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Feedback on Physical Science December 2009

I knew these numbers before this survey. I am interested in pinpointing reasons for a
lower enrollment in HC than I expected. I asked several questions below to help give
me some reasons for this trend.
This is an interesting result. We timed our due dates of Honors Challenge letters to
come in right before the learning area conferences with parents in the fall. We thought
it might give us an opportunity to touch base with the parents of a few students who
we thought should reconsider their choice in HC. While it did do that, only a few
students reconsidered their choice after those conferences. The students that
answered these questions did enroll, and it shows that for a majority of these students
the parent’s expectations play an important role. This might mean more importance
should be paid to Open House and letters home regarding Honors Challenge.
This is an interesting result. Perhaps we should reconsider this requirement
since no other courses have it. Because it seems like extra, is it keeping kids
from doing HC?