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SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION SEC FORM 37-C ‘CURRENT REPORT UNDER SECTION 17 (OF THE SECURITIES REGULATION CODE AND SRC RULE 17.2(¢) THEREUNDER 2. February 47, 2016 Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported) 2, StCIdentifiction Number ALOM7-3456_ 3. BIR Tax Identification No. 005-029-401-000 4, CONCEPCIONINDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Exact name of issuer as specified inits charter 5. N/A 6 (SEC Use Oni) Province, country or other jurisdiction of Industry Classification Code: incorporation 7. 308 Sen. Gi Puyat Avenue, Makat! Cty, Philippines 1209 Addeess of orincipal office Postal Code 8B. 02-72-1819 Issuer's telephone number, including area code 5 NA Former name.or former address, changed since last report 19, Securities registered pursuant to Sections 8 and 12 of the SRC or Sections 4 and & of the RSA Title of Each Class Number of Shores ef Common Stack Outstanding ‘and Amount of Debt Outstanding Common 339,527,226 {28 of December 21, 2015) 1LL Indicate the items numbers reported herein: em no. 9 During the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of Concescion Industrial Corporation (*CIC” or the “Company” held earlier this morning, the Board of Diractore approved a share buyback program which shall be carries out within a three-year period to commence on 17 February 2016 and end on 16 February 2019. The program will not involve active and widespread solicitation from stockholders in general. The total buyback shall be capped at a maémum of One Hundred Milicn Pesos (Php100,000,000) in the first year and {up to eleven milion of the Company/s Iesued and outstanding common shares cumulatively over a three year period, representing approximately up to 3% of the Company's current common market capitalization. The rogram will be executed through the open market by mezns of the trading facilities of the Philippine Stock Exchange and implemented by the Chaitman/C&O and Chief Financial Officer of the Company. The buyback program aims to enhance sharchoider value through the repurchase of shares whenever the stock is trading at a price discount perceived by the Company as not reflective of its fair corporate value. It Is not expected to adversely affect the Company's ablity to fund any of ts prospective and exsting projects/investrnents. SIGNATURES Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Regulation Code, the iisusr has duly caused this report {to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned hereunto duly authorized. ‘CONCEPCION INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION 'SSUER By: Mar Betita CChief Financq and information Officer