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Inquiry Inspired by Art (MORNING)

K-9 teachers and Administrators
Alannah MacPhail currently serves as an education program strategy
advisor for the Vancouver Biennale and practices as a certified art
therapist in the Greater Victoria region. As former elementary school
principal for North Vancouver School District, Alannah is particularly
interested and engaged in inquiry-based learning, learning through the
arts, critical thinking, inclusive education, and building healthy and kind
communities of learning. She taught and provided leadership throughout
the education system in Special Ed/ Gifted Ed., K to 10 classrooms, and
Teacher Education at SFU as a Faculty Associate and Program
The Vancouver Biennale is a non-profit organization that exhibits
contemporary art in public space, creating a catalyst for learning and
community engagement. Since 2010, the Vancouver Biennale has been
supporting BC teachers from 98 schools in 10 school districts through
bringing professional artists into classrooms to collaborate on inquiry
projects. Through this workshop, Biennale facilitator will help
participants explore different ways to engage students in art integrated
cross-curricular inquires and make links to the new curriculum.
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How to teach DRAWING in the classroom (AFTERNOON)

Michelle Miller and Kate Carson teamed up in 2007 to open their own art
school and have since taught around the world. They have decades of
experience teaching art students of all ages.
They have also written, illustrated and published a How to Book of
Drawing/Painting as well as an Anti-stress Colouring and Doodling
book for all ages.
We can all draw. Weve just not been taught this very important basic
skill in school.
Benefits of Drawing:
1. Enhances learning in every subject.
2. A form of expressing one self.
3. Can be a stress reliever and
4. A life time creative skill
Learning to Draw is similar to learning to Read and Write so we created
the ABCs of Drawing. Its an easy step- by -step process resulting in a
proven method
that can be taught to children as young as 5 years old.
This workshop will include demonstrations and instructions on Basic
Shape Drawing using the ABCs of Drawing, hands-on exercises,
handouts, and complete lessons/projects for teaching every student how
to draw.

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Fun with Small Rhythm Instruments (MORNING)

Jerri Carson teaches primary music and choir at Oaklands School. She is
a pianist and cellist.
Playing small rhythm instruments such as lummi sticks, maracas, sand
blocks or hand drums is a fun activity for teaching rhythm and beat.
Jerri will give you many teaching ideas that you can use in the classroom.
Tapping, shaking, movement and singing activities will all be explored.
No music experience necessary.

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Into a Rhythm (AFTERNOON)

Matthew Hodgins is a Canadian percussionist and music producer with
classroom experience, who for 16 years has taught and performed
extensively in England and British Columbia.
Both in practice and in research, Matthew has developed truly thrilling
drumming workshops which blend music, voices, numeracy, invention
and expression; and which also include his valuable set of drums.

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Djembe Drumming needs no introduction, but it can be hard to organise.
Come to this session and learn methods which have been specifically
prepared for Teachers like you - for any age range.
Hodgins workshop will explore key culture and tradition for their
relevancy to curriculum; and he will share ideas that can be developed
or interchanged. The session will demonstrate accessible methods on the
Drum and Matthew guarantees to communicate worthy musical ideas
and drumming tips. He can also share facts & figures with those who
want to buy these inspiring instruments.
A cathartic experience, here is also what was said at previous
conferences: Drumming workshop was great, we will hire this
presenter, awesome, I can use this in my classes..
An outline to session with its EASY rhythms will be emailed in advance.

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How Creativity and Right Brain Activities Influence Teaching

Practices - The Mystery of Glass Revealed: A Hands-on Experience
Educators with no experience with fused glass. No previous experience
with any art form needed.

Susan Isaac, B.Sc.D., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Susan began learning fusing in Kauai, May 1997 after having five
lessons for stained glass under her belt and no experience in any art
mediums except painting the life stages of a bee for her grade 5
teacher. After experiencing abject terror and championing the inner
voice, what if Im not artistic?, Susan began years of instruction by
talented glass art teachers, finding mentors and participation in juried
art shows, including winning a jurors award.
Susan has integrated her undergrad science degree, knowledge of
glass art, masters in education, decades teaching at post-secondary
level and over ten years as a corporate educator, to provide fused
glass workshops to over 300 people. Her workshops are imaginative,
skillfully planned and fun. People hardly notice how much physics,
chemistry and history they just learned. Susans greatest satisfaction is
when students show their creations to friends and family only to hear,
Wow! How did you do that?
Workshop Summary:

Make one breathtaking fused glass pendant or sun catcher using a

4000 year old Egyptian technique and no previous experience
required. Uncover the mystery of what makes fused glass so different
from stained and hot glass. Find out why your art pieces will be kiln
fired a particular way and how this will impact your art pieces. This
introductory course will reveal enough secrets to give you the basics
of fusing and how to design freely with beautiful colours. Use crushed
glass (frit) and much more that will give you a right brain experience,
nourish your left brain and inspire your creativity in all you do as a
professional while having lots of fun. Be prepared to have people ask,
How did you do that?
Comment from an Educator, "The workshop that my 7 year old
daughter and I attended this summer was very inspiring and allowed
for all levels of experience and creativity. With her background in
education, Susan did an amazing job explaining the process to all ages.
Her studio is a stunning setting. Both of us enjoyed our time, and I
recommend it to anyone!" Corrine Merx, teacher, SD 62.
A $12.50 materials fee will apply for this workshop.