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Answer to the Question No.

Definition of genocide
Capitalism v. Communism
With the advent of industrial revolution in Europe, the means of production went under
the absolute control of few capitalists and thus the idea of capitalism, in modern sense,
was born. Communism was just a natural reaction to the extreme exploitative nature of
capitalism. [More to be added from wikipedia Capitalism, Communism]
Cold War [to be added from wikipedia]
Collapse of Soviet Union and emergence of USA as the unchallenged super-power
In 1990s Soviet Union collapsed and communism was officially forsaken. The US
emerged as the unchallenged super-power. [More to be added from wikipedia Soviet
Opening of the gate for the flourishing of the Genocide Studies
During the cold war it was not possible to conduct serious studies on genocide, because
in bi-polar world each group would interfere in the objective research on this issue.
Historical eras of genocide
Trials of genocide
Answer to the Question No. 2
Definition of genocide
Causes of genocide
Ideas in mind as initiator of genocidal acts
Primary objective of genocide is the annihilation of the ideologically opposite group.
So, Ideas in mind are the prime initiators of genocidal acts.
Pol Pot in Cambodia
Genocide committed by Pol Pot
Trial of Genocide committed by Pol Pot.