1. How sorter acts as an active transformation? 2. What is integration service? And what are all IS available? 3.

What is link? How you usually connect the same in both designer/workflow manager? 4. What is default_session_config? 5. What is the use of Shared Folder? 6. List out 3 reasons (min) on why you need workflow monitor? 7. What is pmcmd? 8. List out one scenario where a session needs to be validated/altered by doing mapping changes? 9. What is parameter file? Where it stored? Can we customize this dir? 10. What are OPB tables? And can you give few examples what type of info it stores? 11. What do you know on Partitioning and partition points? 12. Where you can change your password (related with Informatica client tools)? 13. Explain about informatica relational connection in workflow manager? 14. How many sessions or commands tasks you can use in workflow? 15. How can you stop processing header & footer records from a flat file? 16. What is “tracing” in session properties? What are all tracing levels available? 17. What is the difference between a session and a task? 18. Explain “propagate” option in designer? 19. Can oracle source can be converted flat file Target? And is vice versa is true? 20. How you ensure the logic that you coded is correct in the expression transformation? 21. What do you know about Target load planner? 22. What is breakpoint? Where it used and how to set it? 23. What is the difference between using a cached lookup and an uncached lookup? And also key diff btw connected and unconnected lookup? 24. What is reusable transformation, mapplet, worklet? 25. In a 1500 records file, I need to process 501 to 1000 records to TGT. Design flow for the same?

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