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AIDA Secretary Office opening less

than one week left to apply!

The Aida International Board is seeking candidates to

complete the 2016 term for the Secretary Office. All
interested persons should send a short statement and
CV by 20/02/2016 to:


AIDA International and AIDA France booth in Cagnes sur Mer

AIDA will be present from the 22nd to the 24th of April at the Watersports Fair in Cagnes sur Mer
(France). With a large booth and swimming pool workshops, AIDA France team is preparing to
receive a considerable number of visitors and is excited to share its passion for freediving with
new people.

London International Dive Show

AIDA representative for UK, the

British Freediving Association (BFA)
runs every year a stand at the London
International Dive Show. This year the
dive show takes place from Thursday
11 to Sunday 14 February and is a
part of a huge festival of outdoor
activity expected to attract more than
60,000 visitors. BFA supports a
growing network of affiliate clubs from
all over the UK and the clubs are
invited to attend, put up club banners
and share flyers. The stand always
attracts a lot of attention and it's a
fantastic way for telling people about


New CNF and FIM World Records Attempts announced for spring

Miguel Losano will dive in Tulamben, Indonesia during 21st-27th of March in an attempt to beat the
121m free immersion world record established 5 years ago by William Trubridge.
Almost simultaneously (19th23rd of March), on the other side of the world in the Bahamas, William
Trubridge will also try to improve his own world records in both FIM and in CNF (101m achieved in

Electronic certification cards

The electronic certification cards (E-cards) are now
available for all you students and instructors outthere! You can access them on your EOS account
under the My certificates section as shown on the
picture above
Now you can get your certificate instantly and store it
on your smartphone to have it always at hand.
AIDAs intention is to go totally green with the
certificates. Dropping the plastic cards is a statement
about AIDA commitment to the environment and it
also permits a better use of our Education Budget (all
the education materials for the first levels have been
completely renewed and we expect to have the last
ones ready this year).
As a consideration of places and cultures where the
transition is more difficult ; we will continue to offer
plastic cards as an option for a short time . We would
like to count on your support to completely abandon
the plastic as soon as possible.


CNF incident investigation


Organizing competitions was the reason AIDA was created in 1992. A few generations have
already contributed to improving the competitions and developing our sport. To continue getting
better, the first step is to analyze what goes wrong and share the info with all of you. From this
perspective, we are informing you today that an underwater black-out is currently investigated by a
work group lead by the AIDA Vice President Mario Zuzic and AIDA Medical Officer Kerry Hollowell.
The incident happened during a CNF dive at a competition in the Philippines on the 31st of
January. The preliminary information indicates a BO at 23m depth, the activation of the counter
ballast system, and the intervention of the medical team to revive the athlete. We are now in the
process of gathering all information applicable to improve the existing safety protocols and we will
share the conclusions with you as soon as we finalise the investigation.

February Board Meeting

The Aida International Board met via Skype call on February 6, 2016.
The first topic was presented by Petar Bojovic (judge responsible).
Petar reported on the status of the judge points calculations and the reconfiguring, as dictated by
the implementation of the new IOP. Milorad Vlajic ( admin. and IT specialist) is currently re-doing
the points for all active Aida judges. It is a time consuming task and Petar estimates that the list of
the points and the promotions of judge statuses will be ready in March. Due to the time
requirements and effort for this work ; the Board voted to provide Milo a stipend to compensate
him for his time and expertise in this project. Milo is also helping provide assistance to Jakob
Galbavy ( website project director) .
Vedran Milat ( treasurer) reported that the financial statements are being finalized by the auditors
and will be presented to the Assembly for review in March. Vedran does not anticipate any issues
with the statements.
The next topic was presented by Jean-Pol Francois (Aida education officer)
in regards to an incident which occurred at a competition in the Philippines.
Jean-Pol explained that an athlete blacked- out underwater and was lifted to the surface via the
counter-balance. The athlete was revived by the medics and taken to the shore, transferred to the
hospital, and later released. Due to some questions regarding the safety procedure and the
subsequent medical statement provided by the medic; it was determined that an investigation was

necessary. The investigation is being led by Mario Zuzic (vice-president) and Dr, Kerry Hollowell (
medical officer). Mario and Kerry have made preliminary evaluations and a report will be drafted
with recommendations to
improve safety procedures in an effort to avoid a recurrence of this type of accident.
Safety is always the priority in all freediving activities and we must use these events as a way to
learn and improve our procedures.
Mario then updated the Board on the progress of the website and systems reconstruction. He is
acting as the Board IT liason and is working with Jakob and Simo Kurra to resolve all the issues
and return the site to full functionality. Jakob is working diligently to get everything working again
as soon as possible and asks for patience, as we make these important improvements to our
Antero Joki ( technical officer) stated that the rules update is almost complete and will be
presented to the Assembly for review later this year. Antero also said that due to the lengthy
process of updating the rules; we will plan to have rules updates every other year.
Antero also offered information on an insurance plan available for freedivers. Queries will be
made to determine if the plan is desirable to our members.
Ute Gessman ( sports officer) explained that she will be sending out the call for judges with Petar
and announcing the wild card athletes for the World Championships.
CarlaSue Hanson (president) commented on the two upcoming world record attempts in
March. Carla expressed the need for Aida International to be more visible and promote the Aida
brand and name. Carla and Alex Russu ( promo and marketing officer) will be working on a
strategy to promote Aida and initiate a better communications and marketing plan. Alex is
publishing newsletters and posting on social media as a first step in this plan. He is also working
with the organizers of the 2016 World Championships .
We will be posting the date of the next meeting on the Aida Facebook Page. Anyone who would
like us to address a topic , answer a question, or help with a Aida related problem , please contact
us .
CarlaSue Hanson
On behalf of the Aida Board