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God is seen to us as a man or more specifically as a father to us.

Although, I dont believe

that God is only a man because he is also described as having motherly qualities, so he can be
both our father and mother. The reason that I believe God reveals to us that he is a father is
because most of us grow really personal and intimate relationships with our fathers. If we do not
have that fatherly figure in our life we can know that God is the father to all and he will be there
for us. We form these personal and intimate relationships because our father is always looking
after us and there to help us be the best at what we want to accomplish.
When we confess in God the Father Almighty I believe we are talking about how great he
is compared to everything. God is transcendent, no one will ever over power him and he excels
above all. He is omnipotent, so there is no such thing as limitations to him and he has eternal
power. He is omnipresent and omniscient, which means he is with everyone at every time of the
day and that he knows all that everyone is thinking. He is eternal, there was no beginning for him
and there will be no end for him. He is infinite because he can do whatever he wants or be
whoever he wants. Lastly, God is unchangeable; his love for us will never change and his attitude
towards our sin will not change either.
I believe that God created the earth not necessarily because he was lonely, but because he
wanted to share how amazing his powers could be. What goes through my head when I think
about the creation is how did God decide that this is what he wanted to do and how long did it
take him to get this idea? Something that I believe about the creation is that it was not literally
made in six days. It might have been to be taken in a figurative way and it could have taken
thousands of years to create the earth. God created such a beautiful earth and I notice something
different everyday.

Genesis 1 is about the creation of the earth and is written is a parallel structure. Day one
and day four are connected. There was the creation of light and darkness; the creation of the sun,
moon, and stars that resulted in different seasons. Day two and day 5 are connected. There was
the separation between the waters, sky and waters were created; to fill two types of waters was
the birds and fish. Lastly, day three and day six are connected. This was the creation of dry land
with vegetation, along with it came land animals and humans to rule over all creatures.
To be made in the image of God means we are a small fraction of how he looks and we
are very beautiful. God created us this way because he favored us above other things in his heart
and wanted a deeper connection with us. Since we have this deep connection with God we have
the ability to understand and be able to think things, like how much he loves us. He also connects
with us in such a way that he does not have with the animals because animals can not learn or
grasp concepts.
The Trinity is God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three persons are all
God and are distinct, are neither divided, nor fused or mixed together. God the Father is the
creator of everything, including us. God the Son is our savior and deliver because he was
crucified to pay for our sins. Lastly, God the Holy Spirit is our sanctifier and is always with us in
our decisions.
Jordan Ide