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SUBJECT: Owner-Architect Agreement

Dear Mr. _______,
I am pleased to submit herewith my proposal for the Architectural and Engineering
Services for your Proposed Two-Storey Residence with approximate total floor area of
_____ square meters to be located in (site address).

It is the Architects understanding that the CLIENT plans to develop and build
a two-storey residence with the following space requirement:
(List the spaces)
(Architect) has organized the Architecture and Engineering Services to
accomplish the scope of work into the following four (4) phases:
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV


Schematic Design Phase

Design Development Phase
Construction Drawing Phase
Construction Phase

Phase I Schematic Design Phase

Upon receipt of an approved proposal with down payment and based on your
requirement the architect shall:

Undertake conferences to the client to ascertain the space requirements

Investigate and assess existing physical conditions of the project site

Prepare the initial line of drawings representing design studies leading to a

recommended solution for preliminary approval
o Schematic plans
o Perspective studies
o Conceptual and schematic studies

Submit to the CLIENT a Statement of the Probable Project Construction Cost

(SPPCC) based on current cost parameters.


Phase II Design Development Phase

Based on approved schematics and conceptual plans, the architect shall prepare:


The Design Development drawings

o Plans
o Perspectives
o Elevations and Sections,

Outline of basic specifications to fix and illustrate the size and character of the
entire project;

Some engineering system concepts

An updated SPPCC for submission to the CLIENT

Phase III Construction Drawing Phase

Based on the approved Design Development Documents, the architect shall:

Prepare the complete Contract Documents consisting of detailed designs and

construction drawings, setting forth in detail the work required for the architectural
works prepared by the Architect and the engineering works such as structural,
sanitary & plumbing, electrical, and mechanical by the respective professionals

Prepare Technical Specifications describing type and quality of materials, finish,

manner of construction and the general conditions under which the project is to
be constructed;

Submit to the CLIENT seven (7) sets of all architectural and engineering
construction drawings (plans and details) and technical specifications for
purposes of obtaining a building permit, including:

7 sets signed & sealed Architectural Plans & Details

7 sets signed & sealed Structural Plans, Computations & Details
7 sets signed & sealed Sanitary Plans & Details
7 sets signed & sealed Electrical Plans & Details
7 sets signed & sealed Mechanical Plans & Details, if any
Budgetary Estimate
Technical Specifications

At this time, we have figured an allowance of time to produce the necessary

documents we feel that this is most fair to you and our firm. We shall endeavor to
conduct our services within this range of time.


Phase IV Construction Phase

In this phase, the architect shall perform the following:

Make periodic visits to the project site to familiarize with the general progress and
quality of work and to ascertain that the work is proceeding in accordance with
the Contract Documents

Answer questions; check and approve material samples and shop drawings;
make site visits; develop one punchlist walkthrough; one final walkthrough and
reviewing submittals for the project.

The exhaustive and continuous on-site inspection (8 hours per

day) to check the quality and quantity of the work is not part of this

Should more extensive inspection or full-time (8-hour) construction

supervision be required by the CLIENT, a separate full-time
supervisor shall be hired and agreed upon by the CLIENT and the
architect subject to the conditions provided in the Standards of
Professional Practice (SPP) Document on Full -Time

During project site visits and on the basis of his observations, the architect shall
report to the CLIENT defects and deficiencies, if any, noted in the work of
Contractors, and shall condemn work found failing to conform to the Contract

The architect shall be represented in the projects meetings to discuss technical

and project management concerns with the project owners, project management
group, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and other parties involved. The
architects various engineering consultants, if any shall be made available as

The architect examine and approve samples, schedules, shop drawings, and
other requirements, subject to and in accordance with the descriptive information
and provisions of the Contract Documents and concurrence by the Client. Such
reviews shall not relieve, however, any contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or any
other third party from responsibility for any deficiency and for the responsibility to
coordinate with other trades work.

At the completion and turnover of the project, the architect shall conduct final
inspection, prepare evaluation reports regarding the quality of work of the
Contractors and issue certificates of substantial and final completion of the

When the architect is requested by the CLIENT to do the full time supervision, her

services and fees for the full time supervision shall be covered separately in conformance
with the applicable and appropriate SPP Document; and
Any Site Inspection or meeting beyond the number of site visits agreed in this
Contract will be covered separately.


The CLIENT shall:


Provide the architect full information as to his requirements of the PROJECT;

Designate, when necessary, representative/s authorized to act on his behalf.

Examine documents submitted by the architect and render decisions pertaining

thereto promptly, to avoid unreasonable delay in the progress of the architects

Observe the procedure of issuing order to Contractors only through the architect;

Furnish or direct the architect to obtain, at the CLIENTs expense, a certificate

survey of the site, giving as required, grades and line of street, alleys,
pavements, and adjoining property; right of way, restrictions, easements,
encroachment, zoning, deed restrictions, boundaries and contours of the building
site, locations, dimensions and complete data pertaining to existing building,
other improvements and trees; full information as to available service and utility
lines, both public and private; and test borings and pits necessary for determining
subsoil conditions;

Pay for structural, chemical, mechanical, soil mechanics or other tests and
reports, if required. Investigations regarding the site conditions of concealed
elements (such as sewer, storm and water system, etc.) especially if it will require
excavation or removals shall be charged to the client.

Provide the architect the necessary building clearances passes and

similar papers of authority during the conduct of the Architectural and
Engineering Services; and

Should the CLIENT observe or otherwise become aware of any defect in

the PROJECT, he shall give prompt written notice thereof to the architect.


The Professional Fee (PF) for the abovementioned Scope of Work of Architectural
and Engineering Services will be _ % of Project Construction Cost.


Delay of Payment

Any payment due the architect beyond thirty (30) days from billing shall bear a two
percent (2%) interest per month.


Changes and/or Revisions

Any change and/or revision requested by the CLIENT after approval of design
development document shall be subject to compensation agreed by both parties but not less
than the cost of drafting services and materials multiplied by a factor of 2.5. (NOTE:
Revision work shall not constitute a reason for delay in accepting any particular work phase
or setting the fees due for that phase.



If the work of the architect is abandoned or suspended, in whole or in part, the

architect is to be paid by the CLIENT for the services rendered corresponding to the fees
due at the stage of the suspension or abandonment of the work.


Other Specialty Professional Services

Other services that may be needed in order to complete the project such as services
for landscape, telecommunications, interior design, security, and public art consultation may
be recommended by the Architect for the Clients approval and account, but shall not be
deductible from the Architects fee.


Government Laws

This agreement is based on the provision of the Architects National Code as

approved by the Professional Regulatory Commission for compliance by all practicing
Architects. Any clarification shall therefore be based on the Architects National Code.
The Contract Documents, as instruments of services, shall remain the property of the
Architect in accordance with Republic Act No. 9266 and Presidential Decree No. 49 where
the design is executed or not.
I hope the above would meet with your approval. Should you find the above proposal
acceptable and in order, please sign your conformity in the space provided below.
Thank you for your confidence and trust in me with regard to this proposed project.

Very truly yours,