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Compulsory questions ,mostly minimum 2 questions

from this comes in every paper.

1. with specific reference to any make, sketch and describe the cylinder
lubrication system used in new generation marine diesel engines. how will
you effect the optimum cylinder oil feed with varying sulphur content of fuel
2. the protection of the marine environment is of utmost importance today.
discuss. (a) how would you as a c/e of a tanker ensure protection of the
environment by compliance" with the various regulation of marpol 73/78
annex, 1 for prevention and control of pollution at sea? (b) state the recent
requirements of imo for compliance under annex vi of marpol 73/78.
3. with reference to maritime labour convention (mlc) 2006. briefly discuss
the following i) minimum requirements for seafarers working on a ship, ii)
conditions of employment. iii) accornodation and recreational facilities, iv)
health protection, welfare and social security protection.
4. what are the major amendments to solas which have entered into force
in 2014. briefly discuss any five of them.
5. with reference to the underwater surface of a ship's hull: (1) describe a
hull plate roughness analyzer system; (ii) state the significance of the
roughness profile and compare the typical roughness values for a new ship
and a ship eight years old. (b) with reference to the application of self
polishing paint in dry dock: (i) describe the plate preparation necessary; (ii)
state the defects that may occur in the paint coating if it is not correctly
6. with respect to annex v of marpol significance of dish water, grey water
recycling and reuse. other similar discharges as excluded from the purview
of operational wastes and waste minimization (3. with respect to annex v of
marpol explain the significance of the following. a) dish water, grey-water

recycling & re-use. b) 'other similar discharges' as excluded from the

purview of operational wastes; c) garbage maintenance plan and garbage
record book: and d) port reception facilities. )
7. define the meaning of the term "conditions of assignment" as applied to
ships for load line survey. (b) state how conditions of assignment contribute
towards water tight integrity of ships (c) give reasons why conditions of
assignment need periodic inspection, giving specific instances where they
can be found to be less than fully effective .
8. what are the ongoing developments at the imo with respect to the
technical and operational measures to be invoked on board ships for
combating green house gas emissions from ships?
9. with regards to ordering and receiving fuel bunker on board answer the
following a) the importance of correct bunker specification including the
relevant iso standard b) how will you ensure that a representative sample is
drawn during bunkering? c) how will you ensure that in case of bunker
disputes especially with regards to quality the sample from the vessel will
be acceptable for verification?
10. a ship which was bunkering at a foreign port has met with an accident
and a substantial amount of oil spillage in water has resulted. draw an
emergency preparedness plan for the incident and how best it could be
encountered under the provision. describe its salient advantages.(sopep) .
11. Explain in detail the significance of propeller curves to a chief engineer.
enumerate the safety margins in relation to the propeller .
12. In an unfortunate incident of main engine crank case explosion on your
vessel,the main engine was badly damaged and two engine room
personnel suffered serious injuries. explain how you will present the vessel
for subsequent inspections by p&i and h&m insurance companies with
special emphasis on the records and documents required in each case to
ensure that only genuine claims are honored.
13. With respect to eedi explain in detail the following. required eedi
,attained eedi .

14. The ism code stipulates that safety management objectives of the
company, should inter alia assess all identified risk to its ships personal and
the environment and establish appropriate safe guards, how will you as the
chief engineer assist the company in fulfilling this objective?
15. A junior engineer has joined ship. Enumerate in detail the issue you
would mentor him or her with respect to the following: up keep of his
personal safety, up keep of the safety of his colleagues on board, technical
job, responsibility he need to learn at the earliest, what attention he needs
to pay towards energy conservation and his entitlement with regard to
human right in a foreign port.
16. your vessel where you are posted as a chief engineer is about to enter
dry dock. State the co- ordination and information exchange necessary with
the master of the vessel for successful entry. also list the necessary
preparation you would make along with earmarking division of duties to the
engineers of the vessels. enlist the inspection and co-ordinations you will
make with dry dock authorities for successful coming out of the dry dock.
17. What are the significant solas amendments coming into force in 2013?
with reference to solas 2010 amendment, discuss "international goal based
ship construction standards?
18. you are the chief engineer of a vessel that has suffered a minor fire in
the engine room that burned off the wiring to essential pumps. temporary
repairs were made to get the vessel underway. write a letter to the
company head office describing the incident as to how the fire took place
and what corrective and preventive steps have you taken. what
arrangements do you suggest to affect a permanent repair at the next port
of call?
19. Vent pipes have a special role to play with respect to safety of ships
please explain in detail the following where these are fitted any special
fitment requirement as per statutes.
20. Your vessel has been awarded 3 major non conformities during sms
audit. Frame a report in the format of an email addressing the engineer
superintendent with suggested step to be taken for early sailing of the

21. In relation to sea worthiness of a ship discuss the responsibility and

authority of the following stake holder: maritime administration, recognized
organization, shipowner, insurance company.
22. What do you understand by unseaworthy vessel within the meaning of
the msa 1958 as amended? what according to you is the difference
between unseaworthy and unsafe ship ?what are the obligation of the
owner to crew with respect seaworthiness.
23. How will you prepare your ship for a renewal survey of iappc
international air pollution prevention certificate! explain with specific
emphasis on the records and documents to be maintained.enumerate
general requirements for shipboard incinerators, as mentioned in annex vi
of marpol 73/78.
24. The ism code stipulates that the safety management objectives of the
company should inter alia assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel
and establish appropriate safeguards. how will you as a chief engineer
assist the company in the fulfilling this objective?