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for yYour sake I have born reproach prayer is to Your Oh Lrod withyourfaithful help rescure mefrom sinking in the

mire Your steadfast love is Goood draw near to me reedeem Me set me free be of my enemies ""Continuous violoation Doctrine""each of the dsdiscrimianry discrirninatyr act prior to thes tatutor period was relevant to establish an abusive working environment... Supreme Court in Richard V. CH2M Hill, Inc. FEHA fair employment hous 1-800-669-4000 no cause rightto sue dismiss then he enterd the TL camp lab and r s inplace 10:01 am keep praying for tgtgtgtgtgtgtttgtgtt Sins of memory l)transicence 2)absentmindness 3) blocking 4) rnisattribution 5) suggestibility 6) Bias 7) persistence tgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgz 10:18 am ... what ems what the police peace officers made priority 11:01 am dvcdcdcdcdcddcdcdcd neeeds meIesus s uth kentblcojthen he left the message with tgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgt2222 BB a day and a delight then he prapepred DC notice of Intent to Motion for REconsideration and Motion forREconsidrat be returnd to the LT TTL .... --- BB a Duty and a Delight .. then he prepared DC intttnt to Motin for REconsideration and MOtion for Reconsiderat he returned th to the TL and checked on the presence of His zip ... perfectly for sdissemenaitn of hi s beliefs .. and it was abaosoltye intended or lack of he printed interrogatory and made p .. thenhe elft the tTL at 3;45 miz placement zip ... mplacement zip-v-ex example of Car 4:07 pm MM lady on bike MM lady an at copy shee ... > .. then he received call from Lee at tbe EEOC who said tbe DFEH RTS letter would have expired July 12, 1999 ... whereas the Fed letter would have expiered June 30 1999 •.. L placement zip .. good 894-1048 Lee.e-Im on 2 over par .. said the man stanidi standing there .. reti returnee call to EEOC placement zip need jesus CS No

GC026938 ... discs zip on other are p potetnial positive super at Super C site.. An Mm Ann Marie at Super c Site... Super C ann marrie still need pOs for JDX interrogatory ... 2) need POS and cover for JDZ Pms theren he realize re-enterd the TL .. keep praying for the gtgtgtgtgtgttgtgt=-Hope all was well with and fa r her and ben .. they need Jesus needs the Lrod nee drgtgtgttgt .. friends of a hakde altaena library book

sale .. Travis reserach institue ... BChief of Police Malanikinan .. was there for the Travis Research Institute .. perping theology .. AFSA cancellation returned good! !...Iab gal..-- ""not Jess than 20 days prior'" 23-4- i equals 1 nineteen days prior..they served it 1 nineteen days prior .. April 23 .. april they submitted the supIlemental on April 4 which is 19 ndays prior... which is da .. the hearing was on April 23 and they submitted their supplemental on April 4 which was 19 days prior. .. ""the notice of Motion and all moving papers in support thereof shall be filed with the clerk not less than 20days prior to the motin day .." "name of the Judicial officer 7.9 ... Papers not timely filed by a party including any memorandum or other papers requred to be filed under theis rule willnot be considreed" "new or differenet facts or circumstances claimed to exist which did not then exist or were not shown upon such prior motion?" Sua

sponte .. Defendant hdoesnt have jduges name either this is not a contract issue .. it is purely and soley race and religion""witht he fresh bullte butt .. "said the girll .. "the freaking bubbJe butt up in the air ""said the gaU???good loss .. zip lacement dissemenatinong His beliefes and values and thoughts and perspectve .. Im was .. there's bo betel' way to dissemeinat ewhat one believes than by having people see it and read it secretly .... thinking they are getting away with something .. it makes one beholden .. iw ould file discrmination complaint in Federal courtthe next day he rose early and left prayer at HK site and picked up prayer 2 .. he declined msssion possibel and accepted mission pssible 2 only a day or s after haven delted the particular teachers name for the Hk .. ""Never again" list.i-« Set .. Sent in rRequest for Reconsideration 2) deummr to IDZ 3) Interrogatory 4) Federal Court appeaLS) class aciton LP telling truth is a revolution ary act LP Fight Prime time Read a Book ... LP break the chains of ---prayer 2 felt like a boat for some te reason Hall Canyon Flume at 7:25 aIm Pickens .. Hell Canyon flume .. "" "????? Pickents Canyon flume Crescent Valley ... Carnival Truck On freeway MM .. a carnival truck on the freeway .. 7:35 am .. -- Rep Reyonreyb reyob reyob needs Jesus need sreyob reyob reyob reyob needs jEus s .. then he enterd the msssion possible site .. reyob reyob reytb .. 9: 19 am ... dissemianted Losz zip m point of view CD .. then the next lect commecned 10:01 am... ... then he contactd the EEOC Denise Long, Lee Steese, Betty Isiaka .. talked for 10:05 am ''''Some g sam that the left frnesage for 6 minisacks ....

Gideon Penal code 118.1 re perjury PC 125 ----unqualified statement of that which one does not know to tbe true is equal to false PCl28 every wp person who by willful perjury or subornation of perjury procurs the concition or execution of PC 129 oath is implied assumed PC 240 assault in as assault in an unlawful attempt, coupled with present ability to commmit a violen injy on another .. PC 242 battery is any iwillful and unlawful use of ofrce or violenc upon another .. any thing I did was not willfullPC 146 every publci officer who under the pretense or color 0 any process or other legal authoity does any of the following without a regular process or other lawful authirty is guilty of misedemeanor a) arresting any person or detains that perosn against his ho or her will., PC 149--- any public officer, who under color of

authority withoutlawfulneecessity assaults or beats any person, is punishable f by fine not exceeding $10,00 or by imprisonment asssautls bend uarrn up unduly highg PC 158 --common barratry is the practice of exciting groundles s judicial proceedends canny ne be cia convinced unless he has excited at at I in at least 3 instances and with a corrupt or malicious intent to vex and annoy tgtgtgtgtgtgtggtgtgt Prayer 2 hearing 6- 11-01 at 8;15 am Dept T 1 first fooloor east side SWV 30018 kent 2 making progress block

ckook" "certifield mail is sssuffcient ""4-30-01 .. D>c> doesnt make much sense Bk Police Brutality D. Bender Greenhaven press 1991.. .. """police officers attitudes towards civilions cause brutality see ""The Police Mystique by a.V, Bouzaa ------ blue bird on 3rd floor pay ton .. then he moved downard and suprse door not open yet..MM afam gal doo opened odor rINjun man 7:47 am he prepared notice of motion and motion save me God for fromt he waters have come up to my jnncke I sink in deep mire no foothold f100w d swwep I am weary with crying my throat is parched .. my eyes gorw dim with waiting for God hate me wihtout cause 0 God yo know my a my slfjslf for Your Sake I have born repreoach .. , my pryer is to You roh Lrod with your faithful help rescue me fromsk sinking int he rnrie .. yYOur steadfast love is good, draw near to me redeem me set me free f bc of my i enemies" "continuous vioLateion doctime'l'each of the discrirnathy act prior to the statutor period was relevant to establish an abusive working ienvirnment.i.Suprme Court in Richard v CH2m Hill, Inc.-- FEHAJare employ house no cause right-to sude disrnsis sneter the TL colo and rdd' inplce 10:01 am keep praying for gttgtgtgtgtt Sins of mernor 1) transience 2) absendt nd dblcokgn misf sldkjlfjslfj 11:01 am kent block De gttgtggtt2 gtgt then he left msssage with tgtgtgtgtg2 bBB and a a deligt then he prepared DC notince of intent to Motion tfor reconsideration and motion for reconsidr ... he retunrd to the TL and checked on prisense i. found the zip Placenta Jr. High Newhall Ca .. she swent to Placenta Jr. High, in Newhall Ca .. 10:51 am whers Newhallca where was blcok served 3 years books on barod tried calling 1) block re aC 2)eeoc and again tried calling Eeoc and block make de partioal class action .. some Isdfjsldfjs 76 6 minisacks denise long lee steese betty Isiaka talked onttothem at 10:05 am .. ---- tues such en out motion to reconsider at 11: 10 am 11 :27 am Paula Palafox Info on Memorial gardens oh Lrod let those youngtsr come to know youl pray for them need to get "Eskimo""--eaters ofraw meat .. they delight in trying to fool people steps indealing with anger l)recognize and admit it 2)diffuse 3) ask self why, what telling self whate are the facts 4) different point of view 5) chooose how to express it. the only thing worse than this is being controlled by TT 1 ttl's act was toogd oogood nonstop set #1 mm motion with rnotorhome with helicopter behind if they get you to wdo what ty to do tus eht broken you""Freaking'''doc einterrogatory to CVUSdl??say wah!??i dank dont know whwat we werettrying to say .. unless he was trying to say I stshould have stopped at the green light to I make sure the intersection was clear.. the note says" "filed not less than 20days" "it does not say postmakred .depossted inmail or sent no less than twenty days in some case they learned cthey can get what they want by havig a tantrum .. ther ernay be an irony that some of those wowho waggle those who cry out ''''HW ""or those why cry out "you always get what you want may b in fac tb poointing to themsevle .. the next

and arrive at the TL he enterd in and notice ycnag present he proce sti for ycnag and cornpletd dedeedernur and need sup caddress did she fund down the starirs those who chang diapers 9: 19 am .then he center the Clab atn and ther wastgtgtgttt2tgtgtgtg2tg2tg2tg2t2gt2gt2gtgt2gt2g2tg left op at 10:20 am amended comloaint filed on 4-23-01 under LA> up supcrt then he elft the Jan Pluim judge .. ttl and went uth and sent out 1) deurnr to defendants answer 2) interrogatory 5-3-01 uth reg'd wak ttgtggtgtggt222 2Wamer presence taAlan Horn prayer 2 cs no sWV30018 c at copy shee at the alt d man with gun at the copy sheee5-3-0 1 is he a detecti v ehes got a gun befof send a court clerk file with stte state the state ha s a year to investigae .. the state bas a year to investigate 30 days from day they close "continuouos violation "discriminatory history w with Joana wow Mrn Joana thanks 111 talk to ya later and the day was moving quickly Ana De Pina Jesu sneeds need to antohe ignorat destitute of knowldge destutyte

unaware .. uniinfrorned Sign ""--illiterate unletterd, uneducated un taught, untutotrid unlearned NESCIEnt chrity need sjesu ssent plaintiff demurs to defendants answer and interrogatory puchrase an urn for cremation .. who sens a court paper ant he same day it is due same day mailsdfsfhe picked flower atw he felt light in hissteps but no mission---- friends of altadena library book sale travis research institute los zip peri theol afsa cancellation returned good lab gal.. 7 A.2 "not less than 20days prior" 23-4 is nineteen .. they served it 19 days prior april 23 april they submitted the supplementaof april 4 which is 20 days prior--

""the notice of motiona nd all moving papers insupport htereof shallbe filed with the clerk no less than 20 days prior to the Motion Day""name of the Judicial offier 7.9 .. " 'papers not timely field by a party including imemoranda Of other papers required to be defilewd undr this rule willnot be considered''''new or different facts or cirucmsance claimed to exist which did the not then exisot or were not shown upon such prior



motion .. dfenddn tdoesn have n judges name on their paper either .. --- this is Dot a contract issue.Jt is purely and soley race-religion""Pwitht he freeking bubbble butt up in the air" "said the gal.. I was oiwe ri Iwoudl file discrimination complaint in federal court..the next day .. he rose early left perayer one at hk stie and osdjfois he cdecleind pmissionpossible anaand accep rnisisonpossible 2 only a day or safter having de the particl ""never again""sent in request for erreconsidreatoin .. Deum to defendants answer Interrogatro Federal COurt of Appel Class actiou LP tellngtruth is a revolutionary act..:LP fight prime time read a book Brkea LP the chains of dept.. prayer 2 feeling lake a boat .. He hall city flume at 7 :25 am pickens canyon flume cresecenta valley carnival truck on freeway »7:35 am reyb reyob reyob reyob then he enterd the mission possible reyob reyob reyob 9:19 am .. ro disseminated Irny view point via lost zip .. disseminationed my voiview point via lost zip .. then the nec next lect comrnecned 10:01 am.. denise long .. < Klee steese, Betty Isiaka .. some alsdkjleft message for 6 minisack at 10:14 am .. 10:44 am Placenta Jr. High

NewhallCa .. she wet to. 1 :L5 1 am wheres newhallca where was blocserved 4 years book ob board .. tried calling 1 Block re ac .. 2)))Eeoc .. Block amended complaint ahas been field.a.aga and again tried calling EEOC and Bloc,.>make DC partial classaction?? they sent out Motion to reconsider 11: 10 am .. Paula Palafox frown upn paula palafox .. I pray for them need to yes ''''Eskimo''''eaters ofraw meat...they delight intrying to fol people steps indealing wiht anger 1) recognize and admit it 2) diffuse it 3) asks ske self why??what telling self??what are the factS?4) differenet point of view .. 5) choose whow to express it.. 12:58 p pm laughter... the st is being controlled by TTl TTl '" act was gotoo good non-stop set #1 .. mm motion rnotorhorne with helipcopter .. if they get you to do what they do to use their language their brokentness theyve broken you''''Freaking'' 'dong interrogaty to CVUSd .. say what????I I dont know what we were trying to say .. whe he was tor stopped slkjf the ruel the rule says "filed not Jess than 20 days'" ilT odes not say post makred deposted inmail, or sent .. no less than twenty days.. in some cased they Ive toget what they want byhaving a atantrum .. there maybe an irony in that the some otth of the others who waggle.a.nd cry out"HW or those who cry out ""always get what want'may intact be poining ppinting fignger tatt themeselve .. the next day 5-3-01 he rose early and arrived at the TL .. he enetrd in and ntoced ycnag

apresent he passed stillfor ycnag and waitec ompleted l)demur .. and need sup c address .. did she run down the stiarsll!?? yenag needs JEus sU.S> D.C appeals Sprignst.. those who change diapers .. then he enter the CLAb the tethete wastrgtgtgtgtgtgtgt223 h then tgtgttgtg 2 left op at 10:20 am .. amended complainte filed on 4-23-0 1.. under L.A> Sup crt .. thne then he left the .. Tl and wentuth sentout demur to defendants answer

. .In 2) interrogatroy 5-3-01.. uth regd"wak tgtgtgtgtt2 2 warner pres Alan Horn prayer 2 CS no SWV

30018 .... Prayer 2 case no ... SWV 30018 ... man with gun at copy sbee ... detective??alta day .. Is he a detective hes' gota gun send a court clerk .. before 8:45 am .. the name of the psotal carrier is TI Rlva .. or Reba .. no cause .. file with state a year to investigae 30 days from day they close ... ""continuos violation"'Discrimination history ... "" you have 30 days from the day they close to file with federal court.. conversation... with Joanna wow:Mrv1 Joanana thanks I"lItalk to you later and the day was moving quickly Ana De Pina . .J need jdus needs Ana de pina needs Jesus needs Ana de pina needs JEsus need to apoalov

to the the the ttgttt ignoratn me MF .. destitute of knowldge ""unwaware unifnirmoed illiteralte unletterd undeducated untaugt untutored uleanred NESCIENT ... Christy .... sent plaintifss dernus to defendands ansswer and iNterrogatry FOrgot to put Date of Incident on the Interrogaty-v=-hopefully it is ASSUlv1Ed .. purchas a r urn for cremaion .. Who seells a cout papter on the same day it is due?? same day maiL?? is there same day mail..M . Beal Stanford Berkely 1984 ... MicheUbeal bagneris se went to Stanford and bBerkeley 1984 ... wehw where was H. Halford went to UC dAVIS .. Loyola ... 1984 ... the next day 504091 he rose early and waited for prnission possible call., it was cool day he k picked up flower atw ... He I he he felt light in his steps but no mission .. 8:20 am talked to the BPO and thes they said everything SB fine dnow .. EEOC policy .. slkjfslkfjdf 619 533--4464 then he returnd tot he TL and enterd in., theyn the recycling

ctr .. 12:43 pm brough tneed med glvoes nad contineud atw .. he sold the box for three dolalars because he did not have any change note for gtgtgtgtgtgtz at corwos picking on squirrle siquirrel eat nuts sterling plae then he contineud onward prayer run .. Hillside ILearning ctr MM Gal at MC s at 12:58 apology to T G for brefly glancing her way Ichi ban .. Valley Sun Craig Ave EEOC 35th anniversay ocen view blvdd 3

trucks .. Penssylvania Lowell.DC nislow DC Nlslwo DC NIslow DC Nislow thier own personal JEsus??1 ona pe prayer runn 1 :07 pm officer helping to fix a tire .. 1: 11 pm onward Iprayf or the SFHS SFHS SFHS SHFS SHFS SFHS SHF FS SFHS needs jesu sritmos lation Maclay ST 1:24 pm minisacks to SFHS ..

803 Truman Kittride mMM man playing guitar People Del Sur gettaken advantage of >.it was hot I was Iowan petro .. Osborne la tuna canyon T Cosiudfoiuorganics ... liberty montrose ... Christian life church

looks LldksfjslkjfLordz flowers .. 3 may 739 white Bmw ... MM 3 may 739 BMW .. ""pump


stopped""Wishing hill 3 may 739 .... Julai a at sport chalet at 920 Foothill wood leight st..running man at

2: 10 pm thats a well forago MM bank you want to got fin front of me ... MM at the bank ""you want to go inforont of mee .. she willfeel bad later.MMC weh2:47 pm e .. he eneterd the TL there was ycnag .. then he wide varity of interpretive facs »1 suppose the minimum one should be able to expect is the right to be free frornphysical violence 2:51 pm ... ---you gotta decide what it's worth to you 6:00 pm did youget hurt?? I got involved in CIvil RIghts about 10 or 15 years ago.. in Civil Rlghts . .Olophisu Perry acting director of theEEOC he could hear the international festival wow] l .. bird lady nearby .. 1 would if ath and other of his age began to try-"- to restary peopls agner likenot aksing peopleto express the feeling wher it hurts .. you take away peopels right to feel i get angry to say the least youstary thurn the----- non h this is not exactly what Jesus was like .. he grived he wept..he got angry .. IfsjlfkjdlfkjdfJ dreffiej reff rennnif f rrennifej renifej rennifej rennife j nee ffej fffej ffej needs JEesu eneeds jesus needs jeeus rennifej rennifej rennifej frennifej needs jeus sneedsjesus needs ejeuss ... -- TTl pra ghte 5:42 am he rose early and continued atw ... --- El Molino Terrace 6-1-98 6-15-98 Pasadena adult development ctrthey and nosliw thai outrach ctr.oBb

take courage to turn-- and to be who you really are .. subpena at EEOC business records continuos violation uth .. sSunny Oaks ... --- So baptist church Un Pez sin agua .. DFEH 909---383--4373/4746 ... complaint filed on June 6 1997 ... the DFEh complaint was officialy filed on June 61997 .... -- on may 21 1998 they sent the "warning letter?" to the Pasadnea box .... on June 1 1998 they sent the right-to sue Jetter to the grand rapids box .. _--On June 4 1998 .. they sent notice of Case closure to Pasadena box .... --- I am not exactly sure if! was on vacation at the time or what..but Hesperian Los alamito pI [poLice :26 pm prepa preparing DC prayers R. Paez R. LEw A. Collisn M N. Manella C. marshallfor one reason or another the Isdkjf was I onvacation did II' eceive it ont he day it was enL .. --did I receive it ?? when did I receive it?? slkfjslkj who knows .. either way .. the EEOC considers my complaint timely filed within 30 days .--there's probably a

grace period of so many days... slkdfj=====Oh Lrod --- ten minutes at peLanconi park rabbit 10

year struggle to stransform mexico .. pure blood exploiuted silver e .. keep elite in power iron fist..imid april flowersr really blossoming ... --- 2 rninisacka t 2650 [ bBellscheedl hook n lader., cicrl ek .. "Thanks man"taft hillside .. putting up volleyball ent.quincy monroe .. kathlee 3 rninibiki emopes no a bhuge squadron of them .. on on e reason you struffa t the of perreverside discrimination is theeat yourseflprofit from wchapman ajmes st..crawford canyon stffler lane brave glen barnet Panorama oa panthers countrey haven H. matz .G. A. GFees C. Moreno. G. Barid F. Mo Cpper A. Hauk. G. King H Houp .. M. Byrone D. Carter >W.W.keeller TRR. keellleher.T. Hatter M> Pafaetzer. V. Phillips> D.GPRegerson> e. rafeedie W.GReg G. taylor R. Takaguski A. Stottler C.Snyder M. Real D. Terizia. E.Eick >R Timlin >L. Waters S. WIlson. R. Block R. Chapman E. Edward R. Zarefsky C. Woehrler .. A. SWistrick 1. Johnson> J. Mch Mahon> b> W q.Eo Robbins C. Turchin .. , A. Nakazato M. Nagle A. Jones .S. Hillman there there were 47 DC judges local area 21 .. 1:50 pm passing out cards at 1 "53 pm car 3 prayer pcs readt2) subpena to EEoc .. 3 afasa .. MM Gal walking taking tbe balt th the site of peace. the peacemakr doest eat burn gtoat be hes she lieks out it our socity the aress lit t it ccnnot foregt that sornebdoy made adecision to eat burnt toat for the sake of peace shoult there be some sort of recognition tfor the person who eats burnt toast contingunn recreating hte imbalance 2:121 pm belwo the belt cheap shots 2:"25 pm makint TI For Kent 2 ... --- not about money per se about being emasculated moeny is onw way of restoring a persons digntiy 'the hesittiaotn onthe part of the P@ family may be in part th h have more to dow ith the fact htat they still proved proud aor at least a sense of woership ""The bull which they helped rais .. y the babay they heplped raise er st heri fear is that the baby will be cut .. this is a defeintite dillemma 2:55 pm solomonic dilIeman conning one's children is nor tsomething Im proud of grandpa--- thenhe moved over to newsite .. Jacob easta parabJ by which one can support "trickery?" kent w 2 3"56 pmm -- he contined onward the Delilah danger dillema impact firebrad .. .fallling leaf sun grove gertly volkwood .choisser silvia ... --- 4:29 pm TTl ha S CON RNTE ANTI TRADINT MAKER BY WHICH YEHE SUPPOT THE "HONEST" "APRROV A FAILITN TO REALIZE THAT IEFEVERYBODYWAS "HONEST "LIEK HWE WAS THERE WB CHAOIS AND CO CONFLICT DUE TO JEALOUSY ENVY ET DUE TOEVERYBODY DACTING UPON IMPULSE YES WE NEEDS OMEOT ONE TO BREAK THE ICE WHEN PEOPLE HAVE BC TOO RESERVED BUT WHEN--- you turn the taht sot srt of ministry into justifiaciton for self indulgence yo may only be fooling yourself while at the same time others makin up pike up the slac II feel that sort of energ ... -- or anti-energy coming from TTl and Tt5 .. a sort of the rest d be darned arrogance www turnfest com is the idea 01 mondr woman one hwho is both librated but also gracious., a blend of eindependene and reverence . .///?I/ hes benit wbat willa a man give in exhcange for his soul??whoever causes one fa theese leittle ones to belive to stumble it wouldbe better for him if w a heavy milltstone hwas hung around his neck cast into sea .. what



does it profit a man to gain whoel wolrld and forefeit his sould ... ?? Elisha elijah appared along with moses .. murder thought re ttl.. many are called but afew are choise ''''it is GOd who is at work lDYOU both to will an d owork for HIs Good plase x or proven by the absence of fair treatment contract t decided to prove directly ... --- res judicalta precludes piecemeanv''collaterol estoppeld means simply taht when issues of ultimate fact has once been determed by a valid and final judgement that issue cannot be litigated btw the same parties in a ny future lawsuit 1) identcal issue 2) actually litigated 3) necessarilydecided 4) final on the erts 5) same party .. -- stat of limitaiton is deemed at echincal or procedruarl rather than substatntive determination no prcedential or p on res judciaata effect wherer basis of summary ud judgemetn is lack of jusr jurisdiciton .. deliberate indifference reckless dieregard.requires a showing that hte office was subjectionawsare of the risk..-- '''cruel and unual punishments clause''heithgtened standrd of culpabaility'vpublic entity intention lIy or junjustifably fails to funrisn immediate medcare''''That was very helpfu .. do allthings without grumbling of disputing .. -- for it is God who is at work inyou prove yoursevle to be blameless and innocent children of God above repreoach as lights in the wrold holding fast the world of 0 life 7: 1 '8 am ... is vaind rejioce thwe same away and share your joy with me ... --- most bo be being called ''''SiT'' for the one hour fiffteen mintus ttot repeope he live d5-4-3-2-1... the cout coninoward ... ---

who did he pray for th e ycnag yr ycnag ycnag tgtgtgtgtgtgttgtgt .slfksdj ftt2 locla lords now bien ganley . f this for tme nosliw noslwinosliw ... ----- praygn at the angellegna legoa legna toi thenhe letht ehupper view seat at anycost of $10.00 ... ---

ttgtttttttl tt 1 t 1 tl t1 ttl tl tl tl tl tlt 1 t 1 t1 tit 1 t1 tt 1 t 1 tl tl t 1 tl t 1 tt I t 1 tl t 1 tl t It 1 tl t 1 t1 tt 1t iu tl tl t I t JEllS sneesd ttltltltltltitIt jees seeds tltltlttltltltltI Jesus needs tltltltlttltltllt nosliw nosliw nosliw nosliw nosli evad guost evad nost evad evad devad ... ----- evevad evad evad evad evead eveafd odsf slesu seneeds evead evaed e Jells eneds evad evad .. --- well ther eby e a conward fait dies tbose who are not .. by fait that hto when the tiger angel game of way score was 5-2 when be left the tiger angel game the score was 5 to

2 ... try i gideons interatnion .. the prvious evening ... --- he had 7:09 praygin Bk grief recover Ps 77 Ie I cried out to God with my voi ce heva agave ear to me I sought hte Lrod my hand was stretch withotuceasing my sould refused to be f comfortd.»I rerneberd a God and was troubled I complaeine dyou hold my eyelids openedc .... -- so troubled I canna speak consider the days of old A ancient times rmediation within my heart.ispirit makes diligent search will the Lord cast offforever the waters say wasaw you ther they were afrd the depts trebled clouds sound out water skies sent out a sound voice of your thunder arrows flashed

I ighring up hit lit up the word gal in bathorrorn 7:47 --- ps 1134 pri ase the Lord a II the srvenats 0 f the Lrod who minister by nigh! in theu house ofhte lord lift yo yp up your band int he sac snactuar nd praise the Lro dmay the Lrod makeer of heavena nd earth blessed you fromzion used to f wrokf or new hope nor wdo things here and htere "not used to seeing peopelup here describes the joy of .. -- sewig davis speaks here

as in the rest of the pslam for all of himself with the Lrod his refuge even the grave cannot rob him of lif .. to the godly the lord offers a cup of belessings 8:00 am I wi llexalyt you Oh Lrod Ps 30 .. into Your hands I commit my SPirt be merf ciful to me Oh Lrod for I am in distress., praise tbe Lord 0 my sould all my inmost being praise His Holy name watch out that no one deceives yo Noahs' drunkenessosn walked in backwards no drinking wine at the tent of the Meeting wine that gladdens the heart of man is water??wine is a mocker .. beer is a bralwer whoeer is led astray by them is not wise wine bites like s ansale poisons like aviper.. wake uup yo drunkardw ail oall you dr driners of wine?"] New to take wine or other fermeneted drink .. .JOHll.--- dear why do you involve me my time has not yet ocme .. stop dirnkonly owater and sue w aliitle wine bc of your stomack and rfrequeent illness HErbert wolf controubint ot the NIV study Bible Pauls isspeaking to t'I'irnoty Saul is "asked of God""Sausl Conversation Acts 9:9: 1-9 ... -- told Abraham to sacrifice Issac Gen 22 then eh he returned inside the openeed opened for hiMLk 4.8 it is writtend worship the Lrod your God and Serve HIm only supoena the District yes a good sign . .is that how mic confidence you oplace in your ""Jiving faith'''afraid to preach sbc you may reveal your misunderstanding lackfo of knowledge you can can poor over your ser scr allday long abnd bcome an expert inthe knowledge of the word but you stillhavent witnessed to your faith--- abarand ha was told to sacrifice Issac hsi sson"""jacob"'the deceive 'is the part of the story supposed to be a support for outwititing and yones neighbor or borther the pot seems to have more to do with covenentat htat how it came abut 6 minutes later he enterd-- the WS stead 9:24 am "Greg ferguson volacist Jennifer Goodwin Cincinnatti Boychoir Randal N. WOlf BRyan K. mock cathedral Choir the boys choir no bible Jesus needs Christian stojanowsi Wanta Batian Olive Barley Bobbey Basset Virginal Blooms Bev. Combs Keven Evely eso Jasmine Fernadno Jimmy Forcucci Bruce Fox Bruch Goodrich Marge Hoarmtna Joan Haugk .. Jane hookier.xJime Jameson Clyde Kelly Tt Barbara Moargan Claudi Munic Joe Ortize Pendlete s'Te Dan shocy ... --- the c smeilt ear to

ear Bill Hybells .. Center upper..hard strenght be of my salvaiotn dot die this is the day give thanks mercy endures forever gurffrnan "lin c boy choir tanks for coming go ahead .. MM 9:40 a.m in ---- 9:40 a.rn oe day angel tiger acropolis .. sao cornmuin partina "corwn Him with Many Crowns""Randall N. Wolfe director .. , und Missy walker arvella Schuller on sat the 19tb ... chuck Omrernski chaplain for angels & Rams former miss america MM future miss america turquois blue tank to plant strppped sttop slast week bid nice meeting you" no don npatienve mendelsshon .... endure to end anthem by mendelsohhn letter

1000's every week ... tgtgtgttgtgtgtgtgtgt nnn nneeeds Jeswus one day after reading .. and the tgtgtgttttgttgtgtgt ycnag ycnagycnag .kjsdlfkjsdf lskkuut kuut kuut needs EJsus nJeuss kuut kuut jneeds JEsus jes Jesus needs Kuut needs JEsus----- Builly Hylells lost at the word I see tlook a heart hope a war void inspirt a need for place cto call hi home ..• 0:05 am void inSPirit MM birds singing sackline sackline for JDZ very atletic action never thought Iwas sepcial oh ok to doeeeverything try everrything closeenough ok anorexia karent carpenter .. st a lot of people dont like to talk about 20 beats per minute tgtgtgtgtgttgt TTlttt I was hope I would wake up and kept wok up horrible wi Twouldnt wake up and Ikept waking up it was a horrible epexperience made a turned out messageministry so importatn going to die or be choronic god box ... overcome manual for life.tgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgt ange lega.l0:09 amm come home never heard billy beels Jeannie studenta t Wheaton college baby sit. .. fisrt for Churc next week bishop Lake 18,0000 sldkfjslaround receptioninthe Netherlands 1000's of them maybe yuo so californi unchurch we1cme 26 yrs age this mont bursinis propmpting of hte hOly SPirit make sense of the CHristian faith 10:1 am. RHS

""real possibilities" GG COmm church into crystals and cathedrals .. coundt find GG Comm Church stay on tlook for Chross sow saw corss need foreget telling people walk the path .. wI1100k afar the corss reveals himself demosntratewalks stand inshadow sort out sort this is not as gorw oup walklife Gods .. whom made the God plants plants as though wondering if God agenda ccountable Some people exchange truth for a

lie ... -- all see is random collision apes i ftaht if that's all no acccountability Im God made this made you I believe the realtional road Am I the only one"??! think Mom milk must be dad must be brother relationship with functional family reships good beings 8 day sailing vacation went to sleep under the stanrs thank you daaded-v-dangerous mom didn't care.some men dangerous dil disssillusion resho maybe God life is realitn though were tgone dism I cant take you for real realtion stop dismission Im opne disde tsee her for 6 months .. Void asdlkfj sdidn wCHrist follower tank ltop s leftearly GOd shows up 1m open see where God takes youmoral path no all people good d some sdangerousevilstreak of darkness inyou ., cantankerous humbling professionlike what do god term use stay at career come to a poitn wake up you1l say is being e successful enought I dont think I have what it itaks list ill can help -- .. cantankeros stpp at carreer come to a point wake uo you 'say is be I provide power come alongside deliverree help overcome 12 step .. walk in my name is powerless need Higher power and they get it no prideful spiritstreak serious wrong willpower do you cCEo Growing dynamically up 15% wake up why??only reason rnilliont ot rust funds for kids of owner and I dont even like the kdis people who need help hatelfu long addicted liberated greedy generous vracist irrationally inclusive.they get power looks to cross needed helep Christ ask "success to

significance "more than #'s targets just a cog?soul a change way job jfucntions today less $ less persk but has significance a nd satisfacoitn look to GOd skillhow help add value not just $$$ martality mortality pathway .. sppedboat 55mph dancing on skip on water fa flop allover..---- on dock conversation put boat away "Why"l1 is allhe said could have killed self just a buzz .. walked path vietnam body bags .. firend pres sr.class bullet inhead 20 br, call sit down dad died heartaattack mortality bell rung death rate has always been 100% .... not exception life beyond grave?spirit inthis life is parse iof eternity Bible says Goodness onthis cross send sack to Anaheim angels owenr know and love below that down to kingom of htem ois po open pray with me reveallself reading ab olook for car everyone alii listening learn in lean insplssteps of trust hope .. then be depsoisted USDC sackage at 11 :41 am "thompson sylvia lindquist. .. --ll :47 am keep me going Lrod euler ... still a loot 0 lot of open Land verizon am .. styz, Jimmy Buffet S> Africa this area rnreminds me more of S. Africa .. muscle man sam some of the Calvinistic concerted show of tHOW ... -rancho capistrano 31,071 MM Texas as burger feeling boated grungy groggy Tm feeling on 5-6-01 this is

Sunday 5-6-01... as ljallus alysses flowers -- lantern bay one hour six minuts later 1 :34 pm they want to be

forced tohave no other choice via mentone -- monica .. acinorn .... beach boys 2nd ave .. eagle rock way

catalina West st..ALiso creek bridge ... , Hinkle PI.. Black Iriis Ruby St..Pears St. Royal THai Blue Bird, Canyon, Calliope StKoffe Klatch, Mt. Rd. faded out showingsign oak stanital thalia st..St.Anns ST.Cleo St.Village Gallery Cathedral Lantern .. --- moretuns morning retur morning return Bridged Jones madsion squad garden scenter Schorck insurance boat canyon drive Lp Later JP ... La BRea ... -- cajun st..Ledroit EI morro canyon Newport coast Los Trancos cCanyon Lookout Sage Hill School..-- new school sage hill


.. Beautiful figure.onbike Bonita.canyon drive .. tragic figure a bike .. mariners church Bonner Canyon ... -campus university H .. S> Trojans .. Historical museum. Kelvin Mc Gaw Chinese Pagoda Pagoda .. Varranca S1..-- 4HGRI28 ... you're a protestatnt Micheellor 2:21 pm Old Orange Co .. Coasthouse .. -- Bill Hybels MM: the Speedboat story angel tiger acropolis sunday God bless monica you Cast roles do ens tdont befit the person anymore .. -- snow rnout top in may 3:00 pm the travelling notebook .. king of concrete jungle .. , --

why :" carwash .. at 3 :29 pm 3:42 pm soda machine 3:48 pm .. --- 4:31 pm finallyback at Jose came out with the trash ... Pastor Keennneth RDevine. a moment later and his gal friend came outlooing for him .. -- she seems to beward of the difference between pProtestant vs Catholic ycnag ycnag ycnag kuut , kuutkuut kuut kuut kuut ilts in Dana Pot..Marengo .. Los Robles Marengo .. Blair HS .. ALllendaIe Park .. Glenarm Marengo

MM Two dog car..-- Raymondale .. Hpe T Henna in the Park Avon Strattoford galrunning skairiap ... skai

skao riaf skao riaf skao riaf.. raymond Hill -- .. thankyou for not breeding LP .... dangerous pass LP

2YCC727 at Cornell and El Molina .. an African American fellow .. - Lp PT swing 38 minutes straighted outcleaned upHK site gal at clerk site #" 1...-- not rp preste R. cloths at H site Filed MVP $35.00 < Terrace MVP $24.00, Field Box $22.00 Terrace Box $20..00 Lower View MVP $15.00 Lower View Box $12.00 View $10.00 Terrace CLub Pavilion $8.00 Left field family $7.00 Premium seating Diamond CLub $55.00 Club MVP $35.00 CLub Lodge $22.00 .. Suite full season 0 or 21 game place .. 8hm82 82 home games Glaus Al HR King collector pin-- CEE it is defending CHr teachers openly persecuted .have had to drop 1500 churches for not paying antyong in 10 years .. Hold them Guilty Oh God by their own devices let them fallreview moning bring Christ rninisack to USDC. .. the court, .. -- keep prayign for

ttttl tttl t1 tl tl tl tl ttl tl ttl t1 t1 tl tl tHI tl tltt! keep prayign for ttl tl ttl tl t 1 ntt tl tl tl tl II tttI tl tl tl tttl tl

subpena CVUSD ??WHy NotJ?? are you pprotestant or Catholic R. Lind R. Rlind R lInd Acinom Acinorn jneed jesus needs JEsues sneeds Jeus sneeds Jeuss needs jJeus sshoes intrunk ... - subpena The sdistrict request classaciton reqwu I dont like his use of "Beloved':" m nivek nivek neive are you prote or Catholic are yon nivek .. fizz op acoinom acinom she spoke to me a ina familiar oice as wif we were equals why in when in fa what might this signify??/ --- did she wok the break the code of deference did she break the code of defeerence thatseernst abe an important issues especially in the So Calsociety .. deference perhsp athe beiibiggest propele arises when people take it upon thernselfto determine another perms mert standingposition or lack .of that is an exparnep of woiuoi 12:30 heabl see he rose and went to beefa after shp therw was the man story man MM are you prot or catholoc ""no stairs here no'Danger of "no stars

here" menalti the park MM a fr dot" what iI will be if the park man the park man 0 a reminder a constant

nea nagging reminder of what I wi llbe if I dont follow the path of LIFE LIFe LIFE LIFE ... -- .. the danger of b the importance of being earnest .. comeplet egaining an idenitty apaort fromthte instititution .. gaining an idenitiy apaort fromthe institution ready reding "Theol ,News, and NOtes""--- the Semi who's Your Neighbor""JuIie Verner thinks community is tragic at FrS ... are you a prot or catholic M Inpsrin ""kids

are community too't''Jennifer Kemp thinks its a too broad "catchword?" Jeannie Yee ... inspiriign woman-Hendrika Vandekepm first female faculty to achieve tenure .. searcching for new provost semester UVo

q uarters system Insti tutionname change vibrant shade of red Sex & Fuller.; 7: 12 am big accidentat Pas

site .. MM are you prot or Catholic 7:18 am Jim Hahn for mayor Pacoima wash .. -- "higly the majesty'Javislyporn and pagentry withount mother span excesses field raveaged which Feb 1823 .. Antonio Lopez De Santa Ana Mexico Exchange .. one for another Texans opened fire Mexican Revolution Santa ana was furious -- Santa ana responds mortagages his own property to enlist more ''''you want to sit somehwere else""davy Crockett Jarnies Boewiee Travis from Alabama indebt couldnt support start over in Texas local setler several facts legit coulnagree trave travis determmined to hold out Mar 61836 santa ana lanunched assault urgedon by bugle call, ran straight into hail at" fire ... to few Texas travis klled fought like a true solider only 3 survived Alao for Mexicans nto that 16 years of Texan History 13 days .. Mexican Army 10% casualties 600 killed hurt, from a battle of ALamo be a rally cry re revene santa ana hadn't crushed the rebeliion""Remember the Alamo""365 Texans surrended at aU shot by Santa ana this changed public opinion U.S> turned stroningly in favor of Texans santa anarationalized re laws of piracy April 21, 1836 San Jacinto River Sam Houston swept nto Mexican Camp, Mexico caught by surprise by the time Santa

ana awaked battle of San Santa an captured agreed to anicom anicorn ani acion acinom acinom Jesus nees Jeus sneeds Jeus needs 8:45 am Texan Inependenec in exchange for his life .. Texas Sec 44812 insultin a abusing a teacher.. 21-24 Moneay 1:30 pm april 4 intake Irn g not going to baby site this case EEOC says they need tos end clef to come ver here fteell efederal court what to do EEOc does not tellfederal court what to do------ ordereed a new cord for red-union indian spanidard drafted document first teme set of objectives 9:43 am waited inpdepenence formMexico ep euphoria .... bvless we are 1787 constitution

Texas a neglected backwater,,,,,,Q Texas mission isolation outposts .... moses austin.... 1;'11 never forget

teh callousness of the clerk'1m not going to bab sit"" you .... davy crockett capute Mexico no medical

corps .. mission of golgal all 365 killed after they surrendered .. ---This is a nation trying ... things work I ask

of you help them for help bBattle of San Jacinot. Inidans belief in blood sacrifice Texas Revolution ..

spain bring the Cath cchurch ... --- somebody called and listened for about a miute 1m not going to baby site ... Daily H Journal 10:36 am 213--229--5300 CV99-6168-SVW-MCX.. 11:50 am he arrived a tthe woh Is this special ed ... ??/Whist Whisnant Minisack at12:02 he moved prayer 2 12:38 pm 12:47 pm he passed by Mr. Whisnant they were ok left a note primary force was catholic hurch church permeated mary society power of blood sacifice 1 :09 pm reay have to go spain being the catholic church the elits 3 centures of Mexican rule done little to change a at silvermans just was 2 minisack undeu always praying fresh at serninay Indians wiped out Spaniards towrds Mexico City raped & Pillaged unncessary violence troubled Hidalgo greatly ... they would have demonstrated ... tried by the Mexican Inquisition for heresy MM Mr.Whisnatn Moses Austin granted right to settle in Texas., Spain Inqui keep eliet in pwer pIron fist keep pwoepe s explooited 2:05 pm special bullet creo --mE Mesic an bard spaniard ... took his library rouseaauu Locke T. Jefferson Cc53 ""Spech alone is not sufficient to support an action brought pursuant to sub a Of b expcept upon a showing tha tht espeec hitself threatens violence against a apspecific person or group of persona nd the person or group against whom the threat is directed reasonable fear that be of the speec violence will be committed .. right to tstate my point right restate without insult what saw or thought saw happened perceived it is a right 2 minisack at 2:27 pm may the God of hope fill with nat rna may the God of hope fi I 1 you will all joy and peace, as you trust in Him so there you may overflow ith hope another rninisack books minisack for tgtttgtgt 6:57 am in out of chapel commiting people to God 7:00 am no mission possible call yet.... 7:09 am, 7:14 am sacks alive ... the BEC does not tell the court what to do MM 7:25 am declined mission possible cal! for Malincko agnes, danger malincko nb beyer torrentino, ... berg fine .. 8:06 am ... he enterd the Tl fpr 8:06 am he enterd the Tl and waited onthe Lrod threw awwas tgtgttgtgtp tgtgtgt pt spa speaking foregin language the tgp was suddenly gone and the comp available then TGp wasback tgtgtgtgttg12 12121 tgtgtgttt Ttl absol nosliw nosliw nosliw lupa lupa .onward he went summit .. the contorl motif in! he Us. maybe anti-Christian .. the ideathat if one is not on top of things wevertying will fall aprt racism .. super ca at 9:10 am california singer Pk columbia st..Luap luap luap Iuap luap luap luap luap., muidan nosliw no nosliwll new crispy shrimp bowl linda lea j.Iapanese filrnss CV -99 - -6J68--CSVW MCx 30 days from judgement Carlos at 9:40 9:48 amm $105 2881 55 minutes later Highland pk ... Highland R Historic distric bBellevue & Marengo ... 1 hour 10 t miutes later UTh for prayer for TTl ptto11 day after talking with Mr. pearson Iwent to the court after PLp lkdjf sP Evolution car in fr on at 11 :36 am waved to go ahead he did he died his har.. 3-28-091 notice in parties ---3-28-01 judicial

notice, 3-29-01 notific of completation of service 4-9-01 notice of disccrepancy T. Swift valley

pomonoa reed 12: 17 pm rio hondo college TT 1 preachi ng to himself Dr. Phil ... on Oprah .. Shasta T. Swift Los Nietos overhead TtlttltltltlttlttHltltltltltItlt he probably got oover the head st as a youtb for looking to 0 closely at., and exit bellflower. .. TTTTTT!T!TT!T!TT!T!T!T!T!T!TT!! carpintero closed gal baoy at 12:33 pm MM the not stomach while on ground .... p.53 p. 55 p. 68 .. sign it p. 8 .. p. 14 .. p.

16 .. p. 26 .. p. 30 . p.31..p. 34 .. p. 41.. p. 42.reflexive. p. 48. p. 49 .. 1:38 pm continued onward then he contineud onwrd ... brea field on ckpp smi Visa atsiv evilo atsiv elatsiv evilo atsiv aevilo ffej 3 hHb's RTs .. 7:32 am accident e helicopter at 7 :58 am----------- somebody called and listened for about a minte.; mt. mr. whistling Nlesus needs Mr. whistling .. they ere ok left a note primary force was catholic church church permeated mex society power ofblood sacrifice. Moses Austin .. granted right to settled in Texas .. CC 52 speech alone is not sufficient .. Rouseau Locke & jefferson .. , .... minisack ... rnissposss callfor malincko agnes .. declined ... malincko boyer torrentino berf .. 8:06 am he enterd the TL and waited onthte Lord .. there was gtgtttpgtptgptptpgtpgtpgtpgptgptpgtpgtpgtpgptgptgptpgtpgp.. onward he went. the control motif in the U.S. being anti-Christia.the idea that if one is not OpOD top of things evertyhing willfall., ???? Luap lupa lupa lupa lu luap lupa needs Jseus needs JEsus needs Lupa lupa lupa needs Jeus lupa Lupa needs Jesus regdod mudidani nosliw nosliw form v. substance .. 55 minutes later one hour 10 minutes later uth Fax to TJ .. day fafter taling to Mr. Pearson Iw etn tot he cout P. Evolution Valley pomona .. 12: 17 pm Rio Hondo co llege TT 1 s preaching to himself?"? over the heat st as a youth for lookint at a Exit befflower

TTl ttltlt1tt1 ttl tltlttItlt1 tltltltltltt1 tI needs je Jesus neesttltltlttlttlttltltlt carpintero closed ... onward .. visa atsive evilo atsiv evilo needs Jesus needs Jesus atsiv evilo .. 3Hb's rtg .... 7:32 am accident helicopter at 7:58 hlda at daily 0 journal willsend cour rules UPS 1-800-742--5877 lz5811050342144125 .... -- .. .it was testing time 5-9-01 ... picked up papers at 11:22 Stanford Nine

Testing", .. then Mr. Davila came in at 11 :43 am ... and said "hi" and yjf noted that one of the kids an had pre-answered the Q's ... en u suicide doors ''' .. --- left the room "" you can go if you want'he returned at 12: 37 pm send EEoc Fax 2 Hb's misss sssip MM sipping from bottle cap-- domesticated demosnted dollsteep magpie 1:05 pm quiteded down watching warthog .. 1: 14 pm , 1: 19 pm at least 32 students in the room--young gal air lifted to the hospital.annoucnemnt be by jJean Whiteker principal student ok w ... we wa

nt to produce people who are more than j us good secretaries .... we want to produce people who are more than just good secretaries.or clericalIly efficient. .. --- Frown on Malachi, Gabriel Gomez, Jesus Ordaz, Edward Arevalo, Devon, Briana passing out papers at 1:55 pm to catch a Mugger BK To Catch a

Mugger .. thenhe left the LP notice LP lsjk 806 ... --- 7:58 seconds minutes davila alivad alivad alivad needs Jew; sneeds alivad alivad De social state kent 2 Burnt out van on side of frewwewat and crushed auto bmw .. 20 minutes TTtl ttl rut tlttl tl tt tl tl tl 11r remember in yourprayrs remember in your prayrs atsive asive a Aznja st..the envrinornent- p -graphic .. dulles the senses send EEOc letter fax Lp Mtr Rdr..the case they s cite and include in their-- supplemental was decided on March 26 .. 6:38 pm he nipped through the papeprs leNt 2 complete?? nobody loikes being conned .. bo nobody likes being conned ... -- by P2 adds insult to injury by suggesting PI deserves to be robbed or to suggest that becuase it happened it was meant to happen .. .this sort of agrresssor crusdader justifiaction of wahtever gets int heway is misplaced is

uncaled for especiallygiventaht I fail to see any consistent or coherent orthodoxy or orthopraxy inpractice by P2 ,nor am aware of what Leo P. had in mind in his crusade against parts of the Calvin Community, bu the only thing that was-- consistent about his crusde style was the personal attack ad hominum on the person, rather than the issue .. the MM white Mustang honking at him at 7:19 pm on Villa .. thenhe had a pescado fillet...-- Request for Judicial Notice Betty Isiaka Eeoc Fax to all they prove when they point out that on none of the PI family inclu atotnresy int he family objected is-- there is St wdistrubing wrong .. these be our le''''leaders of "of sorts nad they ore so good ar at avoiding controversy .. they allow or force others to fight for them it's really deplorable. .if Chri is lkdjlkj jist If Chr becomes just another system by which whereby people use it 0 get what they want..7:00 am r'd inplce rose early continued onward.e-Clvil Code

39 .. --- 1567 anapparent consent is not real or free when obtained through l)duress, 2) menace 3)fraud, 4) undue influence 5) mistake 1575 undue influences consists inthe use, by one in whom a confidence is reposed by another or who holds a real or apparent.. authority over him at such confidence or authority for the purpose of obtaining an unfair advantage over him 2) in taking an unfair advantage of another's weakness of mind or 3) intaking a grossly oppressie and unfair advantage of anothers' necessity or distresstgtgtptptgtptpgtpgptgptpgtpgptgptptpptgptptpgt needds jesu s 2224 one who gains a thing by fraud, accident, mistake, undue influence, the violation of a trust, or anotehr wrongful act is, unless he or she has some other and better right thereto an involuntary trustee of the thing gained for the beneift of the operson who would otherwise have had iLCPP pulled witbing 3 years an action for relief on ground fofraud or mistake, the cause of actions is not deemed to have accured until the discovery t by the aggrieved party of the fact constittu ing fraud or mistake ... -- I 0: 38 am onward on kent most of the morning I"" loud apple chompers'''OO--- tripe! fax to TTl 1) re personal representative 2) note 3) re fFAx .. prayer for ttl .. Don at spec shop .. then he returndc to the TL there wsa tgtgtptgtpgtpgtpgptpgtpgtpgptgptp and B .W> at 12:45 pm 53 minutes later then he enterd teh-- 12:51e .. he enterd the TL lab . .there was tgtgtgtgt 12:54 pm .. .2:46 continued a working on more definitive statement ... -- ""you work here right at 2:50 pm '" you cant leave your stuff here and there fifteen minutes grace period .. flower sale .. heand a super sport 400 h you work here rirght?then he enterd the TL lab tgtgtgtggttg present.. to accept ppoverty when one has a choice of an alternative is more meaningufl than proverty because somebody did something wrong ... -- 6: 14 pm helicopter overhead .. they contineud to went to day went quick ... kent 2 TC good keep progressing 6:33 pm angry lady pulls inbehind him at least 11 air conditioners inthe window.s .. kent 2 exhibit demur 13 minutes behind bush at 7:09 pm left message with EEOC need letter re 30 day preserve federal right-to-sue .. all mail deli vered James Kok admitted yesterday Wednesday and out again on Thrusda •. one day even .. seems ok first supp places.. .. their attempt to fi le under question Intterrogatory set # I an noticed j ntent to mtion fore reconsideration .. they had faed personal rep form to TT2 .. doe os does our society ernphasisze earnestness over truth .. the ??????"" "theday they stole my sincerity:" 6:44 am picked off the dead pedals on the lfower ...

butP2 adds insult to injury by suggesting at thatP 1 deserves to get robbed to suggest that be it happend itwa ment meant to happen this sort of agrressor crusader jsutifiaciotn of wahteever gets in the res ys rni imenat to be .. misplaced... to accept poverty when one hsa a choice of an alternative is more n rneaninful that bpoverty be thats the way ti it is... ..angry lad pulls in behind him at least 11 air condie conditioners

inthe window Kent 2 exhibit dem 3 minutes behind bs bush 7:09 pm let let message with EEOc need letter for re 30 day preserve federal right-to sute, all allmail deliverd James kok admitted yesrda dnbd aga out on htrudsy done day eve first supplemental places., their attempt to file under qeusion INterrogatroy Set # 1 a notice of intention to mtion fore reconsiderat then h he faes personal repre form to tTT 12 .. does our society emphasize earnestness over trutha/? the day they stole my sinceirty 6:44 am picked off the dead pedals on the lower... f flower Under Line Moby Dick Canterbury Italics Malum in Se .. then he etned the 1L and 8:46 am began to fianzlize Kent 2 5-11-01 send Judges copy plus original may 11 j Jacob Esau Inhertitance ""you cant' here., ..then he real a copy of the court rules UTh at 9:58 am poopy field s, then he left the vid site golf in Mexico com efew more minutes sir'" they stacked the deck .. psushing the real thing., towards HW that was scary pep lei living ain a world of fantasy non reality has to paint her face then he enterd the TL cl and missionin missing exhibit A the day was moving quickly realitonal authenticity finaly completed Kent2 at II :06 am lake Ctr., Lake Produce .. .feel like a minority claremeont :MEcededs sseverly demonized woodbury road .. 1855 N. Lake Kent 2 demur cornpetd 7 dayus befor emotion day hold it fup up to a week talked to pable at B buster will bold for a week MM the 350 SEL convertible green man smoking in it going south on Lake nut coat 12:23 pm kent 2 completd LP means USPS $16 x2 for Kent 2 $4 x2 for kent 2 .... a ... Attnt Hilda 915 E. 1st Los angeles, CA 90012 ... D. Ilournal Mo June 11 fello ini his seat at 12:46 pm John Christian it's so comfrotable then he retuend to the TL there was Christian in his place he graciously gave it back to him, the n he I. eft eh the TL at I :40 pm friday 5-11-01 calling EEOC 1:44 pm Kok ""hold one one second Okay""EEEOC Tomina .. Hilda ... Tornina .. at EEOc ... SF EEOC 415--356--5100 408--291--73521/11619--557--7235 TItle 29 of the Code of Pederal Regulations CFR 1601.28 section 1601.34 RUles to be liberally construed ... No cause Determination 1601.19 Substanl//l1614.402 must f be filed within 30 days of receitp of the dismissal,

final action, or decisoin .. the day was moving quickly .. .lllitial Weight REview ... 2: 17 pm prayer for rttgtgttgttgtg V Christian Nees Jesus 3;10 pm 1614.401(a) (c)====== 3:32 pm the day was rnovig quicly

.. How about an interrogator set #2 ... 7?to tattorneys re their assumptin that a dismissal letter cannot also be

a right-to sue letter .. therew s Christian at 3:39 pm and TOP in the Camp lab then he left slot a few after only a few short moments in the TL LAb at 3:46 pm need to print TC more defnini ti ve and INterrogtory #2 .. what a day Kent 2 filed A beautiful .. lady gal onward... glanced at agall 4:36 pm at least 15 people inthe TT shop .. transit... JJ shop at least fifteen people in the Jamb a juice shop that day at what time .... ???m busier than usual??? yes .. my most memorable and eery nightmaore is unfortuantely is not fiction, it's

reality .. living arealtiy ... fdra MM the motorcycle man .. filet fish .. barred by the 300 day with specificity gfeel good abotu completion of Ketn2 feel bggod abotu completion of" Kent 2 ... yes good eyses.god yes ccompelteion good .. or int he alternative having aextra .. money to give to a good cause, the church, a mission, or a seminary, tad they theya re now appeasing??all th wealth, power, properlty ""an ainvoluntary trustee of the thing gained't'their "harmony question'lar the expesne of whom?" what the position should ideally be .. "" Jacob ea Esau not justification for conning one's neighbor.. Peter 2 family not only has no true affection, but in, fact, they have com contempt, have people lost ability to respond

proeprl ty with sincertiy sty sympathy empathy be 0 f the legal system so defensive about the how and why and libality that w we retreat at the time when community is most needed??l can you blameJ?can you excuse ?? tgttgtgtgttgtgtgttgptgtgtgttgp gtgttptptgptgptpgtpptptptptpg shourt joyfull y to teh Lrod as I all the eartl serve the LRod with gladdness come fore Him with joyful singig tha thte bod hHimself is goodits' hard to know awhat TTl wants outisd eof notwantint thing to change at all --- misjiondr joinig together of distinct coi coi counts ina compaJt of ought not to be tried togeter also infreference to irnporoperjoinder of parties separate action bless the Lrod all mysoul and All that is withing me forget nNot His benfies who of your iniquites neds yoYOur diseases remdeems you satisfies yoU you .. wlike the Local perform righteosu deeds He is compassionate and gracious slow ato anger aboundin in lovingkindess .. great HIs His lovingkiness.Her m hear my prayer oh Lrod .. Hear my prayer Oh Let my Cry g for help come to you ... nation antion Y Trgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgt Netherlerad nRefeored MpPRotestant REforme CRC .. were no as exculsive as NR or PR and we disking sans r teh t Dutch RC iof South Africa when the rfursed to abort the aprtheid some deemd ere to be closes to RCa .. but slightly less inclusvie RCa traditional y has been more cincliend to support the public schools and send the ir childrn to them whereas theCRC has been more

prone to develo p a Christian schoolsysts. as iI noted prevei I have one foot in t each system and have

bot h of which is why both CRC and RCa witht he doctrine of general reveation and therefor eunlliks orneo of hte other REformed .. branches are more likely to be closer to "the wordl"of if not of abl albeit again CRC is trasdionally a little more resered a nda liitellmore ethnic oriened thatn RCA. .. the tCRC half 0


f make rnia lskdfjslreserved for exa t I did not socialize muchwith others .. this th is the CRC tendecy in me ...

an often misinterpreted as oarrogacne .. other stimes by p PPPPPPPPRior to teaching I had a done some

free-l acne cmissionary work as well as seome semi-rorganized rnssionary gave rise to the "we dont need anyrnissionary areoundhere.comnenbt men noneveven though 1m CRr and .. missi I am was alsu dualcertifiel to teache incling ic alifornia., one day after Kent 2 dayafter kent 2 premonintin premonition in Lil J afa rna man at 6;05 am in Famswroth "can I get a goodone'''' Eaton Canyon at 12 minutes at ahrn ahtran ahtram ahtram ahtrarn ahtram needs JEuss ahtram needs JEsus needs ahtram a need Jesus needs ahtram hotcakes at 6:40 am family savins then be enter pray 2 and onward rew return receipt from daily h journal] 7:20 am day after kent 2 .... hi at slessor hall., they really want to love but they don't know how .. then yjf sat june 99 7:47 am reading Semin .. she attended a conservative Christian college with mens dorms and womens dorms ... but there was allkinds of crazy sexual stuff happening there. while she was

there .. s???! ! strange ... every single female thi nks premari tal sex is a sin ... men are spli t on the topic equal re mBTON ... half think it is a sin, other half think it is no 90% think Fuller Fails in regards to sexuality ...

MBTOn 14114 Mbton 15.15 male female resepctive .. HOw Female How often NEver 13------ Seldom

9" ... Montly 5 .... , Weekly 5----- Daily -----0 .... sinlge famels think premarital sex is a sin Yes 30 No 0 Mark Wright a 26 year old virigin .. white arns mission important persecpt attracted to same gender male -never--good express sexuality no re movis rnagaizne chat pOL. Male Prernarita 14---ye5 .. 22--no .. Female 8--yes, 8---No... cassie blairs gay friedn best friend... my quick no betrays my fea my quick "no" betrays my fear'karen Sloan Pitzer College Clarement ""known ofr its leading gay scholars'""'caugbt up in HM or HT Sexual lust., """" "Gaydar" " I have a fair amount of "gaydar't' Christ Tweitrnarm re 1)

yhpargonrop 2»0» noitabrutsarn 3))))) gender relations 4) premarital 5) aduJtere .. 6)

ytilauxesomoh 7) Harrasment, .. Allen Corben., """marital rape ""is possibel.i.evangelics denial just say

no""unwed people have sex---not sin .. sometimes "unwed people have sex and it is not a sin "'whereas aother times ""wedded people have sex and it is a sin?" wowo STephen Peterson re body appreciation in Latino culture. they really want to love but they dont' know how .. the U Yjf sat Sat June 9 7:46 am reading., SE mi attend conserve christian college with allthis other stuff??? wow .. eery sinlge female s thinks that premarital sex is a sin .. m. whereas the men are sl= split ont he qeust. .. equal yes and no re mt MBTon .. 90% think that Fuller fails in regards to sexuality ytilauxes ytilauxes ..... in regards ito yrilauxes .... ... m Fmsl MBTon .. yes no 15-15 ... how often femalses MBTOn 13 say Never 9 say Seldom 5 say Monthly 5 say Weekly 0 say Daily »>singJe females say premarital sex is sin 30 say yes 0 say no Mark Wright says he is a 26 year old virgin white ams missin p important persepctattraced to same gender never..expressesexuality novels movies magaznine chat Maire premarital 14 say yes 22 say No .. female 8 say yes 8 say No cassies blairs gay friedn .. --- my quick no betrays my fear Karen SLoan Pitzer college ... clarement ""known for its leading gay scholars ""gaydar"'c"'Caught up in I-1M or HT sxl lsut'" -- I?'?i have a fair amt fogaydar .. Christ Tweitman re yhpargonrop 2 noitabrutsam noitabrustam 3) gender relations 40 premarital 5) adulterey 6) ytilauxesornah .. 7 _harrassment Allen corben ... ---- ""maritaJ rape" is possibel

.. evangleicals in denial'just say no""St unwed people can have sex and it is not sin .. ""whereas ST "wedded people have sex and it. is sin»" 'wowo that is an imporat and poignang comment what does it mean?? not sure sStephen peteres ro body contact appreciation in Latino cultures as opposed to American culture ... --in the Latino culture .. then he enterd the preopsi te the lab fellow ... comp la be feellow "" good mori ng ""way there .. then be completed ... -- f Fire Service Day climb on the hook and ladder inad wayve a flab

... boy caught fish rigomertis.... person of value not successsu ... be a person of value not success 11 :56 am .. m dy after Kent 2 day ofDe.OOO .. day of DC .. X6 interrogatory set #1.. .. ,. Supplementary #1"

Supplementary #2, Request for Court Asssistance /Verification , More Definitive Statemetn .. Motion for

Reconsideration .... Properlorr L May one Herz 1-888- 4Flre Ant.Land Rover. .. --- Hops turning Ny MM Kids playing in B =Suits .. Cor Chirstianity cannot be ignore.d .. my Corporate Christianity cannot be ignored.c-Valencia ... --- ear faith Can 0 acrosf frornthe Church of the Nazarene MM show slowmotion Disco .. Mobile Dr Lp Dj Slowmo A.rts Crafts Festival..Sanla Fe X3 ... Mar Maersk .. Hyundai... x19 China shippoing Roadway, CF kBS ABF..Pelanconi DC Complete 1:30 complete .. 1:30 pm .. on saturday 5-13- 01...--- generalrevelatio field fa flowers completely gone Shari Van Dorn.. realestate Villa Pk H.S. c Center & Taft .. Lemon Verde Lorna Brite .. Ludwig .. paron Daron Wildwood.Sycarmore Leatrice

Modoc .. Yorooka .. Yrurok .... Cabrillo 19 make a stand for Christ at .. Santiaogo Oaks did turn around Meads C..Cerritos Truck in Villa Park.. horses Equestrians golf tennis club rabbit truck on chain at Pelancono .. aprk Orange Pk Blvd ... -- Flying ELane Amapoloa Macdonalds Daniel Orange Hill

Restuarung ... Orange Mining Co. Philo One mOntogomery El rnorenda pk FFairhaven Dunas .. Prospect

Laurinda., malena, LOwry, Greengrove dayna ... --- Linwood, Fair hha .. Fair Haven Elementeary < Amtrak surfliner Villa Marbella .. Coyote Alert .. Dorman St.,.; Mintues Temple Minter Temple Betheld French St. Busch Pacific Symphony Theatre Old Orange Co Courthouse .. Federal Bldg USPO .. -- Dons'Bail Bonds Escriptions , Carver Elementary, Daisy St. EI Tiburon, English St. Spurgeon Intermediate Schoool.; Campesino pk.c-Sin Sing to the Lord a NDE NEw Song all the earth! Brless His Name Proclaim Good tidings, Tell of Hls glory General Revelation man in Red van Reverse Offensive .. -- absention Relinquisment ... .Absention relinquisrnent.i..when a federal court defers to the state court not wanting to progam a my behalf that utterant em may be given time to k make known with ... the mystery of the

Gosopel .. Make any money ??not last week did first part of week., Liquidated Sum Certain 4:40 apm music man .for whom I have suffered the loss of all thins and cant could the n rubbers allthings to be loss inview of this suprrassing vale of knowing Christ Jeus s ... so that I may gain Christ t eh cimewho worship in t sthe Spirit of GOd and glory inChrist Jesus and put no cnfidence inthe flesh Philippians 3.3 ... --" I have until the 26 th submit any further supporting document ffej nennneds jeuss ffeej ffej ffej neeeds Jeus ffej ffej ffej nrmeeds EJsus ffej ffej ffej needs Jeuss no TC for second supplement no TC for second supplement ffej ffej ffejf ffejf fejf ffejf ffej neeeds JEsus needs Jeus sNeeds Jeus sneeds Jeus snneeds jEUds nneeds Jeus dnnnexcs jj J nneeeds Jeess s snnnedsd Jeus sneeeds Jeus sneeds Jeus sneeeds Jeus snnn nneeeds Jeus sneee needs EjPfej F fej ffejf ffej ffej fnneeds EJeus snnfff ffej nneeeds Jlisus snn ffej neeeeds Jeuss nffelkjlkj MM black cat black ccow crow inpath Twin Lakes freedom prk .. " "tother than socially"'no ne not socially either Neitr did I know them socially ... -- HMS the Semi Edition that was the second week of March hilda acct # 1390991 Fax 213---680--3682 ... packags message from TT l..his voice sounded hea hearty.. not ao hwER NOT ABRUST A NO noitabrutsam, noit abrutasa noitabrutsam noitabrus noitabrutsam , noitabrutsam, . .Jesu sneeds noitabrutsam, noitabrutsam Jesus need noitabrutsam Jesu needs noitabrutsam I will pray with the Spirit and I wll pray iwht the Mind also 1 Cor 14.15 7:10 am Jesnes needs

noitabrutsam .... --- Noitabrutsam Jeus needs casts out fear noitabrutsam needs jesus needs noitabrutsam noitabrutsam jess conquers noitabrutsam n Jesus needs noitabrutsam Jeus sneeds noitabrutsarn.... 00 ?lDonation to GRCh Capital Annual Fund .. the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listining ot he Message 7L: 19 !sdkjt1dkj no condemnioant for those who are in C HChrist JEllS Salad Super C Ntu Nut swe .. I dont soifjdo God is not a God of ocnflict but a God of peace 1 Cor 14.33 ... Be onthe S Alert Stand Firm be Srong ... -- Be strong int he Lord .. Make my Joy of the Same Mind, Love Purpose .. Wright Needs Jeuss thigirw Need Jeus sneed JEus sthigirw .. ""Whatever God good thing each one does .. this be wil I recei ve back from the Lrod.. J eus snees thgirw... thi grown .... Eph 6.8...... Do not

i mi ti ate what is evil but what is good 3 jn 11 ... J eus sneeds ... He what the him the I i fe 1 John 5.12 ... -- all the four on the do's dont di minish his fath to deescalte to decrease in scope a skeleton TT 12 met hi m some abut the Qs'l/ .. e the leove at what too many people are thinkgin the QW Wrong questio the Q Sb ... does ____ increase or decrease your or tother spotential for glorifying GOd, if People are turned of to CHirst be of a perversion of seuality the then the need may be for opennes . .fi people are turned off because of licentiousnesss .. then the need may be for s sho a show of modesyt.. humility humiliyt h humility not whether God, like an angry judge owith a mallent caprciously approves or disapprove.s but trying to

determine what is the rationale of God and his Plans for His people.... .that seems to be the question

How many peo are so that we .. , good be thay a how many preachers are deemed to bee god, because they are, in essence, preaching to themselves/? bethny Ckc Bethany eRe bEthany CRC bB Bethany CRC Betba Bethany CRc BethanyCrc 1 Jn 5.16 sin leading to deav vsno »nO One who Is born of God sins I Jon

5 .18 .. No one who is born of God si ns 1 Jon 5.18 ---- NBo one who is born of Ofldo but al so t ot hoer to teoh ups t twhat reallyare you st abse tragic then he said '!" ""sent ""Good morning f":" fax to TTI2 ... and prepare count courtsakc plus sack line (x1400 courtsakcs x(2200, plus sackline xI4 .. fax to westco reporta rebeecca fields and 2) daily hournall.extra envelopes in drawer. .. 0---- first time he had ever taken Eprayer with hi .. ""No so much case of PI lacking money as it is them havin it ali.>??!?!!???!??!?!.?!? what

the sernintragic questions of sexuality suggest Symptom of sornehtine Else???WhatJ/----- first h time he

had eer taken e pryer with him .. not so much a case pf PI lacking money a much as it is them having it

all .. what the semi - tragic. Q ~s of sexua lity suggesty a symptom of some thine else??what?? Af am man on elevator .. wi th transistor in ear .. at 8 :00 am .. reductionism to thse who do or dont" as much as them ha vi ng it all ... ???!!! 1 A SUSPICION OF SUch may be the source of more problems than anything else .. even CA law looks down on that sort of thing»keep me Safe Oh Lrod for in You It ake refuge apart from You il have no good thing for the Saints who are int he Land they are the glorious ones/III He is at my righhand make know to me the path of life Bethany eRC JEuss needs Bethany yan ynahetec fill me with Joy in

yYour presence my P Cry Me please as much as them having it all., delivered me fromt hte attaacks of the people . .I neither want to be the victirnof racism nor a favored one becaue of racism .. No good treat bears bad fruit nor a bad tree good Lk 6.43 ..... good man fromthe overfow of hear this moth speaks .. Lk 6.45 .. fromt he overflow of His Heart hIs mouth speaks .. k like a man builing a house who dug doeep down foundation on rock .. you wont' protect me and they will.a.s much as them having it alll8: 14 am not as unwise , but as making the most of every p opportunity ... ""h understand what the Lord's will is .. ""Fillingof the SPirit inot a once for allexperience .. repeatd as the occasion requires the Spirit empowers fa worship service and testimony contrast btw filled with wine versus filled with Spirit praising GOd ruach ruach mach JEus sno oit ab noitabrusta needs Jeu sneed s noitabrutsam , needs Jesu snoitabrutsam needs Jeus neo noitabrutsa needs Jeuss., Jesus need Hogan Melva Drog kram repte kram retep kram repte HOly & blameless Holy & Blamelesss trbel P Lupa lup luap luap lupa ocinti INdonesia man at 8:23 am.Notce of Entry As Required by FRCP RUle 77(d)" .. Maluku outreach foundaiton 909--981---1183 ... ""be on Your guard against all kinds of greeeed a mans life'does not consit int he abundance of his possessions Lk

12.15 .. ""filled with every kind of wickienss evil greed, and depravity full of envy murder strife deciet and malice Ro. 1.29 .. Must not even be a hint of SLor impurity or greend be these are improper for God's hooly Poeple nor obscenity, foolish talk, coarse joking, no immoral impure or greedy person, put to death tehe thererefore Si .. impurity, lust, evi ldesire and greed which is idolatry" rid self of anger, rage, malice slander filthy language 2. Peter 2.14 eyes of ful fo of A .tbey never stop sinnint the seduce the unstable experts in greed 0 an accursed brrood.c-Oh Lord hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief, one of the most idddifficult thing to reconcile growing up with TTl was his extreme emphasis on eloving one's neighbor to the point where he seemed at times to love the neigbbor more than his own kind, man is like a breath days like a fefleeting shadow .. TTl neeeds JEsus needs ttl nnee elove the Lrod love the Lor dneerncie sfi do good tothose whhate b you .. bless those who curse you pray for those who mistreat you krarn retep needs Jeuss 8:58 am RAs at 9:37 am God add blessing Eliz Stefanko victoreis 9:38 eliz stefanko needsjEUss bten he enterd the Ws site interestinq quiote w week after kent 2 week of DC x6 Jesns needs niffum niffum nifffurn niffum Iliff m .. offering B Becky Caselinese someb Becky spec e lak late arriva ewatch one watch over shoudler her a ineverybody's heat II years old has own CD ... that' becuase you're one of a kind Sing me to Sleeep Cho choir haJf full Moms took day off MM RHS and int be Choir ""The CLub"" S Winn Wlrmerk ':" James winner winer winner holdings any time 5 yrs old Hope College aminisack at 9:50 am. .. MM Bread Of Heaven ahhh that was

fun ... ph.d ... poor hungy and determined .. enxt gr on farm and th way of life filthy church fundamental catholic.. .. tithing church taked talke d a alot mom died at 49 enver reveling in at army at age 17 ... brothers farm at 4:00 am .. (x2)OO prayer line .. by 3 weeks ago broke leg without crutch no cane invention how come about?? cadillac stolen In kKorea they put chain on steering wheeel market all my life CLub Ist small farm PA very poor 5:00 am every day milking cows amother charity integirty econimically rich spiritually poor

or vice versa .. , coomrnmittment ot JEus sCHirste every Dollar God bless send v wealth whatever em

goes to me to the busniss fo not foryou or persona beneife rein rekindne need for Christ Retire??? sell some business tartecranking down .. stress in voice of father running business walk on beac sunrise at aAM

rededicate yourself.. small pubcli co .. new sk slate offoficer swhy??/now most active stock on

NASDAQ jJames winner guest sat doan after didnt' ask R. Williams thers anotehr servie I drove out 12 members Winner ''''from a Distance"""God is watching "but also here Cc the church doesn't allow for a change 10:09 am walks toward JMMm James winner Can I check what I wrote of course absolutely 10: 12 am exciting Sunday Nor Wilknes Broke leg special to col climb and won here p in person General Lee Butler push the p button how to live with to days MG day take day offf relzd hopeefyc an translater come f home flwos know make up w perfection wife scar ther eshambles mess kitchenb mess concerned she diddnt'a snser in bed s glasses readying nove what heeppped shes ays what happend today todoay Iddidnt do what I do everyother day the expece of checke dout got in a cab you gal 42 year sof age she ahd hard life it showed few people go to curch in Hoollland I will be coming vented large hall 750 ab at the reception 1000's more would to come in 9:30 of 12 stations whwe we have larges t audience text favort Ps 118 v 1 .skfj Lrod is my strengh and my salvain tus just comeb ack from Europe started in Holland 14 days after eeuthanasia law apassed I trying to control have a love youcopy of new bOOk Bk Hurts into Halso heres' my calling card she read that tile and lost control state sobbig pru Kok now leader of Holland taxi Owner and I see a steep good what church i said childgood faith never been to Church I belon gto my church televeisoin?eyes of fille diwth tears they afraid to say be of Adolf Hitler they're afraid to sing be of Adolf Hitler t.he Lord is my strength wow left wme wir c smile Lucn shes shes s e 7 8yrs old il, ne Ikjalkjdf

without faith life faith power life eis ernpthy Lord is my strnegh be mysalvaiton brin Holland to Germany

to receor never recovered froM WWII .. they would you bet couldt live without faith wife children that much on TV doesnt know who i am envelope with name I open to nothing insid ewow Lord is my strenght how often smile power by Mike Nason and shes right call em p over put por aonclerk I lot they was she il she bought it I apaid do you have faith stock paper thoru gwood and lief ethank you RHS for HP had putting in german language in totallydeaf thank youtouched me so cmrnmuch tried to eathe htem tunne I around how then pace faith smile ub smile pwoer soul pwoer.300 people sldjf pwrisupports by man and wife wj who to marry us I Inyour blessing DO it now obviero CP look in eyes CHrist wowo do St kiss wife with God's blesisng mean smile mwent ot give prop opening prayer at small party there was Sybil Brand Chichaog a publicicst for Paramount most powerful person HWD ... go insppeed singig back to Germanysmile power soul dpower youngman cCP tad thwy ethey neeeded a new bldg .. super builidng vs for w ar Sybill Brand Institute need fooed work revolutionize bday part for her she's 101 years old .. a Sybil Brand humanity ... """"'hlLmanitarian of the century"" nobody would take it see womans jail 4 quarts 50 at second quarter 75 erd quat Sybil BRand single largest gronw rather 100 year old I can sing Holland dath oLd people dont adare to to to go to a hospital they are scared be a faily member can terminate death consciounses e embrace CHrist JESll start reading about hIm sayin fi an ot a believer would you be if you meant it was the truth 10:40 am Halleljuah .. lfie anser CHirst as all all I a know about Christ turst what oyouoiu Warren Wilcox with abeard if you're thinking about Not doig it and conscientious about Not doing it you may be just as demonizec as the person who is doing ti it or thinking about doing it.... sunkist

growers ... Brooks america choice Pa point LoLlotLloyd anderson companies Martin Wilson &

Macdowell. .. xl7 to Cc plus bow spirt Royabapayera t 11 :40 am noitabrutsarn picked up up Newport magaizone at P.O Vonkarment Birch st.. Fora truck FOrd truck .. wouldn't let him in went roaring by >.Iake and Forest Dr. at 11 :55 am moth 2 Hawks adavila and alvad cal ta cal trans crw it's mothers day San Juan Creek Road San Juan Creek road surfl iner horseless carriage su san Juan Ca San Juan Creek caught bei ng bggood boy eating at restauratn sk skateboard kid .. bibb binni binnacle lantern.; 34198 PCH Danta POt 1 Hom 16 minutes later Selva road cant' talk sore voice no mention of Pasadena that time Crown Valley Pkway 12"30 enterd the backpack boy aHolspital.. PRepaid minisack at 1:46 pm that bc one lies that in any way changes ones entitltement ot thers this almost adolescent Bill's Flwoer Hinkle st..sun faded mail box agaate calliope st. .. BK Different Drummer Anita st.. nataraj India thalia st.. St. Ann's tacoloco 4 Ak 82 .. Dark blue porsch expeiration Mar 2002 WM with sungleasses Legion st.backed upat 1 :54 pm carno Lfjcamoulfalge pants young husband with daughter pure color play boy bunny tshirt red fried with white 0 soul to sole charmohouse Lulu laguna at 1;57 pm Aster St. H Jasmine Headache statute 2 boys playing with dog biting leg pant San ILedroit tttptpprpptptptpptptptptptpp mind fair mind fair peasants victory for those who ought not be peasants Helm of a yacht if onJy for a day Crystal Cove Shake. Shack .. turn right on Newport Coast Dr. Coyotoe 20402 Newport Sage Hill HS> mariner Church man with 2

dogs .. Univ H.S> Trojans Co COner Unvieristy and ldsfjk sdf big part..Must come from thinking that if you dont' get this person to work you will lose money if you can't get this person to work San Diego Creek

CHannel Barranca St. Big hug Dp on van ONe thing Tlearned is never step down from the and

pretend "Jesus" is just a word, just rhetoric ... Anaheim police at 2:37 pm Lp Love Frvrzb RHS t groupoes LP Kamala people wanted me to fight back ???!! was that wa what was going on ??pep people wanted me to fight back?! 3 on 3 spring slam Garnde Lp TOK@th LP 2 H2 Hndl..downtown brea .. meow .. San Dimas Frankie Avaloog Fabia .. Golden Eagle truck.smell the hops did the scandals in the school or church add to a represeeive neurotic sexual atmosphere"? Altadena sheriffs clergy academu singing Bless the Lord hls name the same handcuffs onthe man 26 minutes later he was out. .. ofHk site $70.00 os the special site he sat for a moment 7 minutes plus crawled unde the Van .. mynors auto repair .... ugggggh that w twinkle in the ey 2 IiI chi have has 5:40 pm Melinah Kasperian at Broadway in Eagle Rock then he left hte TL and went to nearby sup site ""excuse me""to the fellow standing there .. 2 cheerleaders in the rooooooooom he left colo in the spot and ballyhoed hte Boys t shirt said "juvenile delinquent" at 5":07 pm prayer 2 served eprsonally and by mail on 4-30-01 left with roomata Melinah Kasperiah . .Im dong well Est comenta mom at Ss at Crst noond artesia hOme TT 1 at 6: 13 pm he glanced at the note asnd saw the mocking postc postscript what a real bore ... takes away one's s drive ea every CC cildrens choir Tt TTl and Gap aappare apparnetly in good rship... Good sing then he called the [NS Co .. availabile the srnae allastar game

inSeattle Ws ... did they ever file a disallowance of claim???undated and unsiggned ... ""If he had not left a will you wold have been a beneficiary':" they did elecktrock to Tt to keep his heart going re Ketn2 2 at P. Ttl's ok good for tl IIIIIInterrogatory 1 #2 ... Artesia home non answer at 7:39 pm ildred new k Hk leg

wraps at Issue'''' at issue" 8:01 pm breahte a heavy sigh at the sigh t of Me ""be big ""by deposition notice'" onw kent 2 good truing to pelase everybody they pelease nobody ""Thos St esacaps i in their universalims feeling so ill about TT's calL .. feeling almost nauseous ... about TT westco daily journall P. 61 Line 19 re the ticket in 97 then somebody calle at 11:08 am June 262000 sent t minisack to officer rnostman.. emphasisze emotional points. do not reduce your demand more than once until you have a new offier.." "collateral source rule" "wheter you paid for medical care out of your own pocket or it was paid for by your health insurance or other insurance is none of the claims adjusters business '" a person who causes injuries should not benefit because you have taken the precaution of paying for health or other medical insurance coverage"" if an adjuster so much as breathes anything ago about others sources of medical or income paymens remind him that the colLatera source rule prohibits such questions any further reference to collateral payment sources to be bad faith settlement tactics ... 11 :40 a.m whatever the Ins co paid I paid .. to the Dr. med group Prosp Prospect Health soure med group .. ll :55 am contactd maxicare may have to have some sort f of role paly to help her understand 12:27 pm the seller is responsible for getting the vehicle smogged prior to sale vehicle code 24007 Health Code 44015 sever years at least five Judge's office 616 336--3658 Linda Tt2 thanks for yoW" response american Tort reform new bill to protectt

teacher wundet the collateral source rule the amount of damges awareded is not reduced when the injured party receives compensation from another source such as insurance or sick leave governmnet code 985 ... Prospect medicab bouth health source inNovember 2000 angie ... said at the med group ... 1) valentine 2) druge se .. 3) irile riley ga fax to O'Brien Brower re time of hearing next ty time you have kids have them be you want to not because of duty next time you choose a career choose it because you want to not because of duty i unless you feel that God is fealling you to do so what bothers me is the ntion thtat you personalize matter and make it a personal choice to or not or 'Almsot anybody prese t a depsotion contactin the adversary personally cb re sicnce ever even a courteous request mb interprted as an taaaattempt to intimidate almot sd 0 important yo ty that you do not read or review any document in preperation for your deposi ton gorred ru le of maki ng a good impression don't review doc uments that you do [Jot want to reveal .. danger of depositn party shaping the story danger of verbal abuse . .leapfrog questionining admino admonition educaiton and employment in history interrogarroes sspe speciousll 9:22 pm shoo shout joyfully to the Lord all the earth.serve the Lord with gladness joyful singing thanksgigving and prause caret carte blanche .. 2 7: 1 pm give thanks noitisoped noitisoped needs Jeus spaul know the law Paulknew the law Ps 103 .... bless th Lrod 0 my soul... and all that is within me bBless His holy name be gracious to me I am pining away heal me OhLrod return 0 Lrod .. no thank you "'at pastrami sandiwich site .. MM 2 mM inisack to AnnaMarie Jesus Paul read the law never thinkt he wouldgoing back to this sort of the whenall wanted was to be and of the SPirit to TTT2 positn tie that tof a member of ways to get you tore-think but you "sm you're a "smart fish"'iM not sh sure what kind of bait would lure you, but then I realized tha analogy doesnt fit because int hiscase the bait has no hook it's free food or hook, no strings attached the

only land that woue! overfilled 20 )Odepressed 3) for ea put in it ainanother fremak moi to feed children if she doesnt eat her children die ... childrens ayplease ear mmmummuy so ewe can eat too mummmysays I want toeat it's just to hard for me at wha what point does one force feed or say "not fit to be a mother:" whet tt2 to change to grown hs this is the .. the gro ""Grow '''used intheBible Block was done aat shall never repsne they hae have until Mondy May contra bones moresaginst .. good morals "cconduct of such a character as too offend.. Linda dont ge that you've earned some of the inheritianve or, in the alternative did you do something to not deserve the inheritane where wyou were not employed byt he S.D. as a

certified teacehr were no you not working to psusupport TT 1 are were yo not here than lkj Ikjlthat you comple on tha to contine and perha even appear to change 1m wonder how Hannah Massad' ""the onlyevangelical pastor in the Gaza astrip""--- th next day yjf roseearly ac and contineu dare dhe decliend mss op ppppoossibel x3 give tahanks to the Lord with allmyheart tell of Your wonders glad and exnlt in you sing praise to Your name mMost High I will give thanks to the Lord a according to His righteousness and willsing praise to the name of the Lrod most High but let all who takerfuge inYOu bc glad let themever sing for joy it is YOu who blesses the righs may surround him with favor as a shield 8: 13 am yjf lef tbte Lt ycnana in baggy white gray TTTTT!TT!TT!TT!T!TT!T!tllt needs Jeus stumbleedweed 8:20 am parti lksfjslkj parity oyou Ps 35 contend oH Lrod with those who contend with me if .. fight agaisnt those who fight against me my sould shallrejice inthe Lord LP say no Iwillpraise you in the mighty thin throng NormalIytttltltlttlttltltltltltltltltlt 56 degeees on 5-14-01 graffititini int he broadway booth arrow lower azusa Los angeles IllThe eye e eeeyeye 0 f the Lrod is on those who Fear Him lower azusa los are ramaon BB Big boy ycnann ycnan: LP van 31hmrll previa cuthim off ... big Boy BB grotessque 5-13-01

the Ps 2 daughters have been irony is in a display of living voluntairy humbley geven go so far as to reject their inheritance its poe fi for them they think their saying "we're above that' But for whom are they speaking what beneifit tdo they get frorna display of depressinon/humility a display of depression humilipt what do they get??its a balance sheet not a scoare scorecard .. its'a balance sheeet not a scoreedcard what does ycnang one get ???wht benei ft do they deri ve.? ?my ra yer kept retuong my prayer kept returning to my bosom .. my prayer kept returning to my bosom .. what do M & P get from hangining on ti to it

all ??whatever reasont he Lord kep me out of the rnssn possible sire that day 8:39 amm racism the racist

mi nd 3 in one inane in 3 in on3 in 3 in lin 3in I ... be Graciosu to me oh God begracious to me my soul takes refuge in YOu your vows are binding upon mmme of God .. w have delivered my soul from death in the light of the living God is myhelper that sustainer of m soul .»he has delivered me from all trouble .... they want to die in a depression good Q how many depressed peopelare content as such??it was a previa that almost him hi m that morninng aroudn 8:30 am my soul is among lions I must live amnuy those who breath fied .. be exalted above the heavens oH God Jeep silver 3WKy422 on 605 s. F near the San Jose FC channel bea .. be gracious to Me oh God be graciosu 8:47 ammo .. covenant transport truck"''''she has not ceased kissing my feet. .. '" d descelklkjthose are depression based comments big blue house ""Jesus lives" beverly whittier wood RLE RGE Trucklines impol imploring each one of you t. .. they also like not having any choice th confines of BC allow them to feel constrianed by the environment a pattern of semiuabandonment 8:59 am 9:03 am what God had inmind that morninignIm surrendud by trucks a cars ahissing humming growling .. new pars novody wants to touch ttl wants a mom so dearly .they both want a momthey h both have gotten a a lot of mileage out of dead mom .. peremit the childrent to come tome .. covenant transport not much space at to pulloff .. fines toevery will be salted with fire .. evn if Iwas completely out of mi mymind new block on window admonition bewared at eh briar patch just tell teh

truth .. dont' use to refresh memory ... residual injury injury to disc in spine hit High multiplier..tlipping htrouh the book as Idirve 1363 Capital Dri ve Fond Dul Lac WI 54937 """"" I have earned the money myself that I kind of expected to i nheri t, recei ved monetary reward but also emotionalsatisfaciton, don \ want to go back into the fight with nNancy and othes ., .. too muchpain, distress, anguish. need to let it receded and go away, cannot bear to open this up again, being in an adverserial releationship, another painfly why youhave changed so much totally cut off merge the sh bwh .... why you havne' tchanged at

al I?? / bali ng laught assigning fault blame language entitelemtn IIlI III assigingng fault that what as i see as mail privelee rules.s.. looooking at her picute danceing period one clad 2 clad 1 torch touch someone then the in the room ERB Electronic roll book .. the next see the u mud scene aint he "Midsummer Night's Dream'" 4 minisacksa t9:25 am "Family'rstart with the idea! and endeavor to make it possible dont' he cut off the sticekrs ""I hv I have looved thee with an everlasting lover"""jer 31.3 .. " "perfect love casteth out fear"" 1 J n 4.18 "" love the Name of the lord"" Is 5 6. 6 "" love one another" Actors Co-op 1760 N. Gower, HW XA 90028 ... ""be witched the los borns f of my child ---""disopbedience to the Father's wlllprivate schools for you both now .. why cheeks so pale rases fase so fast course of true love never did run

smooth .. Bewitche bosm doubt ad on west Shane Elie Wiesel..Demedtrius demetrius chekov 10:01 am Bk the Portable Chekove Bk Playwrights on Playwrights Bk Contemporary Movie Monologues .. " "return to her parents i nt he mid west..B k On mM:ethod Acting" "b y Edward Dwight Easty B k Everything ababout theatre Robert Lee Bk Scenes & Monologues from the New American Theatre F. Pike, T. G. Dunn "Sutchrnan" is clearly meant to ex pres Barakas vision of the irredeemable social oppression and deatht that is the black fate inwhite America who is that actor..Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) ... J964 ... BK Lysistrata

Aristophanes ... archetype, ancient patterns of personality that are the shared heritage of the human

race ... collective unconscious similar to the personal unconscious .. Hero---mento, aLlies, herald, shadow, trickster, threshold guardian, shape shifter, higher self Bk the Writers Journey 2nd Edition Mythic Structure for Writers C. Vogler. 10:38 am 'Distortion" based lion on an impairmet of the first they stole idea (and dinot give proper attribution) 2nd--they miscreated it so even if they did properly attribute it , would be in violation of the Lanham Act.. .. Lanham Act. to protect writers from false attribtuion ... no pseudonym, however ingenious, novel, or quaint, can give a writer any more rights than he would have under his own name Clemens V. Belford & Co .. Counsellor came in at 11 :00 am .. misappropriation .. mora I rights .. statemts found to be defamatory per se include allegation sthat a person has "attempted suicide, refused to pay debts, immoral or unchaste, or "queer" improper, advances to women, wife trouble, about to be divorce,d coward, drunkard, hypocrite, liar, scoundrel, crook, scandal monger, anarchist, skunk. bastard, eunuch, rotten egg, unfair to labor, oprressive, dishonorable, heartless, the injury to reputation neeed only occur in the eyes of any. substantial and respectable group in society, rather than society-at-large .. Prosser


Law of torts 4th Ed. p. 753-54 a person who repeats a defamatory statemtn is liable .... ""the defamatory statement need not refer to a person by name inorder to be actionable ""it is enought that the deption to be recognized to those with the persons repuation .. be be acquainted with the peJOsns repuation.---the probel this can cause with fictional works based on real events or the writes own experience are substantiaL. Thomas Wolfe whose ficiton was highly authobiographical..disclimer disclaimer meant lelittle, if in, fact, the characters are drawn from reallife .. chaing a works locale, plot and the facts surrounding the characters lives, including apperance and manneriasrn can insure that no real person willsuffer libel..""mR. Artemis Jones re te use of his name Mr. Jones Hulton And Co. Lt d v Jones 26 T. Lor 128,129" priv private individual 11 :28 am the he kids filtered in again ... pri vate figure, public figure private .. show negligence, public show rnalice.iwhena plaintiff's repuation is already sullied, showing damages can be difficutl.. attorney tno tdetrernd to be a public figure a de aan a an attorney was not determined to be apublic figure expemlar exemplary and punitive damages are the same thing ... Willism James Sidis a child

prodigy .. convcited of hijacking a truck 11 years before .rfceaders Digest mention him by name Lord Byron to prevent publication of poems falsely attributed to him-- 11 :52 am the two boys amade an extravagent display of touching each other Bk "'The Writers Legal Gudie" "tad Crawrford & tOIlY Lyons Hey rebeccal how was your pee??stop touching ahim any more yet pregnatn Im going to get diaLno you're not strawberries I sad that too Baoilment trustee Ideas can be protecte d ... maybe a pforrnat them or situaiton .. CA --contract suite stat ---4 years 2 years if contract is unwritten 12:14 pm th ... the day was moving quickly when s get she gets out of bed you can see it his tiny boobs right inthe mouth .. the girl with violet shirt was as much jffnot more interested "elppin"" any tissues up there ... new seen b new seen you seen in it before you missed ith theyre they are boy inferfere the writer may be mistaken the actor as well 12:20 pm at violet a I.. ""false atrribtuion" "WTU WTO World Trade Organization 'licensing to a rnagaizne to "publish an excerpt froma book before the books ispublished is fcalled "Firs! serial rights"""'the fact that a work is unpublished shall not of itself bar afinding of fair use 1) purpose and character of defendants use 2) nature of the copyrighted work 3) amount & substantilaity of use 4) effect onpotential market or value .. bethany what's yourname .. there are stupid Q's and there are Stupid A·s .. bwthany in violent ahd arm around giovant and tas tsaerb on his shoulder, the gal in black has some sort of stocking on violet holding red hand violet legs back 12:32 oh Lrod let your light shine in here . .lvo love the music in R & j ... Bk Dr. Faustus

Marlow .. Marlene canter v Valerie fields ... Elppi n look Oh i her she grabs hi in his 1:01pm my crotich she grabs herslef.. he glance s at th gals ols the rrom ready picutres sitting near the AC dropping creation sticker under couch .. People v Sup C Alameda collateral source rule may be punitive in naute in that it requires a wrongdoer to pay damages for an injury for which cornpensaito may have been made in whole or in part.i ti s in not simply or soleley punitive, the rule embodies the venerable concept that a person who has invested years of pinsurance premiums to assure his medical should receive the benefits of his thrifht, the policy encourages persons to purchas and maintain insurance for PI but also effectuated a closer approximation to a full compensation ofr them, we find no appropriate justification for labelling the rule punitive or for not applying ti to public entitites and public employeess 1 :20 pm a multitude of minisck at SIS-a' who insures the city?? punitive damages cannot be e imposed ona public entity ?? edefendant requested permisssion to show that about 80% of plaintiff was paid by Blue cross.. to deprive Blue cross of repayment for its expenditures on plaintiffs behalf merely because hw sinjure dby a public entity we do not bell ve the reasoni ning in Souza either compels the aboli tion of the collateral source rule in all cases no rrequires an unwarranted experntion for the urle of public entities and their empoyees ... GC sec 825 to 825.6 indemnify and defend its emplyers against civil liablilty excepet in cases of conduct os the scope of employment or acts performed with actual fraud, corruption, or malice .. malingerer. .. Evidence Code 352 .. re revilaton if insuracne .. long beeen recognized tha thte devidence shomg the defendant is insureed creates a substantial liklehood of misuse .. subrogation Bk Sony 1999 ... August 7, 1991 Board adoped new name colum bia becomes Sony Pic Entertainment Mickley Schulhoff.." 'during the summer of 1988 oOvi tz introudced Sony to top mgt at paramount, MCAIUniversal, MGM, and Columbia.If', 184)) A""Around august 1990 Syd Ganis a fanner studio chief at Paramount was hire" by Sony (223) Spring of 1998

Guber moved his co to Pararnoutn"'309.. Sept 1989 Sony anounced intention to purchase the Guber-Peters Ent co .... (GpeC))) Warner filed suit., Nove 16, 1989 P. Guber and J. Peters went to work for Columbia .. to be renamed Sony 2:30 pm inthe VHHS library D.A. none of DA directors mention ed iin the Sonybooks X1viAS 1998 Sony is ill 3rd place market share., Bk A Short History of the Movies by G,. Mast and B. Kawin 1992 5th Edition Macmillan""any successfull HW films spawned several dozen imitations" p. 230 .. Production Code 1930 Paul Schrader Blue Collar (1878) Hardcore (1979)" American Gigolo (1980)

Mishima ( 1985) United Artists went out of business j n 1990 Sony took over CBS and CO lumbia .. 2: 53 pm it was quiet Ms. Watkins and Vanessa .. that was strange Vannessa minisack for Mr.s Watkins. 3: 10 pm --watkins snikita snikit Jose I guess the wayt to settle but make me wonder talking to s Cindy LP Sincerely Paul.; anger witht he pan in th in fact tTtl's size did does have ian impact significatn which is why it is difficutl for them pta pursue thismatter, because in a lesser way they do the same thing as LP ... 6:20 pm andybody whos broke faith and used some sort of unfair tactic to get what one wants and then cries Out"Jesus"'whe put the clotehs at Hks ite 6:55 minuts .. WEndy at the insurance co he payed the bill!

:: .:" gesture of good wi l!"" ""nuisance value'" "suzie at records a 1997... '" tal ked to officer Ammar about

his citation in 4-9-98 Citation #B000363991 citation given by Officer Porter..... 7:54 pm cartoln

by ca the car alarm Mercedes lie plate 4 LTC995 uggggbe what was the lady doing ... Vallentine 309--

7600 message from T2 re ..... the next day 5-6-01 he rose early and picked the whites WF's itwas a cool day PGFW ABF and he WOTL shout joyfully to the Lord all the earth serve tbe Lord with gladness come Before Him with joyful singing tknow that. he Lord himself is GOd, it is Hew who has made us and not we Ourselves we are His people and the sheep of His pasture, enterd Ills gates with thanksgiving hHls courts with praise" give thanks to HIm bless HIs name for the lrod is good HIs lovingkiness is everlasting faithfulness to all generaitons, pPRaise the Lrod sing to the Lrod a new song go and sell all youpossss Mk 10.21... therw as LEBo. .. at 6:32 am .. "will hand him over to the Gentiels tomock scourge and crucify hiHIm whe whenver stand praying forgive : :yu if you have nay thing against anyone forge ve the pants were too I tight ----- and then cries out " Jesus "he put the clothes hk site 6 min 55 sec .. wendy at ins co .. at 6: 36 pm

"" gesture 0 f god wi 11 '''' "nuisance val ue" Suzie at records 1997 tttttttttttttttttttt OOOOfi Officer Ammar Oofficer porter the next day 5-16-01 he rose early and picked the wh whiteies it wa s coold ay pgfwanf and he wotl..sho shout joyfuly to theord all the earth serve the lord with gladnsss come before Him with joyfulsinging know tht the Lord Himself is ad iti is He who has made us and not we ourselves .. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture, enter His gate with thanksgvign His courts with Praise, an, give thanks to HIm bless His name fa rht elord is good His lovingkindness is everlasting faithfuless to allgenerations, praise the Lord sing to the Lord a new song .. and .. go and sel I all you possess Mk 10.21 .. therwas LEB 0 at 6:32 am .. willhand n him ave to the Gentiles to mock, scourge, crucify Him, whenever you stand praying forgive ... , if you have anything against anyone forgive .. the pants were too tights . .librarian nairabia .. Lebo lebo lebo lebo lebo ... dfslkj I ljf ljlove ycnanan whom recieves theis Child in My name Receives Me whomever receives Me, receives Hlm who sent Me Least is great, God is not one to show partiality 11 minutes later he was inside at 6"52 am .. everything about regeneraiton and sanctification and spiritual grownt suggests change is not only okay,beneficial, likely" but that it is expected and necessary, when a II things are subjected to Him then the Son Himself also wilbe subjected to the One who subjected allthings to Him ... to as sthat so that God maybe allin all 1 Cor 15.28.. JEus needs keent 2 kent 2 kent 2 kent 2 kent 2 ken Oh Lrod my God in you You I have aken refuge Save Me frornallthose who pm-use me and deliver Me wh him who without cause as has my adversary, I thoug it was Tuesda, but it was Wednesdsya, next day he Jose, and enterd the Tl. , the Lrod abides forever, He has established HIs thrrone for judgement, there was tgtgtgtpttgptgptptptpgtpgtpgttgtptpgtp Blss teh Lord at all times His praise shalLcontinuallybe in my

mouth .. Lord bow long will you loook on??? But I say to you make an no oath or alleither by heaven or by earth, b n nor by your head let your statement m be yes or no .. no anything these beyond shtis is of evil .... yo are to be perfect as your f heavenly faFather isperfect 8:36 am "Whenyoupray go into your inner room dose your door and pray to tYour Father who is in secret, and He will reward you Lord twila b d twila bd twila bd there was Janice Iw n e I wasnt evern thinking according to those terms Jesus jjues ms.watkins snikaw sniktaw sniktaw snikaw sniktaw needSJEuss needs sniktaw sniktaw 8:52 am

tTTT'T rr rru TT !T!T!T !T!T!T!T Itttl tIt 1 tltl tl tl rt tttl tl tl ttl tl tl t 1 t1 ttl ttl t 1 t 1 t1 tl t 1 u t t needs Jesus needs jeus sneeds jeus sneeds Jeus sne .. easier fora camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom Soet teos teas teas teas teas needs Jeuss needs Jeus sneeds Jees steos teas teas needs Jesu sneeds Jells sneeds jles teos teas e .. give ear to my prayer Oh God ... teas teas teas teos do nt they need to make the public think there is a need for constant control, or else???! !! ill wi II thi ngs absolutelydisintegrare without control?or is need for h control a result of fear! .. , fear caues peopel to do inexplicable things, I never thought of TT5 as a wp person who was of the fear. ... ??? TT5 realy fell praey to that tendency to contrl.. .. it ws easy" perhaps too easy for hi to do he's be ... Ikj lkj la real

hog ... uuughgiiuuughguuuuughgghuuuughghgguugughhgnguu . Jeesu sneeds ydnaynda ydnda yddna ydda ydnda ydnda ydnda 10:42 am .. the sent a copy of the record .. carment and Dr. Chen, Al . one hour 7 minutes later .. l2":31 pm he left the .. Don ai, Dr. Chen Carment, Renee at Kragends at 737 E. Altadena

Dr. 91001 4 rninisacks at 1:15 pm carment renee, dr. Chen, AI.. Rule 60 request for relief from judgementor order .. request for relief from djudgernent dismisssla 2:46 pm redhead walking by at 3:21 pm then he went insidthe C Cl and notice d Janice and tgtgtgptpgpgtpgptptpgtp stillthere CL t he went inside the CL .. the cl an TCI the he went inside the TCI, .and notice d jancie and

tgtgptpgtptgptgptgptgtgptgtpgtp gptpt were sti I I tehre, at 4: 0 pm actual fraud 1) sugestion as a fact, fo that which is not true by one who does not believe it tobe true 2) the positive assertion in a manner not

warrnated by .. he In nnoticed tgtgtgttgttt at 4:47 pm she glanced his way at 5;17 pm he enterd the copy site andsaw the demon rerninder.. the DR.. he saw the demand reminder., a eery scary fellow Lord whyrnust I continue toseethis fellow"? faxxto TT2.. an d note to tgtgtgtgtggggtgt "''''''your boyfriend seems very nice, is he nice toyou"?" ??kent 2 Teas teeos teas teas TNCy teas teos teas teas teas lkjsdlfkjsf Isteos teas teas teas teas needs JEsus teas teos teso needs Jeues n tees teos teos needs JEsu problem whent he first primary there in one s mind is """"'I'm OK"' there not they impotent whent hey shousSHB not striking back but asserting self .. UTh regd .. theydid an article on S. kent tenek teos teos teos teas t teas tw .. twila ED twila BD twila BD needs Jesus needs Elsus s teas twila bd

two twila bd .. teos needs Jeus sthe trees isntead of the rtorest..thatwas the first time the comment "sees the trees instead of the forest" hit hom for him ... "the first time" "thetreees sinstead of the forest" hit hom fax to TT2 .. re kent ... teos teas needs JJJJeessus teos teas teas fax to TT2 re kent., Issue preclueion issue preclusion is also collateral estopppell .. iaa issue preclusion is also known as collateral estoppeld applies to a subsequent suit between the parties on a different cause of action, collater estoppel re prevents the parties from re-litigateing any issue "actually litigated "'aod finally decided ... Lucido v: Superior Ct. (1990) flynn v. Gorton (1989) ... the prior final judgement on the merits .. Mattson v. City of Costa Mesa (1980) .. a stipulated judgement or order is a judgement or order "on the merits'" .. was it actually litigated":" necessarily decided .. Cal State Auto v. Superior COurt.. "California Supreme Court has held that the identical issue requirement addresses whether identical factual al1egations are at stake inthe two

proceedings no whether the ultimate issues or dispostions are the sae (see Lucido v. Superior Court

51 Cal 3d) am I arguing an issues or factual allegation"? 7:01 pm there was tustin dustin .. and lac

""judgement on the mertis re through analysis and adjudcation .. the factual of the factual issues presented, rather than the by the existence of a technical or procedural defect that requires one party to prevail. A "judgement on the merits "" is binding and issues so adj udges bc su bjectot the force of res judicata and collateral estoppeL judgements not rendered on the merits are frequently considered dismissed without prejudice. so tht hte factual issues may eveentually be decided upon Jure uxoris ""right of the wife"?" Federal question jurisdiction, pendent jurisdiction a stipulated judgement or order is a judgement on the merits is this a new legal theory., eh he read about res j udicaata more ,. then ht they spoke against GOd,. eh stuckr the arock sot hat waters gusbed out, streams overflowing call He give bread also, provide meat?!the Lord is the sustainer of my soul, he subdue peopel., Tt fax to TT2 re oan issues ... --- dyit up stir up your Yourself and awake to my right ad and to my cause my God and myLord '." judge me accoridng to your righteousness 7: 18 am is the tht the theolq ues q i quest wdoing what one does for the Lrod larger more broad and mea ni nful than the lower letter., law .. he and been reading. about.B J and B i bl parallel fax to Ttl .. re anissue sforgivnes shut forginess does not good fit he other party scoffs at it .. IDZ doesno no good if others dont respect that sort of repsonse 2 daysprior fax to TT2 re is an issues .. 2 days prior.. to Kent I'm reading material re res judicata send spr in spi si spSpirit inspired fax to Tt2 .. anything Biblical days praer not about "you"?" forgivness forgiveness is only meaningiful if .. evne with N.T. thers still an importante cre utlimate justice .. tat Jeuss taking a small matter and pus an interpresnal matter and pushing it into a

larger light to make a granderpoint, in so doing one relativez a matter., rather than exacerbating the issues fax to Tt2 re an isseu--- I am the bread of Lite Twila B D .. I I know HIm because He sent me .. 7 :29 those who have been chosen by God, holy and beloved put on a heart of cornpsasssion kindness .. but the will of Him who sent me In 6:38 .. Best I can come up with .. twila bd twial bd twila bd he sent me 7:29 humility .. gentleness and paience .. TTl never talks to me about hisgranfather, ... tt2 rem talks abotu her granfols Fax to TT2 .. re [Ian issues wha why not??w not about you per se ... ---- improper speaking objection 7:55 pm probative (proof value) si is outweightb by undue prejudcie """evidence of anti-abortion activity might cause some people to be prejucice for polit creasons'" loac laoc lack of authentication or "lack of foundation for a docurnent.. .. Hone to whom w owe a as a friend be to act we respect that fident at what poit does

one say I fnever fi ti so acutely beofer ... the ot do to die never felt so acutly before fax to TT2 re an issue it wowi 11 nOI --- group 0 f peopl e who real I the nex day 5 -17 -9=01 he rose early and at rnessreg enter it was


a cool day gtgtgtgtgtggtggtgt needs Jeus je needs EJsus needsd Jeue srgtgtgtptgtptpgptgptgptgptpgtpgptgptgp 6:59 am oh Lrod you are the bod fax .. to Tttt2t2ttt2t2t2t2t2t2t2t2t2t2tt2t .. when the Son of Man willsit on His glorious throne 12 thrones may of you also shallsit uponjudging the t2 12 tribes who are first willbe last..whoever wishes to be great among You shallbe Your servant Mt 20.27 .. waiting ofr a miracle. 6:59 am ... Oh Lrd on you are th elOrd fax to ... gtttttgtgtgtgt nnneeeds Jeus sneeds when the SOn of mna wll sit On ills glrorious thorne 12 thrones many of you are are first willbe last whoevers whiswishes to ber be great shallbe Your servant Mt 20.27 ... waiting for a miracle., teos needs Jeus sneteos day 3 teos needs Jesus nteos teos teos needs Jeus sjjjEsus fax to T2

. .the day was moving quickly 9;01 am. he had chatter fromnext door. .. he looked up the EEOc nubers

again .. e 30ayd s he talked to alex durbin .. who confirmed ti titalked to Sb in SF about the 30 day

ruel.. ""not a charge ""Federal charge"'3-31-00 dual file charge 1-: 15 am... bills .. a paid out to Dr. Wogenson ws $360.00.. . .. 11:01 am, yyjf ocntinud onward chapel marmot present on THrusdya UTh for 6 rniutes.. prayer day 2 ... rodrio .. then he ereturnd to the LTL and MM swassaw coyote at 11: 19

am .. running across road on Sierra Madre Villa ..... --- both dismissal letters sent to CVUSD at 12:28 pm he descended downard Barbara Johnson v New York City Brd of Education .. Oct 10,2000, .... .there it was in Bold letters Kok v. CVVSD..30 days on or wheiver is earlier Deb Garbe we only answer subpoensa orer by the court.. 30 days C .F.R. #29 labor relations paper back. .---- Beatrice at 213---894---1004 the legal department of the EEOc .. -- DFEH when 1 :38 pm Jackie at the DFEH would call back and Joann at the EEOc Besteria DFEh .. --- 5-17-01 at 1:45 pm until 2: 00 pm talked with heir I discussed extensively and at length the facts pertaining to the EEOC..-- how does one determine June I 1997 MDfelsdlfjsdlfkj then he returnd to .-. the TL and the CVUSD promise to arbitrate according to obligation was a false promise, then he moved over..-- to the TLCL and noticed TG and tgp at 4:06 pm if you're tyring to survive or thrive on til rules by playing by the rules obedience to you willprobabJy find that at the time youre about to capitalize, the rulemakers willsimply change the rules ... -· .. the machine heads .. they disqualify themsevles by their own machination, if the we can understand we cant understand it.. if it falls outside their imagination threshold they count it out 5-17 -01 fax to Betty at EEOc ... I understand how it could hav ebeen misinterpreted as not within the 300 days, but in fact, there was continuous violation, and 1 thought 1 communicated that to Deb Garbe .... at 4:30 pm ... -- poppy fields anyone at mox .. angie anat 1BOX .. screech he heard the screech of the tires and a scream weh wheels and a screal at 6:05 pm lady walker "continuous violation exception alpplies only wehere discrimnaitin is accomplished through a specific official poli cy or mechanism, or ri sing to the level of a policy or practice" ." "the continuous violation doctirne'" which states that when a plaintiff experiences a continuous practice and policy of discrirninati hbt the commencement of the statute of limitations period may be delayed until the last discriminatory act in furthereance of it .. Corn well v Ro binson 23 F. 3d 694 703 2d Cir 1994 .... Jesus needs teos teos needs jJJEsus needs teas teos nenneeds jejjjEus steos teas tesos ... --- boy named NnaNNnathaniel Brazill kills english teacher Grunow had refused to let Brazill see two girls in his class to say goodbye for the

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carat 6:36 pm.. Request to Have EEOc reclassify tile dismissal in light of continuous violation""now he

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