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Guidelines for developing Student Growth can be found on p 22 of the KTIP Handbook

Source of Evidence: Student Growth


Katelyn Fryar



Orientation and Cycle 1: Develop Student Growth Plan (1B) (1C) (1E) (1F)
Class Interval of Instruction
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School year

1. Target Content
Students will produce, develop, and strengthen writing by planning, revising, editing and re-writing.
2. Assessment
LDC score growth between Fall and Spring
3. Student Growth Goal

100% of students will improve their LDC scores by an appropriate interval and will be at least
Approaching Expectations in 4 of 7 scored categories from the scoring rubric.
4. Professional Learning Needs

I will seek professional development opportunities regarding the best strategies to teach writing. I will also
learn from my colleagues, who are successful and effective teachers of writing, specifically LDC tasks. I
want to streamline the writing process for students, making them increasingly comfortable with writing
both short and longer tasks. I think I would really benefit from attending a conference on the LDC module
framework, as the structure helps both students and teachers, but a lack of training can make parts unclear
or confusing.
5. Instructional Strategies for Goal Accomplishment
I will model the writing process for students step by step. I will hold both planning and revision sessions in
order to help students become more comfortable with the entire writing process. I will have students read
the work of their classmates in order to assess writing (thereby more thoroughly understanding the scoring
rubric) and then revise their own work in order to strengthen their writing. I will hold one-on-one
conferences with students at several stages throughout the writing process, periodically checking their work
to get a more holistic sense of what students are mastering and who and what needs to be re-taught.

6. Plan for Monitoring Goal Attainment

I will record student LDC scores for the fall. Scores will be based on my assessment, the assessment of a
school administrator, and the assessment of an outside administrator. In the spring, this process will be
repeated and scores will be compared to show growth from the first to second semester.

During Cycle 1 Committee Meeting: Review Student Growth Goal and Implementation (1B) (1C) (1E)
7. Review the Student Growth Goal

During Cycle 2: Monitor Student Growth (1B) (1C) (1E) (4A)

8. Student Growth Progress Review and Reflection

Students have completed their first LDC and data has been recorded.

Guidelines for developing Student Growth can be found on p 22 of the KTIP Handbook
During Cycle 2 Committee Meeting: Review Student Growth Progress (1B) (1C) (1E) (4A)
9. Student Growth Progress Review and Reflection

Students have not yet completed LDC 2,

but they will do so in Cycle 3.

During Cycle 3: Collect and Analyze Summative Assessment Data of Student Growth (1F) (4A)
10. Assessment of Student Growth

Number of Students
who exceeded goal

Number of students
who met goal

Reflection on Results

During Cycle 3 Committee Meeting: Plan for the Future (4A)

11. Lessons Learned

Number of Students
who did not meet goal