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My subject for this study is a 2nd grade female student studying in a private school

who has a native tongue of Tagalog because she grew up in Manila and now residing
at Catarman Northern Samar and studying English as her second language. She is
proficient on her first language in writing as well in speaking and she had already
started learning English since kindergarten however; I notice that when it comes to
English language she is still not yet proficient. My subject lives in a simple
community. The setting of the community is rural wherein the people living there
are kind and gentle. Her community is also an abode to the top performing schools
in the region which already have a name in the National Level. Her father is in late
40’s, half Chinese and a business man while her mother is in early 30’s, pure Filipina
and a teacher. She is the third child among five siblings. Although, her father is a
Chinese, they don’t speak Mandarin at home, their conversation is purely Tagalog at
home. However, my subject speaks English sometimes at home if ask or during
class hours if required. Although she lives in Northern Samar, she has difficulty
understanding and speaking Waraynon the native language of Northern Samar. I
notice that she has already a good diction in English but used only during playtime
and in school.