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Mission Statement

firm and true.
and set the world on fire.
I celebrate the individuality and potential of each person that I meet. I strive to
have others gain confidence and comfort within their own skin and feel loved for who
they are. Whether it is with students, campers, friends or colleagues, I work proactively
to create inclusive and engaging communities that celebrate, support and learn together.
I build feelings of pride and mutual-respect through the use of rituals, sharing stories,
and utilizing play in an intentional way. I recognize the magic that grows from building
meaningful relationships with young people. In practice, I employ Schlossbergs
emphasis on forging feelings of mattering and belonging as counters to marginality and
disconnect. (Schlossberg, 1989)
I show up as myself fully, so that others will feel inspired and supported in doing
the same. As I grow alongside individuals and within these communities, I make sure
we all have some fun along the way.