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Target Audience: Teens and Young Adults

Zombie Land

Gamer Type: Casual , Serious

Target Platforms : PC , Mac


Genre: Horror, FPS

Number of Players: 1
Projected Release Date: 29(d)-05(m)-2016

High Concept Statement

The player in the game kills the zombies, explores the map and can interact with objects
just as weapons, med kit, flashlight, night vision, doors other items. The player does it for
his/her survival. Due to a failure of experiment in pharmaceutical company zombies are
emerged and are spreading the virus to every other human by biting them and the
government has made quarantine zones available to the citizens. The player has to reach
the quarantine zone in order to be safe. Along the way the player wants to find his friends
who used to live together and want to get back together.
The player can interact with NPCs and can run, crouch, walk, jump, climb,
grapple but cannot swim and can interact with several in game objects. The game is
trying to evoke the emotion of thrill and anxiety in the player. This game is unique in the
way AI is implemented. The NPCs sometimes help player and sometimes try to kill
player and the choices the player makes in game effects the outcome of NPCs behaviour
in the latter stages of the game. This game focus more on gameplay and is not graphics
Feature Set

Weapons SMG, Shotgun, Rifles, Grenades , Melee Weapons

Night Vision
Flash Light
o Zombies of 20 types
Collectibles such as hats, clothes
Med kit, Adrenaline
Special powers such as kill all zombies in vision, slow motion.
Adaptive AI
Additional in game objects
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01/31/ 2016


Team Roles

Game Designer Bhargav Gamit (me)

Programmer Bhargav Gamit
Artist Floyd Russel
Audio Designer Sam Adist
Level Designer Rose Mussolini

Design Influences

This game is influenced by the movie Zombie Land and the game Left 4 Dead 2. The best
game in this theme is probably Left 4 Dead 2. However this game has a progressive story
line and Adaptive AI and the storyline changes depends on the choices the player makes
in game.

Scope Management

Green Light Features

Flash Light
Med kit, Adrenaline
Adaptive AI
Special Powers
Yellow Light Features
Red Light Features
Additional in game objects
We will use Royalty Free Assets whenever possible or buy the already made assets
whenever we find them matching with aesthetics of the game.

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01/31/ 2016