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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

“The Natural Charisma Mentor” NLP Methods To Supercharge Your Influence Skills

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

Unearthing Your Natural Charisma: What Neuro-Linguistic Programming Can Teach Us TABLE OF CONTENTS
• Introduction (1) o Put the Big Rocks First! (1) o "Will NLP Work for Me?" (5) How to Charm People (6) o Matching Body Language and Pace (7) Pace (8) Body Language (8) Volume (8) Tone (9) Eye Contact (9) o Matching Word Choice and Perception (14) o The Importance of Body Language (19) o The Importance of Appearance (20) Experimenting with Point of View to Increase your Wisdom, Power, and Control (22) o Second Person Exercises (23) o Third Person Exercises (24) o First Person Exercises (25) o Maintain Variety (27) How to Change your Life by Getting to Know Yourself (27) How to Maintain a Positive Self-Image and Love Yourself (30) How to Use Sensory Anchors to Trigger Positive Emotions (32) How to Stay Positive through Modeling (40) What Traits Should I Cultivate, to be a More Charismatic Person Now? (44) o Understand yourself and others (44) o Know what you want (45) o Be aware (45) o Be flexible (46) A Few Things to Remember, if you Become Discouraged (46) If You Start to Worry about Becoming Arrogant (47) Conclusion (48) Works Consulted (48)

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

INTRODUCTION Put the Big Rocks First! NLP is a school of thought that says you have the power within yourself to cause positive changes in your life. NLP is not a hard science in the sense of tirelessly testing propositions to see if they are true or false. In some ways, this makes NLP more productive for changing your life! The Wikipedia entry on NLP quotes popular author Tony Robbins as saying, None of the current NLP developers have done any research to prove their models correct. The party line is 'pretend it works, try it, and notice the results you get. If you don't get the result you want, try something else.' Its tireless creativity makes NLP a fountain of useful methods and models for self-improvement. Just two researchers first created NLP in the 1970s. Since then, the field has exploded, with lots of new variations and methods available to the casual reader. By sharing original examples of tried-and-true NLP principles, this guide can help you to develop the charm and confidence you're looking for! Make sure you're ready to take action. The key to changing your life through NLP is this: if you are willing to take positive action—to work at changing your life every day— then you are capable of being an excellent, likable, selfconfident individual. If you make a habit of following NLP's methods of encouraging charm and charisma, those behaviors will replace your shyness and awkwardness, and

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

you will succeed. You could do anything—give a speech in front of a crowd, get dates, converse with strangers. But you must be dedicated to doing mental work. You can't create changes in yourself just by sitting back in your easy chair, or sitting in front of your computer. Books and CD sets can help tremendously to motivate you, but they can't change you on their own. Even leading hypnotherapists agree that you can't be hypnotized into having improved charisma. NLP is about actually doing the mental work necessary to break your old patterns and introduce beneficial changes. So if you think you can succeed just by reading these words, you're wrong. But if you're ready to try improving yourself with NLP, if you really stick to it, then it will work for you. In other words, if you have decided to work on changing your life, then congratulations: you are already well on your way to becoming the extremely charming person you are underneath. If you're not sure you want to dedicate yourself to creating beneficial changes in your life, here is a fable that may inspire you. A university professor walked into a lecture hall at the start of class carrying a huge, empty jar and a large canvas bag. The hall was fairly full; there were maybe 90 or 100 students that day. It was the first class of the day, and morning sunlight was streaming into the classroom. After telling the class good morning, the professor set the empty jar on a table. He then proceeded to pull several large rocks out of his canvas bag and place them in the jar. He filled the jar with large rocks until they reached the very brim. There was no way he could have managed to fit

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

another of the rocks into the jar. "Is this jar full?" he asked the class. There were nods all around. The professor then pulled a coffee can full of pebbles out of his canvas bag. He poured the pebbles into the jar. The pebbles filled in all the cracks between the larger rocks. "How about now?" the professor asked, gesturing to the jar. "Is it full?" It certainly looked full. The class nodded in agreement again: yes, the jar was full. Next, the professor smiled and pulled a gallon freezer bag of sand from his bag. He opened the bag and poured the entire gallon of sand into the jar. "Now it must be really full, right?" he asked the class. A few said yes—but most of the class waited, wondering what was coming next. And in fact, the professor then proceeded to pull a large bottle of water from his canvas bag. He tipped the bottle into the jar, and managed to empty it entirely, so the liquid fit in around the rocks, pebbles, and sand. The professor asked the class what they had learned from the lesson. There was silence throughout the lecture hall. "Think of the most important things in your life as big rocks," he said. "These are your families, your goals, your aspirations, principles, and beliefs. In order to fit these

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

things in your life, you must put them first. Think of the pebbles and sand as smaller, day-to-day activities. If you concentrate on small, immediate problems first, then you will never have room to fit your big rocks into your life. But if you focus on your big rocks first, and let smaller goals follow, then you will live the fullest life possible."
(Adapted from a story found at <http://www.fmbv.nu/mayonnaise-and-beer>.)

Now, this is a useful way to think of becoming a more charismatic person. If achieving charm and confidence is truly important to you—if overcoming shyness qualifies as a 'big rock,'—then keep this goal in mind at all times. Don't let smaller concerns get in the way. If you keep this important, fundamental goal in the forefront, then your smaller, day-to-day episodes will be filled with the selfassurance and ease you desire. Of course, you have other big rocks aside from just selfimprovement—perhaps these are religious beliefs, loved ones, or your career. Simply being happy is a big rock for just about all of us. But whatever your big goals are, be sure you put those first in your life. And not just with words, but with the actions that follow in your day-to-day interactions. "Will NLP Work for Me?" Now you may be asking yourself, "What if some people just can't succeed?" A lot of people in this world believe that some of us have the tools to succeed, and others are just out of luck. This point of view can be quite destructive. NLP does not prove that any human being can be a happy, successful individual. No one can prove that! NLP just asks

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

the question: if we presuppose that anyone can be an outstanding, successful individual, is that a useful assumption? And the answer is yes! When we tell ourselves we have all the resources for success within us, when we really internalize and believe this information, we become more confident and capable. A positive attitude allows positive changes to be worked in people who wouldn't change without this belief. Because of this proposition's immense usefulness, NLP teaches that you have within yourself all the tools for great success. NLP is right for you if you want to create beneficial changes in your life using your own wealth of internal resources. Of course, there is always room for improvement, and no mental techniques will ever make anyone perfect. But NLP is proven to take people beyond their wildest dreams of self-fulfillment. Now, let's look at some of NLP's principles, and some exercises to help you along. Specifically, these methods are chosen to help you boost your confidence and charm. HOW TO CHARM PEOPLE It stands to reason that one of the most attractive, likable qualities a person can have is that of understanding others. People love to feel that they are understood and related to. The skill of relating to others involves everything from strong listening skills to understanding what makes others comfortable. If you want to be seen as charming and enjoyable, remember to keep an eye on others and their

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

comfort levels. One presumption that is consistent throughout NLP is that acting as though something were true can cause it to become true. This is useful for acting as though you thoroughly understand another person: acting this way will help you actually relate to others better! The following methods can actually help you be liked. These cues will encourage people to be relaxed and happy around you. Those you meet will wonder where you got your wonderful people skills and your exemplary listening abilities. But the reality is, you will be following quite simple tips for polite, considerate conversation! These simple cues will cause others to know that you relate to them and share their view of the world. And of course, through using these techniques, you will truly understand others better. Matching Body Language and Pace One of the simplest ways to increase your conversational charm is through matching. To "match" essentially means to try to mirror the physiology, behavior, and language of your conversational partners. The benefit of matching is that it causes others to believe you see the world in the same way they do. This is a fundamental key to charisma and charm. Once a person likes and respects you for understanding the world in the way they do, it will be that much easier to communicate your own thoughts... because they will be interested in and receptive to what you have too say! Caution: matching is not the same as mimicry! Be careful that you do not disrespectfully or distractingly imitate a

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

person's every action. Below is a list of physical and auditory matching methods. Remember, you don't have to overwork yourself by trying to juggle all of these techniques at once. Just keep a few favorites in mind, and increase your attractiveness to others by employing them when possible. 1. Pay attention to the conversational pace of the person you are speaking with. How quickly are they speaking? Do they say ten words a minute, or a hundred, or two hundred? Try to match the person's fastness or slowness. Don't mimic them exactly; just be generally complimentary to their pace. If they are speaking very quickly, try to keep up. More importantly, if you are speaking with someone who speaks slowly, try to slow to his or her pace and be respectful of the desire to move slowly. A good way to match conversational pace is to pay attention to rate of breathing and try to breathe at approximately the same rate (again, be careful not to distract anyone by being too obvious about this). Matching pace will help you pay attention, and this will be noticed. It will also show that you are paying attention to what is being said, rather than being wrapped in your own thoughts. 2. Match your conversational partner's body language. What are their physical rhythms? Do they nod frequently, or tap their fingers constantly? Do they move slowly and fluidly? Think of it as a musical duet: you may be playing different instruments with different notes, but you're harmonizing together. Also notice their body language: if someone strongly closes themselves off with folded arms, for example, make sure to respect their space while staying open and friendly.

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

3. Match your conversational partner in volume. When talking with a very soft-spoken individual, speak with a softer volume so as not to shock them with a loud voice. When talking with someone loud and brassy, try to perk up and speak with more volume. Again, the idea is not to mimic someone entirely, but rather to form a complement to his or her mode of speaking. This will show that you are receptive and understanding. People will believe that you are receptive to their needs and desires in a natural, not a patronizing way, and that you see the world similarly to how they see it. 4. Match your conversational partner in tone. This is different from volume. Tone has more to do with the emotional timbre of the person's voice. If someone is irreverent and humorous, joke along with him or her. If they are sad, take a subdued angle. To a certain extent, this is already accomplished by instinct. Most of us realize it's inappropriate to act like a stand-up comedian at a funeral, and it is difficult to brood around a likable, smiling person who is having a wonderful time. Take this matching of tone to a deeper level than that readily available to your instincts. Make the effort to notice subtler variations than those you notice involuntarily. Really push yourself to notice your partner's tone. Respect this tone. Respond to tone as well as words. In a business meeting, do not be too emotional or personal in tone, but do be friendly and at ease. 5. Match eye contact. This requires gauging another person's comfort level. Make less eye contact if she seems uncomfortable, and more eye contact if she seems quite at

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

ease around you. Charisma is largely based on people feeling they are understood, so it is important to keep an "eye" on their comfort levels—while maintaining eye-to-eye contact as often as you reasonably can. If you're not sure how comfortable someone is, follow what feels natural. You're already doing better than most people if you are paying attention to your conversational partners' eyes. You can play it safe by keeping eye contact more than 50% of the time, while making sure to look away sometimes so as not to appear too intense. You may worry that matching is deceptive or manipulative. But I disagree! An added effect of matching with someone is that you will, indeed, begin to actually understand others better. This form of considerate communication is one of the nicest things you can do for a person, and they will be genuinely appreciative. As a final word, an important part of paying close attention to others is noticing if they feel patronized to. Be careful of seeming condescending. Matching people in body language and voice will help you to seem "on the same level," and neither arrogant nor apologetic. But mimicking others will seem odd and even condescending, so make sure to be creative and individualistic with your body language and pace as well. Be yourself, while harmonizing with others like instruments in an orchestra. So far we've talked about matching your partner's pace, tone, volume, body language, and eye contact. That's a pretty long list of things to watch! Just as you don't jump in a pool instantly knowing the breaststroke and the butterfly, you're not going to be able to match all of these details on the first try.

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

To help keep all these matching techniques straight, here's a short scene for you to read. The scene stars Sam, who used to be shy but is practicing increasing charisma with NLP, and Alex, who has never heard of NLP. Sam is approaching Alex's table in their favorite coffee shop. * SAM: (Approaches Alex's table. Notices Alex's head bobbing in rhythm to the music in the coffee shop. Sam makes sure to hear the music and notice its flow.) Hi. ALEX: Hi. SAM: (Friendly, easy gaze. Shoulders back, hands not moving. Sincerely:) Do you mind if I sit here? ALEX: (Returning Sam's smile.) No, go ahead. (Makes very brief eye contact and returns to newspaper.) SAM: (Not wanting to stare, reads a few sentences from a book. Noticing Alex is still moving with the music, continues to tap foot or subtly dance.) ALEX: (Senses the motion of Sam's foot tapping.) This is a great song. SAM: Yeah, I used to hear this all the time while I was doing homework. ALEX: Oh? Where did you go to school? *

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

Sam did a few things right here! When Alex wasn't feeling talkative, Sam respected Alex's slow pace and wasn' t overwhelming. Sam also noticed Alex's body language in dancing with the music, and subtly followed the music as well. This body language matching helped Sam become part of Alex's space without invading it, which kept Alex's attention on Sam even though they weren't making eye contact. When Alex didn't want to make eye contact, Sam respected this and found something to read; however, when Alex was ready to make conversation, Sam had something to say and made confident eye contact. We might assume Sam's volume and tone were in synch with Alex's as well. Once Alex picked up the pace of the conversation just a bit, Sam took it even further, going out on a limb and offering some personal information. Perhaps the two of them will find some common interests, which could help them find more to talk about. Most importantly, though, Sam's considerate matching techniques helped establish friendly contact in an open, but not threatening, way. Alex is probably very interested to learn more about someone so easy to be around. Now, let's make this more challenging for Sam. Let's say that instead of the reasonably friendly Alex, Sam meets up with a more hostile individual named Val. And let's say that instead of the two casually meeting in a coffee shop, Sam is a political canvasser soliciting Val on the street. * SAM: Hi there.

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

VAL: Hi. I don't have time. (Is obviously in a hurry, and trying to get past without making contact, but the street is too crowded.) SAM: Can I just say, you've obviously had a lot of errands to run today, but you're holding up great. You make it look so easy. VAL: (Perks up a bit, but still irritated.) Well, thank you. SAM: I know you're heading home and you'll be happy to get there. VAL: (This idea sinks in, and Val starts to smile slightly.) Thanks. Thanks, I hope you have a good night too. SAM: Tell me, you don't have an opinion on measure 38, do you? VAL: Actually, I do… * In this case, Sam noticed Val was moving at a hurried pace with closed off body language. Rather than mimic Val's frantic and hostile tone, Sam decided to acknowledge Val's state by describing the state empathetically ("you've obviously had a lot of errands to run"). Then Sam added positive details about Val's pace that would make Val feel better ("You're holding up great," "You'll be happy to get home"). Sam's relaxed, confident body language and eye contact helped instill Val with a sense of confidence, making Sam's suggestions easier to believe. Sam waited

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

until after Val was feeling more open before launching the political question. All in all, simply paying attention to Val's issues and acknowledging them in a positive manner—with a few positive suggestions thrown in—helped Sam to win Val over. In this scene, Sam used subtle matching. This scene is an example of how matching does not need to involve mimicry. Matching can simply mean paying attention to others' states, and accepting them as they are. After it was clear that Sam accepted Val's entire emotional state, gentle suggestions were useful to make a personal connection, and to communicate Sam's goals. Matching Word Choice and Perception The previous few examples showed you ways to subtly alter your body language and voice to gain the trust and attention of others. As another technique, you can meet others in their perceived map of the world, which everyone betrays through their word choice. What do I mean by "map of the world"? Well, NLP teaches that your perception of reality is not exactly the same as reality itself. Think of lying in a sunny field: you may notice the warm sun on your face, or the yellow and green of the grass, or the sound of a breeze gently wafting through the trees. You may notice what kinds of flowers, insects, and wildlife share the field with you. Perhaps you are attuned to the time of day or position of the sun in the sky. You may also notice the thoughts that are going through your head, or your plans for later in the evening, or your emotions. But you probably can't pay attention to all these details at once. The details you usually choose to

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

notice represent your map of the world. When you see a play on stage, perhaps you notice the funny dialogue most. Or perhaps it is the makeup and costuming. Maybe the gentleman sitting next to you has a particularly nice cologne whose scent you can't help but notice, or maybe he has a particularly annoying cough. I would think it's safe to say that you notice bits and pieces of any experience, and that you then construct a map of the total experience from these fragments. Let's go over some ways to match others in perception, and therefore in word choice. First, try to notice whether your conversational partner chooses to notice more details that are visual (seen), auditory (heard), kinesthetic (felt), or conceptual (thoughts and abstract concepts). Some of us pay more attention to auditory details, such as the wind in the trees or the witty exchange between actors. Some of us pay more attention to visual details, like the shapes of clouds or the colors of a play's set design. Some of us pay most attention to kinesthetic, or "sense of touch" details: the feeling of the springy grass under us, the moistness of a drop of dew, the comfort or discomfort of our theater seats. These are all sensory preferences: preferences toward what we see, hear or feel. We often are quite transparent about our perceptual preferences when we speak. Most of us fall into one of these three columns: Visual Colors, shapes, and visual details "I see what you Auditory Sounds, volumes, noises, voices "I hear what you're Kinesthetic Movement, texture and touch details "I feel what you're

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

mean" "That tie is ugly" "Let's focus"

saying" "That tie is loud" "That sounds good to me"

saying" "That tie is jarring" "Let's keep this moving"

A great way to notice which of these categories a person uses most is through the following exercise: speak into a tape recorder for about two minutes, about whatever topic comes to mind. Keep the language flowing, and don't think too much about NLP or theory. Just think about whatever it is you're talking about. Afterward, make a table like the one above. Listen to your tape recording, and write down words and phrases from the recording, organizing them into the three columns. You will probably find that you have a bias for one of the senses over the others. The point of this exercise is to raise your sensitivity to, and awareness of, these distinctions. You may get a feel for your accustomed tendencies. You will also become more sensitive to perceptual preferences in those around you. Once you've figured out your own sensory biases, experiment with other senses. For example, if you find that you almost never use kinesthetic details in speech, try to spend a whole day noticing as many touch sensations and physical movements as possible. During this time, you may find that you actually use more kinesthetic language. The more practice you have using different perceptual maps, the better. The idea is to become more flexible and aware, so you can understand the people you speak with. The next step is to take this awareness to conversation with another person. Speak with a friend, family member, or even a stranger. Listen to their word choices and try to

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

discern what category they use most. If they use only auditory details, then work some auditory details into your own stories and figures of speech. This is another example of matching, much like the physical and vocal matching just discussed. People may not realize it consciously, but they will be more at ease around someone who notices the same sorts of sensory or abstract details that they themselves tend to notice, and speaks in similar terms. With someone you are meeting for the first time, it may be useful to employ a balance of all three categories. Let's return to our friend Sam, who is again trying to charm the blissfully unaware Alex. This time, let's pretend the two of them are on an outing at the zoo. * ALEX: Get a load of these two monkeys! SAM: Where? What are they doing? ALEX: Over there. The coarse-haired ones? One of them is swinging and the other one is watching her go back and forth. SAM: Oh, the swaying ones. Yeah, they're like a tennis match. * Sam noticed that Alex was noticing the monkeys in a kinesthetic way, by using words like "load," "swing," "coarse," and "go." Sam responded with similar words—

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

"doing," "swaying," "tennis"—to better share in a kinesthetic preference. The two may bond, subtly and slightly, because of this shared sensory preference. It could have just as easily happened visually instead: * ALEX: Look at these monkeys! SAM: Which ones are you watching? ALEX: The ones in the corner! There's a brown one with a Mohawk, see it? SAM: I see, yeah, he's looking at that fat monkey under him. * This time, Alex used visual details: "look," "brown," and "see." Sam responded in the same way with "watching," "see," "looking," and "fat." Matching sensory word choice is a technique that can work wonders in small doses, but can really bomb when overdone. So make sure you don't force it! You wouldn't want this to happen: * SASCHA: Do you see what I mean, Tony? TONY: Look, I see. It's a very colorful point.

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

SASCHA: Uh… what do you mean? TONY: What a beautiful day this is! * Ouch. Don't force word choice matching and annihilate sense! Be like Sam and use matching in small doses, when it will help you bond with those around you. The importance of Body Language This may seem obvious, but it is important to maintain body language that will be pleasant and agreeable to the person you are having a conversation with. You want your body language to show that you are a completely at ease, self-confident person. You also want your body language to show that you are listening to what the other person has to say, rather than being distracted. NLP teaches that using the body language of a confident, charismatic person will actually make you more confident. Here's one tip: don't fidget. Fidgeting gives the impression that our minds are elsewhere, or that we are nervous or anxious. Your mind doesn't do anything without an explicit purpose, and fidgeting is one of those things. So try to ask yourself: "Why do I fidget?" If you are fidgeting with your body because of some internal concern, perhaps try to ascertain what this is. Quite often our emotional and mental states will show themselves in our physical state, and vice versa. By willing ourselves to stop fidgeting, we may feel more calm and confident mentally and emotionally. By addressing our emotional and mental

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

concerns, we can keep our fidgeting body parts at ease. Decide what part of your fidgeting problem you wish to address—the thoughts and anxieties, or the physical movement itself—and practice changing this one part. Both routes are useful. You will probably find it easiest to simply will the fidgeting to stop; this self-imposed physical poise will help you to feel mentally composed. Watch and notice as changing a physical behavior or action causes wonderful changes in your overall state. An added bonus of this, of course, is that others will be more comfortable around you than around a fidgeter who appears to be wrapped up in his own world. Another important body language technique is to maintain eye contact. Moderation is important: don't stare anyone down. But do let people know you are paying attention to them, by looking at their eye region more than half the time you're interacting. Eye contact is an excellent tool to make new friends. It is perfectly acceptable to make eye contact with strangers. Again, staring is going overboard. But a nice, pleasant, easygoing glance to acknowledge a person you encounter is a friendly, charismatic gesture. If the person seems uncomfortable, look away and respect their space. They will respect and appreciate this consideration. However, if they seem open to establishing contact, you might try increasing your eye contact and starting a conversation. Posture and eye contact make an excellent impression and can be the start of grand new friendships. Eye contact does not have to mean staring directly into someone's pupils! Looking at their nose or forehead at

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

times can make for a more relaxed, less intimidating form of eye contact. The Importance of Appearance Good grooming is another key to rapport and charm. Just as people notice favorably when you step into their language and map of the world, they will also notice when you hold the same beliefs as them about personal grooming. This is not to say you should be deliberately messy around sloppy people, or prissily groomed around casual folks. Most of the time, it's a good idea to simply maintain basic, moderate cleanliness and effort. Here is a list of grooming habits that you should try to keep up with: • • • • • • • Shower or bathe frequently Keep your fingernails tidy Wear clean clothes that are not too big or too small Men: shave your face or trim your beard Brush or comb your hair Brush your teeth (and SMILE!) Pay attention to your posture. Stand up straight and don't slouch or fidget. • Lots of trips to the gym can't hurt. A workout not only makes you feel more confident by flooding your body with a sense of confidence; it also improves the physique.

Genetic traits are not the biggest part of beauty. Good grooming and positive self-image are far more important to attractiveness and likeability than genetic physical traits. Even Hollywood stars—who generally have been luckier than the rest of us in the genetics department—owe most of their attractiveness to confidence, posture, and

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

responsible grooming. You only have to look at a few unflattering paparazzi shots to realize how much of attractiveness is due to grooming and poise. Above all, be considerate to others by staying clean and well groomed. This will keep people from being distracted by some part of your appearance, and will keep them focused on your beautiful smile and riveting conversation. EXPERIMENTING WITH POINT OF VIEW TO INCREASE YOUR WISDOM, POWER, AND CONTROL It's important to try to observe as many perspectives as possible on a given situation. Just as we can't pay attention to every single sensory detail of lying in a field or seeing a show, we also can't pay attention to all points of view at once. Switching up your points of view will help you to broaden your awareness of these modes of seeing, so that you can be more flexible, more informed, and more equipped to make situations work for you. So, what points of view can you incorporate? Well, first there is first person. This is what you personally see, through your eyes and your mind and your experiences and emotions. Almost all of us use first person the most often. Secondly, there is second person. This is when you look at a situation from another person's point of view. You could look at a conversation, for example, from the point of view of the other participant—in which case, you'd probably be looking at your own face. Second person involves putting yourself in another person's shoes to try out their perspective on things. Finally, you could try a third person point of view. Rather than looking at things as yourself, or as another individual would, you can try to look at them

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

from as detached a position as possible. Third person involves looking at everything as though on a movie screen, and this has some important uses in day-to-day life. If all this is a little too abstract, don't worry! Here are some exercises you can try. Second person exercises In private, think of someone you greatly admire. Pretend you are this person. Try on his or her perspective. What clothes would you wear, if you were this person? What would these clothes feel like on your body? How would you carry yourself? How would you speak? How would you spend your day? Use this person's identity to mentally act out a situation that feels socially awkward to you: what would they do to handle the situation? Notice as much as you can about your role model's point of view. If there is anything in this person's way of looking at the world that you feel would be healthy and beneficial to incorporate into your own life, then try it out! Pretending to be someone you admire will allow you to cherry-pick your favorites from their behaviors and perceptual habits. Any positive ideas you get from pretending to be a positive role model can be implemented in your own life. But it's also important to look at the world through your role models' eyes, simply for the added details you may perceive. Here is a second exercise. Pretend you are a total stranger. Through this stranger's eyes, look at yourself. What is most noticeable? What do you look like to this person? What do you smell like, sound like, and say? What are your most striking qualities to this stranger? Imagine engaging in a conversation with yourself—what is it like? How do you hold

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

your shoulders and your hands? Taking this fresh strangers' perspective, note all the qualities of yourself that you can, and write them down in a notebook or journal. Later, you can look at this list, and congratulate yourself on the traits you admire and would like to keep. If there are traits you admire less, don't beat yourself up over them—they're just bad habits! Take these less desirable traits and work on replacing them with habits you find to be more positive. Looking at yourself through a stranger's eyes can work wonders for choosing the personal qualities you want to represent you. As a final second-person exercise, try looking at yourself through the eyes of someone who greatly admires you. Some loved one who believes you can do anything no matter what. Perhaps this is a parent, or a teacher from your past, or a child whose heart you have particularly won. Whoever it is, become this person and look at yourself through their eyes. This person loves you dearly and believes you can do no wrong. Using this person's perspective, write down only your best qualities. Remind yourself that you are a worthwhile, admirable person. Congratulate yourself on your positive qualities and remember to keep them. When you are feeling insecure or frightened, look at yourself through this supportive individual's point of view. You may find that an admirer's imagined presence can increase your confidence quite a lot, and make a difference in your social interactions. Third-person exercises So far we have looked at second-person point of view shifts to help with self-confidence and expanded perspective. We've imagined being a stranger, an admirer, and someone

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

we ourselves admire. Next, let's look at some third person exercises. How can a detached point of view help you to increase your charisma and charm? First, try using a third person perspective to diffuse anxiety. Is there a situation where you typically feel people are out to get you? Perhaps you feel this way at the office, family gatherings, or even among strangers. All of us, in times of negative self-image, will feel that we are alone and unloved, or that the world is malicious toward us. Most of the time, these paranoid feelings are the result of self-doubt, and not of any factor outside us. Take several deep breaths. Leave your first person point of view. Take a look at the situation that makes you feel threatened. Imagine that you are viewing the situation from a very removed viewpoint. From this removed viewpoint, do you feel less anxious? Remind yourself that in almost all situations that cause us humans to feel this way, there is no one actually invested in causing us harm. Tell yourself that if you don't have proof to back up your paranoia, they aren't worth worrying about. Do you have any proof? Probably not. Probably what you have are lingering, unpleasant thought cycles. You merely need to interrupt these to start feeling better about yourself. Third person can help throw a negative cycle off track. Another third person exercise can be used at any time during the day. Simply back up, and take a look at yourself. Look at the outside details: body language. Appearance. Your voice, laugh, and words. Try this during conversations; look not only at yourself, but also at those around you. Realize you do not need to feel alone, because you have much in common with those around you. Realize the attractive qualities you have that are unique to you. Also, pay attention to your physical arrangement when you talk

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

to others: who is leaning forward, or backward? What are everyone's eye movements engaged with? What do everyone's words have to say about how well they are connecting with one another? Noticing these things is valuable in itself. Being aware of your environment is a huge step toward taking control of your life. Next, expand beyond your immediate surroundings. Notice the whole street you are on, and the movements and actions of others. Expand your perception as far our as possible, realizing you are a small and whole part of a very large reality. This can offer a relaxing meditation in the midst of a hectic day. Another use for third person is in a business meeting, or some other formal, official situation where you don't want your emotions to come into play. Staying detached from a business meeting will help others trust you more. This is because you will seem to be paying attention to all issues at hand, and not merely to your own internal state. First-Person Exercises Just as second person can help you understand other individuals, and third person can help you see the larger picture, first person can be useful for reminding yourself of what you want and need. A good way to tap into your personal point of view is to focus on an object in front of you and realize that no one else is seeing it as you do, from the same angle and with the same set of memories and other sensory input. From this object, move on to the rest of your environment. Look at everything around you through your own eyes. Allow yourself to feel calm and serene as you realize that no one is in your head but you. You have complete control over your thoughts and

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

perceptions, because you're the only one having them! This exercise will help you with serenity, and also control: remember that you can control your life and internal state. Maintain Variety As you use NLP techniques to change your life, the most important thing to remember about point of view is variety! The more time you spend in first, second, and third person, the more experienced you will become at taking control. These are just a few of the things you will start to notice as you practice deliberately shifting your point of view: • Detailed information about your own beliefs, desires, habits, behaviors, and patterns, and those of others • What makes others feel comfortable and at ease • Enjoyable stories to bring up in conversation • An increased sense of personal worth • The power to change situations so that they make you feel happy • The power to change situations so that you can achieve your goals • Greater potential for success (whatever that means for you) • Self-confidence • Others viewing you as wise and in control Can you think of any others? HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY GETTING TO KNOW YOURSELF The more you know about yourself, the more power you

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

have to change your life for the better. You might say, "But I already know myself! I'm closer to myself than anyone else in the world!" If you stop and think about this statement, however, you will see the flaw in it. At what point can you say you "know" something? Obviously, you can always know yourself more. For example, here are some questions you could ask yourself (you might consider writing down the answers! It couldn't hurt, and might help you remember what you discover): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 What do I like most about myself? What are my best physical qualities? What makes me happy? What causes me pain and discomfort? What makes me feel shy? What makes me feel confident? What are my goals for the future? What do I admire in others, and how can I incorporate these traits into my own life? What would I like to be able to do? What do I like most about myself? What would be the ultimate success for me? What do I need to change about myself to achieve success? What are the most important things about me? What do I believe in?

It would be enormously beneficial to take out a journal or open a word processor and write as much as you can to answer each of these questions. Write any other questions you can think of that will help you get to the core of yourself, and answer these as well. The more you know about yourself, the more choices you have. A favorite NLP

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saying is that choice is always better than no choice! When you have a good idea of what all of your personal qualities are, try this exercise. Pretend that you have a suitcase. Inside the suitcase, imagine all of your experiences. Imagine your jobs being in the suitcase, your friends, your family members, people you have loved and hated and briefly known. Imagine your clothes and possessions are in the suitcase. Put your tastes in entertainment, your activities, the food you eat, and the things you say in the suitcase. Imagine that in the suitcase are your spiritual beliefs. Imagine your political opinions are in the suitcase. Place in the suitcase your goals, aspirations, and hopes. Place all of your dreams in the suitcase. Place all of your fears and dark moments in the suitcase, as well. Take a moment to put into the suitcase anything else you can think of from your life, traits, or experiences. Now, step back and look at the suitcase you've packed. See all these things as an observer. Realize they are not you; they're not what's "doing the looking." Is your suitcase too full? You, and you alone, can decide what you're going to keep in your suitcase as you go through life, and what you will abandon. You can pick and choose what you would like to represent you and what you would like to keep outside yourself. Remember that what makes you "you" is not your habits, tendencies, and patterns. The very fact that you can step back and look at these parts of yourself means that they are not totally you: they can be looked at, so they're not part of what's doing the looking!

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

Accept yourself. Accept also that you can take qualities you've acquired and let them go, so they are not part of you any longer. Accept that you can build up your social prowess and improve your life. HOW TO MAINTAIN A POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE AND LOVE YOURSELF So far, we've discussed several ways to expand your awareness—using points of view, getting to know yourself, and noticing your environment. We've also discussed methods for charming others—meeting them in their maps of the world, matching their body language, and matching their voices. An added side effect of all of these techniques is that they will make you feel more worthwhile and self-confident. When people find us charming, we tend to notice their positive feedback and feel good about ourselves. Also, when we expand our awareness, we give ourselves more choices, which in turn makes us feel more in control and confident. Here are some more exercises. These are for those times when you really need to focus on your self-esteem, and nothing else. First, accept compliments. Think up five or ten sincere compliments, and tell them to yourself. Don't worry if they're small or large, just make them positive. Next, imagine another person telling you these compliments. Practice feeling grateful and appreciative of compliments, and internalizing them. Do not feel embarrassed of the

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

good people see in you. For someone to vocalize a compliment means they probably have several other things they admire about you that they're not saying. Thank the person for the compliment, and feel proud of your strengths. Bring this graciousness in accepting compliments to your everyday life. Second, try new things. This could be as simple as a meal you've never had, or it could be something much more involved, like a vacation or a new job. Make a list of all the new things you could try, without censoring the list as you make it. Later, consult this list and pick some things to actually try. If you feel like you don't want to try new things, why do you feel this way? List your reasons, and try to be honest. If you are truly fully satisfied with your life, then maybe it's true that new things aren't for you. However, how do you expect to create changes in your life by continuing to act out the same actions over and over? How can you know if something will improve your life, unless you've tried it? Being aware of the new things you could be trying, and actually doing some of them, can be a huge self-esteem boost Change certainly won't arise from doing the same things over and over. Third, challenge yourself, but don't punish yourself. With all these new experiences you'll be trying, there are sure to be slip-ups and unforeseen embarrassments along with the rewards. What mental processes do you typically go through when you're about to be challenged? Do you tell yourself you can achieve anything you try, or do you set yourself up for failure? Make sure you're not punishing yourself for "failing"; instead, accept the good with the bad. Try things good-naturedly, accepting they may not go how you want.

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Many of us have a tendency to reject compliments and punish our faults. In other words, we don't accept the positive OR the negative in ourselves. Trying new things goes hand in hand with accepting yourself, because risk entails accepting the good and bad in your future self. Taking risks is the surest path to loving yourself and feeling more confident. All of these exercises will help you enjoy social situations much more than ever before. HOW TO USE SENSORY ANCHORS TO TRIGGER POSITIVE EMOTIONS Have you ever wished you could call up feelings of calm and confidence whenever you wanted? One way to do this is through "sensory anchors." Here's a great exercise you can try the next time you are in the throes of social awkwardness or shyness. The best time to try this exercise is in private. You might want to try it when you are having a particularly unpleasant memory, the kind that makes you feel like you are right inside one of your worst-case scenarios. Another good time to try this technique is at the end of a particularly bad day, when you get home and just feel horrible about yourself. Or you can even try to play-act a negative emotional state when it is not naturally occurring. This exercise will help you to develop your sensory anchors. Sensory anchors help you pull yourself out of negative emotions. Take a few minutes to let yourself relax completely. Breathe, and notice yourself breathing. By focusing your

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conscious mind on the physical act of breathing, you are allowing your mind and body to be one unified whole. Notice your breaths. Let each breath bring your body and mind together. Now close your eyes. Imagine something that makes you apprehensive, maybe a certain social situation when you fear you won't be confident or charismatic enough. Now imagine that thing going as poorly as possible. What is the worst-case scenario? Imagine all of the details. Next, focus on how the imaginary scenario would make you feel, if it really happened. If the feeling had a color, what would it be? What about a texture? Where in your body is the feeling located? Some of us feel anxiety and fear in our chests, others in our stomachs, and others in our shoulders. Where is your anxiety? Social anxiety can often manifest itself as a sharp, stabbing sensation, or like a spiny sea urchin lodged inside of us. What does yours feel like? Pick whatever colors and textures come readily to mind, without spending too much time on selecting them. Now, put that collection of imagined sensations aside. Imagine a small hill in front of you. It can be whatever size you choose, as big as a pitcher's mound perhaps, or much larger. In your mind's eye, in your imagination, approach the hill. Remain seated or reclining, but pretend you are walking to the hill. Up at the top of the hill is a wonderful, pleasant, amazing feeling. At the top of the hill is the exact opposite of the emotions you were feeling down below. Reach the crest of the hill. When you are at the top of the hill, savor the excellent feelings that flood your being. These are the good feelings that come with self-assurance and self-worth. You are an excellent, likable, relatable person who is a delight to converse with.

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You give hope, enjoyment, and peace to others. You are the absolute pinnacle of charm. You exude a natural, easy warmth and confidence and charisma without even trying. People love you because you understand them and their needs. People remember you long after seeing you, as a positive and admirable individual. Now, take a moment to notice the physical, sensory qualities of these good feelings. Assign the good feelings a color. Imagine you are bathed in a flood of light in this particular color. What is the texture of feeling that your goals are accomplished? Feel this texture; revel in it. What are the sounds that surround you? Do you hear a compliment from a loved one, a musical score, a breeze in the trees or a roar of applause? What are the sounds that are most impressed upon you at the top of this hill? Are they in stereo, or mono? Remember some particular feelings of your choosing. They might be colors, sights, sounds, textures, tastes, or smells. Now, walk back down the hill. Look up at the crest, and see that the light is still there, know that if you walk to your hill again you will feel the same positive feelings, hear the same positive sounds. Take a few deep breaths. Walk up the hill again, and stand at the top. Feel those feelings again, feel that colored light and see it all around you, hear those compliments from loved ones and whatever other clear, positive noises you associate with these feelings of success and charisma and charm. Enjoy this particular sensory flood. Walk down and up the hill several more times. Each time, notice the hill from afar and see the pleasantly colored

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light that rests on the crest. Stare up at the crest of the hill. Contemplate what it will feel like to step up to the top. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths, and then walk onto the hill. Enjoy the sensations of love and accomplishment. The final time you leave the hill, take the sensations you have chosen with you to ground level. Realize they are not actually connected to the place of the hill, but you can conjure them up whenever you like. Allow the colored light to follow you down the hill. Retain the sounds and touch sensations of success in your ears and on your body as you walk away from the hill. Realize that this happy fulfillment is your natural state. You can return to this state whenever you like, by imagining the colors, sounds, sights, and textures you have chosen. Very gradually and without rushing yourself, allow yourself to return to the room you are sitting or reclining in. Before fully returning to reality, remember that you can activate the deserved feelings of self-love and self-worth whenever you like, just by calling up the sensations you have chosen. Take a moment to catalog your sensory triggers. Savor them. Remember the brightly colored light, and allow it to continue coursing through you. Retain the sounds and feelings of self-awareness and success. Allow your sensation triggers to stay with you after you open your eyes. You may be able to keep these feeling throughout the entire day. As long as you hold on to these positive sensations, you will feel successful, effective, charming, and likable. And feeling this way MAKES IT TRUE.

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

The next time you feel mired in negative feelings, remember this exercise and conjure up the sensations you felt at the top of your hill. You will notice these sensations flooding you again, and with them the accompanying feelings of success and exceptionality. This exercise uses an NLP technique called anchoring. Anchors are triggers that cause us to inhabit certain states. For example, calling up a mental image of a frozen forest covered in a blanket of snow may make us feel somewhat cold. Remembering the way a parent tucked us in at night as children may make us feel nurtured and protected. The sensations you associate with the "hill" in this exercise will help you feel confident and capable. By associating sensations with emotions, we can feel any emotion simply by calling up the associated sensation. You may find it beneficial to cultivate a number of sensory anchors to call up states of confidence, self-esteem, and success. This control over your emotional state will make you an even more successful, incredible person. This is a story that I think will illustrate what I mean. A certain man was terribly afraid of public speaking. At a very young age, he was asked to give a report on tarantulas to his class. This was perhaps in first or second grade. The boy was lucky enough to have a father who owned a pet shop, so he asked his father if he could take a live tarantula to school for the report, in hopes of achieving a higher grade. His father agreed, and the boy was given a live tarantula—harmless, but very hairy and large and scary-looking—in a plastic box. The tarantula had ugly fangs and lots of eyes and hairy legs.

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The boy was a very conscientious lad, and he prepared a poster and a speech, even though he was only in early grade school. He really outdid himself for someone so young. When the big day came, his father drove him to school with the poster and the box with the spider inside. When it came time for the boy's speech, he got to the front of the class and started describing the different features of tarantulas - they have eight legs, they are of such and such a size, etc. There were about twenty kids in the class, and they were all watching him raptly. He really thought things were going quite well. Suddenly, in the middle of the boy's presentation, there was a commotion on the other side of the room. Several children, boys and girls were screaming. Some of them were even on top of desks, really screaming in fright. It turned out that he had forgotten to make sure the lid was secure, and sometime during his presentation the spider had escaped. It was scuttling across the floor, under the desks. The class erupted. Everyone blamed the little boy for the spider getting loose, and everyone was very mad at him for the rest of the day. Even for the rest of his time in elementary school, the boy found it hard to live down the day he let a spider get loose in the middle of his speech. He was given cruel nicknames, and shunned for quite some time. On top of that, when his father found out he'd lost one of his tarantulas, he gave his son a spanking for being so careless. Eventually, of course, the other children forgot about the incident. However, the boy didn't realize this. He was so self-conscious after the spider got loose that he became

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nervous, skittish, and uncomfortable around others. In grade school nowadays, children have to give a lot of speeches to the class. After that day with the spider, this little boy was petrified of speeches. He would look out at the class and picture them all getting on top of desks with horrified expressions, and feel the pain of his father's spanking. He would stammer and go red in the face and just deliver the most awful, shy, painfully anxious public speeches. His fear also affected him in other parts of life, and he had trouble making friends. His grades fell and he was perpetually unhappy—all because he thought everyone was still remembering the spider, even after they had actually forgotten! The boy began to get a reputation for shyness and skittishness. Throughout his life, even after he became a man, people would say, "oh, he's afraid of public speaking, don't make him give the speech." This had a reinforcing effect, and it made it easier for the man to believe that he was truly a shy, unconfident person. Occurrences in this man's life led to deeply ingrained habits in his actions, and he grew up a stammering, stuttering, shy mess. However, this was not who he was; it was simply a pattern that had become habitual to him. Eventually, the man decided he was not comfortable with this state of affairs. Like all of us, he wanted to feel more confident, and to be able to interact with people easily and with skill. He went to a therapist, to see if there was anything that could be done. The therapist told the man to imagine a positive situation. He told the man to imagine giving a speech that was immensely well received. Instead

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of frightened faces and screams, the speech would be met with beaming smiles, applause, and compliments. Instead of a spanking, his father would give him a hug. In other words, the idea was to balance out the negative experience in the boy's past with a set of positive sights, sounds, and physical details. He was asked to replay the positive speaking experience over and over in his mind, to reinforce a belief that he was confident and full of charisma. As an added measure, his therapist asked him to come up with a hand gesture that would be met with special adoration: the man decided he would grin, and the grin would be met with a wink by a beautiful woman in the audience. This wonderful memory was played over and over in the man's head. Afterwards, he practiced that particular winning grin as a way of remembering the imaginary, positive experience in his mind. Eventually, he had to give a speech at his brother's wedding. Although this was a social situation that he would have once found stressful, it was now enjoyable. When he eventually gave a broad smile to an audience of people and saw that imaginary woman winking back at him, he was filled with robust confidence. All the man needed to do was create a kinesthetic anchor (the grin) and a visual anchor (the wink), and associate these with powerful confident emotions. This story is another example of anchoring, or associating particular sensations with positive emotions, in order to call up those emotions by using the sensory triggers.

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Try storing up a few of these positive triggers, by practicing them over and over in your mind. Take them out in times of stress, or times when you're feeling low. You'll be surprised how much calling up the memory of the positive emotion will make you experience that emotion again! Your anchors can be sights, sounds, actions, tastes, smells, phrases—whatever works for you. Some people find it useful to touch two fingers together or tap a toe once. Anchoring is useful in social situations, of course—renewed calm and confidence will not go unnoticed by the people you meet in life! HOW TO STAY POSITIVE THROUGH MODELING One of the most fundamental NLP techniques is modeling. To model is to choose a positive role model and determine how they come about their positive qualities. Once you've pinpointed some of their best traits, you can incorporate their behaviors, decisions, and practices. A good exercise is to make a list of your role model's best attributes. This could be a politician, a celebrity, a fictional character, or someone you know. Look at a person whom you believe completely exemplifies charisma, charm, and likeability. On a sheet of paper, answer the following questions (guess if you have to): • Why have they captured your attention in such a positive way? • What are their best qualities? • What are the steps they go through to achieve the states you would like to achieve? • How do they hold themselves during conversation?

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• If they appear honest and kind, what gives you that impression? Answering these questions should increase your awareness of the components of charisma. Unfortunately, you will probably have to guess or answer the questions yourself. Asking your role model probably won't satisfy you, because most very charismatic people do not realize they are using cues. Often, they have forgotten a time when these patterns were deliberate, and they now use these tools without thinking about it. Once you've answered the questions, try implementing a few of your role model's best techniques in your own life. If you keep practicing these techniques, they will become habit. This is a story about someone who used modeling as a way to achieve her goals. Monika, who was working for a small marketing firm, had a problem. Monika was consumed by a feeling that her coworkers were judging her and conspiring against her. Whenever she saw two of her colleagues by the water cooler, and they were laughing and talking loudly, Monika would assume they were making jokes at her expense. Whenever she saw two people speaking in hushed tones in the lunchroom, she naturally assumed it was gossip about her. Any time her boss walked by, Monika assumed that the boss was waiting for her to slip up and she would get fired. She was consumed with the assumption that everyone was constantly insulting her, her performance at work, even her weight and her appearance. She was totally, completely paranoid. Of course, her coworkers weren't constantly thinking about

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her. She was a little odd, maybe—that woman who always seemed a little skittish—but that's not good enough gossip to keep them talking about her and nothing else! Usually they were talking about work, or their families, or their plans for the weekend, or any other of a huge number of topics. From time to time, Monika would confide in me about her problem. Finally, I asked her, was there anyone in her office that she did trust, anyone who seemed totally reliable, friendly, and totally on her side? She said yes: there was a woman in HR who was always completely charming and trustworthy. Although Monika didn't have much of a history with the HR woman, she'd felt natural and at ease around her from the moment they'd first met. Although Monika worried about the rest of the office judging her, she never had any apprehensive feelings around this particular coworker. Monika honestly didn't believe that the HR woman would ever have a negative word to speak about anybody. Well, I asked her, what are this woman's characteristics? I told Monika she should make a list of this woman's best qualities. This would help Monika determine the ingredients of her role model's charisma. This was the list Monika came up with: • • • • • The woman stood up straight. She had a brilliant smile. She had an agreeable, rich voice. She always made eye contact. When she was talking with you, she never seemed distracted.

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• • • • • •

She was a great listener. She seemed honest. She was on the level. She wasn't overwhelming. She shared stories that were interesting. She gave compliments, even to people who weren't around at the time. • She never apologized for anything. • She had wonderful hair. • She laughed often, and in a way that seemed "honest."

The traits that struck me most were those implying honesty: simply by making people feel they are close to you and your innermost thoughts, you can put them at ease. Obviously, this doesn't mean bombarding them with a stream of complaints. Rather, let them feel they are getting to know the real you, but without seeming like you are needy. Another interesting trend was good listening skills. The positive role model "never seemed distracted" and "wasn't overwhelming"—signs that she was paying attention to signals from her conversational partners. This was another skill set my friend could implement. I advised Monika to try adopting listening skills, honesty, matching, and positive body language, in order to emulate her good role model. She started with maintaining eye contact, sitting up straight, paying attention to others' body language, and refusing to apologize for herself. Over the next few weeks, as she focused on others and resolved to feel good about herself, she noticed people opening up and feeling more comfortable around her. She also noticed

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

an increased sense of inner calm and peacefulness. She no longer dwelled on what people thought about her. One day, a coworker she'd never spoke with came up to her, and they started trading stories. It felt quite natural. Monika felt she was sharing a part of herself, and thus making a friend! Her work had paid off! By focusing on others, accepting herself, and using positive body language, Monika was able to leave her first-person, paranoid view and interact with others in a favorable, charming way. Modeling is a lot like varying your point of view. Both techniques can help you break negative habits. Both increase your awareness, showing you positive habits that you can implement to improve your self-assurance and social skills. "WHAT TRAITS SHOULD I CULTIVATE, TO BE A MORE CHARISMATIC PERSON NOW?" Now that you've experimented some with NLP, let's review. If you keep these four principles in mind, you will be much closer to being a charming, open, self-confident individual. 1. Understand yourself and others. Get to know yourself. Understand your feelings, beliefs, desires, goals, and identity. Have intimate conversations with yourself whenever possible, whether in a journal or in your mind. Maintain a rapport with yourself, and pay attention to your own patterns, habits, actions, behaviors, and words. Pay attention to how you feel, emotionally and physically. Do the same for other people you meet. Try to understand

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their goals and their ways of mapping the world. See how their language and behavior illustrate their map of the world. Show them that you understand and are willing to relate to them. To get to know yourself and others, pay attention in creative ways: try point of view exercises, journaling, rapport exercises, matching, and modeling. When you respond appropriately to others and yourself, you will exude charm and wisdom, while still being approachable and fun. These are extremely likable traits. They are also very useful for effective communication. 2. Know what you want. Understanding yourself and others allows you to choose which traits you find to be most desirable, both in yourself and others. Know which traits you value, and which you would like to leave by the wayside. Your life to this point is not you; it is merely a set of acquired behaviors, experiences, and states. Look at positive role models in your life especially. Notice what it is about them that makes them confident, secure, and likable. What traits of theirs would you like to take on? What does it feel like when you are liked, when you exude charisma and charm? These are things that you want. Practice trying new things, accepting compliments, and challenging yourself. Discover what you want out of life. Make a list of your goals, aspirations, and deepest personal beliefs. Know what you want, both today and in the long term. Defining your goals will help you make room for the "big rocks" and have the fullest life possible. 3. Be aware. Pay attention to your surroundings. The more

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aware you are, the more choices you have. The more choices you have, the greater your control. Experiment with different points of view. Make lists of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and linguistic details. Take a third-person view when possible, to observe yourself and others. Observe as many physical, mental, and emotional details as possible. 4. Be flexible. Self-improvement is a long road of attempting new and creative behaviors and thoughts. Be adaptable and adventurous enough to attempt new modes of thought, interaction, and perception. If a particular behavior isn't bringing you to the goal you desire, try another. Don't worry any more than necessary about predicting the outcome. Through trial and error, you will find the methods of action that work best for you. A FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER IF YOU BECOME DISCOURAGED Remember that your desired traits are already a part of you. You merely have to establish productive mental habits in order to access them. There are lots of reasons why you might want to increase your charm and charisma. It's nice to have people like you, whether at parties or on dates or simply passing by as strangers in the park or at the grocery store. Keep in mind the positive outcomes of your goals. This will help you concentrate on the "big rocks." There are many additional positive outcomes of improved social skills. Consider the pragmatic uses. If you are in sales, for example, an easygoing, charming manner may help your clients listen to what you have to say. The same

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

goes for canvassing, politics, mission work, and any profession when you interact with others. Among your colleagues, charisma is a brilliant tool for exercising leadership. People enjoy following likable individuals. Thus, charisma and charm are useful for communicating and achieving your pragmatic goals, as well as for making social situations more rewarding. Notice charisma working for you in day-to-day interactions, even on a small scale! If you feel overwhelmed by all these exercises, start simple: stand up straight, smile, and don't fidget too much. Take care of your physical appearance. NLP doesn't require lots of deep thinking: just a few outward changes can get you started and help you take huge strides toward excellence. Good posture and a smile will greatly improve your confidence, and they will get people noticing you more and giving you compliments! IF YOU START TO WORRY ABOUT BECOMING ARROGANT Of course, moderation is important in all we do. Balance your self-confidence with awareness of others' desires and comfort levels. Remember to smile. Really listen. Show others you are listening to them with your posture. On the other hand, never feel guilty for loving yourself! Self-confidence is a powerful component of likeability. When a person is confident in his or her own capabilities and value, others naturally feel attracted to that person. It's important to remind yourself of your value and your abilities. People can tell when you value yourself, and they are usually compelled to agree that you are wonderful. Shyness is often caused by a negative self-image. We worry

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that others may know better than we do, so we keep quiet and attempt to keep our thoughts to ourselves. By increasing our self-assurance, we automatically become more proactive and less shy. Confidence is a wonderful tool for improving our overall quality of life.

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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

CONCLUSION Remember, you are not a slave to your habits. By taking action to change your life's patterns, you can alter your life to achieve your goals. To change your life's patterns, try the above exercises in matching, body language, point of view, anchoring, and modeling. If you continue to believe in yourself and your abilities, your confidence and flexibility will help you achieve more than you've ever thought possible! Keep bravely trying new things, and you will go far down the road of self-fulfillment. Using NLP, you can become a charismatic, charming person who is loved by all. The key is to become broadly aware of your habits, behaviors, actions, and identity, as well as the habits and desires of those around you. The more aware you can be of yourself, others, and your environment, the more you control you have over every social situation. Your awareness gives you choices; your confidence gives you fuel for action; your flexibility lets you improve yourself. But don't take my word for it. Go out and try it for yourself!


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Unearthing Your Natural Charisma

1. Felber, Terry. Am I Making Myself Clear? Secrets of the World's Greatest Communicators. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2002. 2. Eason, Adam. Personal Magnetism. 3. Knight, Sue. NLP at Work: The Difference that Makes a Difference in Business. London: WS Bookwell, 2002. 4. Nezu, Christine Maguth and Arthur M. Nezu. Awakening Self-Esteem: Spiritual and Psychological Techniques to Enhance Your Well-Being. Oakland: New Harbringer Publications, 2003. 5. O'Connor, Joseph and Ian McDermott. NLP. Hong Kong: Thorsons, 2001.

Edisi Bandler Effect

*Edisi Bandler Effect 1. Aksi Live Therapy Richard Bandler terhadap client client nya yang siap Anda model dengan tema : 1. Creativity (40 Minutes Good Quality AVI Video File) 2. Motivation (60 Minutes Good Quality AVI Video File) 3. Confidence (50 Minutes Good Quality MPEG Video File) Bonus: 1. Audio Book 7 Chapter "The Hidden Secrets of Hypnotic Mind Control) 2. Audio Book "David Snyder's Secret Phone Call" 3. Video "Gentle Rapid Hypnosis" by Brian Phillips 4. 16 Video Clip "Mind Game Magic", Tricks by Igor Ledochowski

Video dan Audio dalam bahasa Inggris tanpa terjemahan Harga hanya untuk biaya produksi sebesar Rp. 60.000 saja

* Edisi Bandler Effect 2 Aksi Live Therapy Richard Bandler terhadap client client nya yang siap Anda model dengan tema 1. Health (40 Minutes Good Quality AVI Video File) 2. Changing Habit (50 Minutes Good Quality AVI Video File)

Bonus: 1. Audio Book 7 Path Self Hypnosis System by Calvin Banyan 2. Video "Training in Indirect Hypnosis" + Audio Book by Steve Brooks (170 Minutes Medium Quality) 3. Video "Essential Skill Interview Magic" (100 Minutes Medium Quality)

Video dan Audio dalam bahasa Inggris tanpa terjemahan Harga hanya untuk biaya produksi sebesar Rp. 60.000 saja Harga Special bila anda pesan langsung 2 paket yaitu hanya Rp. 100.000 saja

Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- atau Rp 100.000 saja bila langsung pesan 2 paket (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim. Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK

ongkos kirimditambah Rp 10.000,- ) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145, dan DVD akan sampai langsung ke alamat Anda Posted by Abah-Abi at 8:41 PM 0 comments

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Edisi Ebook & Audio Book
Lengkapi Perpustakaan Digital Anda dengan EBook dan Audiobook Pilihan. Mulai dari Ebook Instan Self Hypnosis (How to Hypnotize Your Eyes WIth Eyes Open), Healing With Stories (Therapy dengan metoda bercerita), The NLP Pocket Book yg begitu simple dan padat menjelaskan dasar dasar NLP, sampai karya #1 New York Times Best Selling Author "Healing Back Pain", John E. Sarno dengan karya terbarunya "The Divided Mind , The Epidemic of Mind Body Disorders" serta piluhan ebook ebook lainnya. Listnya dapat Anda lihat & Klik Gambar dibawah:

Plus Audio Book MP3 "Deep Trance Identification", by John Ovedurf dan "Delta Sleep System" nya Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson.

Harga cuma untuk mengganti biaya produksi sebesar Rp. 30.000 saja Semua Materi dalam Bahasa Inggris tanpa Terjemahan

Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 30.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim. Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK ongkos kirim disesuaikan, silahkan cek tarif JNE) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145, dan CD akan sampai langsung ke alamat Anda Posted by Abah-Abi at 10:38 PM 0 comments

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Edisi Khusus Akhir Tahun, Beli 2 DVD bayar setara dengan 1 DVD

Video NLP edisi special akhir tahun, beli 2 DVD harga hampir setara 1 DVD saja… Edisi Akhir Tahun ini terdiri dari: DVD 1: Edisi Akhir Tahun 1 1. State of the Art by Richard Bandler (250 Minutes Video) 2. Secret of Stage Hypnotis, bt Dr James Lazzarini (60 Minutes Video)- dengan teks Bahasa Indonesia 3. Unconscious Persuassion, by Kenrick Cleveland (70 Minutes Video) Bonus: 1. Audio Book 26 Seri “Personal Power II” by Anthony Robbins 2. Audio Book Flow, The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csiksz DVD2: Edisi Akhir Tahun 2 1. The Dark Side, by Kenrick Cleveland (110 Minutes Video) 2. Anchoring, Influence, and other Sneaky Stuff, by Tom Vizni (240 Minutes Video) Bonus: 1. Inner Game- Hypnotica (60 Minutes Video) 2. Koleksi EBook Manual Kenrick Cleveland Maaf Harga sudah Normal tapi masih tetap murah saja Rp. 90.000 buat 2 DVD… betul untuk 2 DVD Edisi Khusus Akhir Tahun Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 90.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145, dan 2DVD akan sampai langsung ke alamat Anda Posted by Abah-Abi at 1:03 AM 0 comments

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Dear All, Setiap Pembelian minimal 2 Seri Video NLP & Hypnosis di : ebooknp.blogspot. com , GRATIS Bonus tambahan: * 6 set Audio Book "Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More", Joe Vitale mengungkap kehebatan Hawaian System nya Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, yang pernah menyembuhkan sebangsal penjahat dengan penyakit mental di Hawaii, tanpa pernah

bertatap muka atau bertemu dengan mereka * Audio Self ypnosis " I Can Make You Rich", dari Paul Mckenna * Audio Book Teleseminar Interaktif "Law Attraction" bersama pakar LOA dan juga seorang Praktisi NLP. Michae J. Loiser * Ebook "The Secret Language of Feeling" by Calvin Banyan * EBook " Hypnosis; A Comprehensive Guide" by Tad James, etc NB: Selain Paket. Video dapt anda pilih sesuai keperluan, harga & kapasitas DVD akan disesuaikan

Salam.... Posted by Abah-Abi at 10:37 PM 0 comments

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
NLP Seri 12: Bandler in Action 2

1. Video Richard Bandler di Dublin dalam merayakan "30 Years of NLP". Momen yang tepat bagi anda yang ingin mengenal NLP maupun yang sudah menjadi Praktisi NLP. Durasi 300 menit. 2. Video The Science of Nested Loop, by Richard Bandler, saksikan kelihaian sang Master dalam mendemo kan "Nested Loop" yang membuat setiap orang penasaran terhadap materi yang disampaikan. Durasi 100 menit. Bonus: Video NLP Practicioneer "Reframing & Negotiation" Durasi 400 menit dalam format MP4

Harga Promosi : Rp. 60.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 Posted by Abah-Abi at 4:51 AM 0 comments

NLP Seri 11: Sleight of Mouth

Berbagai Teknik Sleight of Mouth dengan keajaiban bahasa dalam mengubah keyakinan yang membatasi potensi diri. 1. Sleight of Mouth Video by Robert Dilts (4 set Video- durasi 300 menit) 2. Conversational Belief Change Video + Ebook by Jamie Smart (2 set Video- Durasi 100 Menit + Demo Sleight of Mouth) Bonus: 56 Track Audio Book "Conversational Belief Change" by Jamie Smart Harga Promosi :

Rp. 60.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 Posted by Abah-Abi at 4:40 AM 0 comments

NLP Seri 10: Ericksonian Edition 2

4 Seri 200 Menit Video Klasik Ulasan Langsung dan Demo Richard Bandler dan Edward Reese terhadap Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Bonus: Video Paul Mckenna- Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Audio Book Anmnesia Negation, by Richard Bandler Harga Promosi :

Rp. 50.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 Posted by Abah-Abi at 4:10 AM 0 comments

NLP Seri 9: Ericksonian Edition

NLP Seri 9: Ericksonian Edition 01 - Induction Techniques (Stephen Lankton) 02 - Fundamental and Easy to Learn Ideodynamic Approaches to Therapeutic Hypnosis (Ernest Rossi) 03 - Getting a Good Trance Going (Betty Alice Erickson) 04 - Acessing and Contextualizing Resources in Hypnosis(Michael Yapko) 05 - The Use of The Therapist's Self In Hypnotherapy (Stephen Gilligan) Presented at The Ninth International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and

Psychotherapy with the Masters - Stephen Lankton, Ernest Rossi, Betty Alice Erickson, Michael Yapko and Stephen Gilligan. Covers: Induction Techniques Fundamental and Easy to Learn Ideodynamic Approaches to Therapeutic Hypnosis Getting a Good Trance Going Accessing and Contextualizing Resources in Hypnosis The Use of the Therapist's Self in Hypnotherapy Bonus: Video Milton Erickson "Working With Resistant", saksikan Master Hypnotist mendemonstrasikan kehebatannya. Kumpulan Paper Milton Erickson Seperti Utilization Technique, Trance Induction, Hypnotic Behaviour, Resistant Patient, dll Harga Promosi : Rp. 60.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 Posted by Abah-Abi at 3:24 AM 0 comments

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
NLP Seri 8: NLP, Hypnosis, & Energy Psychology

NLP Seri 8: NLP, Hypnosis, & Energy Psychology

1. Video Basic Workshop: "Quantum Touch" (240 Minutes) by Richard Gordon. Dasar dasar bagi mereka yang mau menguasai Sentuhan Tangan Penyembuhan dalam penyaluran energi untuk penyembuhan dan melengkapi pengobatan Medis yang sudah Ada. 2. Audio Book "Heal Yourself with Medical Hypnosis" plus 4 Teknik Medical Hypnosis yang sudah terbukti 3. Audio Book "NLP Health & Well Being", by Joseph O' Connor 4. Audio Book "Pain Control with EMDR" Bonus: Koleksi Video EFT dari Gary Craig: 1. Physical Issues 2. Adictive Craving 3. Toxins, Phobia, & Persistence 4. Common Problems and Question Answer Koleksi Ebook Quantum Touch : 1. Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon 2. Super Charging Quantum Touch,by Allain Heriot Harga Promosi :

Rp. 60.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 3. Segera setelah Transfer anda kami terima, DVD akan langsung dikirim ke alamat anda. Posted by Abah-Abi at 11:17 PM 0 comments

NLP Seri 7: Michael Hall Series

NLP Seri 7

1. 4 set Video "Mind Lines" (masing masing set berdurasi 100 menit dalam format AVI + Ebook nya)dari Michael Hall, yang menggunakan NLP dalam Mind Lines dan merupakan "Great Tool" untuk siapapun yang tertarik pada NLP maupun aliran NLP "Neurosemantic". Video & Buku "Mind Lines" mengajarkan bagaimana mengenali dan menggunakan "Magic Language". Mind-Lines menggunakan pola Sleight-of-Mouth yang diapadu dengan Sistem "Logical Level" dari "Meta-States". Michael Hall juga mengajarkan penggunaan bahasa dalam proses influencing, persuading, selling, negotiating, dan interaksi dalam hubungan antar manusia lainnya. 2. 24 set CD Audio Book "Meta NLP Practicioneer Training" , dari Michael Hall dengan durasi 26 jam. Bonus:

1. Video "Shyness Therapy Session", by Richard Bandler, yang merupakan satu sesi Richard Bandler dalam melakukan therapy terhadap klien dengan penyakit rasa malu yang tidak pada tempatnya 2. Video "Time Distortion", by Richard Bandler 3. Audio Book & Ebook "A course in Metaphor" by Kevin Hogan Harga Promosi : Rp. 60.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 3. Segera setelah Transfer anda kami terima, DVD akan langsung dikirim ke alamat anda. Posted by Abah-Abi at 7:32 PM 0 comments

NLP Seri 6: Bandler in Action

Koleksi Terbaru... Masih tetap Murah dan Banyak NLP Seri 6: Richard Bandler in Action

Seri Class of a Master, Aksi Richard Bandler bermain main dengan Hypnosis dengan gaya lugas dan humoris dalam berinteraksi dengan penonton. Terdiri dari Tema:

1. Instant Talent (60 Minutes AVI File) 2. Inner Beauty (60 Minutes AVI File) 3. Rapid Hypnotic Inductions(60 Minutes AVI File) 4. Fantastic Futures (60 Minutes AVI File) Bonus: 450 Minutes Video "Rare Bandler", sebuah video kalsik training NLP Richard Bandler di tahun 80 an yang disi dengan aksi demonstratif bersama partisipan dalam aplikasi utilizing linguistic, humor, submodalities, V/K disasosiation, word play, Hypnotic techniques, going into trance game, a neat variation of phobia cure, The Parrot Induction, dll. Harga Promosi : Rp. 60.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 3. Segera setelah Transfer anda kami terima, DVD akan langsung dikirim ke alamat anda.

NLP Seri 5
NLP Seri 5 Koleksi Video Hypnosis untuk Anda: 1. The Secret of Hypnosis Video Training by Jamie Smart (200 Minutes AVI Files) 2. Clinical Hypnosis Induction Techniques Video Live Therapy, by Rick Boyes (90 Minutes AVI Files) 3. Accelerated Learning Video by Paul Mckenna (50 Minutes AVI File) 4. Virgina Satir (Therapist who was modeled by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in NLP Journey) Video Training (150 Minutes Divx file) Bonus: • John Burton EBook Collection: Hypnotic Language Ver 1 & 2, States of Equilibrium • NLP Hypnosis Influence Persuation Ebook Collection : Street Hypnosis, Max Persuation 2000, Hypnotic Selling Manual, Words that Change Mind, Get anyone to Say Yes in 8 Minutes, etc. • 12 Hypnosis EBook Collection: Advance Hypnosis Techniques, How and Why Hypnosis

Work, The Art of Hypnosis, etc • Super Memory Software Training for Memory Training • Ebook ‘”Ten Minute Trainer” • Ebook and Audio Book in Handling Overload Mind “Eliminate your Overwhelm” • Ebook Bryan Tracy “Eat That Frog” Harga Promosi : Rp. 60.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 3. Segera setelah Transfer anda kami terima, DVD akan langsung dikirim ke alamat anda. Posted by Abah-Abi at 5:28 PM 0 comments

NLP Seri 4
Koleksi Terbaru masih tetap murah Langka & Banyak NLP Seri 4 1. Secret of Personal Mastery Video Training by Michael Hall (300 Minutes Avi File) 2. Increasing Expensiveness Video Training by Richard Bandler (70 Minutes AVI File) 3. Conquering Overwhelming Loss, Anthony Robbins Video in Dramatic Live Action for Handling Person who is desperate, bankrupt, loss everything, and want to suicide (90 Minutes AVI Files) Bonus: • Audio Book Richard Bandler “Melting Phobia” • Ebook Creating Irresisteble Influence by Charles Faul kner • Training Modul “The Accelerated NLP Master Practicioneer”, by Tad James • Michael Hall Ebook Collection: Dragon Slaying, Unleashed, Winning the Inner Game, The Matrix Model, Games for Mastering Fear, Submodalities Going Meta, User Manual For the Brain Vol II, and Instan Relaxation • Succes With NLP Training Manual Training Collections by Adam Khoo • Anthonny Robbins Training Academy Manuals Collection Harga Promosi :

Rp. 60.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 3. Segera setelah Transfer anda kami terima, DVD akan langsung dikirim ke alamat anda. Posted by Abah-Abi at 5:22 PM 0 comments

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Testimoni !!!
Apa Kata Mereka yang sudah memesan Paket DVD NLP & Hypnosis (Testimoni diambil secara alami & spontan, sukarela via sms): "Ass. Met sore Bpk, Q sdh trm paket dok. DVD nya & di tgu inspirsai & inovasi yang lebih DAHSYAT. tq" (Dicky, Surabaya) "Mr. Widi paketnya "Luar Biasa"* Thank you*" (Henry, Cilacap) "Alhamdulillah pak Widi. Paketnya satu CD sudah sampai kemarin. Trms" (Sujatmiko, Jakarta) dll.... Kami tungg pesanan Anda.... Salam

Sunday, November 8, 2009
Terbaru!!! Koleksi Video Hypnosis & NLP Seri 3
Lengkapi Koleksi & Rujukan NLP & Hypnosis Anda dengan Koleksi Video Hypnosis & NLP Seri 3: 1. Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning, 60 minutes AVI Video Training by Richard Bandler 2. Positive Motivation Strategies, 60 minutes AVI Video Training by Richard Bandler

3. NLP Practicioneer Training, "Submodalities" (420 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 4. NLP Practicioneer Training, "Ecology" (150 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 5. NLP Practicioneer Training, "Anchoring" (180 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 6. NLP Practicioneer Training, "Setting Useful Outcome" (150 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 7.NLP Practicioneer Training, "Milton Model" (270 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 8.NLP Practicioneer Training, "Strategies" (240 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 9.NLP Practicioneer Training, "Strategy Anchoring Testimonial" (90 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 10.NLP Practicioneer Training, "Information Gathering" (210 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 11.NLP Practicioneer Training, "Representational System" (150 Minutes MPEG4 Video) Bonus: > Audio Book "Better Study Habits with NLP", 22 Menit > Audio Book "Stop Smoking for Good", by Paul Mckenna > Ebook "NLP & Health" by Joseph O' Connor & Ian Mc Dermott > Ebook "Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advance Metaphor" by Keith Livingston > Ebook "Ethical Influence with NLP Manual" by Jamie Smart > Ebook "Eat that Frog" by Bryan Tracy > Ebook "Money & The Law of Attraction" by Abraham Hicks Video & Ebook dalam Bahasa Inggris dan dikemas dalam format DVD Harga : Rp. 75.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 3. Segera setelah Transfer anda kami terima, DVD akan langsung dikirim ke alamat anda. Posted by Abah-Abi at 9:32 PM 0 comments

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Koleksi Video Hypnosis & NLP Seri 2
Lengkapi Koleksi & Rujukan NLP & Hypnosis Anda dengan Koleksi Video Hypnosis & NLP Seri 2: 1. Instan & Rapid Induction, 120 minutes WMV Video Training by Gerald Kein

2. Advanced Self Hypnosis, 120 minutes WMV Video Training by Gerald Kein 3. Richard Bandler's Pattern of Intimacy, 90 Minutes WMV Video Training & Demo by Richard Bandler 4. 6 Series of Covert Hypnosis Secret (Killer Influence) WMV Video Training, by David X 5. NLP Practicioneer Training, "Sensor Accuity" (90 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 6. NLP Practicioneer Training, "Rapport" (90 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 7.NLP Practicioneer Training, "The Lanuage of Influence" (120 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 8.NLP Practicioneer Training, "Metaphor" (120 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 9.NLP Practicioneer Training, "Intervention Technique" (120 Minutes MPEG4 Video) 10.NLP Practicioneer Training, "Neuro Logical Level" (120 Minutes MPEG4 Video) Bonus: > Dilts Strategy, Koleksi Ebook Modelling RObert Dilts terhadap tokoh2 sukses seperti Einstein, Leonardo Davinci, Disney, dll. > Ebook "Spirit of NLP" by Michael Hall > Ebook "Figuring Out People" by Michael Hall > Ebook "Mind Control Language Pattern" by Dantalion Jones > Koleksi Ebook Advance EFT > "Hypnotic Selling" 80 Minutes WMV Video Training by Joe Vitale Video & Ebook dalam Bahasa Inggris dan dikemas dalam format DVD Harga : Rp. 75.000,(biaya hanya untuk mengganti ongkos produksi ) Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya = Rp 60.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer , SMS Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 3. Segera setelah Transfer anda kami terima, DVD akan langsung dikirim ke alamat anda. Posted by Abah-Abi at 2:24 AM 0 comments

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Edisi Download : EBook NLP & Hypnosis Terbaru !!!
Dear All, Upgrade pengethauan "Street Smart" Anda dengan Koleksi EBook NLP & Hypnosis terbaru

yang praktis untul kesuksesan hidup Anda. Koleksi koleksi terbaru tersebut adalah: 1. Richard Bandler's Guide to Trance- Formation, sebuah karya Richard Bandler yang mengungkap pertanyaan tentang "Kemiripan" dan "Perbedaan" antara NLP & Hypnosis. 2. History of Bandler, sebuah sisi lain perjalanan sang Maestro NLP yang ditulis dalam sebuah majalah. 3. My Voice Will Go With You, karya Milton Erickson yang mengkisahkan cerita cerita persuasif yang pernah diceritakan pada pasien pasien nya 4. Precision, a new Approach to Communication, Buku Langka karya John Grinder 5. Change Your Mind & Keep The Change, karya Steve & Andreas Connirae yang merupakan para saksi hidup perjalanan kesuksesan NLP 6. Hypnosis in Clinical Practice, pola penerapan hypnosis di dunia medis 7. The Hypnosis of Life Book, sebuah panduan untuk menghadapi "kerasnya" hidup 8. NLP & Hypnosis Card Game (Zebu & Hypotic Language Pattern), untuk terapan NLP yg menyenagkan 9. The Big Book of NLP, yg berisi 200 lebih teknik NLP praktis 10. Software vision to Action 11.... dan akan terus diupdate bila ada Ebook terbaru

Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar Rp 10.000 ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer sebesar Paket yang Anda Inginkan, SMS Nama & Alamat Email Anda ke no 081395035145

3. Segera setelah Transfer anda kami terima, Halaman Link Download langsung dikirim ke alamat Email anda. (Tolong simpan baik2 link download pribadi Anda ini bila ada update terbaru)

4. Kami akan kirim link Download selama jam kerja (kan08.00-17.00). Apabila Anda mengirim berita transfer diluar jam kerja, kami tetap akan kirim pada jam kerja kesokan harinya Posted by Abah-Abi at 2:26 AM 0 comments

Monday, September 21, 2009
Seri 1: Koleksi Ebook NLP & Hypnosis
Dear All, Sekedar sharing koleksi Ebook & Video NLP & Hypnosis Saya, Saatnya Merubah diri jadi lebih baik… atau tetap seperti kondisi anda sekarang dan… Orang lain lebih cepat merubah diri mereka jadi lebih baik dan bergerak lebih cepat dari anda dalam meraih peluang-peluang yang ada… Apa bedanya antar mereka yang cepat merubah diri mereka & melesat meraih kesuksesan.. Dengan mereka yang kondisinya biasa biasa saja & belum juga sukses… ILMU yang mebedakannya… Saatnya anda tahu apa yang orang lain belum mengetahuinya… Dapatkan ILMU2 SUKSES tersebut dalam koleksi perpustakaan Digital. PAKET 1 Koleksi Ebook NLP: * Prince To Frog (Richard Bandler) * Trance Formation (Richard Bandler) * Use your brain for a change (Richard Bandler) * Structure of Magic (Richard Bandler) * Persuasion Engineering (Richard Bandler) * Using Your Brain for a Change (Richard Bandler) * Time for a Change (Richard Bandler) * An Insider Guide to Sub Modality (Richard Bandler) dan… masih ada lagi… * Unlimited Power (Karya seorang Motivator Dunia yang Jenius, Anthony Robbins) * Awaken The Giant Within (Anthony Robbins)

* Rapid Planning Method (Anthonny Robbins) * The Ultimate NLP Home Study Course * Introduction to NLP (Joseph O' Connor) * The User Manual For The Brain * NLP Work Book * NLP at Work * NLP SImulation Eye Accessing Dan tunggu dulu… masih ada BONUS Ebook & Software Hebat lainnya * Law of Atrraction (Buku Praktis & mudah dipraktekan karya Bapak Law of Attraction, Michael J. Loiser) * The Gratest Money making Secret in History (Joe Vitale) * Create Your Own Future (Karya Motivator Dunia, Brian Tracy) * Crunch Point, 21 Secret to Succeeding (Brian Tracy) * Goals, How to Get Everything You Want, Faster Than You Ever Though Possible (Brian Tracy) * The 21 Absolutely Unbreakable LAW of Money (Bryan Tracy) * Body language, How to Read other Thoughts by their Gestures (Allan pease) * 100 % Brain Course, Creative Exercise to Develop 100 % your Brain * Ninja Mind Control * Software Hebat Yang bisa membaca karakter hanya dari tulisan anda BONUS TERBARU: > Video Klip Interview bersama Richard Bandler > Video Klip Interview Bersama John Grinder > Video Klip Interview Stephen Gilligan > 5 Seri Video Paul Mckenna yang membantu orang lain untuk mengatasi berbagai masalah hidup dengan metoda NLP & Hypnosis dalam program "I Can Change Your Life" > Video Klip Hypnosis Session Paul Mckenna > Video Klip NLP Technique by Tad James (NLP Time Line Therapy Founder) > 5 Video Klip Anthony Robbins > Audio Book NLP > Software NLP untuk melatih Meta Language (NLP Coach) > Ebook + Software "Mind Controll Million" (Ebook & Aplikasi Software penerapan Teknik NLP (Embed Command) dalam pembuatan Sales Copy yang dahsyat.

Oke kalau begitu harga semua ebook bisa sampai RATUSAN DOLLAR… tapi tidak… bagimana kalau 50 DOLLAR saja… atau saya turunkan drastis hanya Rp. 100.000 saja… (hanya untuk ongkos kirim dan biaya produksi saja) TAPI TUNGGU DULU, UNTUK 10 PEMESAN PERTAMA, EBOOK EBOOK HEBAT ITU SAYA HARGAI… HANYA Rp. 50.000,SETELAH ITU, HARGA AKAN DINAIKKAN…(MAAF INI ADALAH KOMITMEN KAMI SEBAGAI RASA TERIMA KASIH KEPADA PARA CUSTOMER). GRATIS ONGKOS KIRIM, DVD AKAN DIANTAR LANGSUNG KETEMPAT TINGGAL ANDA. NEXT …PENAWARAN ISTIMEWA PAKET KOLEKSI EBOOK HYPNOSIS PAKET 2 KOLEKSI EBOOK HYPNOSIS * Experiencing Hypnosis (Karya Milton Erickson, Bapak Hypnosis Modern) * Hypnotherapy, an Exploratory Casebook (Milton Erickson) * Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton Erickson Vol 1 (Karya Duo Penemu NLP, Richard Bandler & John Grinder) * Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton Erickson Vol 2 (Karya Duo Penemu NLP, Richard Bandler & John Grinder) * Hypnosis for Beginner (Dylan Morgan) * The Art of Indirect Hypnosis (Stephen Brooks) * Mastering Hypnosis * How to Talk to Your Subconscious Mind (Todd Wisler) * Clinical Hypnosis * An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches * Hypnotic Writing, How to Hypnotize Anyone with Words (Joe Vitale) * Psyco-Cybernetic Dan tentu saja Bonus-Bonus Hebat nya… · Wink & Grow Rich (Buku Terlaris di Asia tenggara, karya Roger Hamilton) · Secret of Self made Millionaire (Karya seseorang yang sudah jadi Milyuner di usia 26 tahun, Adam Khoo) · Million Dollar Interview (Adam Khoo)

· Beyond Positive Thinking (DR. Robert Anthony) · 30 Days to a more Powerful Memory · Survival Guide for Working with Human · Anger Management for Dummies · Personal Development for Dummies · 11 seri Ebook “Sleep Learning” (Optimalisasi Pikiran sambil Tidur) · Software “Brain Wave Generator” yang akan memancarkan gelombang keotak anda untuk menciptakan kondisi dari mulai konsentrasi hingga relaksasi. BONUS TERBARU: * Video Belajar Langsung Dasar Dasar Hipnotis (dengan Teks berbahasa Indonesia berdurasi 90 menit) * Kumpulan klip Rapid Induction/ Teknik masuk kondisi hipnotis dengan cepat * SHARM (Self-Hypnosis And Relaxation Machine)Software (Software Hypnosis untk para therapist/ praktisi untuk keperluan therapy dan pengembangan diri yang bisa diatur sesuai keinginan Anda. * Video Klip Milton Erickson Live Hypnosis * Audio MP3 (dalam Bahasa Inggris)mengenai Conversational Hypnosis * 400 Halaman Ebook Training Manual Clinical Hypnosis, Official Training Curriculum of The American School of Hypnosis


Bila anda memesan sekaligus 2 PAKET HANYA Rp. 75.000 saja…. Khusus Pemesanan langsung 2 paket, berhadiah langsung

KOLEKSI EBOOK KESEHATAN & DIET: * You On Diet (Mehmet Oz, Dokter yang sering muncul di Oprah Winfrey) * You On Manual (Mehmet Oz) * Food That Burn Fat (Makanan makanan yang membakar lemak) * Fast Food Diet (Bagaimana Diet dengan mengkonsumsi Fast Food) * How to Sleep Less & Get More Energy * Dan beberapa Ebook tentang Rahasia Diet & Pembentukan Tubuh yang Ideal KOLEKSI EBOOK CARA BELAJAR CEPAT & PENINGKATAN KECERDASAN * Accelerated Learning * The Complete Books of Intellegence Test, 500 Exercise to Improve, Upgrade & Enhance Your Mind Strength. * How to Become a Genius * How to Develop A Super Power Memory * Brain Game Paket Ebook Marketing & Business yang terdiri dari: EBOOK MARKETING LANGKA !!! Belum diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia...

Ebook Marketing & Bisnis Langka: Paket Koleksi Marketing: • Blair Warren - The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion Lesson Manual Sebuah Panduan Bahasa “Terlarang” untuk merayu calon konsumen Anda • Breakthrough_Advertising Kumpulan Iklan Iklan yang termasuk “Terobosan” Baru dari zaman ke zaman • HowtoMarketYourBusiness Sebuah panduan untuk memasarkan Bisnis Anda • Marketing to the Campus Crowd

Panduan pemasaran di lingkungan Kampus • Marketing with New Media Panduan pemasaran di era web 2.0 • Marketing_Retro_Revolution Konsep Marketing Unik & Jadul sebagai alternative selain konsep Marketing modern • Marketing_Revolution Revolusi Marketing versi barat • Marketing_Strategy_Guide Startegi langkah demi langkah dalam Marketing • Post Card Marketing Strategi Marketing melalui Kartu Pos • Steal Startegi Marketing dengan “mencuri” Pelanggan saingan Anda • Marketing on tight Budget Bagaimana melakukan Marketing dengan Budget yang kecil

Video Marketing: *Video Klip Tips Marketing dari Phillip Kottler, Jay Abraham, Brad Sugars, Seth Godin, Joe Vitale. Cara Pemesanan: 1. Transfer sebesar biaya Paket (Paket 1 atau Paket 2 masing masing = Rp. 50.000, Paket Hemat (Paket 1 + Paket 2)= Rp 75.000- (Daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK Gratis Biaya Kirim & Luar daerah Bandung & JABODETABEK tambah ongkos kirim Rp. 10.000) ke: Rek BCA (Bank Central Asia), No. Rek 008-0331223 a/n Mochamad Widi Safari 2. Setelah Transfer sebesar Paket yang Anda Inginkan, SMS Paket yang diinginkan beserta Nama & Alamat Anda ke no 081395035145 3. Segera setelah Transfer anda kami terima, DVD akan langsung dikirim ke alamat anda. Terima Kasih…