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Summary: the perfect crime

Alice Jackson was married with Henry, and had a baby son. She loves her husband and
baby son. At her tenth wedding anniversary, some friends are coming round to have a
drink. Alice was looking forward to the evening but Alice’s life is going to change.
Henry was dead. Alice was putting the baby to bed upstairs. And she just came
downstairs and found him lying on the kitchen floor. She called police immediately, and
detective Parry come. Sergerant taylor get her a drink, a brandy with some ice. And P
wanted she understand, they must the murder weapon. The room was getting hot and the
ice state was melting. S broke it into bits and put some into A’s brandy. T could have a
glass of water, and it was hot in there. The statue was nearly pool of water on the floor.
A’s friends wonder what the burglar hit him with, and they taken a sip of her drink.