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Unknown Physics


What do we need?

2D Vectors
You left your house to visit a friend. You got in your car
drove 40 miles east, then got on a highway and went 50
miles north. Determine the resultant vector.

The vectors have magnitudes of 17 and 28 and the angle

between them is 66. Determine the resultant vector.

3D Vectors
Two anchors are holding a ship in place and their forces
acting on the ship are represented by vectors A and B as
A= 2i +5j 4k and B =2i 3j 5k
If we were to replace the 2 anchors with 1 single anchor,
what vector represents that single vector?
Find the dot product of the vectors A and B (these
come from our anchor example above):

A= 2i +5j 4kand B =2i 3j 5k

Projectile Motion

Calculus: Limits

Calculus: First Derivative

Calculus: Second Derivative

Questions and Answers

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