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UNITED NATIONS @ NATIONS UNIES 30 June, 2004 Dear Mr, Parekh, On behalf of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, I wish to acknowledge receipt of your recent letter, which has been referred to this office for reply. ‘Thank you for your desire to share your books on terrorism and on the environment with us, [am sorry to say that nether the Seeretary-General nor the United Nations Organization can disseminate, authorise, endorse or offer opinions on materials not generated within the Organisation, We do, however, wish you success in the publication of your books. Regretting that we cannot be of further help to you on this matter, I thank you for your interest in the United Nations and for taking the time to write to us. Yours sincerely, atte Dawn Johnston-Britton Chief, Public Inquiries Unit Department of Public Information Mr. Nikhil Parekh 14, Heritage Homes Co-op Housing Soc., Lid. ‘Thalte} Ahmedabad — 380054 Gujarat, INDIA.