Reportage Photography

Reportage Photography is the art of blending documentary, first-hand observations with personal perceptions and experience in a real life form. Although reportage and candid photography can generally be said to be quite similar, essentially there is a big difference which is found in the way in w hich the photographer approaches the subject. Where candid is merely casual snaps, reportage requires an in depth understanding of the subject and of the photographic processes. Reportage draws from a pool of documentary, editorial and fine art photographers. While individual influences yield subtle art differences in style and approach, they all share an interest in the interplay between people, events and locations. They work quickly and unobtrusively with minimal interference. Anticipating and reacting to movements, they capture images that tell the story, reveal the characters and preserve the contest of the day.

Jan Becker Beyond Reportage

Aldas Minkevicius