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Questions With "How"

Questions With "How"


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Questions with "how"
Questions with "how"

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Published by: Malvarosa on Apr 15, 2010
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Complete the questions using the words above 1- How ___________does the firlm last? It lasts about two hours 2- How ___________does ot cost? About 45 € 3- How ___________people are coming? Almost 100 4- How ___________is the tower of London? 30 metres 5-How ___________money do you need? 20 € 6- How __________ coffee do you drink? Three cups a day 7- How __________ people are there in this class? Twenty people 8- How ___________milk do you need for the cake? A mug 9- How ___________do you walk your dog? Twice a day 10- How __________is the next beach? It´s very near 11- How __________is this film? About three hours 12- How __________is your son´s bag? About one kilogram 13- How __________is the Everest? More than 8000 m. 14- How __________is Lyon? It´s the third town in France 15- How __________is the river Amazon? Around five miles 16- How __________is the earth? It´s the fifth largest planet of the solar system 17- How __________are you? I´m 1.65 m tall 18- How __________is the tree? It´s 30m 19- How __________is the well? 20m 20- How __________does it take to go from Madrid to Barcelona? one hour by plane 21- How __________is your brother? He is 1.70 tall 22- How __________is Mars from the Sun? It´s 228 million km 23- How __________do you play tennis in a week? Twice 24- How __________water do you drink? I drink a lot 25- How __________books have you got? I´ve got twenty books 26- How __________is the supermarket? It´s at the corner

KEY 1-long 2-much 3- many 4-high 5- much 6- much 7- many 8- much 9- often 10- far 11-long 12- heavy 13- high 14- big 15- wide 16- big 17- tall 18- high 19- deep 20- long 21- tall 22- far 23- often 24- much 25- many 26- far

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