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900 E. 47th St.

Chicago, IL 60653

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We must reform our criminal justice system, but our fight cant
stop there.
It must also include our schools. Each child in our community
must be given the opportunity to learn in a safe environment
with the same books, technology and resources as their
counterparts in the suburbs.
-Christian Mitchell

Endorsed by:
Chicago Federation of Labor AFSCME Council 31 SEIU Illinois State Council
Illinois AFL-CIO UFCW Local 881 IUOE Local 399

Christian Mitchell is leading the fight for

education funding reform so our schools can
be just as well-funded as suburban schools.
If we dont fundamentally change the way we fund our schools our children will always be
struggling to catch up.
In order to get our schools on track now, Christian wrote the Fund Education First bill
which will immediately bring more than $200 million to our schools. (99th GA: HB 4272)
He is the co-sponsor of a measure to add a small tax on millionaires to generate more than
$1 billion in long-term relief for education funding. (99th GA: HB 4272, HJRCA 26)
And Christian personally organized a book drive that distributed thousands of new
books to children, as well as a health fair giving children in need free checkups and
backpacks full of school supplies.

Democrat Christian Mitchell.

A voice for our community.
A leader who gets things done.


Vote Tuesday, March 15, or vote early.