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"Student Integration." James Madison University -. James Madison University. Web. 28 Sept.

This webpage on James Madison University’s website provides guidance to international
students for James Madison University. The webpage includes a list of ways that international
students could better integrate into the school. One of the ideas mentioned in this article
encourages international students to attend their International Student and Scholar Services
program at JMU. Another idea on the webpage is to encourage international students to buddy
up with second year students who can answer questions that international students might have.
JMU also encourages international students to learn customs and traditions of the United States
so these students would feel more included in the university. One last suggestion on JMU’s
webpage is that international students share aspects of their culture and traditions with other
students of the university.
This webpage was helpful as it provided me with new ideas to incorporate into
Centennial’s SSIT Committee for New Student Integration. One idea I was already considering
was the buddy program, which this webpage helped reinforce. This article also provided me with
an idea to create a section of SSIT Committee dedicated to helping international students only, as
they tend to have a harder time than other in country transfer students.

Oatey, Helen, Daniel Dauber, and Stephen Williams. "Promoting Integration on Campus:
Principles, Practice and Issues for Further Exploration." UK Council for International
Student Affairs (2014): 37-39. Print.
This study was conducted by a group of student delegates from various colleges in the
United Kingdom. The primary purpose of this study was to find the reasons why transfer
students and international students felt left out, as well to determine how to better integrate these
students. This article suggests that some transfer students feel left out as they are not brave
enough or lack the motivation to speak to unfamiliar people. The article also argues that
international students feel their culture is far too different from the culture of their peers and
choose not to interact with their peers, and in some cases begin to abandon their culture. This
article also offers techniques to help transfer/international students better integrate into British
schools. One technique is to encourage international students to maintain their identity and to not
give up their culture and traditions in order to fit in. The article also encourages schools to
involve international students during their orientations in order to make the international students
feel more relaxed.
I found this article very useful as it provided me with an insight into the mindset of
transfer students who are new to Centennial and to other schools around the world. This article
has increased my interest in Centennial’s international night, as many of our transfer students
have come from different countries. I will look into getting the SSIT Committee for New
Students to get more involved in the preparations for International night at Centennial. I am also
tasked with improving the orientation video this school year. Therefore, I hope to be able to
involve transfer students more during their new student orientation.

Redden, Elizabeth. "At Gathering of Senior International Educators, the Integration of
International Students Was a Theme | InsideHigherEd." At Gathering of Senior
International Educators, the Integration of International Students Was a Theme |
InsideHigherEd. 20 Feb. 2014. Web. 28 Sept. 2015.
This article discusses the psychological backgrounds of international students and the
backgrounds of those already present at a school. According to this article both international
students and already present students feel high levels of xenophobia towards the beginning of the
school year. It explains that levels of xenophobia tend to drop as the school year progresses. The
article encourages group work between international students in order to help them better
integrate. It suggests that institutions should bring domestic and international students together in
an intentional way. It cautions that personal contact between groups can reduce prejudice when
there is a common goal and certain conditions are met. This article discusses some studies
conducted by Harvard University. These studies have indicated that simply being in the vicinity
of someone who is different or has a different background can lead to greater distrust and
suspicion. Therefore, institutions have to be very careful in designing their integration programs.
I found this article very useful as it provided me with an insight into some psychological
issues faced by both new and existing students. Group work in classes may be an effective way
to engage students with each other. This could be accomplished by having teachers place transfer
in groups with second year students. This article also highlights how transfer students are
susceptible to bullying and it will be a priority of my SSIT committee to help prevent bullying.

Mauser, Ellen. Interview. 6 Oct. 2015.
Ellen Mauser is a guidance counselor at Centennial High School. Last year after Vice
Principal Miller left, Mrs. Mauser took over the SSIT of Centennial. She is knowledgeable in
how transfer and international students feel when they come to Centennial, as she has helped
enroll many of these students.