Jason Saba

CHAPTER 28: ³The New Frontier and the Great Society´ ______________________________________________________
Section 2: The New Frontier
One Americans Story: [no longer added] The Promise of Progress New Frontier: Kennedy¶s broad vision of progress in America. He wanted Americans to seek what hasn¶t been sought and discover what hasn¶t been discovered Republicans + Dixiecrats ignored JFK¶s domestic reform ideas Mandate: a clear indication that voters approved of his plans B/C JFK had barely won the elections, he lacked a popular mandate Boost economy, build defense, provide aid, and fund space programs Stimulating the Economy Deficit spending Increased gov spending + lower taxes would hopefully boost the economy Defense spending increased + the minimum wage was raised Addressing Poverty Abroad Peace Corps: a program of volunteer assistance to the developing nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America = success Helped send more than 35,000 volunteers to 60 nations in need of help Alliance for Progress: offered economic and technical assistance to Latin American countries (sent over $12 billion to Latin America) to hopefully turn them away from becoming a Communist nation Race to the Moon Soviets sent the first man into space idea for U.S. to be the first to land on the moon NASA prepped for the launching, creating launch facilities and mission control centers 1969- Neil Armstrong walks on the moon Expanded science programs and the creation of a space industry Addressing Domestic Problems Poverty increased in America Michael Harrington: wrote the book that awakened America to the # of people in poverty JFK wrote a civil rights bill Tragedy in Dallas Four Days in November Setting: Dallas, Texas. November 22, 1963 Kennedy was shot in the back seat of a limousine by Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex-marine who supported Castro and the Soviets Oswald shot while transferred to jail Unanswered Questions Warren Commission: investigated and concluded that Oswald had shot the president while acting on his own. Shot twice? Two shooters? Conspiracy?

Notes taken from, The Americans, by McDougal Littel

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