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once upon a MATTRESS | Music by MARY RODGERS Lyrits by MARSHALL BARER Book by JAY THOMPSON MARSHALL BARER DEAN FULLER Vocal Score Price $30.00 Piano reduction by Robert H, Noeltner CHAPPELL MUSIC COMPANY Applisations for profesional and amateur performances ‘or ths ply show be addrased to ‘THE RODGERS ANDFAMMERSTEIN THEATRE LIBRARY, 398 Maginon Aveaut, ‘New York, Now Vouk 10022 1907 ONCE UPON A Mattress \ Produed by . EDWARD HAMBLETON, NORRIS HOUGHTON & WILLIAM and JEAN ECKART Fics performance May 11, 1959 a the Phoenix Theatre, New York Directed by GEORGE ABBOTT. Dances and Musial Numbers Staged by Joe Layton ‘Scenery and Costumes by Willian and Jean Eckart Lighting by Thason Musset Musical Direction by Hal Hastings Onchestrations by Hersby Kay, Arthur Beck and Carroll Hoxley Dance Masic Arvanged by Roges Adams POOSTBWEG, wanyLan Cast of Characters (Un order of appiarance) i Prologue Minsreet Haccy Saow Panes 22. Jim Maber Pucess Cheis Keener Queen boa05 Gloria Stevens i FORM ee ee a sy Robert Weil Paivcess Nusoer Twetve. | | |) | | ‘Mary Stanton 1 Lap Rowena... Dorothy Aull ' Lape Manny |) | | Patsi King : Puce DaunTiess | Joe Bova Tar Quay DD! Jane White ! Lor Wwous 2)! Luce Ennis Lape Laken, Anne Jones Sm sro | + ++ Jeety Newby ia iio ge ++ Jack Gilford Jeste ‘Mate Mattox : Su Haney a7 Allen Case Pauvcess Wain | |) |) | |! Carol Burnett SR HARD LLL) | paid Newnan Lap Bearuce 22) DS Stevens Sm Luce. | | | Tom Mixon | Lay Masstrz | ||| | « Chtis Keene I Tus Nicirwcats or Sananxano . | | | | | | Ginny Perlowin | Lay Dororny | | Dorothy D’Honau SmCmusromen? 2) ST Christopher Edwacds Low Hows | «Howard Pasker oii, Oca ee +5 + Dorothy Franke SmDawee. Dan Resin Sasmve 2) ) | Jim Stevenson | ees Pare eee Julien Patrick | EIpEARY YEOBESURG stare conzacy FE