Micro and Nano Scale Engineering by Ion beams : Basic Concepts and New Vistas of Applications Vishwas N Kulkarni

and S. Dhamodaran Department of Physics Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Kanpur-208016

In the past four decades there has been an immense interest both industrially and academically in ion beam physics and engineering of materials. The revolution brought about by ion beams in semiconductor device technology is well known. This has resulted in the present day miniaturization of devices and integrated circuits. The ion beam applications, which involve either modification/engineering of a material surface or its analysis stem from the interactions of the energetic ion with electrons or nuclei of the target material which occur on a time scale of pico seconds and length scales as low as nano meters. These applications span a very wide range, from the elemental analysis of variety of materials using ion scattering, and x-ray emission spectroscopies, study of structural aspects of crystalline materials using channeling, to the synthesis of new materials used in device technology, surface tribology and fabrication of micron size mechanical devices (viz. gears, cantilevers etc. The fabrication of micron and nanometer size components, fabrication of micro sensors and single ion irradiation of living cells using focused ion beams are some of the very recent developments. All these interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary studies along with the study of basic ion matter interaction processes is now categorized as ion beam physics and engineering. The developments in accelerator technology especially ion source, beam optics, focusing, detection etc has further widened the scope of this subject. In this talk the basic concepts of ion-matter interaction and the development of different ion beam tools for materials science studies will be described along with examples; and the scope of applications for synthesis of futuristic materials and devices will be presented.

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