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uz Beginning Group Piano Summer 2010, July 6-22 ‘Tuesday/Thursday, 5:00-7:00 PM* Southwick Hall, Room 310 Instructor: Alan Parshley Contact Information: Music Building Room A322 656-2280 Required Text: Hilley & Freeman, Piano for the Developing Musician, 6" edition Course Description Beginners are welcome to explore playing the piano in this three week musical odyssey. This course is an introduction to the piano for those who have previous musical experience, but have never played the piano. This is a "hands-on" course of guided practice and learning, Course materials will include both familiar and new musical selections, as well as fun duets and ensemble pieces. Basic music reading skills are a requirement for this course. If needed, online review of the rudiments of music can be found at: Class Format Classes will combine guided practice with discussions and explanations of new material. ‘Students will receive individual attention during each session. Regular practice and preparation is expected outside of class, Students will be asked to attend one professional concert utilizing the piano, as scheduling permits. Testing Short quizzes on assigned materials will be given periodically in class to assess progress. Grades will be determined as follows: quiz scores: 50% daily grades: attendance, progress, class participation, attitude: 50% Attendance Since this is a skills course, attendance is required. *The final class meeting will include the regular class time from 5:00-7:00, a short dinner break (dinner provided), and then a short program where students will play for cach other, finishing by 9:00 PM