed by WD Cle ee ‘ss pesunal ern to accompany pithy af Wile sipped throigh SFPE, Ft Macon, Cal Pron POR apply. Instructions fr equ and imcnieations tng ale §. COL RALPH P. SWOFFORD, J, 01800 AC Sel fF asemt and dy at USMLA, West Poin, NY, ef Ane wi ands asgd to od4h AAF Base Uns, Weight Fig, Ohl, WP. TDN. "TPA, POS I-88 PA, 05A BITS, DEMERS Ape 17 7. Aanouneament is mie of tho mle of COL. ROY 1, SCHUYLER 05875 (tn) @MC by disetion ofthe Prasat dtl n QDIC ot 2 Pe 145, 8, DP announerment i made of apmt of COL HUBERT W. COLLINS 08877 CE ay CO Paso en Depot US Army, Paso, Wash, vieo MAJ PRANKC W. MOORE OmTth4 QMO reid, [40 21031 Gt Marin] Dr announocment fade ofthe amt of COLJOHN WILL COFFEY O85¢ Ord Dept as Profesor ‘of Ondnaneeat the USNA witrank eS Mar 82. eer antes Commanding Ofer eterheany Ordnnner Depot, Chambersbur, Pa, ad sad to USMA, West Point, NY. w/PDY at Letterkenny ‘Ordnanos Depot, Chambersburg, Pa, as Commanding Ofer unl | May W4h. Upon exuph of TDY rowel tostnased. WP. TDN. TEA, PCS, T0131 Psi-00, 08 07,08 A272 BDCMI May ie. 0, The tiring ebanges in axznts and duties eve dleesd, WP. TDN, TPA, POS. TL P ‘3-0, 08,7, 4 217025. AN dates ae OT uns otherwise tndesod see ea tele ee Name JEDCMR Retired tom— | Assigned tom ECOL ROLLAND §. ADRA- | 31 Str | ORF RTC, Ft Drage, NC | Ate unused Army Fi HAMS O22ism CAC (ow on DY one Basic | nance Sey St Lan, Mo Course anay "Finance Sel Bt oul, Mo). ros101—a7, (8.0.69, 21 Mareh 1947) ‘ 1" | Name lepcatR) — Retieved fom Asigned to Nae Jepeatn] ——meieved trom Assaned to COL DAMON GUNN onsi7t 1 Mar | Civil Atsis Diy OC of 8, | OC of S, Washington, DC, ae Sera Pais, eet MAJ LEROY 4. LANDOM | 0 Ape | DP Ha 58 System state of | DP detailed in NG Buren aim Dis ‘asgT FA. North Dakota, Bima, | OC ofS, Washington, DC, Lm con THOMAS BHAN.| 5.ape | (Now on vats Mamta st, | Atehd shad Student Det NDak. ‘wat at Bismark, NDak, FORD omen int Pitstld, Mas, toes | Command and General for dy wiNG Bureau fire oa ® Abe) RE2| Stat College, Fe Leen ist Lp PRANK @, LRAP |s1 Mor | QM Repl Pool, Cp Lee, Va. SunCom, Cp Les, Va, eps, Mi worth, Kae (15 das de ‘otstan @MC. "TDPFO. Off wo remain Jay en route auth char. on TDY QM seh, Cp able as 1). Tee, Va, ‘until comp 187 LP SAMUEL 1 MAR-| #.Ape | Fist Army iad ASW | Fire Army 180 AST Rote irs Basie Coarse No.2 INGTON O1SRST QMC. Tesg Det No.3, Newark, | Det No.3, Newark, NI. ols Apr NJ, wlstn at US Are sua anes wpe] st xar | stron, case ps, | se Amy aah ASU, els ta, Plinteld, NI. ap LP stDNeY s, HASZARD | 9 Ape | the Arey eh, Psi Okla | Ground General Seh Ct, FL wo. cAdm—Cienent Gen) | 4 Ape | sfanbattan knge Dis, ax | Contes tneigence Corns ‘Cams Cav. ‘aly, Kane MAYNARD E, LEE W210 ‘ids, ‘Tr, wha at | Centar Holabird Sig Dep, APT WALACE # HAWK.| 31 Mar | at” ORF, Carine mas, | MP School, Carte ks sa FO Box ati, Washing: | Balimora, Ma. 9 dew INS ton Ca. a (now st 26 Hack. | Pa, for the purpase of st toa, De. ite of days is ath, cove Apts, Lake Aus | _teniig the OMs Asta ‘largeable sv ‘in id, Austin, Tex}, | Basie (PAO-1) Course Cl capr soun w. Lonny, me [a4 Ape | stpw ated Activites, Fe | tuith AAT Base Uait Ste nn FC. Delve, Va, tere Ait Comd. MacDill No.1 to report not earler ‘have Ape nese Are toro wks, Fil, Tampa, Fla (Prof [Nol We 38 Mar SEO earn vinaanra t,| ¢ape | xe.o.14cr then Cut | manne it Dene . ae en aie Se ae cary pawtet w. seste| 1 ame | me © aemingLaber-| At Camm Sin, eat oa Se Winomusee “oc ect | "Dey irene days Pinay at cara ne Siar mu muata w, ENWIES| is Ape |i Arms fis Man, | sin yt ARE en Mag ronnner w, sexte|12 ave | osoy en DY w/tu| ft ents Th rma pene ane Toa eae ‘Sta car vin APO | "A 1 Oe Neva feo oon A” fat |_ena pe PD cinta ot Cal & “iy ce Haga! | Opa es a, x rein ei Area cha a On carr cunsrin¢, u011o-| amar | sw uso sere Dae | Pin army, Amy antsy cat My cas ro ee | eae eee 20 an anuppy a wa] soe |i oe | ke A886, Hm ‘Sto Mag Fsl| a Hada, Now ers AON Man PE re an roa AMO, #1 fom | Ni er Aine tawe | oe [ne FN] wey Yo Day per os ‘Sauter rato tra ene: carr wrrnnin momen | aye | Atshdemngd det of] taeman OM, Yo Siow Sia ANC. ‘ea atmos it | “Sun trance’ Cai > wo, cm est | oe | an Bete Ti ma, 1 De Fess cSon ramen | hea Ser Dats Fo OS ‘bags PIMA ‘rn In Gaye oo SE) ay en Se Site wan Uh, Toate th doy hath Sov wa barbs Satna iz cart nopewt ¥, toons | 87m | Ait unmet stent Det |The Ses Koos, wer ur mmwa st nun] «aye | nsNe. cp at Cu| sii amy st sa, haut ‘Sends Pus |" ek wise. toma Ca = ee spurnovente scvnray| +40 | ctr ial Cae | 01h Connie tice ae re ‘ince Mae he | “Cave Dt teh por atime aa | ony horse ays ts aun ehareable us | I ISP LU ELEANOR F.s00N-| 11 ape | (Now on TDY at Cp Stane-| Seth Army Sy Det SFE (On Mg, Baltes, a, ‘ wista at Cotumbs, Obi. MAT NELLY NEWELL| 4 Ape | R8No.14,Cp Bess, Cal. Madizan OH, Ft Lavin SON Nowa? ANC, man, Cali.) 26th Hosp | Ft Masody Calf wlte at Ship Compl, Fe Maen, | Cp stoneman, Call ‘Nw ANG. ‘Wath (Rog No. B17 Feb Cal MOS 36). Delay en APE PRANK 1, KANRY | 1 Ape | such Aemy owist ASU Sy | sinh Army alet ASU Se route 45 days Js auth 1s QC. Det SFPE, Fe Mason, | Det SFPE, Pt Mason, ‘harsh Cal, snd te TDY Cp | Call, when at Cp Stone: car Gace Nrowors| 1 Mar | (Now on vst 250 Pine St, | Aeht anaeed ith Army, ‘Stoner, Cal ‘ni Ta WAC, ‘Boulde, Colo) WAG | "Fe Shertan, I ier 7 HENRY M. KNOX | st Mar | atchd unsad RIC, ¥¢ | Atehd unaied Stu Det Arad omits ‘Repl Pool, Ft ‘Oven Ia ‘knox, Ky. ch, Fe Rhos, KY. Sheridan, TH, ef! upon caprstanzey Koncmex | ° ape | chartte Gat Dep, isa | Det at Patints Prats GH, ‘xpltion pret I ‘sms @MC. Statesviie Ave, Char. | "Cort Gables, Pa for Abe date, NC. ‘amination and deter ISTLTMARIANF.NUGENT | 19 Ape | ORD, Cp Stoneman, Calit| Valley Fore GH, Phoenix soe sae “NTSTB ANC. vile, Pa 18.0, 63, 81 Maren 1947), 1S. 0. 63, 81 Mareh 1947] 6 Name ‘epean| —_ Ratoved trom Asined 1o— AD UTERROLLW,PAOE, 3m, 19 Ape | Fith Army Sia Hoop, Pe 2eth AAF taco Unit stra ‘Omieot MAC, ‘eWO (Adm—sup Gea) RON- ALD. PARKER W276 sa COL STANLEY N. PAR. "TRIDGE o116z aM. ‘Oana O, CAPT ABRAHAM PERL | “MAN Osi CAC. CAPT ALLEN T. PEYTON, Te O180ib Ord Dept, cAPr LEONARD, PHIL. ‘Lins 011708 FA. CAPT ROBERT 1, PINE ‘Ormat AC. ©WO (Adm—cler Gen) HARRY &, REESE W2l0U25 aa. 'NOLDS Ofrosiy MC. CAPT WILLIAM P. RIDD- LING O35 FA, LP COL MARVEY RIVKINS ‘O87 (a1) Ora Dept COL WILLIAM A. ROUNDS ‘ors JAGD. OAPTeTEVES sano Onan FD, 1st LT HOWARD G, SCHADE Ou511 Gui C. 1sT_LT CORNELIUS Mt, SCHMELZIR oM1647 Cm ©, ast LY) PAUL 3, SEIVERT ‘Orrin MC. 1 Ape 21 Mar 9 Ape Ww apr 10 Apr 18, 0.03, 31 Mareh 1947] ‘ey, Kans, Raritan Ars, Metuchen, NJ RS No, 16, Cp Bene, Cat “The Mgr Cooter, Ft Bele ‘ol, Vay eff 2 Apr (Sow on TDY, Op Sione- ‘sn, Calif) Ssth Army (on ASU S¥PE, Pt Mae ‘2, Call ed ver Ars, Texarkam, Te Second Army 2310 ASU ‘Calumbus Hts Dist Fe Hayes, Obie, wise at ‘Youngszown, Ono. Sigal Corps Replacoment ‘Pol, Pe Monmouth, NI inh Army, 7 Sheridan, ‘The Arty Ctr, FS, Ob [DP Data n Ord Dept OF ‘Bos Chit of Ord, Wash fngun, DC, Detot Patents Walter Reet ‘GH, Washington. DC. in Omee US Army, Oak Ridge, Team, ‘51 Det Cant Corps Sehaot ‘Amy Cm Ctr, Ege tread Ate Ma. With Army, PE Sheridan, 1 ‘erie Alp Cr Smoky Ht AA. Tidy Salina, “Kans (rojet No. WN 25 Mar 3108 230, Ada Ord Depot, Atlanta, AWonth CAT, Faiteld- Toute Administrative Center, 0 Gondiow Biv, Bt Lous, Mo. De- Jay on route of 15 days ‘auth chargeable sv. Upon completion aie WP to Headquarters, Chicago, TM, for TDY. of approx mately 1 dye sith emg, ol ASU SPE, Ft Most, Cali, wist Gp Stoneman, Cat ‘Pusblo Ord Depst, Puchlo, ‘ala. ‘Meza Army, Battiore, “Ma (lodays dey enroute sith chargable 1). ‘Columbus. Rete Dist, Fe Hayes, Ob, wists at Lora, Oble Hq, Ft Monmouth, NI. itt Army, FE Rie, Kans DP data in AC 00th AAP Tse Unit Ha. Alr ‘Tnx Comd, Barksdale Hid, La. CCouniee Inthigenco Corps ‘Center Holabird se. De ot, Baltimore, Md. Duc {0 the seat hous bor. Ag inthe wenty of Bat ‘ended personnel aot Dring tice ts eb wnnsel AGO, Waste Taaton, DC, ‘ner General Hospital, Au AND With AAPBU Ha APTRO 37048 AAPDU, ita Army," Cp MoCoy, Wis, lepomal Raieved trom Assigned to 187 LY MILDRED ©, SHAN: NON Nrotd ANC. CAPT DEAN P. SHERMAN ‘irom Wace, 1ST LT HAROLD 1, SOUTH ‘WELL O8s017 TC. 2 LT GKORGE W. sou: ‘YALL O3887 PC. 1st LT MILTON D. SPRINKED Oar Cl © CAPT LEONARD D._F. STAFFIERI Oaos “CAC (cad. “ANC. COL HERBERT F, TAYLOR 8147 Cae, ‘Netaoa ANC. 18? LT NORBOURN A. "THOMAS OGTW AC, COL HIRAM B, TURNER ‘1068 FD. Ist Lt JOHN W. UZMANN ‘ovis MC, ast LT JULIA VANDER ‘WENDE N7s706 ANC. CAPD FRANCIS. VASSETT oustare aM, (CAP? ERNEST A, VAUGHN ‘isto MAC, UE COL MARSHALL Wat: (CAPT HAROLD H, WALROD ‘naa CMP, Mage 10 Age 18 Ave 1 ay Awe re Tae 1 Mar wave 1 Mar (Now at 10m 10m st, ‘Brooklyn, NY) SPE, Wt Macon, Calif, ef on expiration of presnt 17 ohne Ave 1S No. i, Cp Beate, Cat SEPE, Ft Mason, Catt, ow’ at Cp Stoneman, Cait. De of Patients MeCormaak ‘OH, Pasadena, Cali Stu Det Cr Carpe Sehoot “Army Cal Cx, Bagewerd ‘ars, Md. Fourth Army, Ft Bis, "ex [RB No.1, Op Beale, Call Springs National Pak, Piet Army USA Rete Sv 1a ASU, 38 Whitdall Sy.NY,NY. BD" Repl Peo! Army Pin Genter OC, 4300 Good: flow Bivd, 8 Louis Mo. Det of Patents Pitasimons ‘GH, Denver, Colo. irt Ary Gen Dapensars, 1 Chute 8, New York, NY. QA Rept Pont, Op La, Va, St Louie Medical Depot, Toul, Mo, (Sow sa TDY w/Take orcs “Wie” APO 0, Jo PM, Seat, Wath) Ha sixth Army, Presidio San Franc, Cait, wistasct Pt Ord, Cali Atcha umased MP ORF, Carle Bs, Pa, ‘Ground Gen Seh, Ft Riley Kans, for dy wistat and ‘eat. (op Staciman, Cat MeCornadk GH, Pesatena, Call Hg AirPGO oe AAFBU, alin Fi, Fla. Fourth Army 4amd ASU EI Paso USA Rete Dis EL Pas, Tex, wists Mab Sta, Santa Fo, Nex, wie Gays TDY enroute at Dat 1g, Pas, Tex Pitsimons GH, Deaver, (alo (Hteq No. B-16 Fe MOS 340). Delay an route 45 days. is auth chargeblo as. Poarth Army (22 ASU EL Paso Rete Dist, Bl Paso, "Te 100th AAT Base Unite ‘Mitebel Fla, NY. Army Fin Seb Army Fin (Cente OCF, Bullding 17, BE Louls, Mo, for duty as (Commendant, Delay” en route of IS. days uh ‘argent as. sith Army T'wo Hock ape, Peatuna, Cal st aray Bla Hsp, FL tay, NY. St Cam, Cp Les, Vay “TDPFO, Of to renain sn promt TDY OQMG, Washington, DC. NOPE, New Orleans, La ‘Staftand Pacuty the Armd Seb, Ft Kast, Kyo femaln on present ‘TDY Uni opt there ‘oom AAP BU cg ‘AN, 1612. Cameeon 8, ‘arrabarg, Pa (auth Let Hq AAT 28 Mar). 8.0. 63,81 Mareh 1947] Name en Wt WARREN 4, WASS ‘orrsst MC. COL SAMUEL WHITE O71) Mal TROY P. WHITING ‘onm anc, Worg (Adm—cler Gen) as a wince ‘wana Usa (CAPTCHARLES A. WILSON, > Pin omar one Nr Pars 111019 ne not ute, sedis, Ore, and ‘tn tachment 0 Sat S14, Cp Beate, Cal DP Veteran Aden Hoe, | DP Vetere? Adin Gout, Tos Angels, Cli and cha to Sith Army for our Army 4291 ASU Ark Mets ‘Dis, Lite Rook, ‘Ark 0 days dey en oate auch ehuekeabie at ‘(Sow at 07 SW 24, Sin: | Pour Army Pood Sr Sob, ral Well Tex) 1 No, SFr Dig, Nand from RS No.2. FE Dis, NJ, and | Counter Iottigenen Come ‘fe TDY in Ofc Dir of Tntetigonoe OC of 8, Washiagtan, DC. (Center Hotabied Si Depot, alkimore, Md, wit at Oe Dit of Tatlizence OC ors, Washineton, DC. (Now an vat 210 Main st, | RTC, Ft Dis, NJ, TDPFO, Stratford, Conn, t epi ofsape) 182, PDs, 20. DP folowing eer ordered to AD WE fe home toss on date ndisatel, TDN. PCS, Toa P ‘ina usor, 06217005. All dates are 147 and personne of AUS une ethers nated, ‘Grate, ame, tion, and home ats | Ef date ist ut powap nowerr anvis| i ape ‘Orsi, 58 Hermenia Ave, Steuben, Obio taow at PO Bor 150, Santa Fe, Nae) 2D LT HAROLD R. AUSTEN oamene, | 8 Apr ‘03 eh Bt, Carob, Nes (ao 7k ‘APDU (lt AACS 8a) Willams #4, Chandi, aio. Ln COL HALEY WEST AYCOCK |14 Apr ‘Osa, 8-0 Raneh, Moare Haven, Fla IST LE CARY HUBBARD BARRE? | 9 Ape ‘077524, 5g Coan St, San Antony ex (now at 170k APHU Brvoks Fu San Antoni, Tes). CAPT JEROME DONALD DEATTY | 9 June ‘Ouest, SH W 12th 8, Claremont, Colt (Gov at 6 Tuseals St, Ocala Fa) ISTLT EARL LEROY BEMRNS O28, | 14 Ape ‘94 Mal Si, Deadwond, Sak IST LT GRORGE SHELDON COHAN | 9 Ave ‘O17825, Box 7, Pho, Wis IST_LP DONALD seHUYLER CUFFE | 8 Ape ‘Ovi, 1582 Foley Ave, Deteoit, Mich. MAS KOWENT HAMILTON DAVEN: | 4 Ape PORT, Jn. Osta Kiki Se, Co ‘wid, Ms iy 2D LT FORD DAWSON own, Re, | Ape CAPT OFOKGE MoNnoR DECKER | § Apr ‘Orsi 04 Palm Drive, Olan, Fla cow 189A tice AFBU O8A3, Oran, Pi) (8.0. 63, $1 Afareh 1947] rane and tao whieh we Data ot AG 311 Ren We Maca "Tampa, Fla (Cat. 1015 Acaiosth APB, Seott Pi, to | 29 sume tend Com OA Credo (PPA) | 1016 (ca. ‘AC Aust APBU, Maxwell F14, Ata | 7 opt (cub. i AC "wih APBU, Koulor Pid, | 21'Noe Ds, pati Sap OM Gen Crse | 1046 soon CPPAY" (Cat. Sig © Atend Unused, CpStanemsa, | 7 Dre ‘aif Cat D. ie AC auith Hen We ase Fig, | 14 Dee ‘Tampa, Fa (Cat. Me (CE psrth Rar Ava’ Gp, MaeDit | 17 Oet 1d, Fla (Cat 0, 146 Perey Jones GH, Battle Cree, | «Aug ‘ih, for oer tetment sad ap: | 104 earace ble ARB, ACHG Air Detnie Coma, atthe! | 6 Ang id, NY, for dy In Ststeat | “100 ont One Cat D- AC Birt Bosh Gp, MaeDiN Fd, Fuca. AC 8d Bomb Gp, Tues, An (TPA) Cae. tl stata, cee encanta, a ‘Grade, name, section, and ore adress AST LT DENNIS MERVIN DENMARK ‘Omir 214 W Wayne Ave, Wayne, Pa CAPT WILLIAN JAMES DODD Osta, 240 India Ave, Dayton, Ohio (new at $4 R uolich AFDU, Ween Fu, Obi) ish LP FAMES JOSEPH. DONNELLY ‘O10, $505 Bruckner Bled, New York, NY, LP COL NORVIN CHARLES EVANS ‘01150, ‘The Puritan, Loalstlle, Ky. IST LP ANTHONY FALCO o10wnm, ‘iss ah St, Bast Bist, Lang Kay NY. ‘Oaril2, MG Woodbaatne Ave, Pittsbu, Pe (now at oi Gratus Ave, Punssataw= ney, Pa) MATHARRY JOSEPH GHORNE Ox, ‘Glen De, Alesana, Va. ans no a¢ itt Disb st, alle, all, ‘CAPT PRANCIS JOSEPH HOLTHAUS On, 3485 Winslow St, Wayne, Mich. 1s7 LT JAMES RONALD LANDRESS ‘Ooaren. Route 3, Bony. Fi (wow General Deliver, Pas, es). AST LT FLOYD MELVIN MeALLISTER ‘OTI7I, PO Box 105, Laan, Calif (ow at Brooks Fl, Te, CAPT JAMS EDMUND McAVLIFFE Oli, § Belton St, Arington, Mass MAI JOHN. STANLEY MARSHALL ib? So Wiliams St, Dunver 10, CAPT MORRIS MoskowrTz own ‘MO, #6 Jamnica Av, eo Mr. 2. Katz, ‘Weave, Ll, NY. CAPT GUSTAVE ORRTEL omu0, 44 Fro St, Vaio, Calc 187 Uf FLAY ROSCOR PATRICK ‘Osis, RED 3,-Box 100, Columbia, NC (Gowent Be Monmaath, Nd. AST UT FRANCIS CARR ROE O19Hs72, 8 Delmar Blvd, St Lous, Mo, AST LLOYD WAYNE SMITH O78, 350 High St, Mesto, Calf ow at Ham ton Fi, Cai. CAPT TAYLOR DICKSON STOREY ‘Owats, Jefferson, Ga (now at Oliver GH, Asst, Ga. MAI HERBERT SPENCER WEICHSEL ‘Oteuzs2 MC, 85 Grandview Ave, White Phang, NY, 05101412 Ep due aay awe Bane ape Tae oar 8 Ape 1 May oan 5 Ape 2 Ae Ae 9 Ane Beane and sta fo whieh we AC sith AFBU, Pt Worth, Tex cou. AC GH Bomb Gp, Tusa, Arle (cath (TPA), CAC RTC, Fe Ort, Call, TDPFO (eat. Sig © Dept of state, Wasbington, ‘DC, for dy in Ofc of Periz Ligaidation "Commasion. KE to oom 24312, ‘The Peatazon (cat. (OAC asi 81 Buy, Pe Bis, Tex (cat AC sirth Bomb Gp, MacDil id, la (Cat D. FD 06 of Pin, Washington, DC, ‘opt to Roos 2431, The Penta: on iCat VID, AC Gl Gp Davie Monthan Fd, “Tucson, Avie (Cat (CE garth Engr Avn Gp, MaeDal id, Fla (Cat Ac WTC, Ft Ord, Cai, TDPFO, (Catt. AC sist AFBU, Hoes Raton, Fla, to attend Rletonies 0. Course Nov 0140 TPA) (Cat). Murpty GH, Waltham, tas, for han teattent and appearence tore ARD, CE ORD, Cp Stoneman, Catt, ‘TDPFO (Cat VID, ‘Vion GH, Ft Dix, Nz for oben ‘sR, ‘TC Leturman GH, Presidio of San Franco, Call, tor phys ‘cam thenes I phys qlal TC 8, PU Huss, Va rtd sv only). AG Hig Ist AP 10st) APBU, Fe ‘Sloeum, NY (Cat DTPA), Perey Jonse GH, Battle Crk, Mich, fr oben treatment and appearance bore AT, AC Hun ABU, Keeser Fig, ‘Mis, toattend Bap O-Gen Conese o.oo (Cat D (TPA). tivee GH, Augusta, Ga, for oben frestiment and appearance befre An, ‘Titan Gx, Ft_Dis, Nz, for obsn turatment and appearnice bette ARB. mow ie 6 De 8 Fe sat spe (8.0.68, 81 Mereh 1947]