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Lesson Planning Template (Based on Wiggins & McTighe, Damian Cooper & MB Ed)


Grade 9- Small Gym Activities

Length of Lesson:

GLO 2 Movement
1 Class.

November 10, 2015

Stage 1 Desired Results

1. General and Specific Outcomes (Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes/Values):

Analyze movement concepts related to game strategies in team activities (e.g., space awareness and relationships
as applied to person-to-person defence or zone defence...).
Review safety rules, routines, and procedures prior to participating in physical activity (e.g., allow space for full
backswing and follow-through in golf...).

2. Essential Questions: The key questions we will answer are

Can the students effectively participate in small gym activities safely to the best of their abilities?


Students will know. . .

How to throw and catch and run.
Most of the students will know the games that we will be playing during this unit.

4. Students will be able to. . .

Students must be able to manage the space that they are using effectively since there are so many

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Stage 2 Assessment Evidence (Assessment AS/OF/FOR Learning)

Please indicate the purpose of your strategy by using Assessment Assessment Assessmen
t As
a check mark under the appropriate category.

Strategy (Performance Task, Observation Checklist, Interview,


Observation checklist: students will be assessed on how

they move throughout the gym. Do students use space
effectively/ use different strategies while playing low
organized games.

Criteria (Please list i.e. Rubric, Achievement Indicators from

Curriculum, Student or Teacher Generated):

Reflection Did these assessment strategies allow you to address the outcomes for
this lesson? Did the students learning meet your objectives?

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Stage 3 Learning Plan

Instructional Strategies For This Lesson
Consider learning styles, multiple intelligences, learner abilities and student interests.

Students will begin class with free time. We
will then start class with a dynamic warm up to
properly warm up the body.

To acquire the students we will begin class
with a relay race with 3-4 teams. They will
have to do a certain task at the center line and
then again at the end of the gym. We will be
playing soccer baseball in the small gym.
The students will be separated into 3 teams.
There will be one team at bat, one team in the
outfield, and one team off to the side. In order
to keep students moving it will either be 3 outs
or a max of 10 runs scored then we will rotate
the teams.

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3. Applying
4. What about students who require
The students will play soccer baseball. There
will be 4 cones set up in the gym. The team at
bat will start at one end of the cones and run
to the other end of the cones. In order to get
an out the team in the field can either catch
the ball or throw the ball at the batter. In order
to score a run a player at bat must cross the
finish line. I will demonstrate how the game
works for any students that do not understand.

Manitoba Physical Education curriculum

Learning Materials Required:

Dodgeball and cones.
Cross-Curricular Integration:
Health- proper stretching is important so students do not injure their muscles.

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Stage 4 - Reflection

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