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Galega officinalis (Goats rue) (Find-me-plant)

Facbaceae family

Its name derives from gale (milk) and ega (to bring on). Has been
used to bring on Lactation is small domestic animals.
(Massimo: Group Fabaceae)
Massimo uses very ofteneven as mother tincture
To improve tolerance to sugars, and glucose
To reduce glycemaand improve toleration of sugar

DIABETIC personality
Over-eating to support a system that is not properly working
Strong desire to feed this emptiness
And Inability to use this sugar

Tries to be more than powerful, someone who is aware of
his weaknessto get friends to cook very well
To invite you to one of the best restaurant in area
Cooks delicious food
Moms who feed too much their sons or daughter in this way they can be more powerful
Please I am on a dietbut you can eat for me!
OVER FEEDING the othersof what you think is important to grow


Used for mom who does not produce enough milk
Used in a teafor mastitis
Mothers producing too much milk and it is being rejected by the baby and produces mastitis
For Gylcemia10-20 drops of mother tincture after a meal (MassimoItalians use of it)
Cannot use homeopathicallyunless is a Galega case