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Kayla Harrison

Lessons 15 & 16: November 9 and 11, 2015
School Reading Problems
Dr. Madden
Reflection #8

Lesson #16: Dawson will read with
expression during “Roll and Read.”

Teaching Strategy
Dawson was presented with a bag full of
Fluency Strips containing complete
sentences from familiar books he’s read
during the sessions. Tutors explained the
rules: each player, one at time, would pick
a sentence strip, and then roll the die.
Each number on the die corresponds to a
different voice. Whatever number the
person rolled, that’s what voice they’d
have to read the sentence in. To model,
tutors went first.


(Descriptive evidence objective was met)
Since this was a little twist on an activity
we had been doing with Dawson, it was
more interesting. Dawson loved being
able to try different voices when reading.
He read each sentence with expression and
excitement. I was really impressed with
how he was reading with accuracy. There
was a sentence that contained the word
“celebration,” which we’d been working
on for a few weeks because he has
difficulty with the -tion endings, and he
said it incorrectly first, but then said “Wait
a second. I know this word.” He took a
minute to cover the word part by part and
sounded it out until he was able to say it

Lesson #15: Dawson will demonstrate
comprehension of a familiar text by
completing a foldable identifying the who,
what, when, and where of the story.

Tutors explained to Dawson that he would
be timed while reading (This was during
Fluency). Tutors also explained that after
reading he would complete a foldable that
went along with the story.
We stopped at certain points in the story to
ask questions about characters that have
been introduced or things that were
happening in the plot to assess Dawson’s
comprehension of the story.

Lesson #16: Dawson will be able to write
complete sentences about himself
following the “I Am” poem format.

Once Dawson had completed the book, he
made a foldable and answering the “who,
what, when, where, and why” based on
what he read. Tutors explained and
modeled how to make a foldable using a
familiar book that Dawson had read.
To begin, I asked Dawson to read what he
had written last session as a part of his
poem. Then, I modeled examples for the
second section of the poem. Dawson
continued writing the poem until he
finished. Once he finished, he read the
entire poem he had written.

Dawson, since familiar with the book, read
the book with accuracy and at a moderate
pace. He voiced a few questions about the
story, such as, “How did she swallow the
animals?” and “How did all of the animals
get out?” I am so happy because he has
been questioning text more often, ever
since we did the 3-2-1 charts. I often ask
him to say what he thinks the answer is,
and it is a reasonable answer that
corresponds to what the text says.
When completing the foldable, Dawson
was able to recall accurate information
about the story and organize it by character
and plot. I am so proud of how far he has
come since our first session. I really
believe the activities and lessons we’ve
been doing have been helping him develop
Dawson was able to finish his poem, and
wrote in complete sentences using the
prompts beginning each line. He shared a
lot of information about himself and his
life outside of tutoring. He was able to
reflect on past experiences and write about
what he was thinking.
The only thing that was difficult during
this activity was that he wrote with marker
(which I try to avoid using) and he wrote
all over the page, so it was a little difficult

to read. If I were to redo this lesson, I
would have made the lines longer and put
more space on the page, or I would have
had him free write it on a bigger piece of
**Dawson tends to put smiley faces or sad
faces when writing, especially at the end
before the punctuation. I wonder if this is
due to him playing on video games and
being on his iPod so much. I wonder if he
observes texting or chatting, instead of
formal writing at home. It doesn’t seem
like he writes at home, but I want to know
how he picked up on writing smiley faces
into sentences.
Lesson #15: Dawson will demonstrate his
knowledge of long e words through a word

Word Study
To review from our last session, we started
off by writing a few words on the board
with -ee, -ea, and silent e words. Then we
write a few words with the -ie, ey, and y
patterns. Dawson was then given a word
sort to complete. Tutors went over all the
words and pictures featured on the cards.
Then, Dawson sorted the cards under the
correct categories.

Dawson was able to accurately sort the
words into the correct categories. He was
able to read the words aloud and then sort
them. He did this sort fairly quickly, so I
might have suggested a different type of
activity to practice these patterns.
The other thing that could have improved
the lesson was having him sort the words
on several different pages or one bigger
piece of paper because the two pages
provided were not enough room for all of
the words and pictures.

Evidence from Lessons 13 & 14

Who: fly guy!

What: he get swollowed (swallowed) by an old Lady :\!

Where: In her stomach :) :\ :) !!!

Why: by mastaech (mistake)!

“I Am” Poem

I am: good to my frends and im nice!
I wonder: how do the amanels in fly guy get out?
I hear: my dog barking allot!
I see: my dad plaing Halo w/me

I want: a new computer!
I am: funny and cool :) :\!
I pretend: to be master cheif! :D
I say: po allot :\ :)! !
I dream: about seing all my old frends and Trishton :(.
I hope: to see all my old frends ugan :/ :)!
I am: so sick of frowing up all the time :O :D