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This has been a busy term for the Global Campus at BIS Bratislava.

Read on for
information about the highlights so far and whats coming up!
Creative Writing Competition
We are delighted to announce the BISB winners of the Global
Campus Creative Writing Competition. We have a number of
winners in each category (Primary, Lower Secondary &
Upper Secondary) whose work will now be submitted to the
Global Campus for judging in the final. Students from across
our family of 42 schools participate in this competition, with
the winning entrants work being published in our own
Creative Writing Anthology. Our finalists have done extremely well to qualify for the
final: the judging was very difficult given the high number of quality entries! We wish
our young writers well and hope we can share news of their further success in the
The final submissions will be judged by 3 well known authors. Primary entries will be
judged by Carnegie Medal winner and Guardian Childrens Fiction Award winner
Kevin Crossley-Holland. His award winning Arthur trilogy has been translated into
more than 25 languages and sold over 2 million copies! Our young writers are
certainly going to be under encouraging and expert scrutiny! Judging the Lower
Secondary Finalists is Barry Hutchison. Hutchinson is another award winning writer
or books, screenplays and comics. He has published over 70 books since 2010! Our
final judge for Upper Secondary is author Rhiannon Lassiter who writes science
fiction& fantasy, horror and magical realism for juniors, teens and young adults. Her
first novel, Hex, was accepted for publication when she was only 19!
Our finalists are:

Lower Secondary

Upper Secondary

Ilay Arbiv

Chiann Yu Chen

Eric Nunez

Minho Ha

Jakub Fegyveres

Nadine Pheby

Ivan Krivodsudsky

Karolinka Gogolakova

Josh Silverberg

Simon Mateas

Anna Sherman

Toby Marriott

Mollie Wilcox

We have 3 great teams participating in the Global Campus Global Debate League,
and have big hopes for all of them following Round 1.Our Primary team, Best of
Bratislava (known affectionately as BOB), defeated the Debate Vipers team of
International College Spain 8-6 in a well-researched and constructive debate on the
motion Rich countries should give money to developing countries to help them
develop clean energy sources. As proponents arguing for the motion BOB delivered
a particularly effective and concise Closing Statement, ending with two clearly
articulated final sentences: Its a global problem so we are looking for world-wide
solutions, rather than thinking about the needs of individuals. Remember, the futures
ours and we want to make a difference! (Jan Palencar, Year 6).Our Secondary
teams also did well. Our Lower Secondary team Bratislava I secured a decisive
victory over The Debateable Debaters of the British International School Charlotte,
arguing as proponents of the motion Using renewable energy can be a more
effective way of reducing poverty than fossil fuel energy. Bratislava I won 10-6
having secured 2 bonus points for their high quality posts. They face the debate
team of BIS Washington in their next match. Our final team Bratislava II were
unlucky to lose their first match by only 1 point! In a close debate against the
Tenacious Ten of BIS Beijing they put forward well researched and well written
arguments on the motion Developing countries should be forced to used sustainable
sources of energy, even if it is more expensive than fossil fuel. As with our other
teams, we went into Round 1 as proponents arguing in favour of the motion and
Barbora Smirinovas Closing Statement in particular is excellent in its summing up. In
Round 2 they will face BIS Charlotte to debate issues on health care.
We congratulate all our teams on their performances in Round I. Very few of our
students have had previous experience in debating in this manner and they have
shown both skill and hard work.

Lego Challenge
The fourth Lego Challenge (which can be found in both the
Primary & Secondary Technology areas) challenges
students to build a bridge with Lego which can hold 100
coins. Several of our students have already successfully
designed and built their bridges. Why not challenge yourself
and your children to do the same during Half Term?

We recently launched the Global Theatre Shakespeare Challenge to both Primary

and Secondary students. If you have a budding thespian in the family, why not log on
to the Global Campus and find out more about this unique competition and
encourage your child to sign up and take part?

Under 8s Area
Following the success of the visit of Norman Jupiter Bear with Early Years and Key
Stage 1, our youngest learners continue to take advantage of the challenges on this
new area of the Global Campus. Year 2 have been participating in the Mini
Adventures, designing, building and flying their own kites. Working together in
teams, designing and redesigning, figuring out what works and what doesnt! and
persisting until they can get it right, our Young Engineers look as if they have been
having great fun! If you are looking for some fun activities for your children during
Half Term, why not log on to the Global Campus and check out Mini Adventures in
the Under 8s area. You dont have to be Under 8 to find it fun!

Curriculum Links
In both the Primary and Secondary areas of the Global
Campus you will find areas which are dedicated to
supporting and enhancing your childs learning. Each area
offers different activities, challenges and competitions in a
safe and secure online learning environment. These can
be used at home to extend learning in an area where your
child has a particular interest, or in school to complement
our existing curricula. For example in Secondary at the
moment many students across Key Stage 3 and 4 have
been participating in the History Challenge, researching
and creating multi-media presentations on significant events in Slovak history. Many
students have shown great creativity in their approach and have produced some
excellent presentations on such diverse events as the Battle of Austerlitz, the Velvet
Revolution and the impact of Ludovit Stur on the development of Slovak language.
The best work from our students will be uploaded onto the padlet on the Global
Campus History area for you to see.

The Big Challenge

Last year we Made It Right. In 2014 it was the Water Challenge. In 2013, Dance
United us.
This year our Big Challenge, focusing on STEAM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) is to design and build a Rube Goldberg
The design competition element of this process has just ended, with our judges, Mr
Troy (Head of Science), Mrs Eastwood (Head of Secondary), Mrs Warmington (Head
of Primary) and Mr Farthing (School Principal) having the unenviable task of picking
the winning designs. We now move onto the Big Build aspect of the competition with
7 machines about to begin construction! We look forward to sharing our progress,
successes and failures with you!

Upcoming Events & Activities

Theres much more to come this term with the Global Campus. We have the Bucket
Drumming Challenge in partnership with the world famous Juilliard School and a
Visual Arts competition both nearly upon us. There are Maths Challenges, Language
Challenges and more! There is even a Parent Area which will give you more
information about the principles behind the Global Campus. You can log on to the
Global Campus anywhere in the world via our School Moodle. If you have questions
about the Global Campus, about how it works, what is coming up or how your child
can participate, please dont hesitate to get in touch.
And remember you can follow us on Twitter @bisb_global

Lindsay Conway
Global Campus Leader