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Condition of Property Letter Re: Adam W. Ruplinger Lender: HSBC Beneficial Loan Number: 0017408048 Property Address: 1421 North Spring Mt. Dr. (250 East), Springville, Utah 84663 ‘To Whom it May Concern have been asked to provide information about any problems with the condition of the property in question There is a large number of missing shingles on the roof, which were blown away in a large wind storm in January this year. We have one verbal appraisal for repair of the roof from Cascade Roofing Services, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, for an amount of $525.00. ‘The concrete driveway has several major cracks and is sinking lower down in the areas where the large cracks are located. I have one verbal estimate from a friend who used to be involved in concrete that it ‘would cost approximately $1000.00 to repair the drive way. Other damages are minor such as a rain gutter down spout on the front of the house that was smashed by a flying trash can during a wind storm. Researching for replacement parts at, I estimate it would cost about $100 in supplies and labor time spent to repair. ‘In the lower level of the home, there is a sliding glass door for entry/exit into the back yard, The sliding glass door track has been damaged making it difficult to open and close the door, or to lock it when itis closed. We currently use a wooden rod to keep the door locked. In the kitchen, the genuine wood floor has some minor water damage and large scratch and scuff marks that need repairing. The entire floor should be sanded and refinished. We have no estimates for that repair at this time. All throughout the home there is minor dry wall damage caused from hanging pictures, and a stair well railing that was not anchored properly into studs when first built, and has been pulled out of the wall Jeaving some damage that has only half been repaired. All dry wall damaged spots need to be repaired and painted over. We have not obtained any repair estimates for this issue. Closet doors in bedroom 3 on the lower level are damaged and will not slide on the door track ‘The carpets in the home have only been cleaned once in the last 5 years, and is the same carpet that was included when property was built 10 years ago. Please feel free to contact my representative should you have any questions. Adam W. Ruplinger 4/12/10