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We Need Your Support and Attendance!

Join us for the Pennsylvania Liberty March
Preserving your Constitutional Rights
Meet with your legislators!

Monday, April 19, 2010

11 a.m.
Capitol Steps
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Rain Location: East Wing Rotunda
Show your spirit by wearing yellow shirts and
bringing signs!
Please RSVP your attendance to Holly Lubart at

Our leaders in Washington are not listening to the people! Recently, President
Obama signed new health care legislation into law, which seeks to turn our health
care system into a government-run plan, taking decisions away from you and your
doctor and putting them into the hands of government.

Pennsylvania Republicans are working tirelessly to continue the fight for our
freedoms. Pennsylvania has joined 40 other states introducing the Health Care
Freedom Act, which protects our 10th amendment rights. In addition, Attorney
General, Tom Corbett signed a letter with 14 other state Attorney Generals suing
the federal government challenging the constitutionality of the health care

Where will the federal government stop? Please join us and your fellow
Pennsylvanians on April 19th as we continue to fight to preserve our
Constitutional rights. We must protect Pennsylvania citizens from further
government intrusion!

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