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Storybird Matrix

Colorado Academic


for Students




At the end of the

story bird there
could be a game
where the students
can practice their
addition and
Looking for these
pattern can be
almost a game for
the students. In that
they are able to
have fun in finding
the patterns.
The survey could
possibly be a game
in itself.


1. Number Sense,
Properties, and

Teacher posts
storybird on class
portfolio of how
one can add or

Students read the

storybird and use it
to help them with
their homework.

The students are using

resources to help
them better
understand the

Teachers are creating a

new way to think about
number senses by using
a story.

2. Patterns, Functions,
and Algebraic Structures

Teachers will post

examples on the
class portfolio
about the shape of
The teacher will
take a survey of
the students
favorite subject.

Students can look at

storybird pictures
and look to see how
some may take on a

Students are using

online tools to help
them see what a
pattern consists of.

Teachers are letting their

students figure it out

The students will

then take the survey
results and create
statist storybird for

Students are getting

to create their own

The teacher is not only

letting their students be
creative but learn how to
read probability correct.

Teachers are to let

their students
work in groups
and figure out the
#1, 2

Students are
working together to
figure out a
problem. They then
will create a
storybird on how
they figured out the

Students are using

hands on resources to
help them complete a
geometric equation.
create Teachers are
creating a new way to
think about number
senses by using a

Teachers are letting their

students be creative in
how they are learning.

3. Analysis, Statistics,
and Probability

4. Shape, Dimension,
and Geometric

Students at home
will complete their
homework, as well
think of any
questions for class
that next day.
Students are to
finish any part of
their work they did
get done in class.

Students can create

their storybird on
their own time and
post it their

Students can create

their own game on
how geometric

Students are to
finish any work that
did not in class.

Creating the
storybird should be
fun for the students
because they are
getting to create
their own sotrybird
in which they get to
be creative.
When students are
done reading the

Students should
practice their
speech at home so
they can present it
in class the next day.

Reading, Writing, and Communicating

1. Oral Expression and

Teacher is
applying hands on
activities for
#2, a,c

Students will create

a storybird that can
help them draft out
their speech for in
class the next day.
#1, b,c

Students are learning

how to incorporate
technology with their

Teachers are letting their

students find new ways
of drafting and
practicing speeches.

2. Reading for All


The teacher will

post ideas of

Students will use

these links to read

Students are checking

the authors work.

Teachers are having

their students learn how

The night before

students should

storybird links on
the class portfolio.
#3, b,c

storybirds written
and created by
famous authors.
#3, b,c,d


to independently pick a
story that they like
instead of giving them a
set reading.

3. Writing and

Teachers pair up
two assignments
instead of
teaching each

When students are

creating their
storybird for their
oral speech they are
also practicing their
#1, a,b

Students are using

their oral expression
homework to help
practice their writing

Teachers are using one

assignment to help with
two areas.

4. Research and

Teachers are to
post links for their
students to use
within class.
#4, a,c

Students are to read

the links and
research the history
of storybird.
#3, a.b

The students are

researching about the
tools they are using
within the classroom.

Teachers are letting their

students become more
familiarized with the
websites they are using.

stories they must

pick one and create
a coffee cup with
their own pictures.
This gives the
students a chance to
be creative.
Before creating the
storybird, teachers
could create a game
with their students
where they are
learning how to
write and create
their own speech.
Students will play a
game with each
other. The first
student to be able to
find an answer from
the website gets a
piece of candy.

think about some

authors they would
like to read.

Students are to
finish what they
couldnt in class and
post their storybird
on their portfolio.

Students are to
finish up the reading
that they did not
complete within
class that day.

Social Studies
1. History

2. Geography

3. Economics

4. Civics

Teachers will let

their student pick
a president, in
which they must
then research
Teachers are to
assign a specific
country to a

Teacher can
create a storybird
about how a bill is
passed and then
post it on the class
Teachers are to
show a
debate online.

Students will pick

their desired
president and then
create a storybird of
that presidents life.

Students are learning

how to be creative yet
understand how to get
credible information.
create and

Teachers letting their

students be creative in
their decision process.

Teacher can create a

game in which it can
incorporate learning
about the presidents

Students are to
research their
presidents on their
own time.

The student is then

to take that country
research its culture
and then make a
sotrybird out of that
Students can use
this story bird to
help answer
questions on a

The students are

learning how to gain
their research skills.
remember and

Teachers are giving their

students opportunity to
be able to learn about
culture on their own

At the end of the

project each student
can come in with an
activity or dish that
represents their

Students are to
complete their
research for

The students can

better understand how
bills are passed.

Teachers are letting

students teach
themselves instead of
always having to be

Student s can be
awarded with candy
if they are to answer
questions correctly.

Students should
study the night

The students than

have to watch this
video and then take
a stance. Where
they will create a
storybird that gives
the future of our

Students are using

critical thinking skill to
see the future.

Teachers are letting their

students be creative and
have a voice of their

The students then

can have an
educated debate
who they think
should be running in
the presidential

Students must
complete their
storybird at home so
they have reference
for the debate.

The teacher can
have their
students read a
storybird that can
help them better
understand the
concept of how a
chemical reaction
The teacher will
use a story bird to
help illustrate how
food can be

The student reads

the storybird to help
them clear any
questions they may
have had before.

This helps them better

understand certain
areas they may have
not done so before.
apply remember

Teachers are helping

their students use
databases to help
unanswered questions.

The teacher and

students then can
conduct the
experiment in the

Students are to
make sure they read
the storybird the
night before the

Students are able to

back to this story
bird to help them
with their questions.

Students are able to

interact with online
databases to help
them better
understand a concept.

Teachers are letting

students interact and
stimulate ideas and

Students are to
continue their
research and
questions for

3. Earth Systems Science

Teachers can give

their students
sample rocks
where they must
identify them.

The students then

have to create a
storybird that shows
how the rocks they
classified where

Gives the students a

chance to understand
and apply their
knowledge to a story.
Apply remember

Teachers are letting the

studetns work on the
answers themselves
without having to
complete a worksheet.

The teacher could

possibly make the
story bird
interactive, where
the students are
able to click on
certain body parts
and find facts.
The teacher could
then take survey of
which rock the
students enjoyed
learning more about.

Learning Disabilities EEOs

Teachers can give

these students a
storybird on how
to overcome and
practice on the
disability their
faced with every
#2, 4
Teachers can have
these students to
use storybird
instead of having
to complete

Students can utilize

class resources to
help them with what
they may struggle

Students are apply the

help with what they
have already learned.

Teachers are trying to

help their students by
giving them resources.

The teacher can

create a game in
where students with
learning disabilities
can utilize them to
help them continue
with their education.

Students are to
practice their
problem areas at
home with parents.

These students can

possibly find it hard
to stay focused on a
teacher or
Therefore I feel as
though a storybird is
a useful tool.
Students could
have these students
work on the
storybirds that the
kids with learning
disabilities created.

Storybird can help

them with their
classroom work

This way these students

are not always having to
count on teachers being
there for each step.

This way a storybird

can make learning
fun for these

Parents should help

them at home with
learning the basics
of storybird.

Students are learning

how to guide one

The teacher is helping

their students gain
practice of helping

Letting all the

students work
together can be fun
for all because they
are then not all

There is no
homework or out of
class time that could
correlate with this

1. Physical Science

2. Life Science

Must complete their

storybird at home.


Physical Disabilities

Gifted/ Talented

The teacher could

have their gifted
students work
with the students
that have learning

Reflection: This matrix seemed very difficult to complete for me, due to the fact that I found it difficult to be creative. I found
myself repeating my ideas constantly because I did not know how to create an assignment where it was different each time.
Though with some of the ideas I did come up with was good example to use within my future classroom. I believe that a storybird
can be a useful tool to use when wanting my students to be creative in their classwork. Overall I like storybird and think it is a
great resource to have on file.