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Kisha Allgood

Focus on Literacy, Language, and Learning

February 16, 2016

To Love is To Share
(Revision Of Alice in Wonderland)
Alice and her sister Rachel are the only two children of Lincoln and Gillian Carroll.
They lived in the seaport of Tillery. Alice and Rachel are two years apart from one another.
Alice is an imaginative little girl that loved to create stories in her mind and play fairy tale
with her sister. Alice is 10 years old. Her sister Rachel is 12 years old and more about
reading and asking questions about almost anything that occurs around her. Summer leads
to spring, where the flowers grow and the canaries are tweeting through the breeze. Alice
and her sister were playing by a pond when Alice suddenly fell in. Before she knew it her
eyes got heavy and she fell asleep.
Alice : Where am I ?
Wishly : Oh it works
Alice : What works ?
Wishly: You fell through the pond and into my throne room
Alice : Where is here ?

Wishly: You are in Wonderland sweetheart

Alice: Wonderland?
Wishly: Its a beautiful place
Alice : Why are you crying ?
Wishly: Its my sister, we have not talked in months
Alice: Months? Why?
Wishly: Sisters get mad at each other
Alice: They do, but being mad that long hurts, does it ?
Wishly: It hurts a lot sweetheart. Its all because of a tea party
Alice: A tea party?
Wishly: Yes, I was happy but sad because it was for my sister
Alice: Did she see the invite ?
Wishly: Yes, but then she told me that no one wanted me there
Alice: That was not nice to say
Wishly: It was not nice
Alice : Me and my sister get mad at each other
Wishly: What happens?

Alice: We go to our rooms to think and then we apologize

Wishly: She moved out and into her own castle
Alice: That made you sad ?
Wishly: Yes it did
Alice: Maybe if I could talk to her you guys can be happy again ?
Wishly: Would you ?, that would be great
With that Alice began her journey and thought about her sister as she wandered through
Winter : I wish it was cold all year long
Spring: Thats not fair, What about butterflies and rain ?
Winter : Hot cocoa and warm fire is what I love
Spring: I love the reds, pinks, yellows, and whites
Winter: I like color but sometimes it has to be dark
Spring : I do not like the dark
Alice: Hello is anyone there ?
Winter and Spring: We are ?
Alice: You guys remind me of me and my sister
Winter : Is she beautiful like Spring ?

Spring : Is she ?
Alice: Yes , but she also can be mean
Spring: My sister can be mean too
Winter: Im not mean
Spring: What about flowers?
Winter: I like flowers but I also like snow
Winter and Spring are only 5 months apart from each other, and their parents Mother
Nature and Father Firm were overjoyed when their girls were born. Their mother cried
for an hour and their fathers voice made the leaves dance in the wind.
Alice: Why not share the forest ?
Winter: Share with my sister, but I am older than her
Spring: I know you love me
Winter: I love you as much as the snow loves the earth
Spring : I love you as much as the bees love honey
Winter and Spring decided that their seasons can share the same forest .
Alice comes upon a clearing and there sits a caterpillar reading a poem. Simon the
Caterpillar is a literary bug that reads nursery rhymes by Mother Goose and does not
know where the sidewalk ends.

Alice: Excuse me I am looking for the Red Queen ?

Simon: The Red Queen Why?
Alice : I met her sister on the other side of the forest
Simon: The forest with the changing seasons ?
Alice: Why yes ?
Simon: Does ice melt and fire burn ?
Alice: I suppose so
Simon: So you do know opposites?
Alice: Yes I do
Simon : So do you want to help them ?
Alice: Yes I do
Simon: Directions to Reds castle id through the tunnel and three steps from the weeping
Alice: Trees cry? Interesting, Thank you so much
Simon and Alice are imaginative but the only difference is the one will turn into a
butterfly, and the other into a young lady.
Alice : Hello there?
Riley: Well hello what brings you through my tunnel today?

Alice : I am on my way to see the Red Queen

Riley: Madame Fire , or Rosie. She has not been happy lately
Alice: Wishly and Rosie are opposites, fire and ice ? . When Rosie is sad she burns things and
when Wishley cries her castle melts
Riley: Exactly ,but they love each other so much . I remember when they were born. Queen
Eloise and King Isaac are so excited. Rosie has long wavy auburn hair and eyes as bright as
sunlight. Rosie is 18 years old now. Wishly has braids of golden sunlight and her eyes are like
the sunset. Wishly is one year and a sunrise younger than Rosie. Rosie is 17 years old. Sadly
their mother got trapped in a wintry snow globe and was thrown in a pot of gold and oil. They
loved each other but his Highness could manage their emotional lives.
Alice : My sister Rachel and I fight over our stuffed panda named Penguin. Penguin has been
with me since my mom took away my night light, but then Rachel said Penguin was mine first
why does she get to have it? We learned to share Penguin.
Riley: That is beautiful . I have a gift for you
Alice: Youre too kind
Riley: The witch will help you get to Reds castle why?
Alice: Thank you so much Bye Riley
Riley: Bye Bye

Riley and Simon are animals in Wonderland that are wise, funny, and caring. Alice watch
the tunnel disappear but could see the twitching nose and the ears that flapped every time
she answered a question.
Alice makes her way to the castle. Upon entering the she meets The King Of Hearts. The
King and Queen of Heart met in a deck of cards 3 years ago. The antics of the Joker and
the whispers of the Ace. They were married on the Fourth of July when the Clubs and
Spades threw a card shuffle for all neighboring cards in the set. The Queen and Five of
Diamonds danced until there was nothing but red ink left on the floor.
King H: Hello dear you must be Alice ?
Alice : Yes I am
King H: The castle has been sad. My wife has been sad.
Alice: I spoke to her sister and she is sad too
King H: You spoke to Wishly, they are never this way
Alice: Wishlys castle is slippery because she is crying so much
King H: Oh dear that is not good, My wife has been burning things. I want to hug her but it will
Alice: Aww tears and fire dont mix
King H: They do not, the do not mix at all
Alice: Can I see her?

King H : This way dear

King H: Honey, you have a visitor
Queen H : Hi go away
King H : Her name is Alice and she spoke to Wishly
Queen H: Wishley how is she ?
King H: Sad just like you
Queen H : She can come in
Alice: Hello your Highness
Queen H : Hello Alice
Alice : I come
Queen H: I know why you are here
Alice: Why are you mad at her?
Queen H: She promised that she would never leave
Alice : Leave, why did she leave ?
Queen H : There is a tea party and only one of us could go
Alice: So who is going ?
Queen H: She wants to go but she picked a dress for me

Alice: Oh so is she still going ?

Wishly enters .
Wishly: I dont want to leave you out . Its not fair
Rosie: I want to go but dont want you to be sad
Wishly : I love you Rosie
Rosie : You love me Sprinkles ?
Wishly: You have not called me that in months
Alice: Why not share the invitation. Rosie can go first and then Wishly can go later on
Rosie: I like that Alice
Wishly : I love that Alice
Alice : Why not hug ?
Wishly: We cannot hug ?
Alice brings them together but wakes up before they hug.
Alice: What a dream, I am glad my sister loves me and we share