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of the
Oak Grove Education Association

Adopted April 2001

Constitution of the Oak Grove Education

Article I Name, Goals and Objectives
Section A The name of this organization shall be the Oak Grove
Association, an affiliate of the Illinois Education
Association (IEA)
and the National Education Association (NEA).
Section B The purpose of the Association shall be:
-to advance public education in Illinois
-to promote the welfare of non-management school
-to promote within the teaching group the highest
-to encourage active participation of all teachers in the
solution of
school problems
-to urge every member of the profession to be a
student of education
-to promote participation in school management
Article II Membership Affiliation
Section A Membership shall be open to all full and part-time
teachers employed by Oak Grove School, District 68,
Lake County
Section B This organization shall be affiliated with, and comply
with the
Constitution and Bylaws of the Illinois Education and the
Education Association.

Section C There shall be no discrimination in conditions of

based on race, religion, nationality, age and sex.
Article III- Governance
Section A The executive officers of the Association shall be the
President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.
Section B The Executive Board shall consist of the executive
officers and the
Regional Council Representative.
Section C Any Executive Board member, excluding Regional
Representative, may be removed by two-thirds (2/3)
vote of
those members voting at a membership meeting when a
of the membership is present.
Section D Standing Committees
The Professional Negotiations Committee shall explore
prepare action programs in all areas of teacher welfare
such as
salaries, fringe benefits, insurance, leave days, and
working conditions, and study and recommend changes
in the
professional negotiations agreement as they may
desirable and necessary. Three members of the
Negotiations Committee shall be elected by the
members of the
Association for a period of one year. The election shall
take place

with the election of officers. One of the members shall

serve as an
alternate. The alternate shall serve as secretary and
take notes at
all meetings. The alternate shall also serve on the
Committee the
following year. The Committee shall designate its own
Article IV- Meeting of Membership
Meetings of the membership may be called by the
President, a
majority of the Executive Committee, or a petition by
thirty (30)
percent of the membership.
Article V- Voting
Unless otherwise provided herein, the adoption of all
business by
The Executive Committee and the membership shall be
by a
majority of those voting.
Article VI- Amendment of the Constitution
This constitution may be amended by two-third (2/3)
vote of
those members voting in a secret ballot election
provided all
members of the Association received written notice of
proposed amendment at least thirty (30) days prior to
the vote.
Article VII- Parliamentary Authority

All meetings of this Association shall be governed by

Roberts Rule
of Order, Newly Revised
Article VIII- Bylaws
Bylaws not inconsistent with this Constitution may be
adopted by
the membership, and amended as prescribed in the
Article IX- Ratification
This Constitution shall be in effect upon ratification by
(2/3) vote of the members voting.

Bylaws of the Oak Grove Education Association

Article I Objectives
The object of the Association shall be to advance public
education in Illinois and to promote the welfare of nonmanagement school personnel.
Article II Executive Officers
Section A Composition
Executive Officers of the Association shall be President,
President Elect, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, each of
whom shall
be an active member of the Association.
Section B Term
The Executive Officers shall be elected for two year
terms, and
Serve no more than two terms in the office to which
they were
Elected. They shall take office on July 15 following their
An election will be held annually for a new PresidentElect, who
will become President in the second year of his/her
Secretary and Treasurer will be elected in alternate
Section C Duties
The President shall
1. be the chief officer of the Association
2. preside at all meetings

3. plan other Association-sponsored meetings

4. appoint, with the advice of the Executive Board, all
except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws
5. sign contracts and agreements
6. have the power and duty to perform all acts generally
associated with the nature of the office which are not
inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws.
The President-Elect shall
1. perform all the duties of the President in the absence
of the
2. assist the President in planning activities for the
3. work in conjunction with the Treasurer to update and
membership rosters to IEA-NEA
The Secretary shall
1. maintain records of membership and official files
2. assist the President with Association correspondence
3. keep accurate minutes of each meeting of the
Executive Board and each meeting of the
4. notify members of regular and special meetings
The Treasurer shall
1. keep accurate records of expenses and income and
shall report
such records at the Executive Board meeting and
meetings of
the membership.
2. be responsible for the payment of bills, for updating
returning membership rosters to the IEA-NEA working
conjunction with the President-Elect, and for payment
of dues
to the IEA-NEA as per IEA-NEA policies
Section D Vacancies

1. In the event a vacancy occurs in the office of the

President the
President-Elect shall automatically become President
for the
remainder of the unexpired term. If a vacancy occurs
in any
other office, the President shall appoint a successor
for the
remainder of the unexpired term, with the consent of
Executive Board.
2. Any officer unable to perform the duties of office for
any reason
whatsoever for a period of 30 days shall submit a
resignation. If such resignation is not received within
30 days,
the Executive Committee shall declare the office
vacant and
shall appoint a successor with the Executive
Article III Executive Board
1. The Executive Board shall consist of four (4) officers
one (1) IEA Regional Council Representative.
2. The Executive Board shall conduct and supervise the
of the organization, undertake such expenditures as
or reasonable for the operation of the organization,
appointment of committees, plan and recommend
programs to
the membership, oversee bylaws, and approve

3. The Executive Board shall meet once a month during

the school
term, and may meet as many additional times as is
or reasonable to transact business. A majority of
members must be present to conduct business
and a majority
vote shall rule.
4. Executive Board Meetings shall be called by the
President, or
by request of a majority of the Executive Board.
5. Within ten (10) days after the end of an officers
term, each
officer shall transfer records to the incoming officer.
Article IV Regional Council Representative and Alternate
Section A Duties
IEA-NEA Regional Council Representatives shall attend
regional council meeting, represent the Association, and
Council activities to the Executive Board and
membership as
necessary. An alternate shall perform the duties of the
Council Representative in his/her absence.
Section B Elections and terms
The election of a Regional Council Representative and
Shall be as prescribed by the IEA-NEA Bylaws. The term
shall be
for two (2) years and shall commence on July 15 in the
year of the
Section C Vacancies

Vacancies for Regional Council Representatives and

must be filled in the manner of the original election as
by the IEA-NEA Bylaws.
Article V Membership Meetings
1. Meetings of the membership may be called by the
majority of the Executive Board, or a petition of
thirty (30)
percent of the membership.
2. The membership shall exercise such powers as are
inconsistent with the Constitution and/or Bylaws.
3. Upon proper motion and approval of a majority of the
present and voting, any proposal may be submitted
to a secret
4. One-third (1/3) of the members shall be required to
a quorum.
Article VI Nominations/Elections
1. During the month of April, the President shall appoint
Nominations/Election Committee with the approval
of the
Executive Board that shall conduct elections for that
2. The Nominations/Elections Committee shall
members to run for office, assure nominations are
open to all

members and shall accept the nominations from any

However, a candidate for office shall be a bona fide
member in
good standing for at least one year immediately
preceding such
3. The Nominations/Election Committee shall conduct
by secret ballot, announce the dates of all elections
to the
membership, supervise the counting of the ballots
and certify
the winners.
Article VII Dues
1. An annual local dues shall be established by the
Board. The IEA-NEA dues shall be transmitted to the
as per IEA-NEA policies.
2. The books and records of the organization shall be
open to
inspection by any member upon reasonable request.
Article VII Committees
1. Committees may be established on a permanent and
ad hoc
2. The President shall appoint members to any
committees and
name the chairperson with the support of the
Executive Board.
Article IX Savings Clause

In the event a portion or portions of these Bylaws are

found to be
inconsistent with state or federal law, such portions to
the extent
that they violate the law shall be deemed deleted and of
no force
and effect.
Article X Amendment of Bylaws
The Bylaws may be amended by two thirds (2/3) vote of
members voting provided that all members have
received written
notice of the date of the meeting and the proposed
Bylaws change
thirty days prior to the meeting.
Article XI Ratification
These Bylaws shall be in effect upon ratification by twothirds
(2/3) vote of the members voting.