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Citizens Service of the Federal Chancellor Ladwig Fottner To Nikhil Parekh ‘Vienna, 16 " March, 2009 per email: nikbilparekh99© BKA230,02070430- ‘ViLs72000 Dear Mr. Parekh ‘The Citizens? Service of the Austrian Federal Chancellor confirms receipt of your email of Mareh 9°, 2009, On behalf of Austrian Federal Chuncellor Werner Faymann, we sould like to thank you for the information regarding your poetry. World peace, the environment as well as the global fight against terror are important concerns shared by the Austrian Federal Government. Therefore, it goes ‘without saying that we welcome and appreciate your commitment to these causes, We also would like to congratulate you on your success and the ‘various awards you have reeeived for your poetry. All the best for your future artistic endeavours! Sincerely, Ludwig Foliner (Citizens Service ofthe Federal Chancellor Department VIL4 Ballhausplatz 1 ‘A- 1010 Vienna "Vels 443.1 58115-2440 Faxt 443 1 53115-4274 Email: