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Technology in Classroom Policies

The use of technology equipment is a PRIVILEGE. Every student is expected to follow

all policies stated below.
Please leave your phone in your backpack at all times unless instructed to do
All devices must be turned off during instructional time and tests. There will be times
when devices are permitted.
Only under certain circumstances, and with permission from me, one can have their
phone present.
Bring devices at your own risk.

Acceptable Uses
If there is an emergency and a device must be used, please excuse yourself from
class. I will follow up on the situation. This will only be accepted from a previous
discussion with me, in which I will grant you permission.
Permission granted for student to use devices.
Students have permission to check or use devices during specific break times.

Unacceptable Uses
Using a device without permission.
Being disruptive or inappropriate with any device during a break time or when given

Students should understand that choosing not to cooperate or follow the policies may
result in the following:
1. Students will have three warnings to put away their device. Failure to do so will
result in confiscation of that device, and will be held until the end of school. If this
becomes a frequent issue parents will be contacted and may be ask to help.
Failure to comply with the consequences will result in a confrontation with the principal.
Repeating or intentionally violating the policies may result in longer periods or
permanent loss of technology equipment.

Photo/Video Disclosure
Photographic images and Videos help to communicate the progress and the accomplishments
of each student as well as allowing the parent(s) to see their child/children at work. These
photographic images and videos may be displayed on the teachers website, a classroom
project display, or in a school publication-educational use. Please check the box that expresses
your comfort level regarding your child.
Teachers website
Classroom project display
School publication
I do not wish to disclose any of my childs/childrens information.
By signing below you agree to the policy above, accepting the use of photographic images and
videos. Please complete this form return to Ms. Crane by (date).
Before signing, please read the following:
I understand that my decision on whether to give consent will remain valid throughout
my childs time in this class.

Student Name (Print)_______________________

Parent or Guardian Signature______________________________________Date:___/___/___