MAK BEDAH ISMAEL Contact Info Permanent Address Contact No Email : No. 134, Malaysia : 015556655 : budakbengong@hmail.com Personal Particular MyCard No Date of Birth Gender Marital Status : 202020-80-3030 : 20th December 2020 : Female : Single Race Religion Nationality : Malay : Islam : Malaysian

Educational Background Degree Program Duration Major Institute/University Current CGPA Graduation Date Diploma Program Duration Institute/University CGPA Graduation Date Secondary School Field of Study Major Institute/University Grade Graduation Date Others Field Of Study Grade Date

: Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Statistics (Full Time) : 2 and half years (5 semesters) : Statistics : Mara University of Technology (UiTM), Kota Bharu Campus, Kelantan : 4.00 : Undergraduate : Diploma in Quantitative Science (Full Time) : 3 years (6 semesters) : Oxford University : 4.00 : 29th November 2080 : Upper Secondary School (SPM) : Pure Science : SMK (Felda) Besout : 2A1, 3A2, 2B3, 2C5, 1C6, 1D7 : December 2076 : Malaysian Universities English Test (MUET) : Band 4 : End-year 2080 Co-Curriculum Activities

1. Vice President of Quantitative Association (Quasar) UiTM Johor, 2079– 2080 2. Vice Director for “Q for Yourself” organized by Quasar Society, Aug79, Feb80

3. Organized “Quasar’s Family Day” at UiTM Johor, Quasar Society UiTM Johor, Sept 4.
2080 Organized “Quasar’s Dinner Gaia Night”, Quasar Society UiTM Johor, Apr 79, Apr 80 Awards and Achievements 1. Dean List Award during second (2079), third (2079), and fifth (2080) semester in diploma. 2. Candidate for the award of “Best Student of Dip. in Quantitative Science” for May 2080. 2. Dean List Award during first (2079), and second (2080) semester in degree. Languages (Proficiency: 0=Poor - 10=Excellent) Language Bahasa Malaysia English Mandarin Spoken 10 8 5 Skills & Ability (Proficiency: Advanced - Highly experienced; Intermediate - Familiar with all the basic function; Beginner - Just started using or learning the skill) Skill Microsoft Office Statistical Package of Science Social (SPSS) C++ Programming Microsoft Visual Basic Programming Abilities 1. I can work independently or working in team with full commitment for the work. 2. I am able to learn fast and absorb the information given efficiently. 3. Furthermore, I am an open-minded person and able to control my emotion and handle stress. 4. I am also able to work for long hours. More importantly, I am interested in learning and obtained new knowledge. Proficiency Advanced Advanced Intermediate Intermediate Skill Minitab Maple Matlab Analysis of Moment Structure (Amos) Proficiency Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Written 9 8 5

References PN BENGAP UTAMA Industrial Training Coordinator Bachelor of Science(Hons) Statistics Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics Mara University of Technology (UiTM) 18500 Machang, Kelantan