Engineering properties of materials using energetic ion beams

D.Kanjilal Inter-University Accelerator Centre, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi-110 067 Ion beams at varied energies and fluences have been used to synthesize controlled structures in materials on or near surface region as well as deep inside the materials as per requirements. In this talk some of the principal features of controlled synthesis of these materials at desired location and depth will be reviewed. Special emphasis will be given on fundamental interaction processes involved and detailed experimental techniques needed for engineering properties of materials. A few results of new initiatives on production of various structures by energetic ion beams having energies varying from kilo electron volts (keV) to mega electron volts (MeV) will be discussed. Low energy (keV) ion beam is generally used for implantation of the desired species having required concentration at predetermined location. High energy (MeV) ions are mostly used to induce controlled formation of requird phase due to dense electronic excitation during irradiation. Present understanding of the physical process involved and recent results on controlled formation of different nanostructures will be reviewed in this talk.

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