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Wordbuilder KV Mogeouliry development arg practice Gun higher-level stamens Names | Forename(s) ... Surname Quiz See how easily and quickly you can find the missing names in the sentences below. ‘The answers are printed after the exercise to help you. William F. Cody (1846 — 1917) was nicknamed ... Mozart’s Christian names were ... Queen Elizabeth's youngest son is ealled ‘The Idlewild Airport in New York was renamed ... after this man’s death 4 real name is Richard Starkey. A Swedish actress by the name of Greta Gustafison adopted the sereen pseudonym of .... Bach’s initials, J'S., stand for ... . Mrs Mark Phillips’ maiden name was The newest airport in Paris is named after . 10 Most Englishmen have pretended at some time in their life to be William Younger, alias .. 11 Samuel Clemens’ pen-name was - Bn stretch of coastland between ‘Toulon in France and Spezia in Italy is known DON Koawiowe 18 The Lallest building in Paris takes its name from the engineer, ... 14 Someone christened Adolph Schickelgruber became world-famous under the name of... . 15 The film recognised as the first ‘talking picture’ was entitled 16 During the seventies a certain Cassius Clay changed his name to Answers 1 Buffalo Bill 2 WolfgangAmadeus 8 Prince Edward 4 Kennedy International Airport 6 RingoStarr 6 GretaGarbo 7 Johann Schastian 8 Princess Anne (Windsor) 9 Charles de Gaulle 10 Billy the Kid 11 Mark Twain 12 TheRiviera 138 (Alexandre Gustave) Eiffel 14 Adolf Hitler — the best known false name in the world? 15 Thedazz Singer 16 Muhammed Ali Practice i Discuss or write the answers to these questions. What nicknames have you had, if any? Why did people choose them? What will you call or have you called your children? Why? What's the derivation of the most popular surnames in your count How has the fashion in first names changed in your lifetime? How important do you think a good name is for pop and film stars? How important is a good name for commercial produets like shampoo, soap, cars or cigars? Can you think of any examples of names which have ruined a preduet’s success? Dames Reading Read through these expressions relating to how old we are and what age does to us. 1900 anew-born buby, 10 Ibs. 3 os. at birth ten months old nearly eighteen months old a toddler four next birthday coming up to school age at infants’ school aschoolgirl 1910 all those in the 9— 1 age group he had a happy childhood he’s a nice kid a teenager in his youth the agonies of udolescence still a minor, legally speaking a juvenile delinquent congratulations on your coming of age 1920 you have to be over 2t . ‘Miss June Hoskins, aged 22, of 35 Stanfield Road in his mid-twenties in his prime at the uge of 26 she got married by the age of 26 she had lived in five different countries an adult a grown-up 1930 don't be so childish he’s turned thirty thirtyish not 2 Youngster any more not as young as she was 36 years of age approaching middle-age the Under 40s Social Club 1940 ‘on the wrong side of forty beginning to look his age an ageing playboy beginning to feel her age I prefer mature people