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Fixed some problems on vietnamese. Thanks Quy
Improved underline position and thickness
Removed straight apostrophe replacement
New italic mu
Added some kerning pairs
Fixed details on quotes (shape and spacing)
Fixed some problems on polish (thanks Maciej Haudek): increased spacing on and an
d stronger ogoneks on bolder weights.
Added uniA78B uniA78C. Correct unicodes for guaran pus characters. The font will re
place the quotesingle character by the pus when writing in spanish and guaran befo
re guaran vocals.
Added minute and second (or prima and double prima) characters.
All caps now changes also the numbers
Added Stylistic Set 4 for typing arrows and triangles:
-> (right arrow)
<- (left arrow)
-^ (up arrow)
^- (down arrow)
<^- (left down arrow)
-^> (right up arrow)
-^< (left up arrow)
>^- (right down arrow)
=> (right triangle)
<= (left triangle)
=^ (up triangle)
^= (down triangle)