Instant Messenger (IM


Synchronous (2 or more simultaneous users) Multiple communication features & actions (audio, video, white board, games, file share, etc.) Free IM programs = MSN, Yahoo, AOL and Google

Instant Messenger (IM)

Hybrid form of discourse: blends oral & written language features, (Erben, 1999; Warschauer, 1998?) Engages cognitive & linguistic skills Generates & fosters interaction/communication Aids in language awareness Best used with intermediate students (due to pace & proficiency)

Potential Activities: Join the Club! (Initial IM use & operation) Views & Reviews! (Shared opinions on books, music, websites, etc.) Critical Thinking through Current Events! (Group discussions about happenings around the world)

MSN Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger

AOL Messenger

Step 2: Make sure you download and install the messenger in your computer 

Step 3: Register your IM ID

Step 4: Add your Buddy in!

Step 5: Chat with your Buddy!


Wiki wiki is Hawaiian for "quick“. A wiki is a collaborative, open editing Internet tool developed by Ward Cunningham in 1994. Wikis facilitate computer supported collaborative learning, usually in a writing application. An excellent example of wiki technology can be found at, which is a interactive electronic encyclopedia

Wiki Writing

Multiple rather than individual authors are encouraged to compose, rewrite, and openly edit multiple texts, at any time. Shifting authorship and ownership Promoting peer interaction and the sharing and construction of knowledge, thus learning autonomy Create your own wiki writing site for your students at http://

Using Wiki: Step-by-step

Step 1: Find a wiki server e.g. http://

Step 2: Register your Wiki account

Register a free account

Step 2: Register your Wiki account

Step 3: Create your Wiki Site
Design your own wiki site

Step 3: Create your Wiki Site

Step 4: Edit the Content of your wiki site

Step 5: Invite your students

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