Microtron for Material Processing and Other Applications

K Siddappa* & Ganesh Sanjeev
Microtron Centre, Department of Studies in Physics, Mangalore University, Mangalagangotri – 574 199

An indigenously developed 8 MeV Microtron has been set up at the Microtron Centre, Mangalore University in collaboration with BARC Mumbai and RRCAT Indore to strengthen teaching and research programs in radiation physics and interdisciplinary areas of science and technology. This is first of its kind electron accelerator in the country and is capable of delivering energetic electron beam, intense bremsstrahlung radiation and neutrons of reasonably high flux for variety of research studies. Collaborative research programs involving universities and premier institutions of the country are being carried out with the financial support of BRNS under a triangular MoU signed between Microtron Centre (Mangalore University), RRCAT (Indore) and BRNS. A bird's eye view of the R&D activities at the Microtron Centre is presented in this paper with a particular reference to material processing using Microtron facility.

Present Address: J S S Foundation for Science & Society, 1st Main Road, Jayanagar 8th Block, Bangalore - 560 082

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